Breaking Down My Kitchen Cabinetry Hardware

Breaking Down My Kitchen Cabinetry Hardware - roomfortuesday.comI’ve talked about hardware a lot here on the blog, but I always get a tons of questions about how to choose the best hardware for your kitchen cabinetry, in specific. While there are many different ways to select hardware, I typically stick to my tried and true “formula”. I’m also a big fan of mixing and matching different hardware sizes in the same collection and finish, for a layered look. Click through to read all about it… I’m breaking down my design decision making process for choosing cabinetry hardware in this one. Hopefully it’s helpful if you ever swap your hardware or renovation your kitchen! Maybe pin it for later, if it’s not in your immediate future? 

Breaking Down My Kitchen Cabinetry Hardware - roomfortuesday.comI used eight(!) different sized cabinetry pulls throughout my kitchen, ranging from a small 3 inches to a whopping 18 inches. That may seem like a lot, but everything looks nice and cohesive. Why?

My biggest tip is to choose hardware from the SAME collection and use the SAME finish throughout.

Breaking Down My Kitchen Cabinetry Hardware - roomfortuesday.comI also prefer to use knobs on all the cabinet doors. That’s just a personal preference in terms of aesthetic and function, but I put a knob on every single cabinet door. That left me to decide what size pulls the remaining cabinets needed.

Breaking Down My Kitchen Cabinetry Hardware - roomfortuesday.comSo how did I determine what size pull to buy for each cabinet? A little bit of math and a little bit of envisioning… aka- “eyeballing it”. I like to practice rule of thirds. I’ve talked about this before, but that’s when interior elements feel the most balanced to me. In the above image, you can see a great example of this: the brass pulls take up approximately 2/3 of the cabinet length.

Breaking Down My Kitchen Cabinetry Hardware - roomfortuesday.comIf you’re curious about EXACT dimensions, I’ll copy those below as a cheat sheet or guide:

  • 22″ cabinets = 6″ brass pull
  • 24″ cabinets = 8″ brass pull
  • 24″ dishwasher panel = 12″ pull (because it has to be hefty, since it’s an appliance)
  • 30″ cabinet drawers = two 5″ brass pulls (it’s ok to install more than one piece of hardware, FYI)
  • 32″ cabinets = 12″ brass pull
  • 39″ cabinet drawers = two 8″ brass pulls (again, I doubled up)
  • panel ready refrigerator = two 18″ brass pulls
  • odd sized, super small cookie sheet cabinet = 3″ brass pull
  • all doors = knobs

Breaking Down My Kitchen Cabinetry Hardware - roomfortuesday.comThe entire reason I opted for this pretty brass hardware is solely because a.) the collection had SO many size options, b.) the finish was beautiful, and c.) the simplistic shape and projection worked well with my cabinetry doors. I’ll link the knobs and pulls, if anyone is interested.

Breaking Down My Kitchen Cabinetry Hardware - roomfortuesday.comAlthough I did use a little math, I definitely made sure to tape it out before hitting the purchase button and committing to the hardware. Remember this designer trick? It works for hardware too! Anytime you’re trying to get scale right, pull out the painters tape.

Breaking Down My Kitchen Cabinetry Hardware - roomfortuesday.comMaybe you’re wondering- why mix and match in the first place? Isn’t it easier to keep one consistent knob and pull throughout an entire kitchen? Easier… yes. Does it look better? No. It’s also not as functional. I love the dimension and layered look it adds. It also makes cabinetry feel more custom. The larger the door or drawer, the heavier or larger hardware it needs. This is great for function, but even more so for visual balance.

Breaking Down My Kitchen Cabinetry Hardware - roomfortuesday.comSo what about the weird or odd sized cabinets? There is no hard and fast rule for those… sometimes that’s something I still struggle with. My tiny cookie sheet cabinet squeezed into the corner really gave me a headache. I wasn’t sure if I should center a knob or where I should position the smallest size pull (3″). Ultimately, I landed on the pull for the sake of consistency, but it felt super weird centered in a horizontal position and made the cabinet incredibly difficult (basically impossible) to open. I ended up trying it installed vertically at the edge and I think that was the right choice. All of that to say- tape it out, hold it up, and see what feels the best from a visual & functional standpoint.

Breaking Down My Kitchen Cabinetry Hardware - roomfortuesday.comWas that helpful? Feel free to drop any questions in the comment section below! Do you also enjoy a mixed hardware look? If you’re searching for a similar style on a budget, check out my kitchen look for less post! Spoiler alert- I found knockoff identical hardware. If you missed the reveal, you can find that post here. Everyone have an amazing weekend! See you back here on Monday?

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  1. Choosing hardware can definitely be daunting! Another case of too many beautiful options. I also mostly prefer a knob for doors and pulls for drawers. I eyeballed mine for scale; why didn’t I think of the painters’ tape trick?! Giant pulls for panel-ready refrigerators? Headsmack. That must really limit your choices…I imagine not many collections include heavy duty pulls. Or do they? (Sidenote: I hope more manufacturers start offering hardware choices for appliances like the Cafe line. Or maybe just making refrigerator handles more aesthetically pleasing.) Happy Friday!!

    1. Haha!! You make me laugh with your “headsmack” lol! Painters tape for the win :) I’m with you… fingers cross the appliance people get on board with better hardware choices. How can we make that happen?! Hope your weekend was incredible.

  2. We did vertical pulls on the pantry wall cabinets, knobs on the regular cabinet doors, and pulls on the drawers in our kitchen facelift (turning orange maple into painted soft white & black). Unfortunately on our super budget there was no larger pull in the hardware collection for the one tall cabinet door, and its dinky scale on the large door is a minor irritation when I remember to notice it! It all turned out SO well for the small amount of money we spent but I did learn a lesson for the future.

    1. It sounds like it looks a million times better, Julie… and that’s something to be super proud of! Enjoy it :) xo

      1. Sarah… I am not sure about the difference in cabinets and cabinet doors … as you use them in your description. Will you clarify?

        1. Sure, Lisa! I usually refer to cabinets as the boxes (or cabinets with doors), and I specifically call out drawers if that’s what I’m talking about. Does that help to answer your question?

  3. What would you suggest for “fake” panels? Non functioning panels in an updated kitchen. Specially right next to an upper cabinet door, and a lower cabinet door? Thanks for your help!!

    1. Most higher end cabinetry does include edges and sides with finished millwork panels. I’d definitely add paneling!

  4. I have soft black soapstone counters and would love to paint my cabinets the color of yours. Any chance you know about what paint color they equate to in any of the national paint lines such as BM, SW, etc?

    1. Diamond Cabinets actually use Sherwin-Williams paint colors, and these are called “Maritime”. Hope this helps :) xo

  5. Hi. Love your kitchen! I am in the middle of a kitchen remodel and am having a backsplash problem! Would you mind sharing your source for your backsplash tile? Thank you!

  6. Jami Allen says:

    Hi! Do you mind if I ask what color your beautiful cabinets are? I’ve been trying to find a color that I like that is different from most and I love these! Thank you.

    1. Thanks Jami! The cabinetry is color “Maritime” by Diamond Cabinets. Hope this helps :)

  7. Hi! What door style by Diamond are your cabinets? Your kitchen is beautiful!

  8. Justin Cissell says:

    I am in the process of a complete kitchen remodel and I am using similar colors and style. I am going to use a subway tile on my walls but have yet to find one that I really like until I saw your photos. Can you tell me about the backslash subway tiles you used?

    1. Hi Justin! Thanks so much. The tile is beautiful and really easy to install (it only took me a couple days for our entire kitchen). You can find the tile here (we used grey):

  9. Gorgeous kitchen! We are in the process of building and it’s long overdue that I choose hardware, but the struggle is oh too real. I prefer all pulls, not a fan of knobs personally, although that would make this much easier. We have mostly large drawers on the lower, but a few cabs low. If I’m doing large pulls on the drawers (8″ or 10″ and one stack that will be 12″, or maybe I should do two smaller pulls?) what size pulls do you suggest for upper and (few) lower cabs and assuming smaller cabs would get smaller pulls? Thank you!

  10. Carla Easton says:

    What is the great paint color of your cabinetry!

  11. Hi! I came across your blog after giving up my google search for “Pulls for different sized cabinets” and was about to purchase everything the same size out of frustration. and then… Divine intervention!

    I was also thinking that different sized hardware gives a more custom look. THANK YOU for giving your specs for reference! I have ~55 pulls to purchase now- do you have any store recommendations so this very exciting shopping spree doesn’t break the bank? I need satin brass minimalist pulls. I don’t want to buy on Aliexpress as it’ll just take way too long to get to me. What are your thoughts?

    1. Haha! I love that, Lucy! All of my hardware came from Lowe’s (online… Amerock brand), and was more affordable than the designer counterparts (Rocky Mountain Hardware, Rejuvenation, etc).

  12. Galina Aleksandrovich says:

    Hi! Gorgeous kitchen. What kind of countertop is that? Thanks

    1. Thanks, Galina! It’s soapstone.

  13. Love your kitchen! Especially love the book storage placement and the wine cubby. :) Thanks for the hardware post. I was hesitating sending in my final order for my parents’ kitchen hardware (U shaped kitchen with knobs on cabinets and pulls on drawers) simply because I wasn’t sure if 3 pull sizes would end up being too busy. Literally sending it in to the hardware company now after seeing your pictures!

    1. Thanks, Sonia! I love hearing that. I love the look of a variety of sizes :)

  14. Irene Meyerhoefer says:

    What collection did you use for your hardware? Love! Also, the light fixture pictured – where is that from?