A Snowy Christmas Tree Adventure

A Snowy Christmas Tree Adventure - roomfortuesday.comHow was your Thanksgiving weekend? We had a wonderful time in Arizona, but it feels great to be home and settled for the season! Today I wanted to share a fun and snowy Christmas tree adventure with you. Here in Utah, you can purchase a permit to responsibly cut down your own Christmas tree (with environmental regulations, of course). Our good friends always hike out and cut down their tree every holiday season, and this is the first year we’ve been available to join them and help out (Emmett will take any and all opportunities to use his chainsaw)– it was definitely a day to remember! Click through for a photo journal of the snowy state and winter wonderland we call home…

A Snowy Christmas Tree Adventure - roomfortuesday.comWe also took this as an opportunity to grab our annual holiday card photo, which went about as well as you’d expect with dogs who were way too excited to romp in the snow with their buddy. Ha!

A Snowy Christmas Tree Adventure - roomfortuesday.comThis is exactly how 99% of our photos turned out- none of us looking at the camera, far too much laughing, and definitely too much dog wrangling… but hey, that’s a pretty accurate picture of us. It was a fun day! After we grabbed at least one decent photos of us and one of our friends, we put the dogs into their real snowsuits and hiked out in search of a tree.

A Snowy Christmas Tree Adventure - roomfortuesday.comI know the suits look ridiculous, but there is nothing worse (for us or them) than brushing out frozen snow mats. They HATE it and these actually work. Cash was a trooper and bounced over piles of snow that were much taller than him, but he eventually lost one of his booties and requested a lift from Emmett, ha.

A Snowy Christmas Tree Adventure - roomfortuesday.comHis Newfoundland buddy, on the other hand, was made for the snow and was living his happiest life! Do you remember this big guy, Arthur, from the deck makeover I shared?

A Snowy Christmas Tree Adventure - roomfortuesday.comThe landscape was absolutely stunning and certainly put us in the holiday spirit. I’m glad we came equipped with a hot beverage, warm boots, and cozy winter clothing.

A Snowy Christmas Tree Adventure - roomfortuesday.comFinding the right tree was actually pretty difficult… it has to be a certain height, so far off the beaten path, and of a certain species (you also have to cut it a certain way). Our friends live in a beautiful a-frame cabin with tall ceilings that can accommodate the maximum height of 20 feet.

A Snowy Christmas Tree Adventure - roomfortuesday.comThey liked the look of this one, but unfortunately a tape measure test proved it was a bit too tall. After trekking a little longer, they finally landed on the perfect one.

A Snowy Christmas Tree Adventure - roomfortuesday.comThe guys made quick work of it, hauling it through the forest, back to the side of the road. The dogs were pretty much exhausted after an afternoon of hiking- they had so much fun.

A Snowy Christmas Tree Adventure - roomfortuesday.comEmmett was the happiest to participate in this little tree-seeking adventure, so big thanks to our friends for inviting us to come along. Now that we live in suburbia and our landscaping is in a decent place, he hardly ever gets to use his chainsaw. I bought it for him for Christmas over a decade ago when we lived in a more remote location.

Our friends tied the tree down and hauled it home! It was our first time doing this and it felt a little like our own version of Griswold Christmas Vacation- definitely a tradition to keep.

A Snowy Christmas Tree Adventure - roomfortuesday.comEver you ever cut down your own Christmas tree? It was an adventure we really enjoyed (even though it wasn’t our tree). I’ll have to see if I can snap a photo of it all set up and decorated to share with you. It looks beautiful in their home! Do you have any fun holiday traditions planned this month? I love the idea of making a holiday or winter checklist of fun activities to do.

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  1. Good morning! What a beautiful, snowy adventure! I am a nervous winter driver, but I do love a sunny, cold day in the woods. Despite living in heavily forested Maine, we only ever cut our own tree once. My intrepid older sister trudged off in the snow carrying a saw and returned later dragging an enormous, beautiful spruce. Ahem, no permits were involved. It was glorious. As for family photos, how anyone gets two dogs and two humans looking cute and at the camera simultaneously is beyond me! (Especially since I’m usually just trying to take a selfie.🤣🙄) I was thinking of enlisting a friend this year. Truth be told, wrangling my human into a picture is tougher than the dogs. Emmett sure is a good sport! But really, what’s cuter than dogs in snow? Arthur’s frosty face! As a dog mom to two of the shaggiest snow lovers, I recognize the genius of those snow suits and boots! Last year I rigged a long sock situation with moderate success; I’ll send you a pic, so you can have a good laugh. Speaking of snow, we got the lightest dusting last night. I’ve got my mantel decorated and am currently scheming the menu for a little solstice dinner party. (I will definitely set you a place if you’re in the neighborhood!) Your Thanksgiving weekend looks to have been a relaxing success! Cheers to the next leg of this year’s holiday journey!🌲💜

    1. Good morning, Peggi! I love the story about your sister and the spruce- she sounds amazing! We usually just put my camera on the tripod and selfie it with a timer, but this year it was SO much easier to have our friends click the button for us… though the boys were very distracted by their floofy newfie buddy, Arthur, on the other side of the camera. It’s impossible not to love dogs romping in the snow- they had the best day! Your photos of your snow solution made my whole week- that is hilarious (and kind of genius)! Look at you with your snow, decorated mantel, and successful solstice menu… very productive, indeed! Amazing work! I can’t wait to hear all about Thanksgiving :) Have a good week! xox

  2. This looks like so much fun!

    1. SO much fun!! Happy holidays, Monica!

  3. My grandparents, my parents (when they were married), and my dad’s aunt and uncle had a cut-your-own-tree tradition every year. There’s a place near San Diego they used to go, and I can recall hearing many a story. I doubt it was ever this beautiful. I love a snow covered wooded area in winter- it reminds me of all the years skiing with my dad. It looks like everyone had a glorious time- and what a tree! Your photos turned out adorable- my favorite being the one above, where no one is looking at the camera! I love a candid shot like that. Speaking of, it dawned on me over the weekend that it’s been years since we’ve taken a proper family photo. That’s definitely on the winter list. We had an ultra relaxing weekend and I’m ready to hit the ground running with Christmas decorating this week. I can’t wait to set up our tree (and purge the excess decor). The house has been strung with lights and we’re getting into the spirit over here. Cheers to the last few days of November and the ushering in of the next round of holiday festivities!

    1. I love that, Lauren! Thank you. We always set our camera on a tripod, but it was so nice to have friends to help push the button this year, ha. SO much easier! I’m glad you had a relaxing Thanksgiving weekend. I’m also ready to hit the ground running for Christmas things this week. It sounds like you were super productive and your house is all ready! I’m off to pack lots of wonderful Tuesday Made orders :) Have an awesome day! xo

  4. The landscape and snow is breathtaking! What a great time with friends and fur animals to do together! Such a cool opportunity that Utah allows you to go out and find a tree. I have only been to tree farms up North. You all are smart bringing a measuring tape. Would love to see the tree in their home. Crosby and Cash look adorable in their snow suits!
    I just had this conversation with my husband. I asked him if he missed going to the tree farm in Minnesota and cutting down a tree? We both started laughing! Oh, we have a few stories. I miss the smell and feel of real fresh trees.
    There was a store a few miles farther in Cannon Falls called Midwest. We would stop and get an ornament each year. Those are still some of my favorites!
    Glad you had a good Thanksgiving! We did too. Have a great Monday.

    1. It was such a fun day, Danna! Utah has so many wonderful outdoor & adventure opportunities- that’s one of my favorite things about living here. It’s an easy state to love if you’re into the outdoors. I’ll have to see if I can grab a photo of their tree. I haven’t been over to their house since it was totally decorated, but photos I’ve seen look gorgeous! I’ll try to share soon :) I would love to hear your Minnesota tree cutting stories someday :) Ha! I love the story about your Midwest ornaments… those are always the best kind- the ones that have a story or memory associated with them. So special! I’m glad your Thanksgiving was a great one- I hope you’re having a good week so far! xo

  5. Oh my gosh, I’m dying to it decorated, it sounds stunning!! Looks like you all had a blast!

    1. I need to sneak over and grab some photos of it! They did an amazing job decorating :) We definitely had a fun time.

  6. Being from the PNW, a real tree is the only way to go. It’s alway a tree farm trip, or plucked from a kiwanis stand in town, but this year we got a permit and went to the Mt Baker forest lands and hiked around before finding our own perfect tree. It was a fun adventure day and we got the best tree! Those are great Christmas card photos!

    1. I love that, Julie! That sounds like an amazing day. It’s such a fun adventure! Thank you :) Happy holidays!