Touring An Ice Castle

midway-ice-castleSince moving to Utah, we’ve been trying to find extraordinary things to do. It’s really not difficult given all the beautiful state has to offer. Emmett and I spiced up date night and toured an ice castle earlier this week! Some of you commented on my Instagram story and snapchat, requesting details, and I wanted to follow through because this place is pure magic. Click through for gorgeous images and all the deets!


ice-castleLuckily, Midway Ice Castle is only 30 minutes from our house. I tried to time our visit to coordinate with the sunset. I have to say- I did a pretty good job because the sky turned the most beautiful shades of cotton candy! I’ve tried to put the images in order chronically within the post, so you can sort of experience it.

ice-castle-funI don’t even know what’s happening in the above image. We wanted a photo, but clearly we weren’t ready. Either that or I was pretending Emmett was the abominable snowman (er, iceman?)… either way, we look ridiculous. It’s hard to show the scale of this place in photos, so I wanted to pop some people into a few of the images to give you a sense for the size.


travel-ice-castleThe ice castle kind of resembles a maze… there are plenty of tunnels, nooks, crannies, and corridors to explore.

Cue the cotton candy sky!! I wouldn’t lie to you about that sunset. It was so gorgeous, photos don’t really do it justice.

ice-castle-sunsetBelow, I’m not really sure where this kid came from and I can assure you he’s not peeing, but I loved the composition of the photo too much not to share. Speaking of little ones, they even had ice slides and obstacles for kids. If you’re considering making a family day or night of this, it’s definitely well suited for everyone.



ice-castle-and-night-skyAfter the sun went down, the inside of the castle started to glow. This place is engineered with a light show and sound to add to the experience.



multi-colored-ice-castlePretty magical, right? The only thing we thought they were missing was a bar. How cool would it be to sip a hot cocktail and meander around this place?


ice-castle-and-dark-skyAfter wandering through the ice castle for almost an hour, we made a night of it and had dinner with friends in Park City. I’m sort of hoping this becomes a winter tradition, because it was way too much fun!

lit-ice-castleIt’s definitely going to be hard to top this one. Has anyone else visited an ice castle? What are some of your favorite winter adventures or date traditions?

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  1. Very cool! My family and I are going to Park City next month and I’ve been looking for other beautiful places to visit while we’re there. I may have to check this out :)

  2. WOWOWOW! We just got home from a visit to Park City. Wish I would’ve seen this post BEFORE we left. Well, next year! Thanks for the tip, and the jaw-dropping photos!

    1. Definitely next time!! It’s beautiful in person. xo

  3. Allison H says:

    wow!! that is gorgeous!!! if we are ever up north we will definitely have to make a trip here! so neat!

    1. So cool, right?! I would highly suggest. xo

  4. Live Simply by Annie says:

    This is too incredible!! Thanks for sharing girl!

  5. What an ethereal experience, Sarah. Thanks to you and Emmett for sharing this unbelievably beautiful destination (and now annual tradition for you two). Cheers and Happy New Year, Ardith

  6. Beautiful photos, I’m so inspired to create something after seeing them!

  7. Waaaaayy too cool! Thanks for sharing!

  8. amazing! great shots.