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    Floral Tips for People Who Hate Floral Arranging

    Floral DIY

    Being a creative person and a designer, I expected floral arranging to come naturally to me. I took a few sculpture classes for my Fine Arts curriculum in college and have a good idea of how I want a composition to look, but achieving results is another issue. Long story short- I’m not as awesome at playing florist as I had hoped. Plus, I don’t have a ton of time to spend learning the tricks of the trade. I have found some helpful hacks throughout the years that have saved me a lot of time (and money on pricey custom arrangements)! It really all revolves around the vase…. here’s a quick and easy tutorial, along with floral tips for people who hate floral arranging.

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    A Shipping Container Airbnb

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    I hope you guys had a great weekend. I’m just getting back from my little getaway and am feeling creatively recharged. Although I gained a lot of inspiration while I was away, it…