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    My Favorite Green Paint Colors

    My Favorite Green Paint Colors - Room for Tuesday As everyone is gearing up to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this weekend, I thought I’d put together a different type of post revolving around “green”. You guys already know green is my favorite color and I love sprinkling bits of it throughout my home! Lucky for us, green paint is continuing to gain popularity and I don’t see it becoming dated anytime soon. If you’ve been on the fence to paint a room, a wall, or a piece of furniture green- now is the perfect time! Click through for my all-time favorite green paint colors… Continue Reading

  • DIY Bath Caddy Tray -
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    DIY Bath Caddy Tray

    I’m the type of gal who really enjoys spa-like luxuries. This year I’m also trying to focus on self care and devoting more time for things I enjoy. I’d say I’m…

  • Noteworthy Post - Room for Tuesday Blog


    It’s been a crazy busy year so far! I feel like my goal of self care and “clocking out” of work each day isn’t off to a great start and we’re…

  • How to Install Floor Tile -
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    How to Install Floor Tile

    The kitchen is cruising right along and I’m happy to announce the floor tile is totally done! Cue the happy dance. Although we had a decent size area to cover (300…