10 Tile Projects & Tutorials from the Past

10 Tile Projects & Tutorials from the Past - roomfortuesday.comI remember the very first tile project we tackled. I felt intimidated, afraid I would mess up, and unsure if I was even doing it right. Here we are years later, and tiling is probably my favorite renovating task. It’s seriously so much fun to me, and the results are always worth it! Throughout our renovating career, Emmett & I have installed A LOT of beautiful tile. I thought it would be cool to look back, dig up my favorite projects (and pretty tile), and share our best tile tutorials with you… in case that is something on your to-do list this year. Click through for 10 tile projects & tutorials from the past!

#1 // How to Install Large Format Floor Tile

10 Tile Projects & Tutorials from the Past - roomfortuesday.comI thought we’d start with basics, and a post from a few years ago when we were installing floor tile in the kitchen of our previous home! Tiling a room, whether it’s a kitchen or bathroom, is an easy DIY that makes such a big difference in the overall design and scale of a room. It’s one of our favorite tile projects to tackle together, and this DIY (with video!) is a great way to learn the basics so you can do it yourself.

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#2 // How We Choose: Grout for Tile

10 Tile Projects & Tutorials from the Past - roomfortuesday.comWhen it comes to tile, the right colored grout is a little thing that makes a huge difference! From the color of the grout to the type (sanded or unsanded) and even how to seal it, these important pieces of the puzzle are key when creating a solid tile design plan. After all, there are a lot of options out there and it can seem overwhelming! This post breaks down the best way to choose for your space, so you get the look you want… that will last for many years to come.

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#3 // DIY Heated Floor Tile

10 Tile Projects & Tutorials from the Past - roomfortuesday.comThe very cold bathroom in our basement was a space that we really wanted to feel (and look) warm & cozy. Installing a heated floor was our first step to reaching that goal, and we knew it was a project we wanted to tackle ourselves. While it may seem like an intimidating project, it was much easier than expected! This post has all the details on how to tackle this simple DIY tile project, so your feet feel warm & toasty against your tiled floor.

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#4 // How to Install Marble Mosaic Floor Tile + My Favorite Marble Mosaics

10 Tile Projects & Tutorials from the Past - roomfortuesday.comMarble is such a beautiful, classic choice for tile. Its beauty and timelessness is why I find myself choosing it for our home in a variety of rooms and renovations over the years. Marble mosaics are a great way to add pattern and texture to a space for a classic look. This roundup is all things marble mosaic floor tile!

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#5 // Roundup: Classic Patterned Floor Tile from Lowe’s

10 Tile Projects & Tutorials from the Past - roomfortuesday.comIt’s no secret I LOVE patterned floor tile. We installed it in the kitchen in our previous home and in the basement bath in our current home. It’s such a fun way to add visual interest to a space and create a unique look. Lowe’s has an incredible selection of patterned tile in a variety of color palates, and this roundup is dedicated to all things patterned floor tile from my favorite home improvement retailer. They’re also all budget-friendly!

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#6 // My Favorite Affordable & Classic Backsplash Tile Options

10 Tile Projects & Tutorials from the Past - roomfortuesday.comIt’s easy to break your budget with a fancy backsplash (and it’s ok to dedicate your budget to something unique & expensive) but there are plenty of affordable, timeless options out there. These classic choices will stand the test of time without breaking your budget.

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#7 // Roundup: Marble Mosaic Tile

10 Tile Projects & Tutorials from the Past - roomfortuesday.comI’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I love marble! One of the most beautiful, easy ways to incorporate marble into your space is with tile. Unlike solid stone that requires professional fabrication, tile is totally a DIY project you can tackle yourself. It adds such gorgeous natural texture to a room, and I find myself gravitating to it again & again. I packed lots of favorites into this post!

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#8 // How to Make Subway Tile Look Classic, Not Basic

10 Tile Projects & Tutorials from the Past - roomfortuesday.comSubway tile is a classic choice for any space, but it doesn’t have to be boring! There are so many ways to add visual interest to your subway tile that will make it look anything but basic. From trim pieces to color blocking, there are plenty of options to mix things up in your next project!

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#9 // DIY Tile Text (+ a Big Thank You!)

10 Tile Projects & Tutorials from the Past - roomfortuesday.comThis was such a fun tile project for Emmett and I! I’ve always loved the look of tile type, and was thrilled to try my hand at creating typography in tile myself, all while creating a sentimental and special thank you message.

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#10 // Marble Maintenance & The Truth About Natural Stone

10 Tile Projects & Tutorials from the Past - roomfortuesday.comFor some reason, marble and natural stone gets a bad rep and can seem like a scary investment to a lot of homeowners. I wanted to provide you with a helpful post to weigh the pros, cons, and make an educated decision for yourself! In this post, I share my thoughts on natural stone, how I live with it on a daily basis, facts (the negative AND positive), and how I care for it- including marble maintenance. I’ve also got a fun quiz at the end of the post for you to take!

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So, are you feeling inspired to tackle a tile project in your home? After all that time installing tile in our basement bathroom recently, I’m excited to focus my attention on our guest bedroom and take a little tile break! I’ll always find my way back to a tile project though, it’s such a rewarding process. I rounded up some of our favorite tile tools below if you’re looking to tackle a project!

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  1. Such a fun roundup of tutorials!! You were actually the inspiration for me to take a free class on installing mosaic tile, and another on installing floor tile. I definitely feel like tile is my next “first timer” project. Especially with the bathroom renovation going on! You’ll be proud of my floor choice: a beautiful 9” marble hexagon tile…I can’t wait for that phase! Jeff is completely hesitant to allow me to tile the floor. He says some things were meant for professionals and that achieving the right finished product is beyond the scope of the average DIYer. I say to hell with that, I’ve never been average, why start now??! 😝 This was a fun one to look back and see how long I’ve actually been following you, and having all the tutorials in one spot is incredible! I’m working on the bathroom today and taking a Bondo break to mow the lawns. It’s going to be a productive day! 💪🏼 Cheers to Tuesday Sarah! Xoxo

    1. Really?! That makes me so happy, Lauren! If I can tile… you can tile, I promise. It’s not difficult, and you’re totally right- you’re not average, you’re more than capable, so show Jeff those mad skills of yours! Ha! I’m serious. I would say the average DIYer could tile and it would look good. Cheers to a productive day! Enjoy your time outside :) xo

  2. I really do think you have a way with tile! Your selections are always so enviable. Even though you make everything look completely doable, I’m not sure I’d be brave enough to tile an entire floor. I probably could have done our subway tile backsplash (for which I paid someone to do a mediocre job.😤) My hesitation and frustration with many home projects is a lack of proper power tools. It’s the scary saws that get me! My next little project is patching a ceiling…here’s hoping I can match the subtle orange peel texture. 🙀 Oof. It’s probably going to look terrible.
    Happy Tuesday!

    1. Aw thank you Peggi! Believe me when I say- tiling is actually fun (especially if you’re a perfectionist). The tile saw used to intimidate me, but once I got the hang of it- it was smooth sailing. It’s really just loud, so I wear ear protection to make it more tolerable. Good luck patching your ceiling! Did you know they actually make ceiling texture in a can, that you spray on then smooth? It’s easy! You can buy all sorts of textures, including orange peel. I found a link for you, so you can research more about it: https://bit.ly/2yhqW9D Have a great day :)

  3. Hi Sarah! I’m getting ready to tile my bathroom, essentially in the same style as your guest bathroom (doing 3×12 stacked subway). Do you have any tips for how you installed the chair rail at corners? I’ve installed an actual chair rail, but can’t wrap my mind around how to translate that to tile. Appreciate any guidance!

    1. Great question Lori! The corner pieces will get mitered, so they fit together perfectly. I actually mitered all of the corners for those on our tile saw- it has a setting for a miter, so it’s just a different cut (easy though). Hope this helps!

  4. Hi Sarah – I saw in one of your posts that you actually did the tile yourself in your beautiful new Moody Kitchen. I’m getting ready to tackle the same project, and I’m wondering which order you did cabinet/cabinet trim installation and tiling. Did you tile before or after the cabinet trim pieces were installed? Your tile work looks perfect but I can’t figure out how you tile around all of the tricky spots like around crown molding and behind the gaps in side panels, for example. Any tips?

    1. Hi Michelle, I did! We installed the cabinets first, then I tiled, but we added the end panels on the cabinetry last (for a clean look on top of the tile). I hope that helps! we did have the window casing installing and countertop installed before tile, so I did have to make some precise cuts around those areas. You can really do it whatever way makes sense for your kitchen.