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    Tips for Buying Bed Sheets + A Giveaway!

    bedding-basics You spend A LOT of time in your bed. After moving and purchasing a couple new mattresses… I thought about the amount of time spent in bed and convinced myself to swap out our old bedding. You know it’s time when your once bright-white sheeting is looking drab and discolored. Every time I try to buy bedding, I always feel a little (or a lot) overwhelmed. Sure, I know of many great resources- but I don’t actually know what to look for in the material.

    Does thread count matter? What type of fabric is best suited for my sleep style? Does a higher cost mean better quality and luxury comfort? Are most sheets safe or organic? What fabric wears the best and will provide me longevity? Luckily, my friend Steph at Authenticity 50 was able to help answer my questions. Here’s what you should know before splurging on new bedding. Click through to see what bedding I landed on AND to enter the giveaway to score a set of your own!!

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