Summer Travel Essentials

Summer Travel Essentials - roomfortuesday.comI was chatting with Jordan last week about the fun of summer traveling… planned road trips, camping, weekend getaways, and upcoming flights. She’s currently on the east coast celebrating her birthday on the Cape, which admittedly has me fighting the urge to book a flight for myself. Something about this time of year and season puts me in the mood to get away, unplug, and explore. Albeit outside my regular home interior realm, I pull so much inspiration and creativity from traveling. It’s something I’ve always been really passionate about. I thought it may be fun and helpful to share some of my favorite summer travel essentials with you. From my go-to noise cancelling headphones for flights to car organizers for hours spent road tripping, click through to peruse some seriously handy things that make getting to your destination a bit easier and more enjoyable…

Emmett and I are both really into traveling- we always have been. I think our adventurous kindred spirits are one of the things I love most about our relationship. Our goal is to see and enjoy as much of the world as we can during our lifetime, and I’m happy to report- we’ve been fortunate to travel to many amazing places thus far. Along the way, we’ve definitely picked up some good travel hacks, favorite items, and have learned to pack quite efficiently. First up, here are some tried & true flight essentials for time spent in the air on the way to & from your destination…


Summer Travel Essentials -

You can peruse my picks by clicking directly on the thumbnails- or use the links below each collage. 

jewelry organizer // tiny hair dryer // travel curling iron // noise cancelling headphones // packing cubes // airfly bluetooth device // weekender bag // compression socks // leakproof toiletry containers // leather RFID passport wallet // luggage tags // world travel adapter // quart size clear travel bags // portable USB chargers // travel cosmetic brush container // 3-piece luggage set // neck pillow

I’m convinced noise cancelling headphones, my bluetooth AirFly, and my small neck pillow are the key to relaxing long, international flights. I’m not one who can fall asleep easily anywhere- especially when traveling, and these are the trifecta for me. I also live for packing cubes, tiny hair styling tools (like my itsy bitsy hairdryer and curling iron), and leakproof toiletry containers. They haven’t failed me yet!

Another thing I always have on hand, but failed to link… sanitizing wipes. They’re always tucked in my bag. You could probably guess I’m that person who wipes everything down from floor to ceiling on a flight.



Summer Travel Essentials -

navy ball cap // quick dry beach towel // sunnies // monogrammed beach bag // bonine // waterproof beach blanket // dry bags // mini fan // sunscreen // insulated cooler tote // yeti can insulator // crushable sun hat // striped beach chair // texturizing beach hair mist // beach umbrella tent // stanley tumbler // teva flip flops

I never go to the beach, lake, or pool without my sun hat, trusted sunscreen, sunglasses, beach bag, and a water bottle of some sort. Everything else is handy, but optional! I’ve been wearing those flip flops for decades and I’m probably on my fourth pair… I love them that much. They’re comfy, boat friendly, waterproof (and they float, if dropped in the water), and are easy to clean. While I don’t typically get seasick, I always keep Bonine in my bag. We’ve stayed on small boats at sea for up to a week on scuba trips, and if there is even a remote chance you’ll get sick- skip the dramamine and take this (thank me later). It’s non drowsy and it actually works. I do get car sick and this solves that problem, too.

I like to keep it simple if I’m planning a day on the water… easy salty & textural hair tied back, a hat, an oversized coverup, and usually denim shorts of some kind. Beach & boating days are my favorite kind of days.



Summer Travel Essentials -

universal seat organizer // car tissue holder // mesh bag set // culti car freshener // tiny travel umbrella // car bag hooks // seat protector // handheld car vac // car power inverter // hand sanitizer // dog bed seat cover // cup holder grips // stanley tumbler // collapsible car totes // collapsible grocery tote // car trash bin with liner // sleek car trash bin

Who knew there were so many handy vehicle organization hacks? I recently discovered a lot of these products earlier this year on winter ski roadtrips- with four people in my car (and gear), I snagged some of these to make packing & riding easier. They really are game changers for spending hours in the car. From sleek waste bins to dog seat covers, organization totes, vehicle vacuums, sanitizer, and tissues, these things make car travel better. And- not linked, but super handy… a Tuesday Made tote!

The interior of my car is lighter- a cream color, so I like to stick to the tan and beige colored items for a monochromatic look, but the majority of these come in all different colors and are universally sized.



Summer Travel Essentials -

hammock // water bottle // waterproof blanket // solar string lights // camping pillow // travel clothesline // flashlight // folding camp table // folding camp grill // solar charger // yeti roadie // fire starters // yeti can insulator // laundry bag // travel white noise machine // double camp chair // trasharoo // lightweight griddle

After decades of backpacking and tent camping, I do feel like we have a very cushy glamping setup with our newly renovated camper, but these essential items can be used for tent camping, RVs, or travel trailers. Many of these things I take on road trips and flights as well- like the clothesline (we pack light and wash our clothing), white noise machine, and laundry bag. For camping specifically, my two must-have items are our double camp chair and trasharoo!

Camping is one of our favorite hobbies, and I feel so lucky to live in a state (Utah) that is super gorgeous and accommodating for that. We never camp at campsites- we prefer to go off the grid to find quiet, secluded areas, so it’s important to be self sufficient and pack everything we need for ourselves and the dogs.


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Summer Travel Essentials - roomfortuesday.comYou can see all of my travel & adventure archived posts here! I’m going to leave you with some curated Amazon lists that may also prove helpful this season:

Do you have any fun travel plans this summer season? We’ve rebooked our flights home to see family in Kentucky, we’ll be doing lots more camping, and I’ve got a quick trip to California on the books. Aside from that, we’re headed to Thailand later on, and I’ve love to sneak away for a quick weekend getaway to celebrate our anniversary this fall. Regardless of what you have on the calendar, save or pin this post for later- I hope it’s helpful whenever the time comes for you to travel! Happy summer adventuring and exploring, friends. If you have questions about a specific thing or have a travel question, let me know and I’d be happy to share more!

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  1. Good morning! I’m always so inspired by your intrepid spirit! I’ve confidently shared your travel-related recommendations with all my adventurous friends. These roundups certainly reflect comfortable excursion experience, and you’ve covered every possibility! I’m especially loving the road trip finds since that’s the most likely scenario with my travel-ambivalent partner. I confess that we have not perfected vacationing with dogs! Consequently, most of my expeditions are with friends. Travel bestie, her son, and I try to manage one trip per year. We’re excited for our return visit to Maine this summer. (Our first one with a teenager! Gulp.) I’ve already mentioned your tip about Bonine! Fingers crossed it works for my motion-sick pal. I’d like to squeeze in a couple of short road trips this fall…we shall see. Regardless, I know I can always live vicariously through the roving Gibsons! Thailand sounds exciting! Here’s to a productive Wednesday and safe arrival of your visitors. I’m sure you all will pack in tons of fun!💜

    1. Hi Peggi! You have?! Thank you so much for that… you made my day. I do love all the travel organization hacks and feel like I’ve found some cool ones over the years. Road trips and camping with dogs adds a layer of complication, but they have way too much fun when they get to tag along. We had 7(!) dogs at our campsite last weekend and it was so fun. Maine is rapidly approaching- I can’t wait to live vicariously through your trip and photos. Please tell me you’ll share your adventures along the way! We’ve got our teenage nephew on his way to stay with us for a couple weeks and I’m really looking forward to it. I’ll have to report back with some fun things he enjoyed. Bonine is a game changer for motion sickness! I can do boats all day, but struggle with curvy roads in the car. Most of my travel companions are opposite. Hope you’re having a good, sunny day! xo

  2. Good Morning Sarah,
    Lots of great packing info in this post! Wow, you certainly are organized and certainly have travel essentials down to a science. I love that you are such an adventurer and coordinated car travel items to match your car interior, of course ☺️
    You would die laughing if you saw our car packed for the cottage or a drive to Florida. Trying to fit everything into a Toyota Prius is a game of Tetris and honestly Andrew packs everything I just show up 😅 what am I doing (house cleaning) cause I’m obsessed with a clean house upon our return. Ha!
    Your roundup of items for different types of travel is super handy. Sadly, other than car travel I haven’t traveled much in the last 7 years or so. However, we do have a whirlwind trip to New York booked for August and we are totally stoked as we haven’t been to Manhattan since 2016. Flying in for dinner and a broadway show “Funny Girl” staying the night at “Ink48 “ our favorite hotel in Hell’s Kitchen and coming home the next day. Short but super sweet ❤️
    Cheers to a fun summer vacations🥂 sounds like you have lots of amazing adventures planned Sarah! Enjoy!

    1. Hi Colleen! I’ll admit, I love travel gadgets or anything that makes our trips easier and more organized. Ha! I’m envisioning your car stuffed to the brim for your Florida drives! Our friends here in Salt Lake also have a home in Florida and we gave them a bunch of leftover tile. They ended up taking pieces of tile in their carryon luggage bit by bit down to their FL home for their backsplash. It took months, but they finally transported all of it and used it. Haha! You’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do, in terms of packing. Our relationship dynamic is the same… Emmett loves car packing tetris and I just show up (with snacks). It’s kind of nice. I appreciate him for that. I also clean before we leave… nothing is better than coming home to a clean house! So exciting to hear about your New York trip- that will be lovely. Ink48 is really cool- I’ve been there once! Hope you two enjoy the show, eat lots of good food, and have a nice little weekend away! That sounds perfect. Cheers to summer trips, indeed! xo

  3. Good morning! It’s been a busy week over here and I didn’t even realize I missed this post yesterday. I’ve always loved hearing about your adventures with Emmett- the two of you have travel packing down to a science and it’s so beneficial to have a roundup of recommendations that have been tested and approved! I bought the airfly and laundry bag for Jeff as stocking stuffers. He loves the laundry bag! The airfly he says he hasn’t been able to use very often- I guess not all planes have the port it plugs into, but he says it made it easier the few times he’s been able to use it. I finally have our beach necessities dialed in, but Jeff is the kind that wants to grab the entire house for a quick beach day… we still have work to do with that one, ha! I spy a few items for road tripping that might make my life easier. The dog bed looks super handy, especially for protecting my seats from all the hair. I have those foldable crates and love them! Game changer for Costco trips and everything in between. We haven’t done a whole lot of camping in recent years- Jeff earns so many hotel points from work travel that he’d rather stay in a hotel and get a free night or two, haha. On my “must purchase” list for our next camping getaway is the trash bin that attaches to the spare tire- so genius!!! We are having a more spontaneous summer this year because Jeff is all over the place with work. I’m not certain we’ll have an actual vacation, but we will definitely be doing some weekend getaways and beach trips, and hiking near our favorite swimming hole. We missed the swimming hole last year. The wildfires from the year prior required so much water from our nearby lakes (for so much of the summer) that all the back roads were closed and only accessible to the forest service and hot shot teams. This winter we saw an unprecedented amount of snowfall in our major mountain ranges and our lakes are drastically improved from all the melt. We’re crossing our fingers that our swimming hole will be accessible all summer- it’s such a fun hidden spot. Anyway, I’ve digressed… Cheers to fun summer plans! I get a free day today because the kids are hitting a local water park with Nana; I’ll be thrifting and stopping into a few local home decor shops I’ve missed. Thank you for compiling such helpful travel items in one place! I have no doubt I’ll be revisiting these recommendations. Have a wonderful day Sarah! XO

    1. Hi again! It has been the busiest over here, too… I can’t see to find my footing with everything going on. It seems like you’re in the same boat (which makes me feel better, ha)! I feel like living in CA, you’ve gotta have the best beach setup- you probably know more about that category than I do. So interesting about the AirFly! We primarily fly Delta (for points) and I’ve never had a seat that didn’t have the port for it. It just goes into a regular headphone access. Emmett is just like Jeff in the fact that he wants to be prepared for every scenario and it kind of makes packing feel insane. Lol! Then I’m thankful he came prepared when we actually need something. Those collapsible crates definitely come in clutch for Costco runs… we love those! Your spontaneous weekend getaways this summer sound perfect. We’re kind of in the same boat. Lots of camping, swimming, lots of weekend road trips, short travel, and then our big trip will be this fall. Hope you’re having such a good, sunny day Lauren! xo