5 Things Every Kitchen Needs That You Might Not Think Of

5 Things Every Kitchen Needs That You Might Not Think Of - roomfortuesday.comWith plenty of kitchen renovations (most recently, our moody kitchen reveal) under my belt, I figured it might be beneficial to share 5 things every kitchen needs that you might not necessarily think of. Sure- there are the obvious items on the renovation wishlist: enclosed trash & recycling bins, a faucet with a spray function, deep pull-out drawers for pots & pans, and the ever popular “appliance garage”, but I wanted to list functional features that aren’t as expected. Click through to see which 5 things I don’t ever want to do without. They’re game changers! If you’re renovating, building, or planning a future kitchen overhaul… this is a post to pin and save, for sure!

5 Things Every Kitchen Needs That You Might Not Think Of - roomfortuesday.comLet’s get to it, shall we? First on the list…

#1 // A Pot Filler

5 Things Every Kitchen Needs That You Might Not Think Of - roomfortuesday.comThis one is probably the most obvious, BUT pot fillers can be installed in more places than just above the range. Don’t get me wrong, I love a pot filler for cooking and I adore the gorgeous Rohl one sandwiched between my range and hood, but I also really miss having one above my espresso machine.

5 Things Every Kitchen Needs That You Might Not Think Of - roomfortuesday.comAnother great place for a pot filler? Above dog bowls! Someday, when it comes time to renovate our laundry room… I’m going to design a dog feeding station that has built-in bowls with a pot filler installed above for easy watering. Think outside the box! Pot fillers are super duper functional.

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#2 // In-Cabinet Outlets

5 Things Every Kitchen Needs That You Might Not Think Of - roomfortuesday.comThis is the first time we’ve installed in-cabinet outlets and so far we’re loving the practicality! It makes charging items so much easier without junking up and cluttering the countertop. From charging phones and technology to kitchen appliances and utensils, the outlets are already seeing a lot of use. It pays to plan electrical in advance. Lowe’s sent us extra cabinetry paint for touch-up, so I painted the outlet cover the same color as the cabinetry to make it blend better. Nice, right?!

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#3 // A Mixer Lift

5 Things Every Kitchen Needs That You Might Not Think Of - roomfortuesday.comThis is one of those I didn’t think I needed until I had it. After sharing this feature on Instagram stories, the majority of you were equally as excited about the mixer lift. I love and use my heavy KitchenAid mixer on the regular, but given the size and weight of that thing, I’ll admit- it’s kind of a hassle to lug around and pull out. Now, I use the mixer with it on the lift, clean up, and it sinks back down into the cabinet when I’m finished. It’s honestly a game changer and I’m using much more frequently. It also frees up countertop space.

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#4 // Under Cabinet Lighting

5 Things Every Kitchen Needs That You Might Not Think Of - roomfortuesday.comI didn’t realize how much I missed having under cabinet lighting until we didn’t have it anymore. After renovating our previous kitchen and moving into our new home, it was a switch I kept hitting only to realize our cabinetry and countertop didn’t illuminate. I designed and incorporated cabinetry lighting into our new kitchen, but it got delayed in shipping and didn’t make it in time for the big reveal. I’m excited to announce it JUST got here and I can’t wait to see it installed. Maybe that is something we can tackle in the coming week? I hope!

5 Things Every Kitchen Needs That You Might Not Think Of - roomfortuesday.comWe use the cabinetry lights as a soft light at night… almost like a night light, as well as to better brighten our cooking and prep space. It’s honestly a step in the design process that many people skip. I’m here to tell you it’s worth every penny! In our last kitchen we used strip lights and this time around, we’re using puck lights- pictured above.

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#5 //  A Slender Cabinet

5 Things Every Kitchen Needs That You Might Not Think Of - roomfortuesday.comHaving lived with this in three of our kitchens, there is no turning back now! I love, love, love having a “cookie sheet” or “cutting board” cabinet, as they’re often called. This is honestly one of the most functional and most-used cabinets in our kitchen. I use a flat baking sheet or large cutting board almost every single day and having a skinny cabinet to easily slide these odd sized items that are too large to leave out has been amazing.

5 Things Every Kitchen Needs That You Might Not Think Of - roomfortuesday.comIf you build your kitchen in the store with a designer, definitely ask for one! It’s also a great way to take up negative space that is too small for a standard size cabinet. I like to use every inch and squeeze as much function into a kitchen as I can.

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Are there any other things you love having in your kitchen and can’t do without? Maybe they’re not as obvious, but are super functional? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

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  1. Sarah, I thought you were a genius to put a pot filler over your coffee machine, but a dog feeding station?!?!?! I bow (wow) down. I’ll now be dreaming of the perfect laundry room. I’ve considered adding under-cabinet lights, but I honestly wondered how much difference they might make. Now that I think of it, they’d certainly enhance my pantry! A cookie sheet cabinet is a must; ours was perfectly placed right beside the stove. The one item for which I have never seen a great storage solution is platters. Their large and varied sizes make them tricky, and I have (ahem) quite a few. I have an open shelf above my fridge where I improvised a system with expandable Ikea plate racks, but I would love to see an elegant solution. (Speaking of elegant, both of your kitchens are so stinking beautiful! Such a talent.) Happy Monday!

    1. Hahaha!! Thanks Peggi! The laundry room is probably a next year project, but I’m already looking forward to creating a functional space for the dogs (and laundry). So smart to store large platters in the cookie sheet cabinet! I need to do some rearranging now. Hope you have a wonderful week!

  2. I’ll say it again Sarah love, love your new kitchen 😍 Though I’ve never had such items as a pot filler or mixer lift I could never live without under cabinet lighting. It a must have for us especially since we downsized our homes square footage in half this year and our kitchen is a very cute galley style where under cabinet lighting makes the biggest difference especially in a much smaller space. It brightens and expands our space and creates an ambiance I can’t live without for sure. My husband just got ours installed this past weekend and it looks amazing. It’s so cool, we can change the color and brightness depending on our mood and will come in handy on dark gloomy days for sure, not to mention at night. I can’t wait to see your installed, and well I never tire of admiring that beautiful new kitchen you have. It’s complete perfection!

    1. Thank you so much, Colleen! Cabinetry light makes such a BIG difference. I had no idea until installing it in our previous kitchen. Congrats on your own kitchen… it sounds beautiful! I can’t wait to get ours totally finished. We have a few tiny details (like the lighting) to wrap up. Have a great week! xo

  3. I’m kind of meh on the pot fillers. A source of water without a drain is a problem waiting to happen. And you have to lift that pot off the stove eventually. I could see my dog turning on a pot filler by his bowl and flooding the house.

    I wish I had room for a mixer lift. Kitchen too small though. And I’d love a place for baking sheets.

    1. I really miss having the pot filler above the coffee maker. That was a game changer! I just use a pitcher now. I’m all about the mixer lift and cookie sheet cabinet!

  4. Love this! We had a mixer lift in my 1950’s kitchen growing up and I LOVED that thing! I always swore that I’d pot one in my own home when I buy. This is a great list. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Kalie! The mixer lift is SO functional. I’m loving that feature. Super cool that they’re coming back :)

  5. + 1 to things you didn’t know you needed until you got one: hot water tap. game changer. LOVE the new kitchen!!

    1. Ooohhhh, I need to add that to my list! Usually I just use our espresso maker for hot water, but having a tap sounds dreamy. I kind of want to splurge for an osmosis system. Do you happen to have one of those?

  6. Hi Sarah! How do you install the under cabinet lighting? Can you guys make a tutorial? :)

    1. Hi Xinia! We are hoping to install it this week or next, so I’ll be sure to take some videos and pop it on stories :)

  7. Where di you get the wood salt and pepper grinders that are different heights. I can’t seem to find any. Love your blog btw!