Seal Cove Inn At Moss Beach

Seal Cove Inn At Moss Beach - roomfortuesday.comAs promised, I wanted to share some images from our weekend getaway. Our wedding anniversary is actually today, but Emmett & I escaped to the California coast to celebrate over the long holiday weekend. We spent one night in San Francisco at Kelly Wearstler’s Proper Hotel, but I’ve already shared plenty of images from that gorgeous location in this post. While we had delicious food & drinks in the city, the highlight of our weekend was time spent on the coast at a secluded bed & breakfast, called Seal Cove Inn at Moss Beach. The only request I had for our anniversary celebration was weather. It has been a hot, dry summer here in Utah, and I wanted nothing more than cool salty air, fog, a drizzle of rain- anything other than hot sunshine (not the vacation norm, I know). The forecast delivered and it was a lovely weekend! Click through for a peek through my lens… 

Seal Cove Inn At Moss Beach - roomfortuesday.comWe planned our weekend getaway far too late, after learning our anniversary fishing trip to Alaska wasn’t going to work out. It proved to be a challenge to find a place that still had availability, given it was a holiday weekend. I stumbled across Seal Cove Inn a few weeks prior and was pleased to learn they had one accommodation left, so I grabbed it! The location, charming cottage exterior, picturesque views, and excellent reviews felt like a win, so Emmett & I made our way to Moss Beach (next to popular Half Moon Bay). It definitely did not disappoint!

Seal Cove Inn At Moss Beach - roomfortuesday.comI learned during their complementary happy hour (over a glass of local wine), the inn was actually built in the 90’s! I never would’ve guessed. We were those guests who asked a million questions about the home and property. I love learning about history when we travel- especially if it includes design & architecture.

Seal Cove Inn At Moss Beach - roomfortuesday.comI really enjoyed the simple French style finishes throughout. The aesthetic was very clean, neutral, and traditional, which is something I appreciated- especially given the cohesion to the exterior aesthetic.


Seal Cove Inn At Moss Beach - roomfortuesday.comThe rattan wall sconces were a design highlight for me- as well as the giant windows that allowed ample natural light to flood in, capturing idyllic views of the surrounding scenery.

Seal Cove Inn At Moss Beach - roomfortuesday.comThis charming bed & breakfast honestly felt like the setting from a romance novel, ha… the location, the daily wine hour, fresh baked cookies each afternoon, delicious breakfast, all set in a quiet little town nestled up against the coastline and cypress forest. For us, the landscape and weather made us glad we decided to take the celebratory trip, after all!

Seal Cove Inn At Moss Beach - roomfortuesday.comSadly, I didn’t snap any photos of the room we stayed in, but we ended getting the suite because everything else was booked (a happy accident maybe?). I did capture one photo from the space, and that was for my own enjoyment… this vintage work of art. I wanted to remember the frame style! It was so beautifully framed, and was installed in the hallway. Now I’m wishing I would’ve put in the time and effort to take more photographs for the purposes of a blog tour. Although, I think you probably get the gist, after seeing the design in the common areas. Sorry!

Seal Cove Inn At Moss Beach - roomfortuesday.comThe Seal Cove property connects to Fitzgerald Marine Reserve, which is a protected environment and marine sanctuary. It also contains a gorgeous cypress forest, has easy beach access (walkable from the inn), and has plenty of tide pools to explore.

Seal Cove Inn At Moss Beach - roomfortuesday.comThe cove is also ideal for seal watching. It’s a beautiful spot that is open to the public! We hiked and ventured to the beach each day and spent as much time outside as we could, taking in the gorgeous gray weather. It was nice to bust out our boots and jackets. It really has me itching for fall weather, now!

Seal Cove Inn At Moss Beach - roomfortuesday.comThe cypress forest is truly magical… especially in the morning beneath a thick layer of fog. It’s just a few steps away from the inn’s front door.

Seal Cove Inn At Moss Beach - roomfortuesday.comWe used the inn’s complementary cruiser bikes as our transportation (since we flew to CA and didn’t have our car)– which was honestly really fun! We biked to the local distillery, enjoyed the coastal bike trail, and explored the quaint little beach towns- admiring the coastal cottages along the way.

Seal Cove Inn At Moss Beach - roomfortuesday.comSpeaking of the distillery, you know I appreciate a good haunt story, so it was fun to learn that the Moss Beach distillery is actually a historic landmark (it has a unique history during the Prohibition)… and apparently they have a resident ghost. You can read the story here, if you’d like. We didn’t experience The Blue Lady during our quick lunch, haha!

Seal Cove Inn At Moss Beach - roomfortuesday.comFor being just ~30 miles south of San Francisco, I’d definitely visit Seal Cove again! It was easy and quick to get to, but felt like a world away. It was certainly worth escaping the Utah heat and quickly toasting to our wedding anniversary. It’s always nice to get a change of scenery, fresh air, and newfound inspiration- no matter how near or far your travels may take you. I hope you’re all having a great week!

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  1. Good morning! How wonderful that you were able to find such amazing last-minute accommodations! That charming setting truly does seem out of a movie. We swore off bed and breakfasts long ago after the most awkward experience, but I might reconsider for this location. I’m captivated by the cypress forest trail, and I adore the idea of convenient exploring without a car. Although I’m a sun worshipper to my core, misty moody foggy beaches do tug at my heartstrings. (And I’m a teensy bit tired of 90s rn.🥵) Hurray for a perfectly lovely anniversary getaway!
    Speaking of those rattan sconces, recently in an IG story, Jeremiah Brent installed a curvy rattan shade onto a vintage alabaster lamp, and my world was rocked. The juxtaposition was perfection. (Now on the hunt for both a vintage alabaster lamp that I don’t need and a likely impossible-to-find rattan shade.🤣) Here’s to blissful unions and midweek creativity!!💜

    1. Good morning, Peggi! This was actually our first bed & breakfast experience… although, I will say- it felt more like a hotel. Now I’m intrigued and will move forward with future B&B reservations cautiously. Haha! It was fun to walk and bike everywhere, and the location was super gorgeous. Walking distance to the forest, beach, and distillery? What more could we ask for? Haha! I’m with you on the 90’s trends- especially in fashion. Oof. I’m off to search for Jeremiah Brent’s alabaster / rattan lamp combo- that sounds pretty perfect! If I find anything cool, I’ll definitely pass it your way. Have a wonderful day! xo

  2. Happy Anniversary 🥳🍾🥂
    Looks like you had a beautiful celebration! Wow! So happy for you both. The Seal Cove in looks incredibly charming and romantic ❤️ The pics are lovely, thanks for sharing! Have a super terrific day 🌹

    1. Thank you so much, Colleen! We had a great time and certainly enjoyed the cooler weather. It was a gorgeous place to visit! I hope your September is also off to a fantastic start! :) xo

  3. Happy Anniversary!! 🥳🥂 What an idyllic location. I’ve long heard about Seal Cove being a dream getaway spot, and wow!! It looks as dreamy as I’d imagined it to be. Your images of the forest on stories were captivating. I’m happy that you were able to secure such amazing last-minute accommodations, and ecstatic that the cooling trend didn’t disappoint! It looks like the perfect romantic getaway was had.
    I can’t not comment on the stunning exteriors of both locations. Gables get me every time and that feature always intrigues me. The courtyard at the Inn is striking and really exudes quaint garden coastal style. I’m definitely adding this one to my mental list of places to visit. Have a wonderful day Sarah! XO

    1. Thanks, Lauren! It was really a gorgeous spot. Being in CA, you’ll definitely have to visit sometime! The weather was PERFECT. One of the front desk attendants said that other guests were bummed that the weather wasn’t at all sunny or warm over the weekend, and I told her this is exactly the type of weather we were looking for. Haha! The exterior was really the best part of the inn- it’s so charming and inspiring. I hope you’re having an awesome short week, my friend! xox

  4. Ha! Are you sure we’re not related, Sarah?! With the exception of the whole butterfly thing ;-D I’m pretty sure we might be, because that is exactly the type of vacation I’m interested in right now. SO over the sun and heat (more 90’s in Denver this week-ugh) and was sooooo thankful to be able to get away to the mountains this past weekend with family. Winter Park even wasn’t living up to it’s name, but I’ll take 70’s over 90’s anyway-even in the Summer! No rain though and am definitely craving some moody, misty weather which is always in short supply in CO. Why do we always seem to want what we can’t have?! 😆 Bring on alllllll the Fall weather!

    Are you kidding me with those forest photos (especially the one of the light streaming through the trees)?! Perhaps that beautiful print might make an appearance on Tuesday Made sometime soon? Talk about Eye Swoon. The greens in the water, too are 😍

    Happy Anniversary and soooooo happy you and E were able to get away AND that you didn’t take a ton of photos! Hope it was very relaxing for you both. Off to put this stunning and serene spot on my Oh, the Places We’ll Go board! ❤️❤️

    1. Haha!! It’s the best kind of getaway since we’ve been living in a hot drought. Just like Denver, we’re also in the 90’s this week. I think today’s high is 97. Oof. Winter Park 70 degree weather definitely beats the 90s! You’re right though… we always want what we don’t have. Ha! Here’s to hoping winter brings us lots of precipitation this year- we need it. I’m also hoping the fall weather comes soon. The cypress forest was such a gorgeous spot! We loved hiking and walking around the trails, admiring the sunlight beaming through the fog. I wish I would’ve taken my SLR, but we packed light and I just took photos with my phone… otherwise, that would be a beautiful print :) Thanks so much for your well wishes- it was a nice and relaxing anniversary! I hope your September is off to an incredible start, Anne! xox

  5. Julie Marquez says:

    Happy Anniversary! What a beautiful trip to California, and a sweet little spot by the ocean. I’m wow’d by the pictures of the forest with the light streaming through!

    1. Thank you so much, Julie! The cypress forest was really such a magical spot- especially with the fog! Hope you’re having a great week.