Noteworthy : Sedona Getaway, Links, & Inspiration - roomfortuesday.comLast Thursday I took off and enjoyed a weekend away in Sedona with two of my girlfriends! We rented an Airbnb, did a lot of hiking, and relaxing. It was amazing to unplug and enjoy gorgeous scenery with good friends. Many of you requested a travel guide, but since we were social distancing, we honestly stayed outside hiking and in our rental home the majority of the time. However, I figured it might be helpful to share some snippets of our trip here in this month’s Noteworthy post, for those who were interested? Click through for inspiring links, updates, and for a peek at what we did in Sedona last week… it’s a magical place!

Noteworthy : Sedona Getaway, Links, & Inspiration - roomfortuesday.comFirst, I’ll chat about our wonderful time spent in Sedona. I tucked my phone away to fully unplug (otherwise it distracts me), but I owe my besties a big thank you for taking beautiful photos, seen throughout this post. As I mentioned, our goal was to relax, enjoy nature, and just spend time away from home. Sometimes a change of scenery can be refreshing, and I’m so happy I took the time to get away- with SO much going on, I almost cancelled, but Emmett persuaded me to take some time off. We cooked at our Airbnb most nights, or ordered carryout- but I can say Creekside, Mariposa, and Cucina Rustica had glowing reviews and came highly recommended (we tried carryout at some)… oh- and Sedonuts for breakfast!

Aside from lounging and relaxing in our beautiful rental, we did a lot of hiking and taking in the scenery around us. It’s always good to connect with nature- I feel creatively charged when I’m outside. I would highly recommend the All Trails app, if you enjoy hiking. I’ve been using it since we moved to Utah and it’s still my go-to resource. My favorite hike of the trip was Bells Rock. We hiked to the vortex and spent about an hour meditating. It was incredible! I also enjoyed seeing Chapel of the Holy Cross, pictured below, that was designed by one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s students. I’m a design and architecture nerd, so it was fun to analyze and see this one in person. We were also able to squeeze in a quick trip to Horseshoe Bend since it is on the way from Utah to Arizona.

Noteworthy : Sedona Getaway, Links, & Inspiration - roomfortuesday.comSedona felt like a much needed break and I was surprised to return home to a winter wonderland (we got a LOT of snow while I was away), and a strong desire to deck the halls (which I talked about in yesterday’s post), get creative, put together some fun gift guides, and of course continue working to get our shop up and running (which will hopefully be VERY soon)! I just have a few more items to photograph and upload… we’re so close!

The guest room has been finished for a couple of weeks, I’m just waiting on a few pieces of art to arrive. At this point, with the hustle & bustle of the holiday season, I’m in no rush. We’re not hosting holiday house guests this year and it has taken us this long, so I want to make sure it’s *totally finished* before I bust out my camera to photograph and share. Thanks for being extra patient! I think you’re going to love the end result… also- this is what renovating in “real life” looks like, and sometimes it takes awhile to fully finish a room. I’ve been getting lots of “when is it happening?!” type of messages and I promise you, nobody is more excited than me to style, shoot, and share that space. It’s so beautiful!

My last five purchases (these Noteworthy posts always make me think of what I’m spending money on)

  • christmas tree // You already knew about this one, if you read yesterday’s blog post. I’m excited to fluff that baby and decorate!!
  • velvet ribbon // This is also for holiday decorating.
  • snow boots // These are on super sale right now, and given we have six inches of snow blanketing our lawn, I figured new snow boots was a great idea. This will be my third pair of Sorel brand, and I swear by them.
  • match strike // You know I have way too many matches and match strikes, but this one is my new favorite! It was a total impulse purchase.
  • cardigan sweater // My work from home uniform is usually black leggings, comfy jeans, or joggers… with a basic tee or sweater. I love layering long cardigans in the winter and this one fit the budget. Nice simple style!

Noteworthy : Sedona Getaway, Links, & Inspiration - roomfortuesday.comWe’ve got Thanksgiving on the brain and although it’s just Emmett & I this year, I love styling and setting the table! This article shares lots of inspiring Thanksgiving color palettes, if you’re in need of inspiration.

This article got me thinking about return-on-investment when it comes to homes and renovating. While I’m not in total agreement with those spaces bringing the best ROI, I do wonder (and find it interesting) how the pandemic, staying home, and social distancing will effect “desired spaces” in a home, and what that looks like from an investment point-of-view. I’m guessing spaces that are multi functional, home offices, and other rooms that weren’t high on the list, are probably making their way to the top. I’ve talked about ROI on the blog before, if you’re interested: 10 home updates that actually pay off & add value, and… 10 home updates to skip based on ROI.

I was saddened to hear of French designer, François Catroux’s passing this week. He had such a unique eye for design, and I remembering pulling inspiration from him during my time in design school! This tribute was really nice.

Noteworthy : Sedona Getaway, Links, & Inspiration - roomfortuesday.comHow do we feel about carpet? Eventually, we’ll be replacing all of the existing carpet in our home (or replacing it with other flooring), but the plan is to keep certain areas carpeted- primarily the upstairs bedrooms. Our existing carpet is fine… it’s not ugly and it’s not the worst, but it’s really not holding up well to our dogs. I’m constantly trimming snags and it’s just not very durable. One thing I can definitely recommend- DO NOT use looped carpet if you have pets.

We’re thinking of skipping the pie this Thanksgiving, and want to replace it with CAKE. This sticky toffee pudding cake. I prefer cake to pie. What is your preference? Do you have a go-to Thanksgiving dessert? That is always my favorite part of the meal, haha!

Happy Wednesday, friends! How is your week going? I hope very well! It’s going to be a busy season around here, but I can’t wait to share lots of fun things with you. Coming up, we have: the kitchenette reveal at the office, the Tuesday Made store launch, the guest bedroom reveal, gift guides, my 2020 holiday decor tour, and so many other exciting things. Have a great day!

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  1. Sedona. Sigh. I made some very special memories there a long time ago. I probably wouldn’t recognize the town anymore, but the scenic beauty endures. I’m glad you decided to take some time for yourself! Lots of interesting topics in today’s post (No carpet for me. Can’t wait for all of your exciting reveals!), but let’s get to the important stuff- cake vs pie! BOTH is the obvious answer. That sticky toffee recipe is one of the 638 pins on my cake board, but I haven’t tried it yet. I’ve been wanting to carmelize white chocolate forever! Although cake is my favorite, I do love pie… and tradition. I can’t let November slip by without a pumpkin pie! For our actual festivities though, I may try a pumpkin roll and some sort of deep dish winter fruit pie. (Or a mascarpone tart with roasted grapes? I can’t decide!!) So many great recipes! Cheers to time in the kitchen!💜

    1. Sedona!! Such a magical place. I really didn’t expect to love it so much. It was honestly pretty dead when we were there, which was really nice timing (especially since we were social distancing). I couldn’t believe the landscape- red rocks with green trees and fall colors?! For some reason, I expected it to be like southern Utah or Moab or something, but it was stunning in an entirely different way. Cake AND pie…. you are too wise. Haha! No wonder we’re friends :) Emmett has requested a store-bought or bakery-bought pumpkin pie (I don’t eat pumpkin pie- weird I know), but I’m going to make the cake. I love your idea of making a pumpkin roll! I used to make them with my grandma, and it’s one of my favorite fall treats. They’re fun to make, too! A tart?! A deep dish winter pie?! How do I get an invitation to your Thanksgiving? Hah! That all sounds incredible, and now my stomach is growling. Cheers to fun times ahead in the kitchen- I can’t wait! Happy Wednesday!

  2. Sarah Katherine says:

    This was so lovely! Thank you. A very random question but you mentioned matches and I wondered if you collected matchbooks? I do and I haven’t found a good online resource for them. I usually pick them up on travels or in random boutiques but obviously not doing much of that lately! Just curious. Thank you!!

    1. I’m so happy you enjoyed it, Sarah :) I do collect matches! I collect all types (matchbooks when traveling, pretty boxed matches, match strikes, etc). I enjoy decorating with them and I burn a lot of candles, so they come in handy. I also enjoy finding fun matchbooks during my travels. I haven’t found a good online resource for those, but Etsy might have some fun options! I’d check there or perhaps eBay? Have a great day!

  3. That cake is beautiful! I’d love to hear more about your Thanksgiving menu since it’s just you and Emmett this year. It looks like I’m only going to see my parents on the day, and the actual dinner will just be me and a friend on face time, so even though I LOVE leftovers I’m still struggling with how to scale everything down.

    To answer your question, typically I prefer cake, but there’s just something about pie on Thanksgiving for me. And then pie for breakfast on Black Friday :) Since I’m just cooking for me I’m thinking my cake/pie will be something with cranberries…I love cranberries in desserts but most of my family doesn’t, so it’s sort of rare for me to make something that only a couple of people will enjoy. I’m trying my best to embrace how weird this year is, though, so while I’m not really sure about anything else for this day, I am sure that everything I have will be something that I personally love.

    1. Maybe I’ll share a post on our intimate, at-home Thanksgiving? We’re keeping it classic, casual, and we’re also planning on lots of leftovers! We’re doing our regular traditional food, that we have every year: mashed potatoes & gravy, roasted veggies, stuffing, deviled eggs, rolls, turkey, and a dessert- which I think will be cake this year, because why not?! Haha! I imagine we’ll be cooking all day, since it’s just the two of us. That’s the nice part of being with family & friends- everyone brings a dish and it makes dinner so much easier. I’m also thinking we might cut the recipes in half, but I fully intend to brainstorm some recipe ideas for the leftovers, as I know we’ll be eating it for the entire week. It’s definitely a weird year and I’ll miss our friends & family getting together, but we’re trying to make the most of it!

      I hope you enjoy your delicious cranberry pie!! I love that you’ll be able to have all of your favorite foods. We’ve also planned some FaceTime dates with family, and are trying to find some ideas to start new traditions. Whether it’s watching the parade on TV, going for a morning walk, eating pie for breakfast, or ending the day with a holiday movie- I hope you’re able to enjoy time doing only things that make you happy, Stacy! xox

  4. Lots of goodness in this post! I am craving cake now….can’t resist a good chocolate one and this toffee, butterscotch, caramel one sounds interesting and delish! We prefer a chocolate meringue pie at Thanksgiving. I am not opposed to try any dessert though! Your trip looks so beautiful. Nothing better than time with friends. I too just bought some velvet ribbon on Amazon for our tree and a wreath. Looking forward to seeing your home dressed in holiday decor.
    Have a great Wednesday Sarah!

    1. Me too! Cake for breakfast is my favorite, haha! But really. I have such fond memories of chocolate meringue pie… my grandmother used to make it every Christmas. I love that it is your go-to Thanksgiving dessert. So delicious! I always appreciate quality time with the people I love. It was so wonderful to take time away together. I’m so happy you were able to find some ribbon and a wreath. Happy decorating, Danna :) Have a great day! xo

  5. Oh, my gosh, do you know if Apple will replace keyboards from excessive drool?! Holy crap, that cake looks amazing. If you do end up making it, I’m sure I’m one of many that would love a review. Sedona is a truly special place, isn’t it? We have dear photographer friends there (talk about lucky-she grew up there, too) and it’s been quite a while since we’ve gotten to visit. (We did meet them in Santa Fe a few years ago for my b-day because it was kinda half way for both of us. Another beautiful, magical place if you’ve never been.) The FLW chapel is incredible in person, isn’t it? Did you get to see it at night, by any chance, with the blanket of stars as a backdrop? If not, just another reason to go back! ;-D CANNOT WAIT for all the reveals and everything you have planned coming up. Add me to the list who’d love to see your Thanksgiving table scape, decorations, and FOOD, but also feel free to keep it just to yourselves so you’re not “working” on T-day, too. Welcome home and have fun decorating this week/end, Sarah!

    1. Haha!! Right?! I feel like I definitely need to bake that thing. It looks incredible. I’ll be sure to review. Sedona is just so magical. I can’t describe it any other way! The chapel was very cool (at all hours of the day & night)- that backdrop is everything. I need to make it to Santa Fe… that’s one place I haven’t been. It seems wonderful and I trust your opinion! Have a great night, Anne :)

  6. The articles in this post were all so good! I especially loved seeing the color palettes for Thanksgiving. Turns out my taste is spot on with the trends. Last night O went out for some much needed alone time, and found some cute decor pieces to add to the living room for Thanksgiving. Many of them can double and triple as Christmas decor and year round decor. The colors I chose all turned up in that article! I especially love terra cotta this year, and I’m loving that it’s turning up in so many trends from candles to textiles to art…it makes my heart happy. The ROI article is interesting! Perhaps that’s simply to do with the pandemic, but I feel it in a major way. Since all this started, I too have been trying to slowly renovate our primary bedroom (which is taking forever btw). The photos from your Sedona trip look incredible! I can’t wait to visit there but I’d love to do it post-COVID…if that ever becomes a thing. Thanks for sharing Sarah!

    1. I liked that article, too! It actually got me excited to set the table, even though it will just be the two of us. Ha! I’m glad you were able to sneak in some alone time and shopping. It sounds like you found some amazing things! I’m also loving terra cotta and all of those warm, burnt tones. So pretty! I think everyone is using their home differently this year, and we definitely have a whole new appreciate for home (and how it functions). It’s always interesting to me how that effects design. Sedona was the most fun! I love it there. You definitely have to visit post-covid (that has to happen eventually, right?!). Ugh! I hope you’re having beautiful weather and are having a wonderful week :)