The Coolest Beach Towels of Summer

The Coolest Beach Towels of SummerEvery summer I promise myself I’m going to invest in a nice, hip beach towel I can be proud of. For some reason, it always falls short on the long list of items to buy each season… so, I end up dragging out my touristy Hawaiian beach towel from my honeymoon years ago. It’s sort of shameful, really… it depicts a map of all of the islands with a geographical grid. As a tourist, maybe they think you’re going to get lost or maybe you forgot exactly where you decided to vacation and need a not so subtle reminder. Long story short, it’s horrendous and I dread pulling it out of my beach bag. This summer I finally rounded up a pretty amazing list of towels for the Interior Collective and am about to pull the trigger on one of my favorites. Feast your eyes on the coolest beach towels of summer…


Neutral Beach Towels01: striped turkish beach towel // 02: paloma beach towel // 03: round amaroo beach towel // 04: le grand depart beach towel // 05: nobleford beach towel // 06: sunny life lux towel

The round beach towels have completely stolen my heart. I think they’re so much more practical, plus I love the unique shape… not to mention the tassle / fringe edge detail! I like to take up lots of space at the beach or pool. Sometimes I sit, listen to music, take my hat or headphones on and off… sit my book aside, etc. Basically I sort of like a lot of space and the round towels certainly are intriguing. The other towel I’m seriously eying is the typographic towel. There’s something about a reversible towel with a clean sans serif type that is really appealing to the print designer in me. That one would never go out of style. For all colors and over 40+ more towels, click over to read the full article!

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