Our Camper Organization (+ Small Space Ideas)

Our Camper Organization (+ Small Space Ideas) - roomfortuesday.comHappy Friday, friends! Just a little disclaimer before you begin reading this post (just in case something doesn’t make total sense), I came out of anesthesia a few hours ago for a routine procedure (my first colonoscopy, ick) but I’m feeling great and didn’t want to skip today’s blog post… so here it goes! Let’s hope Emmett didn’t need to confiscate my computer after all. Ha! Anyway, this is the much requested camper organization post. If you missed the reveal and source links for all the decor & materials, you can find that one here. Lots of these organization ideas apply to small space living of any sort! I’m sharing the items and ideas we implemented to make our tiny space go further and feel more put together & efficient. Click through for all the details and sources…

Our Camper Organization (+ Small Space Ideas) - roomfortuesday.com

Let’s start with the dinette. This entire seating area has storage underneath, which is amazing! It’s accessed by the doors on the front- or you can flip up the seat cushions for a better reach. We used a lot of plastic bins in this area. We fill them with dog items (dog food, treats, their GPS collars, shampoo, a brush, etc), as well as our larger outdoor gear… things like a two person sleeping bag (in case the heat malfunctions), our PFDs for floating & rafting, an oversized griddle for cooking outside on the picnic table, etc. These plastic bins have been wonderful because they’re easy to clean and wipe out- especially for our outdoor gear and dog items that can get pretty dirty.

Our Camper Organization (+ Small Space Ideas) - roomfortuesday.comThe next item that ended up being a happy accident is our storage ottoman turned laundry hamper. I like having our dirty clothing separated from our clean items- which live in the cabinets above the bed.

Our Camper Organization (+ Small Space Ideas) - roomfortuesday.comI always travel with a laundry bag (pictured below), and halfway through our first camping trip- I couldn’t find a good place for our dirty clothes. I lined the ottoman with my washable bag and now that’s always where our dirty laundry ends up. This is the same bag I pack in my carry-on luggage when traveling because it folds up so small. I’ve had this thing for years! I may invest in another one to keep in the camper permanently.

Our Camper Organization (+ Small Space Ideas) - roomfortuesday.comIn the cabinets above the bed (where our clothing lives), I found a great foldable system for our things. It comes with bins of varying sizes that are stackable, so Emmett and I divvied them up. We put our socks and under layers in the smaller bins and the bulky items go in the larger ones. Instead of living out of a backpack or duffel bag, we pack up our bins at home and stock the camper with our clothing before we hit the road. It feels so much more organized than rummaging through a pack- I feel like it’s much faster, too.

Our Camper Organization (+ Small Space Ideas) - roomfortuesday.comI sleep nearest to the fridge wall and Emmett sleeps next to the exterior wall… on my side of the bed, we installed a little woven hanging basket / bag. That’s where we toss the remotes for our sconces! It’s also handy for my phone or a charger.

Our Camper Organization (+ Small Space Ideas) - roomfortuesday.comWe also have storage at the foot of our bed. I have a few baskets that fit underneath… we pull them out once we’re settled and keep additional items there- phones, chargers, our thermostat, etc. We splurged on a thermostat & power monitor that links to our phones. It’s helpful if we go on a hike or do an activity where the dogs aren’t able to tag along. It gives us peace of mind that things are running as expected and we can see the inside temperature at all times. Should it drop below a certain temp, we’re notified and we can quickly get back to home base and the dogs.

Our Camper Organization (+ Small Space Ideas) - roomfortuesday.comReady to move along to the tiny kitchen? This is where I feel the most organized… and somehow we still have room to spare in this space!

Our Camper Organization (+ Small Space Ideas) - roomfortuesday.comThere was negative space above the fridge, and I was able to find a pretty basket that perfectly fit. This has become our “snack basket”. It’s for trail mix, popcorn, fruit, etc. Although we quickly learned that chocolate or anything that could easily melt definitely needs to be stored in the fridge while traveling. The camper just gets too hot during transit.

Our Camper Organization (+ Small Space Ideas) - roomfortuesday.comWe keep all of our dishes and cookware in the cabinet above the sink. Everything fits nicely, but Emmett is considering building a shelf to divide it into two sections for even more space. All of our dinnerware and drinkware is stackable, and I made sure to line all of our cabinets & drawers with this strong grip material so it doesn’t slide or shift while we’re traveling.

Our Camper Organization (+ Small Space Ideas) - roomfortuesday.comA game changer for us was investing in space-saving utensils. I’m not sure if you can tell from the below image, but some of them fold up and some are just smaller scale. They’re half the size of regular utensils and have been amazing to use! I actually feel like they fit my small hands better.

Our Camper Organization (+ Small Space Ideas) - roomfortuesday.comHere’s a peek at them inside the drawer. I also used drawer organizers to corral everything. Everything has a place, which makes me very happy!

Our Camper Organization (+ Small Space Ideas) - roomfortuesday.comThere is a small slot above the lower cabinets that is a handy place to toss smaller items- it’s not big enough for spices, but it is perfect for our headlamps, flashlights, and remotes. Below that, I installed a row of hooks… that’s where we hang cooking items, pot holders, or a kitchen towel.

Our Camper Organization (+ Small Space Ideas) - roomfortuesday.comI think purchasing compact and nesting kitchen items has been key! Our lightweight tent camping cookware actually works just as well in the camper and takes up a minimal amount of space.

Our Camper Organization (+ Small Space Ideas) - roomfortuesday.comWe also had these collapsible measuring cups from our tent camping setup, and while they’re not the prettiest- they take up a small amount of space and work really well. They’re hidden inside a drawer, anyway.

Our Camper Organization (+ Small Space Ideas) - roomfortuesday.comI really love our magnetic knife block. It’s visually pleasing, doubles as decor, has a very strong magnet, and works great. We haven’t had any knives fall during transit. I wanted to add some warm wood tones to the kitchen, and this was the perfect functional way to do that.

Our Camper Organization (+ Small Space Ideas) - roomfortuesday.comIf you’re wondering what we do with the loose items on the countertops while we’re driving- they go into bins and live in the sink during transit. I throw down a kitchen towel so they don’t slide around, and put the countertop back over the basin. That was a genius idea on Emmett’s part… to have the sink fabricated like that. It can be a sink- or it doubles as additional counter space.

Our Camper Organization (+ Small Space Ideas) - roomfortuesday.comOur indoor kitchen trash bin lives to the right of our cabinets. It’s kind of nestled into the corner. We made sure to buy a lidded option since we have dogs, and it’s pretty streamlined looking.

Our Camper Organization (+ Small Space Ideas) - roomfortuesday.comOn the same side of the cabinetry, we installed a paper towel holder. It’s simplistic, easy to access, and isn’t too noticeable.

Our Camper Organization (+ Small Space Ideas) - roomfortuesday.comMoving into the bathroom, this tiny space also works hard for us. We have storage behind the mirror, as well as beneath the vanity.

Our Camper Organization (+ Small Space Ideas) - roomfortuesday.comI found some budget friendly bins at Target that somehow perfectly match the cabinetry color. I grabbed a few of those and they fit wonderfully into the medicine cabinet. I used more of the drawer organizers (with grips on the bottom) in this area as well. We keep washcloths and quick toiletries here.

Our Camper Organization (+ Small Space Ideas) - roomfortuesday.comOne of my favorite ideas was buying clear bath caddy organizers, pictured below. We keep them in our main bathroom at the house (Emmett & I each have an empty one specifically for the camper), fill them with our essentials, and they tuck nicely below the sink with our Turkish towels. Instead of toting along a cosmetic bag or dopp kit, these are much easier to pack and use. It also feels more like home, rather than living out of a bag.

Our Camper Organization (+ Small Space Ideas) - roomfortuesday.comOur adhesive hooks are also holding up well so far. We use them for bath towels, keys, dog leashes, whatever… we installed them through the camper and they look fantastic.

Our Camper Organization (+ Small Space Ideas) - roomfortuesday.comJust like stocking a home, we also keep cleaning supplies in the camper. This slender silicone toilet brush fit our small toilet area perfectly. It can also be mounted to the wall, so it doesn’t slide or shift. It’s ideal for tiny spaces!

Our Camper Organization (+ Small Space Ideas) - roomfortuesday.comThe MVP of cleaning supplies has been this small handheld vacuum. It’s amazing for keeping the camper tidy, grabbing debris the dogs track in, and keeping the floors crumb-free. We also have a small broom, but I find myself reaching for this the majority of the time. The battery lasts forever.

Our Camper Organization (+ Small Space Ideas) - roomfortuesday.comLastly, one thing we always travel and camp with is our Trasharoo. We had this before we even purchased our camper. It fits on your spare tire and is a convenient outdoor trash can- we just leave it back there… even while driving. You can throw your trash directly into it and dump it- or you can line it with a bag. Just be responsible if you’re camping in bear country and make sure you empty it accordingly.

Our Camper Organization (+ Small Space Ideas) - roomfortuesday.comI hope this post was helpful! I tried to link all of the products throughout- I didn’t have it in me to create a collage today, but let me know if I missed anything. I’m happy to share sources! Here’s to a good weekend ahead. I’m treating myself to a little spa time this weekend- I feel like after the aforementioned procedure I had today, booking a weekend massage gave me something nice to look forward to this week. Ha! Self care in different ways, I suppose. Cheers to Friday and being able to eat pizza again! Woohoo!

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  1. I love organization and storage solutions, this is excellent! You mentioned the dogs have a gps collar… is that for invisible fence, or for tracking? We were thinking of getting one for invisible fence, so just curious.

    1. Thanks, Lexie! The dog collars are GPS and we use them for camping and hiking (our backyard is fully fenced, so no need there). We usually end up in remote areas with no cell service, and the GPS collars allow us to track the dogs without signal. I think they have an 8 mile radius or something crazy. They definitely bring us peace of mind and give the boys a bit more freedom to run and play. I don’t think they would be great for fencing them in, as you can’t set boundaries. It’s more of a hunting, hiking, and sport collar. Hope that helps! Have a great weekend :)

  2. Your post is perfect timing and packed with fabulous organizational tips and tricks Sarah! So many wonderful ideas to incorporate in any space big or small. I hope you are feeling well and no negative side effects from your procedure. Ugh! Not nice.
    We are headed to the cottage on Sunday and surely I’ll be able to get thoroughly organized now with all this info in this post 😃 With all the projects and guests coming I’m going to need all the help I can get. The countertop cut out is genius 👍 Way to go Emmett!
    You have thought of everything Sarah, I’m hoping one day we can will be as settled and organized as your beautiful camper! It’s Amazing, have a wonderful weekend 🥂

    1. Thanks so much, Colleen! I’m feeling great over here… no negative side effects (luckily), and my results came back totally normal. Whew! I’m definitely feeling thankful for that. Those types of procedures are never fun. Have an amazing time at your cottage this weekend! I can’t wait to see how it’s shaping up. I know it’s going to be beautiful and functional :) You’ll be settled before you know it. xox

  3. Good morning Sarah! I hope you’re feeling better this morning. Procedures like that are the worst, but I think you’re onto something with scheduling a spa day to make up for the discomfort. As always, the information you’ve included in this post is supremely helpful. You really did think of everything in terms of organization, function and beauty. I’ve saved so many of these products to my camper list! I love that they’re all compact space saving options, and that’s so amazing to have extra unused space in a camper! I’m definitely taking notes. I think my favorite organizational detail is the discreet paper towel holder you installed. I love the placement! All in all, your camper project has turned out to be a super fun transformation to watch. I know you’ll have so many memories made in it. I’m also interested in learning a little more about the gps collars for the dogs, as well as the thermostat you selected for the camper. I’ve never heard of either one, but would love to know what lead you to choose them. Anyway, happy Friday friend. Cheers to eating pizza and self care!

    1. Thanks, Lauren! I’m all good- back to feeling normal (minus a few pounds thanks to that “cleanse”, haha). The spa day felt appropriate… something I was not looking forward to, paired with something I was very much looking forward to. That’s the way to do it! I can’t believe we haven’t stuffed the camper full- we have plenty of unused space that I’m sure we’ll fill with time or for longer trips. The most we’ve done is 4-5 days. I didn’t expect to love the camper (or renovating it) so much. It has been such a light, easy, and different project for us. This weekend, we’re shifting gears to the stairs because all of our parts are here and we’re ready to knock it out. Woohoo!! The GPS dog collars are awesome for camping in remote areas (where we usually end up) because there is never cell service. We’re able to keep tabs on the dogs, even if we’re in a bad service area… and it gives them some freedom to roam. I think they have an 8 might radius, or something crazy. They came from Gun Dog Supply Co and are Garmin brand… kind of expensive, but worth it for our peace of mind! The thermostat was also a decision for the dogs. If we’re hiking in National Parks, they’re never allowed to come along (bummer, but I get it), so we wanted to make sure they weren’t cooking in the camper if the A/C goes out or generator stops. The sensor notifies us when the temperature gets to a certain point… another awesome piece of tech for peace of mind :) Hope you and the fam have an amazing weekend ahead!! I still want a photo or video of Brooke and the bearded goat. Haha! xox

  4. Hope your feeling better today! That is one procedure I have put off but know it is a must. Bless you for all you have been through with testing. You deserve pizza & massages.
    Enjoyed your overview of all the organization items you used in your camper. I love the little basket idea near you while sleeping to put items in since there’s no room for nightstands. The stool/laundry bin worked out great! Such a great idea to pack the bins instead of bringing bags or suitcases which take up more room. My biggest problem is I spread out when cooking (plus make messes) so kudos to you & Emmett’s genius idea on the sink cover.
    Again, hope your weekend is relaxing and you’re feeling better. We celebrate our son turning 21 (how can that be?) this weekend.
    Have a cool & fun weekend everyone!

    1. Thanks, Danna! Happy Friday! I’m doing much better today (aside from 7 blood draws, oof!), but my results looked great yesterday, so that was reassuring. The colonoscopy wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be- the prep was definitely the worst part. We ordered carryout pizza because that’s all I wanted after a couple miserable days. Haha! I’m all about little baskets and bins for organizing, and it has been much easier than living out of bags. I feel more organized and settled… more like at home than in a hotel or on vacation. It has been nice! We’re loving it. The sink cover has been a game changer and really allowed for more food prep space- smart idea, Emmett! Happy 21st to your son!! What a fun weekend. Has he started school for the semester? Enjoy celebrating!! xox

  5. Cheers to being able to eat *anything*!!! The prep is totally and by far the worst part of it, but thankfully it’s only for one day. It does feel like a week tho! Definitely worth it, Danna…a routine colonoscopy found my friend’s cancer and she’s low-40’s, but they caught early and she’s doing really good thankfully. SO glad to hear you are too, Sarah. You deserve alllllll the pizza and massages! Loved seeing how you organized everything—so many genius ideas! Really good to know about the knife rack and hand-vac. Those are going on the RV list! Have a wonderful weekend, S&E!!

    1. Cheers to that, indeed! It was definitely tolerable and the procedure itself was a breeze. I’m so thankful everything came back ok. I’m so glad your friend is doing really good and they caught her cancer early. I hope you have a wonderful weekend, Anne! xox

  6. Sue Taylor says:

    So glad you are well! Thanks for the great RV storage ideas. I’d love to know where you got the nice looking cutlery.
    Thanks, sue

  7. Well, indeed all your organizational ideas are top hits! And kudos to Emmett for the idea to fabricate the cover for the sink.

    I forgot say on the reveal post how much I love how you dressed your bed —- it looks so inviting.

    It’s also so interesting about the dog GPS collars and your thermostat. Camping has really come into modern days!!

    Glad your colonoscopy results were clear, and thank you for telling us about it. It’s important that colonoscopies are made part of our regular health checks — I lost my grandmother and my aunt both way too early due to colon cancer, so I feel very strongly about this ! Thank you for getting yours, and also for mentioning it on your platform.

    I hope you’re having a great weekend starting with the rest of the stairs and entry project !

    1. Thank you, Kim! We had so much fun working on the camper and it has been great to enjoy it :) Things have definitely come a long way.

      I’m feeling very relieved about my colonoscopy results- I was dreading it, but it was a necessary procedure. I’m so sorry to hear about your grandmother and aunt. That must have been so difficult. I lost my father to pancreatic cancer, so I take checkups very seriously. They’re important! I’m hoping I can find more answers as to what has been going on with my body soon.

      I hope you’re also having a great week! xo

  8. Hey, Sarah! Sorry I’m a day late; no service in them there mountains.😂 All of your space-saving and organization tips are stellar! I keep forwarding these posts to my friend who owns a camper; this one should be super pertinent. I love seeing those small and foldable utensils. We stayed in a tiny cabin this week, and that kitchen could certainly have benefitted from those. Emmett’s sink cover hack is pure genius; I feel like that should be an option for lots of kitchens! I’m also interested to hear how much you like that little vacuum. I’ve been considering a stick vac to augment our regular machine, but that handheld may be a better fit for us. You are always so helpful!!
    As for your colonoscopy, happy to hear everything was clear. The prep is definitely far longer and more unpleasant than the actual procedure! I am 100% in favor of treating yourself for enduring yuckiness. Hopefully, you are enjoying a relaxing and rejuvenating weekend!💜

    1. Hi Peggi! I loved hearing about your birthday trip? Did you have the best time?! I sure hope so. I totally get having no service in the mountains- it’s fabulous! The dogs looked like they enjoyed themselves, too. What an awesome family getaway. Bring on the cool fall mountain temps. It’s already happening here at night and I’ve been loving it. Sorry I was late to comment on your post- my excuse wasn’t quite as fun (colonoscopy, ha), but I loved reading it once I was back home. We had a nice relaxing and productive weekend. I hope your week is off to a good start :)

    1. Thank you, Brittany! I LOVE watching those videos. Hahah!! The things I say when I come to are hilarious. I beg Emmett not to video me, but maybe he should next time… just to make everyone smile. Lol!