A Weekend Skiing in Jackson Hole

A Weekend Skiing in Jackson Hole - roomfortuesday.comAs we head into the weekend, I thought it would be fun to recap last weekend’s trip and share some fun moments from our adventures and stay in Jackson Hole, Wyoming! During winter & ski season, Emmett and I enjoy road tripping to nearby mountains. Our ski pass encompasses many resorts, so it’s fun to take advantage and sneak in day or weekend trip elsewhere. We’re no strangers to Jackson Hole, but this was our first time staying downtown Jackson- within walking distance to town square… which was really fun! Click through for a peek at the charming hotel we stayed at, a few of our favorite spots, and a glimpse into our latest weekend adventure.

A Weekend Skiing in Jackson Hole - roomfortuesday.comWe booked a couple nights at Anvil Hotel and I’m really glad we did. It’s affordable, well-designed, warm & cozy, and was within walking distance to all the shops and restaurants. Our weekend ski trips are typically pretty spontaneous, so booking a bit late, we reserved a room with two queen beds instead of a king. The layout was nice and functional though!

A Weekend Skiing in Jackson Hole - roomfortuesday.comFrom wool blankets to a beautiful navy paint color, I definitely appreciated the aesthetic of the hotel. In addition to the design, I was also happy to see good toiletries, snacks, a bluetooth speaker, and plenty of local favorites in the mini bar to enjoy.

A Weekend Skiing in Jackson Hole - roomfortuesday.comWe didn’t spend a great deal of time at the hotel, since our plan was to get in some good skiing, but each time we found ourselves back in our room- it proved to be the perfect place to unwind and warm up.

A Weekend Skiing in Jackson Hole - roomfortuesday.comThe hotel lobby doubles as a coffee shop and mercantile. When we arrived on Friday, there was live music and people enjoying their coffee in front of the fire, which felt like a warm welcome!

A Weekend Skiing in Jackson Hole - roomfortuesday.comThis place definitely gave me an outdoorsy lodge aesthetic, but obviously with a designer’s touch. From the lighting to the products carried in the mercantile, it was fun to explore and hang out here! We ended up bringing some local coffee home with us.

A Weekend Skiing in Jackson Hole - roomfortuesday.comThe weather in Jackson Hole cooperated for us… our ski days were sparkly bluebird days and lower in the valley, we were met with snow flurries- which I think adds to the mountain magic of Jackson!

A Weekend Skiing in Jackson Hole - roomfortuesday.comWhile colder than Salt Lake, there were plenty of places to duck in and warm up. We popped into shops, restaurants, and followed our ears toward live music each evening.

A Weekend Skiing in Jackson Hole - roomfortuesday.comI’d definitely recommend and stay at Anvil again! Emmett & I both agreed the location was perfect for exploring the main streets of Jackson.

A Weekend Skiing in Jackson Hole - roomfortuesday.comWe did have to drive to the resort for skiing, but it was an easy and beautiful 15 minute commute.

A Weekend Skiing in Jackson Hole - roomfortuesday.comIn my opinion, Jackson Hole is one of the more difficult places to ski. It is steep, technical, and challenging in the best way. My nerves always turn into adrenaline, which makes for a good progressive ski day. It just takes me a minute to feel settled & confident, ha.

We wasted no time in getting to the top… we took the tram up for our first run. If you’ve ever been all the way to the top, you already know there is a delicious little waffle hut that makes the whole upper mountain smell heavenly! FYI- if you’re not advanced or expert level, there is no easy way down (all black, double black, and out-of-bounds backcountry), but you can always enjoy a waffle and ride the tram back down (no skiing necessary). Hot tip for the waffle-loving foodies out there!

A Weekend Skiing in Jackson Hole - roomfortuesday.comAfter each ski day, we found ourselves walking around downtown. Although we’ve had plenty of visits to Jackson Hole, this was the first time I ever stopped to photograph the iconic antler arch. Speaking of antlers- I came home with some vintage taxidermy from this trip.

A Weekend Skiing in Jackson Hole - roomfortuesday.comIf you’re planning to visit Jackson during the winter months- dress accordingly. Plan for treacherous icy sidewalks (the city doesn’t clear most of them), bundle up, and wear snow boots with good traction. My new favorite coffee in Jackson, Cowboy Coffee Co, helped to warm us while walking.

The best food or dinner we had was at Glorietta. Not only does it have a charming interior and exterior, but the food is fantastic. It’s worth making a reservation because it books quickly. We were able to sneak in early before the crowd rolled in.

A Weekend Skiing in Jackson Hole - roomfortuesday.comWe were also celebrating our friend’s birthday and went all out with drinks, appetizers, entrees, AND dessert. Everything was so delicious.

My liquor of choice is bourbon (you know I’m a Kentucky gal, right?)… so naturally my favorite cocktail on the menu was one that included a sweet potato infused bourbon. Emmett got the same and we both agreed it was really phenomenal.

A Weekend Skiing in Jackson Hole - roomfortuesday.comWe arrived just as the sun was setting (our reservation was at 5pm) and by the time it was dark out, there was not an empty seat in the restaurant! I’m glad we were early enough that I was able to snap a few shots of the interior.

Celebratory cake and tiramisu were split to commemorate our friend’s birthday- which was a welcome reason to indulge in treats I’ve so badly missed.

A Weekend Skiing in Jackson Hole - roomfortuesday.comWe also had to swing by our favorite breakfast stop & bakery on our way out of town. We never go to Jackson Hole without stopping by Persphone. There is always a line out the door, but the wait is worth it. It’s a bustling bakery with delectable treats, breakfast, and coffee.

I hope you enjoyed a peek at our weekend in Jackson! We have a few more winter ski trips planned that I’m looking forward to. Despite the fact everyone is already talking about spring (and retailers are already setting summer), I’m trying to be more intentional about enjoying the season we’re currently in. I know winter isn’t everyone’s favorite, but I hope you’re able to find some fun activities to enjoy this season. We’ve been getting so much beautiful snow here in Salt Lake, I think it has boosted by winter spirits. I’m fully embracing it, and we certainly need the precipitation. We’re looking forward to taking our family out next week. There is nothing more fun than skiing with our nieces and nephews! Cheers to a great weekend ahead. Enjoy it!

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  1. Melanie T says:

    That looks like a fun weekend! Ooh, those pastries, and the hand written plaque with each variety lends so much character. Growing up in the north, the winters were long and cold enough for the snow to remain once it snowed. To combat winter fatigue, in college I learned to cross country ski. So I agree that embracing the winter season does certainly help. Thanks for sharing your weekend get away ski trip. It looked like a fabulous place to visit!

    1. So fun! That bakery is one of my favorites. Not only are their pastries to die for, but it’s really charming inside. Cross country skiing is honestly something I don’t know a lot about. I’d love to get into it someday! Our skiing is usually open until June/July (which is crazy!), but the snow sticks around here, too. I hope you had a fun and relaxing weekend, Melanie!

  2. Good morning! What a lovely, spontaneous trip! I have heard that Jackson Hole is beautiful, and your pictures certainly confirm that. I am intrigued to hear your assessment of the skiing difficulty; since I’m not a skier, that’s something I have never considered. (I got a little nauseous just thinking about it…) You also mentioned that your pass encompasses numerous resorts; I had no idea that was a thing! Are they all western mountains? Now I’m curious about the ski scene in different places. Is the east different than the west? How about US spots compared to international? Do many places also have groomed cross country trails, or is that just considered skiing for cowards?For some reason, skiing seems so…exotic. Why am I such a rube? Ha. I don’t love cold weather, but winter is far more tolerable when it includes sunshine and snow! Sipping bourbon by a roaring fire, wrapped in cozy cashmere also takes the sting out. Our season is mostly inversion gray, whipping winds and freezing temps but also mud. All the detestable conditions. Sigh. Seeing your beautiful smile enjoying a winter wonderland adventure also helps! Happy Pizza Friday, friends! Cheers to another stellar weekend!💜❄️

    1. Hi Peggi! Jackson Hole is a really gorgeous mountain town… we love it! Anyplace in the Tetons is just magical. I used to be a pretty aggressive skier, but the older I get- the more mellow I’ve become (I’m not trying to get hurt, ha). I’m just happy to get out there and get some turns. If it’s a powder day, I like to get into the deep stuff or a higher vertical, but on a groomer day- it’s more for fun and less about exercise and the adrenaline rush. Emmett, on the other hand, sends it! He had to get me out of a sticky backcountry situation while were in Jackson because I panicked (I decided I didn’t want to jump a rocky cliff and got in my head). Oof. Anyway- we have the Ikon ski pass, which allow us so many days at each resort across the world. It’s pretty great given our location because all of our favorite local spots are apart of it. It also allows us to ski other mountains in the west for much less money. During Covid, we had planned to head to Switzerland (Zermatt) for an epic ski trip because it’s also on our pass, but of course our plans got squished. Anyway- we’re headed to Canada in a few weeks and it will all be covered on our pass. It’s nice that it has some great international destinations. We also get discounts on hotels for having it. Skiing on the East Coast is very different than the West Coast. Living in Utah, we’re accustomed to DEEP powder days, so we can be picky about when we go. Back when we lived in the Midwest, we pretty much rode the park because it was also icy with a low snow base… you kind of have to make your own fun because it’s not big mountain skiing with tons of powder. Just different conditions, but still fun! None of the mountains we ski have groomed cross country trails (only downhill alpine), but there are plenty of parks and neighbors here that have them. I bet you’d enjoy it since you like yoga… it’s pretty zen! Apres is always fun… fireside cocktails, friends, and warming up is the best part. Thankfully we’d had so much snow this winter our inversion hasn’t been too terrible like last year. I know how awful that is though. I hate that you know it well! Hope you had a great weekend, friend! xo

  3. Jackson Hole covered in snow is a vibe! Good morning, and thank you for the glorious pictures of a snow filled wonderland. Immediately I’m drawn to all the cozy wool blankets and deep inviting colors in the Anvil. Bluebird ski days are always the best! I’m glad the weather cooperated and made for some fun skiing. It’s always nice when you don’t have to adjust plans with upper runs being closed. I remember well the adrenaline rush that comes with more challenging runs, but funny enough, I was always more scared of getting off the lift than going down the mountain, ha! Maybe it’s my desire for a little adventure, or your lovely ski trips, but lately I’ve been thinking about digging out the snowboards and having some snow fun with Jeff. I’ve also thought about renting some skis and giving true skiing another go. Years back I injured my knee on an icy run while snowboarding and after that I always had the wrong kind of anxiousness to be bolting down a mountain. Lol. Please do share more about your ski passes! It’s been so long since we’ve done passes I wouldn’t even know what they include anymore. I hope you show us your taxidermy! The antler arch is my favorite and I remember when we visited there was an outdoor fire pit close by where people gathered every night. I also remember the food was to die for- your pictures confirm my memories. It looks like you had a lovely weekend all in all. You certainly have been embracing all that winter has to offer and that definitely helps enjoyment of the season. Cheers to another blustery cold winters day, and a wonderful pizza Friday!

    1. It really is a vibe, Lauren! Anvil was really charming- we’d definitely stay there again. We lucked out with the bluebird weather, but last winter when we visited Jackson- it dumped 70+ inches in 48 hours… which was some of the best skiing of my life. Talk about a powder weekend! We missed their big storm by a week this year (can’t luck out for them all). You should definitely dig out the snowboards and go have some fun wit Jeff! Perfect winter day date :) If you guys are ever out here, I’d be happy to take you skiing- or give you a little lesson if you want to get back on skis. We have the Ikon pass, which gives you a certain number of days at each resort… that way we’re not confined to a single place. It makes the most sense for us based on our location. Most of our local resorts on apart of it. As for the taxidermy, did you see it on IG (that didn’t go over very well, lol)? It’s a vintage gemsbok! Ohh yes- the food in Jackson was great! Really rich, heavy comfort foods that hit the spot during winter. Hope you’re having a fun weekend! xo

  4. Awe Sarah, you and Emmett look like you are both in your element, what an adventure and beautiful way to spend a weekend. Embracing the great outdoors to the fullest with friends celebrating, enjoying yummy food and bourbon too 🥳 Yay! You deserve a splurge my goodness 🥂
    The hotel looks like a lovely spot and Jackson Hole is beautiful. Thanks for sharing so many gorgeous pics. So incredibly scenic, and those pastries 😋 Yum!
    While I never had the nerve to downhill ski, before acquiring our Florida home, we embraced winter as much as possible. However, snow shoeing and wine tasting in the vineyard is more my thing, we used to travel to Ottawa for an outdoor event called Winterlude. We would pack up the car with our daughter, our dogs, pick up our niece and drive 5 hours to spend an extended weekend skating on the Rideau Canal. It was tremendous fun and everyone had a blast, even the dogs. It was viciously cold 🥶 but we would rent a small sleigh, load it up with blankets and put the dogs in while we skated all day. It was supposed to be for children but our pampered pooches loved being pushed around and they felt included on our family weekend. We received many laughs and smiles from people, it was pretty hilarious when I look back at the pics. Haha! So many wonderful memories ❤️ I’m so happy you are enjoying some winter fun and are fully recovered to endure those tough ski hills. Yay! Cheers to that and have a fabulous pizza Friday and weekend ahead 🍕 🍻😎

    1. Thanks, Colleen! We definitely had a fun weekend with our friends… not to mention the awesome food & drinks. It was really wonderful! I hope you’re having a fun time in FL with your people, too. Funny enough- Emmett & I have never been show shoeing, but we have talked about trying to get into it. Is it fun? Winterlude sounds amazing- I want to go! I also loved hearing about the dogs. That would totally be us. Haha! Hope you’re having a lovely weekend! xo

  5. Angela Wright says:

    Such a fun time and LOVED Glorietta! Let’s go again soon?!

    1. SO fun!! Ready for our next mountain adventure! xo

  6. Loved this trip recap! Great waffle tip if I ever ski out there :) I “ski the east”, most commonly in Vermont, and am just making my way onto some blue trails. I tried a few today and am feeling pretty accomplished! I am glad I have gotten into skiing, because it makes winter way more fun and something to look forward to. Like you said, it allows me to enjoy the season we’re in!

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it, Brittany! Way to go on skiing and for venturing onto some blue trails- that’s a big deal! It really does make winter more fun. I just like getting up into the mountains for fresh air and pretty views. If you’re into skiing and winter scenes, Jackson Hole is a must! It’s one of our favorite mountain towns. Hope you’re having a great weekend!

  7. Love this review! And you know I don’t even ski. Cheers with a lovely bourbon. xoxo

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Cheers with bourbon, indeed!! I’m so happy you liked this one :) I’m late on replying because we’ve been in Japan skiing and now I’m playing comment catch up over here. Hope you’re having such a good winter! xo