Formal Living Room Updates

Formal Living Room Updates - roomfortuesday.comWe’ve officially lived with our “finished” or renovated formal living room for over a year now. I really wouldn’t change anything, which says a lot because that space sees a ton of use! I feel like our house has been in a state of flux these past few months. I’m moving everything out of my home office so we can begin demo, we’ve been shuffling things around to setup a temporary workspace, and we’ve also been trying to furnish our office building, as we’ve been spending a lot of time over there lately. Basically, our furniture has been shifting and we added a few new pieces to the mix recently- which ended up in our formal living room. It’s looking pretty different around here, so I figured an updated blog post was in order. Click through for all of the formal living room updates, to get the sources, and to see how it looks today! 

Here’s a little reminder of where this space started before we renovated… you can see more before images and links to the process in my initial reveal post.

Formal Living Room Updates - roomfortuesday.comThis room was pretty basic and boring. The scale and functionality were also lacking. We added the built-in for storage, swapped the flooring, the fireplace, and added millwork. It feels like a totally different room these days, and it’s honestly difficult to remember the way it looked when we moved in.

Formal Living Room Updates - roomfortuesday.comWe use this living space often- more than I thought we would. It’s centrally located in the heart of our home on the main level, and gets a ton of traffic. It also bridges the kitchen and dining room with the backyard, so the dogs are constantly running in and out. Here’s your first peek at our new BLUE sofa…

Formal Living Room Updates - roomfortuesday.comSpeaking of the dogs and the new sofa, I made sure to select durable, performance fabrics that will withstand life with our dogs… because let’s be real- they rule this house. They are allowed on the furniture and we enjoy snuggling them on the sofa & chairs, so it was important to make selections that will wear well over the years. I took the custom furniture route, and ordered the sofa from Maiden Home. I’m actually working with them to share more on the customization process- so stay tuned for a detailed blog post this spring!

Formal Living Room Updates - roomfortuesday.comI fell in love with the Carmine sofa and ordered it in slate blue mohair- it’s basically my dream sofa! Mohair just might be my favorite material. I also love the rolled and pleated English arm with the clean welted lines. It feels tailored, is honestly very comfortable, and is holding up beautifully so far to Cash & Crosby. I really wanted a punch of blue in the living room to continue that cool palette from our kitchen. It makes the space flow nicely and feels more cohesive, in terms of the color palette.

Formal Living Room Updates - roomfortuesday.comAfter moving the previous sofa to our office and the old swivel chairs to another room in our house, the upstairs living room was essentially empty. I then ordered two new swivel chairs for the space- because that function is perfect for our floor plan. You can either swivel in toward the fire, or toward the sofa to hold a conversation. I will forever be a fan of swivel chairs for their versatility.

Formal Living Room Updates - roomfortuesday.comI landed on the Dune swivel chair in a performance linen and these might be *the most comfortable chairs* I’ve ever sat in (seriously). You just sink into them like a cloud! Emmett and I are both loving those and they feel more like a lounge chair in comparison to our previous swivels- something you could spend hours sitting in comfortably.

Formal Living Room Updates - roomfortuesday.comI should also mention, performance fabric is a godsend and necessity in our house. We have a white sofa in our basement, and now these white swivel chairs. I’m sure our friends & family think we’re crazy because the dogs have basically claimed our furniture, but the fabric is no match for their muddy paws. It comes right up because it doesn’t absorb. You can learn more about how I choose durable and performance fabrics in this blog post! Crosby clearly has a new favorite spot in our house… at first I tried to keep him off the chairs, but eventually gave up. He spends many hours sleeping there.

Formal Living Room Updates - roomfortuesday.comI also swapped out our area rug. You can read about that in this blog post– and see my 20+ options for this room. I’m feeling really happy with the way things came together once the new furniture arrived. It gave me the motivation to make some changes.

Formal Living Room Updates - roomfortuesday.comThis room still feels very happy, bright, comfortable, and sophisticated- which are all of the things I had initially hoped for. I do like this color palette better than our previous version– because it feels more cohesive with our kitchen and dining room.

Formal Living Room Updates - roomfortuesday.comI finally made time to re-style our built-ins post holiday. They were beautiful for the Christmas season, but I was ready for a change. I added some new books, art, and as Emmett would say, “cluttered it up a little more.” Haha! I’m pretty sure he was kidding. I like a bookshelf styled with a LOT of books. Check out some of my shelf styling tips in this post, if you’re interested in achieving a similar aesthetic!

Formal Living Room Updates - roomfortuesday.comI also styled in some new favorites from our shop. I’m always amazed that small accessories can make a big difference in the overall look of a space. Sometimes if I’m trying to freshen a room or switch things up, it just takes 20 minutes of styling or switching things around.

Formal Living Room Updates - roomfortuesday.comMy trusty, thrifted side tables are still around! Those nero marble tables that flank the sofa are HEAVY. They were a Facebook Marketplace find last year, as was our vintage Ethan Allen oval coffee table.

Formal Living Room Updates - roomfortuesday.comLately, we’ve had snow on the ground and our fireplace has been working overtime. I’ve been bringing my laptop into this room to work near the fire in one of the comfy swivel chairs. This room suddenly feels brand new again and I’ve loved spending more time in here! If you’re considering a furniture shuffle or swapping things around in your house- I’d encourage you to go for it… especially if you could use a change of scenery!

Formal Living Room Updates - roomfortuesday.comI always get a lot of source questions, so I’m going to link everything in a roundup below.

Click directly on the items to be redirected to the source- or use the numbered links below the collage to shop…

01: beams // 02: round mirror // 03: sconces // 04: faux ficus tree // 05: limestone fireplace // 06: small stoneware pedestal // 07: zebra ottoman // 08: sheepskin rug // 09: black marble chain // 10: drapery fabric // 11: woven roman shade // 12: gallery lights // 13: white quartz coaster set // 14: tulip arrangement // 15: tiny glazed planter // 16: hand carved wood ball // 17: ribbed glass lantern // 18: floor lamp // 19: carmine sofa // 20: vintage ethan allen coffee table // 21: dune swivel chair // 22: area rug // 23: drip artwork // 24: door hardware // 25: alabaster table lamp // 26: demilune table // 27: DIY textural art // 28: herringbone hardwood floors // 29: round scallop ottoman // *not pictured: scalloped marble dish

Formal Living Room Updates - roomfortuesday.comShould we revisit one more before & after image prior to wrapping up this post up? I’m thinking yes! The other big transformation in this space was the fireplace- it used to look like this…

Formal Living Room Updates - roomfortuesday.comWe removed the carpet, tile, and existing fireplace surround and replaced it with this limestone beauty. The insert is gas, so it can easily be turned on and off with a remote. It’s pretty convenient to be able to adjust the flame height, temperature, warmth, etc. Today it looks like this…

Formal Living Room Updates - roomfortuesday.comWe also installed hardwoods, panel moulding, beams, and added a pair of sconces to the fireplace wall. I recently restyled the mantel and had some fun with repeating sphere shapes. I’ve been noticing modern, geometric forms lately and am fully on board that trend.

Formal Living Room Updates - roomfortuesday.comDid I miss anything? Let me know if you have any questions in the comment section below! I’d be happy to chat about styling, our new furniture, or whatever you’re interested in talking about, when it comes to this space.

Formal Living Room Updates - roomfortuesday.comI’m feeling really good about this room as we head into my office renovation! It’s like the clam I needed before the (drywall dust) storm begins in another room. Hah! I’m envisioning we’re going to have some fireside Valentine’s Day cocktails right here, this weekend. Cheers to that! Have a good one, friends.

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  1. Loving the new look! I will never argue with a colorful sofa, and the mohair takes the luxe factor off the charts. The style of your new swivel chairs is a favorite. That knife edge (standing seam? what’s that called?) detail is so crisp and modern. I can imagine Joe curled up there just like Crosby; always taking the best seat in the house. All of the black and white pieces really appeal to my eyes. Your giant, vintage wooden sphere paired with the zebra ottoman and sheepskin beside the fireplace. Perfection. Also, give me all the Nero marble. Why would you not lounge in this cozy, sophisticated haven? Here’s to a weekend that’s equal parts productive and relaxing!💜
    PS So many brilliant new items in the shop! 😍

    1. Thank you, thank you! The sofa is definitely my favorite. I can’t believe how amazing the mohair feels. Yes- you got it… the chairs have a knife edge and it’s really a nice casual, yet tailored look. The dogs ALWAYS take the best seats in the house. The other day I walked into the room to find Cash on the couch, Crosby in a swivel, and Emmett was sitting on the floor. I was puzzled. Hah! Here’s to a snowy week ahead. I’ll probably be sitting in here with my computer next to the fire. The dogs have been loving bouncing around in the snow and playing chase. I bet yours are loving it, too! :) I’m still working on adding all of our new arrivals this week. Jordan (our newest team member) is starting today and I can’t wait to show her the ropes, so I can get some help uploading. Woohoo!

  2. WOW that sofa is gorgeous! I really think the color brings some cheerfulness into the room.

    1. Thank you, Lexie! It’s probably my dream sofa. Haha! It’s definitely cheerful and so soft with the mohair :)

  3. Such a classic space. Love the blue sofa and how it pops, but is not screaming look at me. Well done!

    1. Thanks, Traci! That blue color is really so perfect for the room. I love how it’s muddy, not too saturated, and still has a nice strong color.

  4. Laurie Anne says:

    I love it!!!!!!!!!!! Come do mine now. Thanks. See you in 12 hours. 😘😘😘

    1. See you in 12!! Haha! I wish, I wish. Clear out your guest room and we can talk details ;)

  5. I adore the new sofa! Everything you listed about it draws me in! The clean lines edges especially. And mohair…DIVINE! I am just as thrilled with the space as the day you first revealed it. The built-ins look incredible styled with more objects and more books! A question about built-ins: should you only add built-ins if you have a natural inset that’s deeper than the surrounding area? Or is it ok to add them to a flat wall?
    I plan to peruse the shop this weekend and check out what’s new, especially since Peggi mentioned there’s awesomeness to be found! By the way your floor lamp is gorgeous; I love the feet! So different from the typical floor lamp, and I’m here for it! The nero marble end tables are the perfect touch in here, and all your styling objects are stunning in this space. It looks fantastic Sarah! I’m anxiously waiting to see your office spaces and the plan for your home office-you have exciting things to look forward to in the coming weeks! I hope you have a wonderful day! Xo

    1. Thanks, Lauren! The mohair is really my favorite- it’s so soft and luxurious feeling. You can definitely install built-ins on a flat wall… we just happened to have an inset. It really depends on the look you’re going for :) We’ll be adding a bunch of new goodies to the shop this week (I didn’t get them finished over the weekend) and we’re restocking all of my favorites. It has been so much fun! As always, I appreciate your kind words and fun feedback! Have a wonderful week! xox

  6. Such a perfect shade of blue on the new couch! Love the new look.

  7. I love this update. Such a comfy, warm, inviting and stylish space!

    1. Thank you so much, Izabela! xo

  8. Such a pretty room – obviously the dogs are happy with it!

    And I got a giggle out of the “clam before the drywall dust storm” comment at the end.

    1. Thanks, Cheryl! The dogs are definitely pleased. Haha! Bring on the drywall dust storm ;) ready or not.

  9. Your new upholstery is really beautiful Sarah! You know I love blue and the Fabric is gorgeous 😍 It looks so luxurious and incredibly soft, I bet it’s a dream to cuddle up on Cash looks pretty comfy 😉 The new swivels chairs are lovely too, who can blame Crosby for wanting the best seat in the house. Buy a new chair and then tell me I can’t sit on it. haha! Ive heard so much about these hard wearing performance fabrics that are pet friendly. Are they sprayed with something that reduces spill absorption? I’m curious about how that works? About 18 years ago I ordered custom upholstery for our home and the fabric was treated with a stain guard that repelled spills. It held up well and I loved it as we were very hard on our upholstery dogs, kids messy husband but our 8 year old poodle developed a rapid moving cancer and passed away 6 weeks after finding a lump on his belly. I wondered about the possibility of toxins on the fabric from the stain guard protection, even though I was told it was non toxic. I was very concerned about the treated fabric so I got rid of the sofa and loveseat. I was very cautious about upholstery fabrics after that experience. I’m sure fabric technology has come a long way since then but I would love to know more about how these performance fabrics work. Are they treated? Woven in a specific way to repel dirt/spills? I would love to know more about the science behind there performance capability.
    Anyway your living room is stunning as always Sarah! I love all the updates and the rug looks beautiful with the new upholstery 🥳 Cheers to another fabulous reveal 🥂

    1. Thank you, Colleen! It really is a dream :) Our dogs live here too, so it’s only fair that they get to use the furniture. Haha! I’m sure some of our friends & family think we’re crazy, but we like seeing them happy and snuggled up. The fabric technology has really evolved! It’s the type of fiber used, and it repels spills, stains, etc. Maybe I’ll work on a more elaborate post about it- or test some of the performance options: sunbrella, crypton, etc. I am so sorry to hear about your poodle- that is absolutely terrible. I haven’t heard of the spray stain guard (other than scotch door that you would use outside as a water repellent), but I know many of the performance fabrics are non toxic. I hate that for your family. I’m sorry! I’d also be very cautious- that’s actually why I refuse to buy many power loomed, inexpensive rugs (because they contain chemicals and the fibers become airborne). I’ll try to do some digging for you on the science behind the fabric technology. I hope you had a happy valentines weekend :) xox

  10. I’m still in love with the bookcase full of actual books!

  11. This is gorgeous! I can’t even tell you what my favorite part is. The bookcases, the nero marble side table, the swivel chairs, the sofa, the ottomans….It’s all so beautifully classic. Would you mind telling me the source for the new artwork and maybe also the gilded frames in the bookcases? Is it digital? Thank you!!

    1. Thanks so much, Lisa! I really appreciate your kind words. This space makes me so happy, too. The artwork is samples from our shop, Tuesday Made. I just reused old frames I had on hand!

  12. I will be anxiously awaiting your post detailing Maiden Home’s custom ordering process. It is a “new to me” company. I have been searching for a quality sofa for a sunroom that would require more of an apartment sized sofa, but one with fabric that will be somewhat resistant to fading. Perusing the few local furniture stores that are remaining and it seems that they think everyone wants some shade of white furniture. I was informed that a sofa with a custom fabric would require a 20 week lead time these days! If there are other options like Maiden Home, please give me all the info. Thanks for your insight.

    1. Yes! I’m excited to write that one because it was such a positive experience! Since I’m working with them on that post, it’s currently scheduled to go live the first week of March. If you have questions in the meantime, I’d be happy to answer! Furniture lead times are crazy these days. I’ve run into the same thing with other companies. My Maiden Home pieces were pretty fast- 6-8 weeks, but I’m not sure what their current lead time is.

  13. The new look is wonderful, and the fireplace and built-ins really highlight how flexible design can be. However, I also really liked your original living room, particularly the prior sofa with its bench seat. I’m curious to know how you felt that the prior sofa’s style and fabric held up during the past year.

    1. Thanks, Julie! We still have and love our old (bench seat) sofa! We’ve been spending a ton of time at our Tuesday Made office space, so it got moved there and is now in a fun little seating area. I still sit on it pretty much everyday and am still very into the aesthetic. It’s holding up really well- especially to our dogs (who also come hang at the office with us these days). I’d buy it again in a heartbeat!

  14. rosa M urrutia says:

    Beautiful! I especially like the warmth of the color of the walls. Would you mind sharing the color?

    1. Thank you, Rosa! The wall color is Aesthetic White by Sherwin-Williams.

  15. Gorgeous as always! Do you have a source for the throws on the new chairs?

  16. Melissa Matross says:

    Hi Sarah! I love your room. Question, are the library sconces hardwired? I can only find plug in. How did you conceal the cord?

    1. Thank you, Melissa! The library lights are hardwired.

  17. Hi Sarah! This room is so beautiful. Such an inspiration! A few of the source links are no longer valid. Would you mind sharing the link to the sconces above the fireplace again? Thanks!!

  18. Hi! Can you share the size of the sofa? Thank you!

    1. Hi Jen! Of course- it’s 76″ long

  19. Hello! I love your living room. Would you mind posting a few options for side tables? I’m searched for similar ones with no luck. Thanks! Enjoy your lovely home! Kim