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    Wild Berry Lavender Ice Cream

    Wild Berry Lavender Ice Cream It has been hot and way too humid for my liking lately. One thing I can always count on to lift my mood in the heat is ice cream. It’s probably my favorite thing to whip up during these hot months and it’s such a fun hobby! I’d probably even go as far to call myself an ice cream connoisseur (maybe even an addict). Ha! But really- it’s 100% my favorite dessert. Of course, living in Ohio, my go-to ice cream cook book is none other than Jeni’s. This is the first time I’ve tried making the wild berry lavender ice cream and man, it is SO good!! Don’t let the flavor profile scare you away… it’s luxurious, aromatic, creamy, and sweet. Continue Reading

  • Collected Dining Room
    interiors & styling

    A Collected Dining Room

    It’s been nothing short of chaotic after house hunting last week (more details on that to come!), so I’m sort of cheating and sharing images I previously shot of one of my…

  • The Best Ceiling Fan for Your Space
    interiors & styling

    Ceiling Fans That Aren’t Hateful

    I recently stumbled upon a couple ceiling fan articles and roundups, but had differing opinions when it came to “rules” and design preferences in regards to these functional fixtures. I wanted to share my…

  • Citrus Summer Cocktail

    Citrus Summer Babe

    I’m comin’ at ya with another gin cocktail. I’m sort of sorry if you hate gin. It’s my favorite and this IS the season of mixed drinks. To me, there’s no better cocktail pairing…

  • Pedestal Dining Tables
    interiors & styling

    My Search for a Dining Table

    You guys are probably tired of seeing my dining room by now, so I’m channeling new inspiration above. I’ve been on the hunt for a tulip table for about three years… which…