Classic Kitchen Linens to Love

Classic Kitchen Linens to Love - roomfortuesday.comHappy March! I’ve been styling, photographing, and editing my office images this week (exciting!), which hasn’t left me a lot of time to spend in the kitchen tackling food prep, cooking complex dinners, or baking for fun this week. However, last night I did take the time to quickly swap some of our kitchen linens. It reminded me how easily that tiny, inexpensive task can totally change the look of a kitchen vignette- adding texture, functionality, pattern, and color. I love a timeless kitchen towel that is as pretty as it is absorbent. I enjoy switching them often to reflect the season or my mood, using them for daily dishes or dinner parties, and of course I like how they instantly make a kitchen feel lived in. Hang one from your range, dishwasher, cabinetry hardware, kitchen hooks, or the island for easy access. Click through to check out 35+ favorites I found and saved this week… 

Classic Kitchen Linens to Love - roomfortuesday.comI know kitchen linens may not sound like an exciting design topic, but they’re one of those things I really enjoy collecting and curating. We use our kitchen towels often and a pretty one always makes me happy. Sometimes it’s the little things!

Classic Kitchen Linens to Love - roomfortuesday.comI usually have one draped over our sink or nearby hanging from the dishwasher pull to easily dry hands or dishes. That’s probably the one that gets used most frequently in our kitchen.

Classic Kitchen Linens to Love - roomfortuesday.comI also really love personalized, vintage, or embroidered kitchen towels… they feel extra special and bring a thoughtful touch to the kitchen. Those also make a great gift for newlyweds or the host of a party! The one pictured above is from an Etsy shop, and it’s very affordable ($14).

Classic Kitchen Linens to Love - roomfortuesday.comOther places you might notice my kitchen towels? Sometimes I’ll use them as oversized napkins, there is always one at our coffee bar, and I often use them for serving or hosting. They add a nice textural touch for tablescapes! Ready to see my favorites?

Classic Kitchen Linens to Love - roomfortuesday.comClick right on the objects to be redirected to the source, or use the numbered links below to shop my finds… not all are clickable.

01: hatch hand towel // 02: ticking stripe towel // 03: toile kitchen towel // 04: waffle towel // 05: measures kitchen towel // 06: monogrammed towel // 07: striped towel set // 08: black kitchen towel // 09: jadeite kitchen towels // 10: floral towel // 11: turkish dish towel // 12: patisserie towel // 13: flour sack towel // 14: olive towel // 15: pinstripe terry towel // 16: gingham towel // 17: farmhouse towels // 18: dish towel // 19: abbot towel // 20: cotton towels // 21: linen stripes kitchen towel // 22: chambray kitchen towel // 23: index of teas towel // 24: sage towel set // 25: french urn towel // 26: gray dish towel // 27: patchwork cotton towels // 28: monogrammed towel // 29: linen floral towel // 30: flax linen towels // 31: tea towel // 32: linen grid kitchen towel // 33: woven stripe towel // 34: super absorbent towels // 35: striped kitchen towel set

What are your favorites from the roundup? I think I have too many to count… there are some really gorgeous options in there for spring!

Classic Kitchen Linens to Love - roomfortuesday.comWhen I’m sourcing kitchen linens, I typically gravitate toward natural materials- like cotton and linen. They have a nice hand, they’re absorbent, and they always have a timeless look.

Classic Kitchen Linens to Love - roomfortuesday.comAnother perk to towels that are made of natural materials… they get softer with each wash. We currently have linen towels in our kitchen (from the shop)… they’re over a year old and feel even better than they did on the day I brought them home.

Classic Kitchen Linens to Love - roomfortuesday.comI also like the relaxed and casual look that linen & cotton adds to a kitchen. I adore a kitchen that has a lived in look, and linens are an easy way to enhance that inviting feeling.

Classic Kitchen Linens to Love - roomfortuesday.comIn regards to pattern, I’m partial to a classic stripe, floral, toile, unique typography, or simple solids that show off the material’s texture. Since our cabinetry is so bold, I usually keep the linens simple.

Classic Kitchen Linens to Love - roomfortuesday.comDo you also collect kitchen linens? How often do you swap yours? We have two drawers filled completely with kitchen towels, runners, placemats, and napkins in our kitchen. It’s a drawer I enjoy sifting through often! Sometimes the small things are the ones that really make a space feel fresh. I hope you’re having a good week so far. I’m not making any promises, but I’m hoping to have the office tour ready for Friday… if not, it will go live Monday (at the latest). Thanks for being patient with me! I can’t wait to share it with you.

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  1. Some really lovely options here. Thank you!

    1. Thanks so much, Teri! Have a great day :)

  2. Good morning! Such a pretty selection! I probably get a little too excited about a fresh, new kitchen towel. Ha. Like you, I favor the linen or cotton in a classic stripe or check. I get extra psyched when I score a vintage monogram or embroidered example. (All the heart eyes for #29!!) Because our home boasts two fairly messy cooks and all dishes are hand-washed, we definitely own a healthy stack. The kitchen always looks extra spiffy with a couple of straight-from-the-dryer towels on the oven handle. I also think they make a great gift addition. Tied around a loaf of homemade cranberry bread or a special pair of wooden spoons, a crisp linen towel acts as waste-free wrapping! Who couldn’t use another? Little extras are where it’s at, Sarah! Here’s wishing you smooth editing on this lovely Wednesday! The zingy green Greek key sneak peeks on IG? Squeal!💜

    1. Good morning, Peggi! I’m with you… there is nothing better than a fresh from the dryer towel. I love the way they smell, I love the way they look, and I’m all about the aesthetic they add to a kitchen. The vintage embroidered ones are my favorite, too. We went thrift shopping while visiting our family in Nashville last week and I came across the prettiest monogrammed embroidered ones- sadly they weren’t either of our initials, but I kind of wish I would have bought them anyway. I love your gift ideas! Such a thoughtful gesture to include baked goods or vintage wooden spoons for waste free wrapping. Love that! What a great gift. I have a few shots left to grab, but things are coming right along! I like that you noticed my green pillow :) Hope you have an awesome Wednesday! xo

  3. Good morning!
    How is it March already? Wow! I never tire of gorgeous pics of your kitchen Sarah, and I love Kitchen linens. They make a big difference to me and are a very small but important detail. I have a pretty good assortment, but I love having a new tea towel as my mother used to call them 😊 and I love all the ones in your roundup. As you know I recently purchased #35 from your shop and they didn’t disappoint, they are lovely. They were supposed to be for the cottage as no dishwasher there, but they are also perfect for my home here in Florida. I love Peggi’s idea of gifting one with a loaf that’s so incredibly sweet 💝
    Super excited for the office reveal! Yay 🥰 Spectacular takes time and worth the wait😍

    1. Good morning, Colleen! I can’t believe we’re already in the first week of March. Time really is going fast. Those little details are my favorite, and they also make me happy. I’m so glad you love the one from the shop- those are my favorite, but I’m biased. Haha! I also loved all of Peggi’s awesome gift ideas :) So sweet! Hope you’ve been having an amazing week! xox

  4. Aww, another weakness of mine is buying beautiful hand towels. You have some really nice ones in your shop Sarah! I too love to gift one with a recipe book or candle. Whenever we go on trips, I try to find a pretty one to bring back for my mom. I don’t know if anyone else is like me but I will let my husband know that a hand towel is for “looks” and not for use when we are having company over, etc. Otherwise, it will be used for mopping up messes, HA! My favorites have been the flour sack towels because they are soft and thin and I love to use when cooking. For drying dishes I love the waffle weave ones. I am really eyeing #29. #1,4,5,21,30 & 35 are faves!
    Happy Mardi Gras! Enjoy the day!

    1. Me too, Danna… me too! I can never have enough kitchen towels. I love the ideas everyone has shared around gifting them! Pairing it with a cookbook or candle is so thoughtful and aesthetically pleasing. I love your tradition of grabbing one for your mom when traveling. I had a laugh about your conversation with your husband about aesthetic and decorative items versus functional ones. Lol! I used to be precious with some of ours, but now- we pretty much use all of them. I also like the flour sack towels- those are always nice! I love all of your top picks. Hope you’ve had an awesome week, Danna! Happy Mardi Gras! xox

  5. I share in the love of a good kitchen towel. I find myself buying them more frequently than I’d like to admit; mostly because one jolly giant of a man frequently uses them as napkins and I can’t with the stains, hahah! Sadly our drawer devoted to towels is quite small-a detail I’d love to modify when we renovate eventually. I’d say on average I’m replacing 4 or more towels every six months or so. I absolutely love the towels I’ve ordered from your shop! I have #18, 22, and 32. #18 is my favorite, followed by the chambray. On my next round of towel purchases is #2 and 21. I’m also drawn to #11, 13, and 31. I recently stumbled upon #30 and fell in love. I may have to order a few for spring. Something about the green colors this year is invigorating me. I’m definitely bookmarking this post for later! I have been loving all the sneak peeks of the office and I’m so excited the reveal is coming!! I can’t wait. Have a fantastic day. Xo

    1. Right? It’s the little things that make me happy in our kitchen. I had a chuckle at your “jolly giant of a man” husband. Haha!! Of course I love all of your beautiful selections :) I also love hearing that you’ve liked the towels from the shop. One of our linen towel makers is actually in the Ukraine, but I’ve been chatting with her to see how I can help from afar. I’m with you on feeling green right now- give me all the green decor, patterns, and paint colors! I’m digging it more than usual. I hope you’ve had such a good week, Lauren! xox

  6. I can’t believe this got me excited! I am near to needing new kitchen towels. I like linens. They are a great way to freshen my household.

    1. Haha! I’m right there with you. Who knew I would be so thrilled to swap and buy a few new kitchen towels? Lol!