• October Moodboard : Midnight Blue -
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    October Moodboard

    Did you notice I accidentally skipped last month’s moodboard? It’s probably the first time in two years- or since I started the series, that I forgot to do one. Whoops! Obviously…

  • How We're Breathing Easier -

    How We’re Breathing Easier

    Guys! I finally made an adult decision in regards to my well-being and as promised, I wanted to share my honest thoughts on the newest gadget keeping our home (and air)…

  • 6 Ways to Style Your Nightstand -
    interiors & styling

    6 Ways to Style Your Nightstand

    If there’s one thing I love, it’s a nicely styled and functional nightstand. However, sometimes that’s easier said than done. I get a lot of questions¬†about how to pull a bedside…

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    Pinterest Worthy

    I’m just going to be 100% honest and put this out there- today’s actual blog post didn’t get finished. Tomorrow there will be an epic post sharing six(!) ways to style…