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    The Best of Etsy August

    Vintage Campaign Dresser August has been a good Etsy month! Lots of my favorite shops have released new products and I’m living vicariously through “pretend shopping” and making blog collages. Since we’re in the middle of a move, I’m trying to hold off on buying home decor… at least until my new house (and budget) have progressed a bit further. However, some of the items in the August Moodboard were just too good to pass up.
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  • Logitech Home Security Camera

    Logi Circle Home Security Camera Giveaway!

    There are two very obvious topics we love talking about here at Room for Tuesday- good design and our dogs. A pairing that doesn’t necessarily go hand in hand, but nonetheless have a…

  • The Best Faux House Plants
    plants & gardening

    The Best Faux Plants

    For those of you with black thumbs, who swear you can’t keep plants alive… this post is for you! You don’t have to live your entire life without greenery or the…

  • Living Room Before
    interiors & styling

    Meet Our Next Renovation

    So, now you know we’re moving and as promised, I’m sharing a complete tour of our new home today, and it’s not pretty folks (inside or out). Brace yourself for a complete disaster, but…

  • Green
    gift guides & roundups

    August Moodboard

    It’s obvious I have a thing for the color green. It’s in my comfort zone, it’s sprinkled throughout my house, and I like it all year round- no matter the season.…