The Camper Reveal

The Camper Reveal - roomfortuesday.comAfter a fun long weekend camping in Wyoming & Montana with our family, I’m excited to share the camper reveal with you today! Before we dive in, if you missed the before images, our reasoning for getting a camper, my initial design plan… click here for that post. I also shared a couple progress posts, if you’re interested in seeing those… click here and here. This was actually a pretty spontaneous project that has been a lot of fun. We’ve already made some good memories in the camper- both renovating and camping! Emmett & I are really happy with how things came together. The aesthetic feels more like us, it functions so much better, and it’s very cozy & comfortable- pretty charming, if I do say so myself. Click through to check it out! 

The Camper Reveal - roomfortuesday.comRemember what it looked like before? I’ve always wondered why camper and RV manufacturers don’t place more emphasis on design… it’s hard to believe this camper is a 2013- I feel like the original design made it look so much older. Today, it looks like this…

The Camper Reveal - roomfortuesday.comIt’s bright, cheerful, and feels much larger- thanks to different paint and material choices. What a difference those easy changes can make! I wanted to design a camper that was beautiful, functional, and most importantly- dog friendly.

The Camper Reveal - roomfortuesday.comOne of our biggest annoyances was having to leave the dogs at home with a sitter or not sleeping great in our small tent when they did tag along. Now we don’t have to worry about restricted trails or getting sleep, as they have a safe and spacious place to stay while we camp & travel.

The Camper Reveal - roomfortuesday.comWith that in mind, I made sure to choose very durable materials that could withstand pets. I rummaged around the workroom attic, in search of a bolt of commercial grade vinyl to reupholster the banquette seating. For under $10 a yard, I scored a cognac colored vinyl that was perfect for the dogs and the aesthetic I was going for.

The Camper Reveal - roomfortuesday.comI also did a lot of pattern mixing in the camper. I knew I wanted the main paint color to be a creamy neutral (to provide a bright backdrop), but I didn’t want it to feel boring. I tried to pull in a lot of pattern within the textiles to make things feel more interesting.

The Camper Reveal - roomfortuesday.comWe had a tight budget for this remodel, which challenged me to get creative… our goal was to keep it under $1k, and realistically- I think we ended up spending just under $2k. The majority of that went toward updating things you don’t see (a digital temperature gauge, a quiet generator, hitch updates, etc).

The Camper Reveal - roomfortuesday.comIn regards to the decor, I primarily used things I already had on hand. I’ve been hunting for a good place to install these tree pairings, and they ended up being perfect here! How do you hang in art in a camper, you might ask? We used a LOT of velcro! That was another big challenge- thinking of how to safely secure everything, so it stays put during transport. Let’s move onto the kitchen… remember when it looked like this?

The Camper Reveal - roomfortuesday.comCan you believe the difference? It’s amazing what paint, hardware, updated plumbing fixtures, new window treatments, and a different backsplash will do for a tiny kitchen. Everything in the kitchen works wonderfully- it really just needed some cosmetic help!

The Camper Reveal - roomfortuesday.comAt the last minute, we also decided to switch the countertop and sink. I’m a fan of a big single basin sink (it’s just feels more functional to me), so we grabbed a discounted sink from a local outlet, and again- used solid surface remnant slabs for the countertop.

The Camper Reveal - roomfortuesday.comAlong with designing with transportation in mind, I also had to be aware of material weight. Since this is a camper, we had to use lightweight fixtures. It was a bit of a struggle to find aesthetically pleasing RV faucets, but I finally found a pull-down gooseneck option with a classic look.

The Camper Reveal - roomfortuesday.comI also tried to squeeze the maximum amount of functionality from the kitchenette- using every nook, cranny, and negative space. From hooks and drawer organizers to a magnetic knife block, I tried to be intentional with decor that doubles as functional design.

The Camper Reveal - roomfortuesday.comOf course it was also fun to add our personality to the camper. This cotton kitchen towel came from a bourbon tasting we shared at Woodford Reserve years ago, along the bourbon trail in our home state of Kentucky. It felt like an appropriate addition to the camper- we always bring bourbon or whiskey camping. Is there anything better than sipping a cocktail around the campfire? I think not.

The Camper Reveal - roomfortuesday.comYou probably guessed that I’d style in a vintage rug! Is it a little extra? Totally- but vintage wool rugs are the easiest to clean and I love the softness it adds. We’ve had zero issues with it. I installed a rug pad beneath it, so it doesn’t shift. Funny enough- Crosby thought that was where he was supposed to sleep.

The Camper Reveal - roomfortuesday.comIt also felt like such a luxury to be using my favorite soap while camping last weekend. Having the camper truly does bring the comforts of home along on each trip. I noticed myself appreciating little things like that- good soap, eating ice cream from the freezer, getting the dishes exceptionally clean (which never happens when tent camping), etc.

The Camper Reveal - roomfortuesday.comOne of our friends was joking that of course we’d have art sprinkled throughout our camper… to which I say, why not?! Not a single piece of art has tumbled to the ground or shifted since installed… between hooks, nails, and lots of velcro- everything is very secure, easy to clean (wipeable), and helps this place feel a bit more like home. Again- I wasn’t going for boring.

The Camper Reveal - roomfortuesday.comMoving along to the camper bathroom… it’s a small space, but having a flushing toilet on the road and in the wilderness- whoa! What a game changer. I joked with Emmett that as long as we’re towing the camper, I’ll never pee in a gas station bathroom again. Haha! Talk about convenient.

The Camper Reveal - roomfortuesday.comWe kept the existing sink, vanity, and faucet in the bathroom… we just gave it a fresh coat of paint, swapped the hardware, and replaced the countertop.

The Camper Reveal - roomfortuesday.comWe used solid surface in here as well- to match the kitchen. Using remnants saved us a LOT of money, rather than buying new slabs. Check out this post for more ways to save money on major home buys (like countertops)! left the shower as is- it’s pretty basic but functions great and isn’t too much of an eye sore. The shower is a nice neutral creamy white, so we opted to save money and leave it alone. did replace the shower head… this one had great reviews, has awesome water pressure, and I like the look of it. You know I’m a fan of hot / cold typography when it comes to plumbing fixtures- a nice traditional touch! actually tried to install floating shelves above the toilet, which was a total disaster. Hanging things on the exterior walls of a camper can be very tricky. They were so small, I’m not sure we would have fit much on them anyway. I decided to scrap the idea all together (we have plenty of storage within the vanity) and opted to install art instead. I snagged this pretty piece painted by Jenny Komenda at Juniper Print Shop. installing our LVP peel and stick flooring, I did continue it into the bathroom as well. There really isn’t room for a rug in this tiny space, but I did find a mini bath mat that we keep inside the cabinet or shower floor, when we’re not using it. also installed pretty brass hooks throughout! These peel and stick adhesive hooks are the easiest to install and have been wonderful for hanging damp towels, dog leashes, and keys. I sprinkled them throughout the camper. Let’s move onto the sleeping area next… was the exact layout we were looking for when choosing a camper. We both liked the bed location- it’s far from the door and can also double as extra seating or a daybed. The banquette seating also turns into another queen size bed, should we ever need it. That’s currently where the dogs sleep- they’re so spoiled. used bedding we already had to save money, so I’m sure many of these textiles and bedding items may look familiar to you. I did buy this cotton sheet set, and layered on my favorite Annie Selke matelassé, along with a lighter quilt I picked up last summer. I love the pattern play!

The Camper Reveal - roomfortuesday.comI tossed some extra pillows onto the foot of the bed because we do use this space for lounging (in addition to sleeping). Like I mentioned- it kind of acts like additional seating and functions as a daybed or big sofa during the daytime. Consider this a little sneak peek of some new fall additions to the Tuesday Made shop.

The Camper Reveal - roomfortuesday.comI also snagged an inexpensive storage ottoman on Prime Day. Wondering what we use it for? It’s makes a great additional seat and inside, I lined it with a laundry bag. We toss our dirty laundry in here… it’s kind of like a hidden hamper. As I begin to wrap this post up, I’ll drop all of the sources I used into a big collage below…

The Camper Reveal - roomfortuesday.comTo shop & explore, click on the thumbnails below- or use the numbered links at the bottom of the collage to shop… not all images are clickable.

01: solar powered string lights // 02: marble brush set // 03: brass hook rack // 04: french soap // 05: rv pull-down sink faucet // 06: wood salt & pepper mill // 07: camping dinnerware set // 08: acrylic glasses // 09: cabinet color- SW featherstone // 10: pot holders // 11: brass hardware // 12: wood magnetic knife strip // 13: adjustable curtain rods // 14: peel and stick LVP flooring // 15: curtain ring clips // 16: white soft close trash can // 17: cambria quilt // 18: hand held shower head // 19: striped cafe curtains // 20: small tapered basket // 21: plaid sheet set // 22: national parks playing cards // 23: mini marble tray // 24: hanging woven basket // 25: cypress tree set // 26: storage ottoman (I painted the edge black) // 27: soap & lotion set // 28: oversized lumbar pillow // 29: textured lumbar pillow // 30: brass adhesive hook set // 31: floral block print lumbar // 32: pistachio striped pillow // 33: shower diverter // 34: woven waste basket // 35: hoya stem in stoneware vase // 36: fouta bath towels // 37: brass frame // 38: bear lake print // 39: sconce set // 40: annie selke matelassé (my color sold out) // 41: flax block print pillow // 42: vintage rugs // 43: basket bin // wall color- SW zurich white

If I missed any sources you’re curious about, just let me know! I’m happy to share in the comment section below. The majority of these items would translate well to a home… not just RV or campers.

I honestly had such a great time with this little renovation. It has me itching to tackle more small scale, budget friendly projects- that really force me to think outside the box. While we did spread out our work days (based on materials trickling in)… this project really only took us a full week or two to complete. I feel like it was a great way to try something new, in regards to design. My first camper interior project… what do you think? Did I do ok?! My mom is already asking if we want to trade campers with them and I’m tempted to say yes- just for another quick and easy gratification project. Ha! Totally joking. We have way too much going on and places to see in this cutie.

The Camper Reveal - roomfortuesday.comIs the camper totally finished? Emmett is planning to swap out some switch plates for the outlets, and I still need to address the exterior. I’m going to wait until fall to focus on the outside- given it has been extremely hot here. I need to strip off the exterior graphics, and then it will be fully finished. I actually used to design & install graphics, wraps, and pinstripe classic cars during high school… that was my first job, so I have quite a bit of experience with graphic removal like this. I’ll share tips once I get to that point!

The Camper Reveal - roomfortuesday.comWould anyone be interested in a camper / RV post filled with organizational tips? They apply to small spaces as well. During our trip, I felt incredibly organized! Emmett even commented that I had thought of everything (maybe not exactly true, but I’m proud it worked well). Everything has a spot, everything stayed put during transit, and I felt like we comfortably fit everything we needed to bring (and then some)– with room to spare! I’d be happy to share our organizational systems, camping tips, and the little things we did behind the scenes that made a big difference. Let me know if that is of interest, and I’ll pull together a blog post for you. In the meantime, I compiled a big Amazon list containing my best RV & camper finds… much of which we purchased for this makeover. As always, let me know if you have any questions in the comment section below. Here’s to lots of fun adventures & memories in this thing! We’re already scheming more road trips. I’ll hop on IG and do a camper Q&A later this evening, once I’m back home from work.

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  1. Good morning! If that isn’t just the cutest little camper on the road! The difference is unbelievable-especially considering that it’s pretty budget-friendly. I love the soft, natural colors and subtle organic patterns and textures. Why not have art in an RV?! And a vintage rug, pretty pillows and handy baskets? As I understand it, you want items that are lightweight and durable; that doesn’t have to mean plastic and polyester! Also, your ottoman/hamper hack might be the genius move if the century! This transformation really does beg the question why campers can’t be manufactured to be more aesthetically pleasing. Seriously. Those colors and patterns were inspiring in 2013? I don’t think so. Who put Uncle Frank in charge of interiors? Sheesh. I have to say, even though the inside is perfectly adorable, that nighttime exterior image might be my fave! I can just feel the cozy and quiet. Waiting on the exterior until fall seems like a no-brainer. We’re supposed to be 108 for the next five days, so outside work doesn’t sound advisable. 🤯 (I sure hope those weather peeps are mistaken.) Even though we’re not camper people, any small space organizational posts are welcome! I’d also be curious about how (or if) having a camper changes your exploration habits. Do you choose more improved sites, or do you stick to your usual spots? Is it lots more work getting prepared? Or less? Will this extend your adventuring season? I have questions! Plus, I will always enjoy your beautiful nature images. Cheers to Wednesday! Let’s stay cool and hydrated.🥵💜

    1. Thanks so much, Peggi! I’m with you… lightweight materials doesn’t have to mean plastic and poly. The ottoman hack was a bit of a happy accident. We initially put some towels inside of it (beach towels, dog towels, etc), but near the last day or two of our trip- the laundry bag was not fitting in its designated space very well, so I moved it to the storage ottoman. The bag fit perfectly as a liner inside, and that worked so much better… an easy place to toss and hide dirty clothes! Uncle Frank definitely needs to retire. I wish these manufacturers would place a bigger emphasis on design. Emmett and I were talking about the exterior as well… why does every camper or RV have to have a swoosh, crazy name, or such intense graphics. What happened to a simple pin stripe or color block? Oof. I hope you’re finding ways to stay cool! That first week of August can’t come soon enough for your A/C.

      I love your questions! We still camp in our usual spots… on BLM land “boondocking” meaning we don’t hook up to electricity. We just use our generator. Thanks to the smaller size of our camper, we’re still able to get pretty remote or venture off the road… but we definitely can’t rock crawl and explore like we’re used to doing in my 4runner (it has a winch). Bottom line- we don’t like camping next to or close to other people (unless we’re traveling with them). We try to get away from light and noise pollution. I do feel like having the camper has been less work to prepare for trips. Now that all of our things live in there permanently, we don’t have to pack up our cookware, utensils, gear, etc. It’s packed and ready to roll at a moments notice. We just have to gather up some clothing and stock the kitchen with food and drinks. Since we have heat and A/C in the camper, it will definitely extend our camping season… though it’s not a 4-season camper. Have you heard of Hip Camp? It’s an app similar to Airbnb, but for camp sites. You can choose, tent, camper / RV, flaming, etc. We recently started using it and is has been another great way to find remote spots that are more secluded and private. In Montana, we camped in the middle of someone’s horse field at the back of their ranch property, against the base of a mountain range. It was gorgeous and we were the only people there. It was so private and wonderful! The camp host even offered to come check on our dogs if needed, while we floated the river with our family. Anyway… happy Wednesday! Hope you stay cool- definitely drink lots of water, friend. xo

  2. Looks amazing!! Did you paint the ceiling?

    1. Thanks, Brittney! We did… same color as the walls :)

  3. I love this camper upgrade and this has been one of my favorite projects to follow along with the last few months. It looks so good and cozy and charming and YES please to small space/camper/RV organizing post! I don’t have one , but all my travels as a child were done in a camper with my three siblings and we have so many great memories. Mine didn’t look this good (but who’s does?!) and it would have been so fun to do something like this. Great job! Enjoy all the adventures!

    1. Thank you so much, Michelle! I’ll work on a small space / camper organizational post. I feel like I snagged some great budget bins and items that really helped us maximize the functionality. We always make the best memories camping- I love hearing about your adventures with your siblings. I bet you had some wonderful times in the camper! Hope you’re having a good week.

  4. ADORABLE! Love the camper and how it all turned out. The green color of the kitchen was my favorite till I saw the banquet seating. You really lucked out with the find. The artwork was the perfect addition. The bedding makes this the comfiest home away from home! How did the new lighting work?
    Yes to the organization and camping tips. You are very experienced and knowledgeable in travel. Yay, to no more bad convenient store bathrooms. Funny thing, I have a list of good bathrooms along the 3 hour stretch of highway going to my in laws. I wonder if anyone has an app for that….ha! Do you follow Campendium on insta? Shares & finds campsites for you.
    You & Emmett did a great job. Will be here for the exterior update. Have a great Wednesday. I am meeting a friend to see the movie “Where the Crawdads Sing”. Anything to stay out of the heat!

    1. Thanks, Danna! I’m really happy with it- what a fun project. The lights are working perfectly!! Thank you so much for the rechargeable bulb rec- they’re fantastic. We used them for four days while camping and still have not had to recharge. I’ll work on a road trip camper & RV organization post. I love that you keep a list of the best bathrooms while traveling- so smart. Why did I not think of doing that? Haha! I feel like an app would be a genius idea. Enjoy your movie date with your friend! We actually watched it on Monday- I always love the book more, but I still thought it was good :) Have a great day and stay cool!

  5. Hi Sarah! I think this may be my first comment, but I’ve been following your blog for a while. I just love reading your posts so much! There is so much variety and helpful design information. Your camper update looks absolutely amazing!! I love the textured neutral look and think you guys absolutely nailed it. It’s stunning! I also love how you were able to make so many dog-friendly design decisions :) You all will have many fun adventures in that camper!

    1. Hi Victoria! Thank you so much… you made my day! We’re really excited to make lots of memories with the camper. We had such a blast last weekend and are eager for our next trip. Hope you’re having a great week!

  6. Hannah Gokie says:

    I have ALWAYS wondered who at RV companies is making the design decisions, and why they just are…uhh, bad, to put it kindly. Airstreams are the closest to looking decent on the inside but they’re still pretty lacking! My pet theory is that because they deteriorate in value so quickly after purchase that they’re just putting in whatever is cheapest, but you’ve clearly demonstrated they can be affordable and also not ugly! Great job on this one. :) :)

    1. Right?! The entire time I was ripping things out, I kept wondering- who made the decision to install this material? Yikes. Airstreams are definitely the best from a design point-of-view, but still pretty blah. You’re totally right about depreciating in value… that’s why we ended up with an older model, rather than splurging for something newer. It just wasn’t worth the cost to us. Thanks, Hannah!

  7. I love everything about this renovation. Yes to more small scale, budget friendly challenges. You always knock it out of the park! I never considered myself one to camp but this has me thinking twice!

    1. Thank you, Isabel! I loved these quick budget friendly projects. I definitely want to do more. Who knows what we can tackle on a smaller scale, next. Camping is so much fun! Give it a try ;)

  8. I’ve been waiting for this reveal like a kid at Christmastime and it did not disappoint! We don’t even camp and I am jealous. Looks amazing.

    1. Ah, I’m so glad to hear that, Dawn!! We love camping and this feels so luxurious and over the top to us, ha! What a fun project. I can’t wait to make lots of memories in this thing. Hope you have a good night!

  9. Good morning! I’m drooling over every detail and paying close attention to materials you used. It definitely looks more like you and Emmett’s style, and you did an outstanding job thinking of the little things. Your ottoman laundry storage is next level genius (even if it was a happy accident). I’m definitely on board with a storage/organization post for campers! As you know, we frequently borrow my Dad’s trailer for camping trips. It’s outfitted in all of its 2k era original glory…in the worst ways you could imagine. Jeff and I frequently discuss glamping it out, and after seeing this, I might have to! My dad stores the shower products on the floor of the shower, has mismatched rugs covering almost every ounce of flooring to hide the terrible linoleum, and the only storage areas organized to make sense are the exterior compartments. He stores the coffee maker in the kitchen sink…it’s a tragedy of Shakespearean proportions to say the least. To his credit, it serves primarily as his duck hunting trailer and is only in use during duck season. If you know, you know, and I can see why he hasn’t put much into glamping it up, but I’m over here looking at this beauty thinking, why not?? I’m in love with the new pillows in the shop! The colors and patterns are just what I’ve been looking for to coordinate with our darker sectional. I definitely see some pillows in my future! Did the knives stay put on the magnetic strip during travel? That’s my only burning question besides wanting to peek in all your drawers and cabinets, lol! The banquette area turned out so gorgeous- the cognac colored vinyl is perfectly suited for camping life, and such a luxurious update to the space. Uncle Frank needs to cease and desist immediately, that’s for sure! Why are they putting thick upholstery in these dinette areas when they could opt for more suitable (and beautiful options)? That’s definitely one of the reasons I would never purchase a brand new RV…not much has changed in the design decisions for decades, so it just makes more sense to buy used and make it what you want. I can’t wait to see how it transforms when you remove the graphics, and interested to see how you combat the color difference in the exterior paneling once they’re removed. I know you’ll have so many fun trips and make even more memories with this camper. Kudos to both of you for a such a fun, budget friendly transformation. I’m here for all of it, and I’m with your mom. Want to take a trip to Cali and help me with my dad’s? 😂😜 I’m only partially joking… have a fantastic day friend!

    1. Hi Lauren! Thank you :) The storage ottoman turned laundry hamper was definitely a happy accident, but I’ll take it. Ha! How fun would it be to makeover your dad’s trailer?! Sign me up for that California getaway. It does sound like the perfect duck hunting rig though, in his defense. My dad would have been all about that! We’ve been getting such lovely things in the shop these past few weeks for fall and the holidays. It has me itching for cooler weather! The knives stayed put on the magnetic rack…. we didn’t have any fall off during transit. It’s a strong magnet! I’ll be sure to share a post with peeks inside all the drawers and cabinets. That was honestly the most fun- organizing everything. The vinyl was such a great score. The bolt was covered under an inch of dust, but it cleaned up well and fit the budget. No complaints here! I’m with you- RVs and campers depreciate so much and they’re never cute… renovating and older one is the way to go. Biggest bang for your buck and the best way to get the aesthetic you’re looking for. I had to laugh at my mom- now she wants to renovate theirs. I’m all about it! Hope you had a great day. Excited to see you soon!!

  10. Lovely work!! We’ve been camping for the last 10 years in an old pop up that was used when we bought it. I put in vinyl seat covers and vintage bedding when we got it. It’s due for a refresh next summer with new flooring, mattresses and a new canvas. I’m
    Inspired by your remodel! I’d love to improve our exterior by removing decals and anything else we can do so I’d love to hear your tips. I’m also wanting to paint the interior ceiling like yours.

    1. Thanks, Jenny! I love hearing that. I definitely want to get rid of the exterior decals. They’re such an eyesore. Ideally, it would just look plain and simplified. I’ll be sure to share tips when I get to that point :)

  11. Oh Sarah! I love the camper, you both did an amazing job and for under $2000.00 that’s fabulous 😍 It is so stylish now and super functional. I’m so glad you enjoyed using it and looks like Crosby and Cash did too. What a difference due to paint, floors, banquette and countertops. And it certainly has expert styling and your signature vintage rug.
    Everything is completely perfect! So beautiful….
    I’ll have to revisit this post when I get back to Florida to access your Amazon storefront. I can’t access it on the .ca site. I still have so much painting and refreshing to do at the cottage and there is much better selection in the US for this type of makeover. You now have a boutique hotel room on wheels and bringing the term Glamping to a whole new level. Sweet! Love it! Yay!
    Hope your day is wonderful and thanks for another jaw dropping reveal🤩

    1. Thank you, Colleen! We’ve been having a lot of fun with it. It’s amazing what those cosmetic changes will do to transform a space. It’s so cozy! I wish shipping and shopping was easier between the states and Canada. That’s such a bummer! I wish I could just meet you at the border with goods for your cottage! Maybe we can fill up the camper, lol! I can’t wait to see what you have planned for the aesthetic. I know it will be beautiful! Hope you also had a great day :) xo

  12. It’s SO CUTE! I would totally go camping if I could go in that!

    1. Thank you, Maggie! We definitely had a lot of fun renovating it.

  13. Ahhh so divine, Sarah!! It totally looks like you and E now and hope it was as serene and relaxing as it looks. (Side tangent-Montana is now on the shortlist thanks to Yellowstone, but if you can believe it, I can’t get B to watch it with me?!!? E have advice for me?😌) Love the special and meaningful touches you’ve already added and know you’re going to collect some amazing new travel memories in your glamper. Actually, I wonder if we’ll hear about a camper tattoo sometime in the near future?! 🤭😁

    1. Thank you, Anne!! Montana is so gorgeous. We love it there. He doesn’t like Yellowstone?! Such a good show! Make a whiskey cocktail and see if he’ll give it a go. Ha! Ooooh- a camp tattoo would be so fun! Our next tats will be in Italy this September. I just booked our appointment. It has been way too long since we’ve added some fresh travel ink. I’m excited! Hope you’re having a great summer :)

  14. It looks amazing! You are set for some very comfortable and stylish camping :)

    1. Thank you, Jocelyn! :)

  15. WOW! As always you hit it out of the park. Art in the camper is a must. We have art and photos from some of the beautiful places we’ve visited to make us feel like we’re there whenever we go out. All framed and matted, but with acrylic rather than glass. If you two are anything like us your camper will evolve as you use it and you will tweak so it works best for you. Sorry you had to scrap the shelves in the bath, but baskets on hooks can hold extras and still look stunning. The kitchen is my favorite part – I was wondering if you couldn’t add a very small shelf to the opening below your sink to bring it to counter depth, a thin bras rail across the front and you could store spices, dish soap, and other small things there. Just a thought, when glamping you want to use every available space.

    1. Thank you, Jonelle! It’s so fun to have art in the camper. I love your idea of adding places you’ve visited. I thought about leaving my instax camera in the camper, so we could take polaroids from each trip. We did one hanging basket (not pictured) on the bedroom wall, which has been working out nicely! Maybe I’ll add some more of those. Great tip!

  16. I just love it so much! Gorgeous and functional, and cozy. We just bought an older Toy Hauler this spring and we are so excited to go anywhere when it cools off here in TX. I would love to see organizational posts- especially for dishes, pots & pans, and bathroom stuff! We have almost no storage in our little bathroom. They all have their challenges! I did a herringbone peel & stick backsplash in our kitchen, and it took me 5 lonnnnnggg hours lol. Cute, by I could have gone for a straight lay pattern :)

    1. Thanks, Cyreesa! So fun you just bought a toy hauler. I’ll work on some organizational posts and share how we maximized the storage space. Those peel and stick tiles take forever! They make a big difference though. I bet it looks beautiful :)

  17. I love the way it turned out!! If you really want another one of these projects, you can remodel one for us! ;) Our DIY ambitions have been put on hold while trying to keep up with 2 littles under 2 (and a super active fur child), but this is all our camper dreams come true! It seems like you really did think of everything. I love that you factored the weight of materials in, as it seems like a lot of people overlook the practically of rv renovations sometimes. Curious about the countertops – what are they and how much weight do you think they added? Would love to see a post about the organization and everything you bring along.

    1. Thanks, JoJo! You definitely sound super busy, but what a fun season you’re in :) The countertops are solid surface (I found remnants), and they probably added 70 lbs. Nothing too crazy! I’m working on an organization post.

  18. It looks beautiful! We have been so busy with house renovation we haven’t used our pop-up yet this year. But I’ve been itching to get a travel trailer and now I want one even more! You’ll be glad you went with vinyl on the banquette, so much easier to clean. I am also curious how using solid surface counters adds to the weight? They look great though.

    1. Thank you, Kristin! We camped this weekend and I wiped the vinyl so easily (muddy paw prints) and I was definitely thankful I went in that direction :) The solid surface didn’t add too much weight (we’re still well within our limits), but we were cautious on the overall use of materials and how much they weigh. We didn’t want to be maxed out.

  19. Cici Haus says:

    I am not outdoorsy at all, haven’t been camping since I was 10 (save for one disastrous trip when I was 24ish) and yet I am here for all. the. camper. content! I’m living vicariously through you.

    1. Haha!! I love it, Cici! I’m working on some fun organizational posts to share. Camping in the camper definitely feels more like glamping or a hotel on wheels, compared to what we’re used to. So fun! Have a great week!

  20. Sarah, what a fabulous upgrade !!! Caught your Stories today and so have been reading the BACKstory. I just love what you all have done with the camper, and it sounds like luxury camping indeed ! (Especially with not having to worry about the dogs getting into things).

    About the style of the original from 2013 — I swear it looks just like what we used to go visit at the Boat and RV show in Oklahoma back in the 80s!!!! But with your great eye and y’all’s ability, you have made a beautiful home on wheels.

    I’m also so fascinated that you did car stuff as your first job — you have so many hidden layers !

    Off to check out today’s organizing post. I feel like the person who wrote in response to your original “before” post as to whether people would be interested — they said they live in NY and aren’t outdoorsy — well I’m parallel, but I absolutely LOVE reading these posts and checking out what you’ve done !!

    1. Thank you so much! I can’t believe campers and RVs haven’t improved much since the 80’s… it seems like a consistent design that has stuck around for decades. It was definitely fun to reimagine and reinvent it thought. Now we’ve been enjoying it :) We’re headed out for some scuba diving this week and will be camping with our dogs. It’s nice to have a place that feels like home instead of a hotel. We’re loving it!

      My first job was so much fun! I feel very lucky to have had the two best mentors in the business. They encouraged me to get into design and pin striping & vinyl lettering was really the start of it. It’s really a dying art.

      I’m so happy you’ve been enjoying the camper posts. We love the outdoors and it’s a big part of our life- I love connecting with others who feel the same :) Thank you for reading!!

  21. Anastasia says:

    Hi Sarah, this is all fantastic. I don’t know if you’ll see this since it’s an older post, but did you spray or hand brush the cabinets? Walls? And specifically! The ceilings? Did you roll the ceilings or just spray everything? Thank you!

  22. Hi Sarah. Love what you did here! Could I please ask how you attached the curtain rails to the walls of the camper, and where you purchased them from? Thank you so much.