Ski Vacation


This is one of my all-time favorite ski / winter images. Someday I will own this print and it will live happily in my home (in my dreams). It’s a Slim Aarons photograph, titled “Stowe Mountain”.

I know you’re all totally over snow and cold weather, and will call me crazy- but I’m crossing my fingers for some fresh powder while we’re on vacation. After a few months of working non-stop, I’m tuning out this week! Kalyn and I are headed to Utah to visit friends and ski all day, everyday. For those of you who don’t know me as well, I love skiing. I grew up instructing at a local resort, continued through college, and even got certified in alpine / instructing. Kalyn has always been the cool freeskier. He started teaching me the basics years ago when we were in high school, but I’ve recently really been into riding the park. Cheers to taking a break, re-energizing, making memories with good friends, and doing what you love! Vacation starts now- feel free to follow my adventure on Instagram.

Here’s one last ski image I find inspiring (below). Check out Gray Malin– very cool things happening over there!


See you in a couple weeks!

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