My Cabinetry Selection & Design Process at Lowe’s

My Cabinetry Selection & Design Process at Lowe's - roomfortuesday.comAs promised in my cabinetry color post I shared on Monday, I wanted to break down exactly what the cabinetry and kitchen design process looked like for me! You guys already know I went with Diamond cabinets and ordered them through my local Lowe’s, but I’m sharing every single detail of how things unfolded- from designing to ordering. If you’ve ever wondered, “Where do I start?” when designing a kitchen, this post is for you. Click through to find out…

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My Cabinetry Selection & Design Process at Lowe's - roomfortuesday.comLike I previously mentioned- I went through this process six years ago for our first kitchen renovation using Kraftmaid cabinets and it was very quick and easy. I knew exactly what I wanted, printed out item numbers, and had it alllllll planned & sketched out. This time around, I didn’t have a set idea or plan at all. I really wanted function & aesthetic to guide me, weigh all of my options, and not be influenced by trying to recreate an existing vision. I showed up at my local Lowe’s prepared, but not really knowing what to expect. Whether you have an idea or not- it’s smart to show up with the following:

  • detailed dimensions of your space
  • inspiration (I printed some Pinterest inspiration)
  • a good understanding of how you use your kitchen
  • your appliance specifications
  • your budget

My Cabinetry Selection & Design Process at Lowe's - roomfortuesday.comI walked into the store, went straight to the kitchen design center, spotted a couple free designers / cabinetry specialists and asked for help designing a new kitchen (like any random person would). They didn’t know I was coming or that I’m a design blogger who is a Lowe’s Partner. I paired myself with Samantha and she immediately asked if I had anything in mind and of course, I didn’t. I wanted to soak up all the possibilities. I started by choosing a door style and landed on the Lisette by Diamond. You can check out my entire design plan in this post.

My Cabinetry Selection & Design Process at Lowe's - roomfortuesday.comNext, I needed to choose a cabinetry color… again, you guys already know I picked Maritime (see my other favorite colors and top contenders in this post). There were a TON of samples to look through when selecting cabinet door styles and color.

My Cabinetry Selection & Design Process at Lowe's - roomfortuesday.comNext we made our way over to her desk to really get the process started. I handed over my detailed dimensions and she began by setting up the space on the computer. We chatted about my printed inspiration, my wishlist, the budget, my appliance specs, and my ideal vision. Once Samantha gathered all the info, she then gave me the option to come back at a later date, so she could present me with some design plans- OR I could stay and we could work through it together. You guys know me well enough to know I wanted to design my own kitchen… but for those of you who don’t love that idea- the Lowe’s designers can definitely do it for you (free of charge).

My Cabinetry Selection & Design Process at Lowe's - roomfortuesday.comWe started with the appliances, since those weren’t moving from the existing kitchen footprint, and then began building the basic cabinetry layout around them. Once we had things sort of set in place, we walked around the store looking at displays.

My Cabinetry Selection & Design Process at Lowe's - roomfortuesday.comShe showed me how certain cabinetry features function and I decided what made the most sense for our kitchen based on how we use it. I ended up with a mixer lift, two corner cabinet pull-outs, a tiered cutlery organizer (pictured below), hidden knife storage,  a wine rack, pull-out trash bins, floating shelves, a spice rack, a large pantry, and all sorts of handy things that have me very excited! I’ll definitely give you a functionality tour once the kitchen is installed.

My Cabinetry Selection & Design Process at Lowe's - roomfortuesday.comI loved that it was a collaborative effort and she was able to help me see things I hadn’t necessarily planned on. Honestly, I went into the store with a “this is MY project to design” attitude, but was proved wrong when she clearly knew what she was doing. If there’s one thing I learned in design school- it’s two creative brains are better than one and Samantha proved that theory to be true.

My Cabinetry Selection & Design Process at Lowe's - roomfortuesday.comFrom there, I left Samantha with a couple design dilemmas (the range hood had me stumped) and gave her room to tweak the plan as needed, then we scheduled to meet again. In our next meeting, I was blown away with the new ideas she added and GORGEOUS renderings she provided. Seriously- I couldn’t even create a 3-D model of that caliber, if I tried. You can have a little spoiler below on her computer screen. I selected my favorites, we finalized the plan, the dimensions, and triple checked everything. You can have the kitchen installed by Lowe’s, but of course- Emmett and I decided to do it ourselves (this isn’t our first rodeo). Therefore, we’ll save a lot of money on labor and installation.

My Cabinetry Selection & Design Process at Lowe's - roomfortuesday.comAfter placing the order right there at the store, Samantha followed up a couple days later with a super helpful installation packet with every instruction for installation we could ever need. Emmett reviewed it and was very impressed (and he doesn’t offer compliments easily). It was very thorough. Don’t worry- I’ll also be sharing the installation process when the time comes for cabinetry.

My Cabinetry Selection & Design Process at Lowe's - roomfortuesday.comI have to say, this was honestly the best experience in terms of kitchen design, so I have to brag a little bit. I was lucky to have had Samantha and Rodney’s help with my space. My design plan is better because of them. They’re two of the nicest people you’ll ever meet, who are equally as talented. If you’re in Utah- go see them at the Sandy Lowe’s. They’re probably going to be embarrassed I’m posting this photo of them (I convinced them to let me take it), but I don’t care- they were wonderful.

My Cabinetry Selection & Design Process at Lowe's - roomfortuesday.comQuestions about the design or ordering process? You know I’m always happy to give honest feedback. I know lots of Lowe’s stores have these beautiful (and functional) “kitchen design centers”, and I’d highly recommend finding a store near you that does. It made the process easier, the selections were plentiful, and I can’t wait to see this kitchen come to life! We’re making progress in leaps and bounds. Things are really starting to come together. I’d love to hear your thoughts or comments below!

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  1. I know that you left out the hard part of making 5 thousand decisions, but this sure seemed like a fun and painless process. I’m truly amazed that it’s free! Seeing those renderings had to be pretty exciting. I love how many features there are to make the kitchen more functional. I dream of a mixer lift and those corner pull-outs! I am a little curious about how long your meetings were. As a non-professional, slow decision-maker, I would worry about taking up too much time! (Speaking of time, your kitchen progress seems amazing! Walls! Primer! Flooring!)

    1. Haha! Kitchen design definitely includes a lot of decision making, but I will say- that’s mostly because I wanted to be involved in every single step and design detail. Samantha and I met twice and each meeting took about 3-4 hours. I know most people who order kitchens from Lowe’s leave everything up to their designers and just come back to tweak / approve everything… so that would probably be a much faster process. I LOVED seeing those renderings though- they basically solidified all of my choices.

  2. Just a comment about cabinets that rest on top of the countertop, especially with doors that open. Won’t you miss the space around your sink? Will there still be enough countertop space?

    1. There is actually a TON of space around the sink… so it shouldn’t be an issue at all. We have over triple the counter space that we did in our previous kitchen :)

  3. Wow! Looks beautiful. I can’t believe the amazing selection from your local Lowe’s, that’s fantastic. I’m in Canada and we don’t have anywhere near that selection unfortunately. Actually the white kitchen you and the kitchen designer are standing in is gorgeous too. Any chance you may might know the door style and color? Can’t wait to see your kitchen when complete but that rendering is so realistic. Neat!

    1. Thank you so much, Colleen! I was seriously impressed with the amount of options available. I’ll find out about the display kitchen for you- emailing Samantha right now and will comment back as soon as I hear from her :) xox

    2. Samantha P says:

      Hi Colleen! Samantha here in East Sandy. The display is in door style Sonata in Dove White and the brand is Kraftmaid.

      1. Oh thank you so much Samantha! I’m going to check our Lowe’s in Canada to see if we can get that style 😃 Greatly Appreciated it’s beautiful 😍

  4. This was amazing, Sarah! I don’t think my local Lowe’s is as detailed as yours. I hope they’d still be able to help me as much. Will your counters be black marble or a different kind of stone?

    1. Thank you so much! The countertops will actually be soapstone– the same material we used in our previous kitchen :)

  5. Jeans and shoes source?? <3

      1. Ooh, thank you!! Love the look! I should elevate my Lowe’s shopping outfits. Ha! :D

        1. Hahah :) Usually I’m in paint clothes or covered in dry wall dust- so this was a rare occasion!

          1. I hear you!

  6. Sarah, such a beautiful design plan and will be even more gorgeous once its all done! Designing and picking out what you want can be so daunting. So glad to know that there are designers at Lowes to help with all that. Love the kitchen cabinet choices and colors.
    We have been making updates and changes to our home slowly and one thing that we keep getting told from plumbers, electricians, etc is that when we purchase things like faucets, lights from big box stores that they don’t last as long as if we would have purchases from a specialty plumbing store. I am torn or maybe confused at to what i should look for in terms of items (that cost a good amount of money even at big box stores) that will last. Our plan is to be here at most 2 more years then downsize (so that’s the reason for updates/changes).
    We like big box stores and their choices and cannot pay the price for specialty stores. I guess Im asking what do you look for in items that last and you get the most bang for your buck? Are plumbers and electrical service people just trying to get us to buy elsewhere for their benefit?

    1. Thank you so much, Danna! I definitely disagree that products from big box stores don’t last as long. If you buy the cheapest thing they have- that definitely reflects the quality, but they carry all sorts of brands… from low-end, to high-end. It’s all about choosing something that is durable and timeless :) You definitely don’t have to spend a ton of money or go to a speciality store.

  7. Hi! The kitchen is beautiful (as is everything you do!) – curious how the finish has held up on the cabinets? I’m considering the Diamond brand for my laundry/mud room.

    1. Thank you so much, Sarita! The finish is holding up amazing- we have had zero issues and it looks exactly like it did the day we installed the cabinetry. Would definitely order and install Diamond again in the future… we were (and still are) VERY impressed. That’s honestly saying something, because my husband works for a custom cabinetry shop. We have high standards. Ha!