Travel Journal: My Trip to Spain Visiting Porcelanosa

Last month, I was invited to visit Spain to tour and learn more about Porcelanosa… a stone, tile, and fixture company. They’re a brand I had heard of, but wasn’t very familiar with. To be fair, their presence here in the US is just gaining momentum. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I never want to stop learning- in my profession, in creativity, in life… growth and education always feels important to me. This felt like a really fun opportunity, so I immediately agreed to go and was excited to meet & learn alongside some of the world’s most talented designers & architects. Click through for a journal of my travels, to learn more about an amazing (new-to-me) design brand, for a peek at the hotel I stayed in, and a glimpse into the beautiful city of Valencia… during a special time of year- their Fallas festival.

Travel Journal: My Trip to Spain Visiting Porcelanosa -


Travel Journal: My Trip to Spain Visiting Porcelanosa -

Funny story, I first heard of Porcelanosa when reading about George Clooney’s newly designed home. It’s one of the main material brands used throughout, and as you might imagine- it’s gorgeous. Aside from that tidbit, this trip was a totally new learning opportunity, as I’m always on the hunt for beautiful construction materials, home decor, fixtures, lighting, and textiles to use in our own house.

Travel Journal: My Trip to Spain Visiting Porcelanosa -

There was a LOT of info packed into two full days of touring, so I’ll give you my best snippets, takeaways, and share the products that felt most exciting to me… though they have hundreds- something for every aesthetic or application.

Porcelain (Natural & Realistic Looking) Stone

Travel Journal: My Trip to Spain Visiting Porcelanosa -

For me, the most exciting product was their gigantic porcelain slabs that look identical to marble and other natural stones. Their Xtone materials looked incredibly realistic, are vein matched (so there are no weird repeating elements that give it away), and are much less expensive than natural stones- like the viola marble in my basement bar. This would make a great budget-friendly countertop alternative, and these all looked fabulous in person!

Tile, Wood, & Mosaics

Travel Journal: My Trip to Spain Visiting Porcelanosa -

I was also really impressed with their single tiles and mosaic options… from wood looking tile to brick and natural stones (real marble, limestone, etc)– there were some really classic looking options in their library.

Outdoor Tile Systems

One thing that got me really excited was their outdoor tile system. Having a backyard with drainage issues and multiple levels- their RAFx system offered really smart solutions for tricky exterior spaces and patios. I also noted their oversized outdoor tiles… ideal for covering concrete. I’d love to cover our patio someday, giving it a more stylized look. This showroom definitely had my wheels turning.

Smart Fixtures

Travel Journal: My Trip to Spain Visiting Porcelanosa -

I also asked a hundred questions about their smart toilets. Having just visited Japan (and having Crohn’s), a smart toilet is high on my list for our primary bath renovation someday. We just have an aftermarket bidet and it’s just not the same. Seriously, I could talk toilets all day… heated seats, bidet options, smart features, etc.

Designers & New Friends From the Trip

Travel Journal: My Trip to Spain Visiting Porcelanosa -

Many of us were invited on the trip to see this year’s Porcelanosa showroom exhibition. While there were a lot more of us, but these talented people were in my primary group. It was truly wonderful getting to know everyone. I’ll link their Instagram accounts below, if you’re looking for fresh content and new designers to follow:

Palasiet Thalasso Hotel

Travel Journal: My Trip to Spain Visiting Porcelanosa -

We all stayed at the Palasiet Thalasso Hotel in Castellón, which is a gorgeous location- right on the sea. It had charming character and we ate dinner as a group at the hotel twice, which was delicious each evening.

Valencia & Fallas Festival

Travel Journal: My Trip to Spain Visiting Porcelanosa -

We were lucky to be visiting during Valencia’s Fallas Festival, which is two week celebration of spring. They build huge monuments of wood, cardboard, and paper maché… these monuments (or fallas), consist of figures, many of which are caricatures that portray current events, celebrities, or pop culture. It’s celebrated with daily parades, fireworks, fiestas, and ends with the burning of hundreds of fallas- which apparently signifies the renewal of spring. It was pretty incredible to see! Aside from the excitement of Fallas, of course I also walked around gawking at architecture, and eating along the way.

Travel Journal: My Trip to Spain Visiting Porcelanosa -


Where could you envision Porcelanosa materials in your home?

My top three spaces would be our primary bathroom, future laundry room, or our patio!

How were you selected to go on this trip?

It was a press & design trip, so occasionally- I’ll be asked to visit a brand or manufacturer, to either learn more about it or share along the way. This trip was a learning trip, and no sharing was required- but I always think it’s fun to blog about these things and bring you along!

Was this your first time to Spain?

No, but I haven’t spent much time in Spain and would love to come back for a longer visit!

Travel Journal: My Trip to Spain Visiting Porcelanosa -

While not my typical blog post, I hope you enjoyed a peek behind-the-scenes with this one! I feel very lucky to have been invited on such a fun trip with the most wonderful people. I came home with many new friends from all corners of the world. I was also thrilled to learn more about some really cool design products. Hopefully I can install some of it in our house someday!

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  1. Good morning! You had me at George Clooney. Lol. But seriously, what a fun opportunity! I find in-depth, BTS, factory-type tours kinda fascinating. Although there can be a marketing element, nothing beats learning from a passionate source with niche knowledge. Also, a joyful vernal festival in a glorious oceanside locale? Can do. From the sounds, Porcelanosa carries quite an array of beautiful and interesting products. I especially appreciate an aesthetic perspective that’s not US focused. Broadened horizons, fresh takes, whatnot. I look forward to checking out some new design faces too. BTW, your travel lewks are flawless. My fave image is you twinning with the vertically stacked beige brick curvy causeway. Thanks for sharing! Have a fantastic Wednesday, Sarah!

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Right? Lol! They did have photos of his house on the walls- which I found fun! If there were ever a home to put in your portfolio… ha! Tours are always my favorite. I love a good educational field trip! I definitely came home with broadened horizons and some new creative ideas, for which I’m appreciative. I was eager to pull out some summer clothing for Spain, as we were knee deep in snow at home that week! Thank you :) Hope you’re having an amazing week! xo

  2. Good morning! It looks like you had a fantastic time learning about these products- bonus that you were able to connect with so many other designers from various locales. The products you’ve shared here, look gorgeous. I’m especially intrigued by the outdoor tile system. I’ve never heard of covering concrete in that way, but that seems like a more feasible option than tearing out and pouring new. Does their process for creating these materials differ significantly from what is done here in America? I’m intrigued! How fun that you were able to visit during their spring festival; it looks like you had a fun time. Thank you for sharing the list of designers in your group- I found some fun new follows. Cheers to continued education, new friends, and new products!

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      It was really a fun trip- I’m glad I was able to go! I immediately called Emmett to tell him about the outdoor tile system because he hasn’t been on board with covering our concrete due to drainage in our backyard. We want to see if this is our best option- fingers crossed! Their manufacturing plant was really similar to those I’ve toured here in the states, but I think the big difference I noticed was scale for their porcelain tile that looks like marble. I haven’t been able to find pieces that large (slab size) here, and definitely not multiples that are vein matched (without repeating patterns that give it away as “fake”). I don’t even know if I’d be able to tell the difference between natural stone and their product, so that was really impressive to me. Hope you’re having a good week :)