Vacation Scenes : Oregon

Vacation Scenes : Oregon - roomfortuesday.comAt the beginning of 2020, Emmett and I dubbed this “our year of travel” which is so laughable at this point in the year (see all of our goals for the year here, ha). Every single one of our trips were cancelled and while we absolutely love living in Utah, we were beginning to go stir crazy over here. We were in serious need of a break and creative inspiration, so we planned an impromptu road trip to the coast. Click through for some vacation scenes during our time spent in Oregon last week. I’m also sending you a big thank you for still showing up to read my posts last week, even though I was MIA on social media. When we go on vacation, unplugging is so important to me. Lack of cell service helps, but I always wonder if people will be here once I return. I truly appreciate your support! Anywhoo… click through for a fun travel post (and our experience with road tripping during a pandemic). Hopefully this little recap of our vacay will also bring you a calm and inspiring moment.

Vacation Scenes : Oregon - roomfortuesday.comLaurie Anne (my bestie) and her husband ended up joining us- we consider them to be in our “quarantine pod” and it made our trip more enjoyable and affordable going with friends. We packed up our dogs, road tripped to the coast, and camped remotely along the way. It was so nice to escape the Utah heat and dry weather.

Vacation Scenes : Oregon - roomfortuesday.comWe always look for dispersed camping or try to find a good spot on BLM land, because we’re not big on campsites crammed full of people. I’m not the kind of gal who needs running water or a toilet when camping, and it made me feel more comfortable, knowing we weren’t in contact with other people (again, travel during Covid is weird). We also find the best views going off the beaten path! If you’re curious about how we camp, what gear we take, or our philosophy on overlanding, you can check it out here!

Vacation Scenes : Oregon - roomfortuesday.comOnce we arrived at the coast, we primarily stuck to our Airbnb. We made a grocery run, cooked at our home away from home, and got carryout a couple times to supplement (we had to try local food- that’s one of my favorite things about traveling). Upon arriving, I also gave high-touch surfaces a thorough wipe down.

Vacation Scenes : Oregon - roomfortuesday.comI’m not going to lie, it still felt weird traveling because we always like to do as the locals do… sit inside restaurants, hang on a crowded patio watching the locals surf, listen to live music, visit museums, stop along the way for anything that looks intriguing (there were SO many wineries I wanted to try), and it felt strange to not do those “normal vacation things” we typically enjoy. We really just kept to ourselves and the quiet beaches… Laurie Anne snapped the below image of me with her Wire Fox Terrier, Hazel (she’s the same breed as Cash).

Vacation Scenes : Oregon - roomfortuesday.comSpeaking of dogs- the three of them had an absolute blast (evidence below). Laurie Anne also took that gorgeous image… she’s much better at keeping her phone on her than I am. I tend to go into “vacation mode” and put it away altogether. Looking at it instantly reminds me of work and my to-do list.

Vacation Scenes : Oregon - roomfortuesday.comIt had been a few years since Emmett and I had visited the Pacific Northwest and I forgot how into the color palette and moody weather I am. Someone messaged me and joked that we had missed the nice sunny weather, and THIS (drizzly, cool, fog) was the exact weather I was hoping for. It was perfect.

Vacation Scenes : Oregon - roomfortuesday.comI feel like our guest room makeover we’re diving back into this week, will be taking a moody turn thanks to this little getaway. It was already kind of headed in that direction, but I feel really inspired to add some darker elements now.

Vacation Scenes : Oregon - roomfortuesday.comAlthough atypical, the change of scenery (and weather) was exactly what we needed. Emmett and I got plenty of quality time in the car together, brainstorming ideas, planning upcoming projects, and just talking. Those moments are my favorite!

Vacation Scenes : Oregon - roomfortuesday.comWe both agree someday we’d like to purchase a second property or vacation home… it’s a longterm goal we’re saving for that won’t happen anytime soon, but it’s fun to dream about. We brainstormed what that might look like- a beach cottage, a house on the river or a lake, perhaps a horse ranch or farm to get back to our roots, or maybe we sell everything and move abroad someday? Who knows what the future holds, but travel always confirms two things for us: we love where we currently live (coming home is always beautiful), and we love dreaming about houses in other places. Ha!

Vacation Scenes : Oregon - roomfortuesday.comThis trip was good for my soul and now I’m ready to work harder than ever to share some very exciting things with you this fall! I feel like I got my creativity mojo back and feel much more motivated & excited than before our little road trip. Maybe the Utah sun was starting to drain me. Amazing how a change of scenery and time away will do that, right?

Vacation Scenes : Oregon - roomfortuesday.comIt certainly has been a crazy year, but I’m glad we took a week to safely venture out of the bubble we’ve been confined to the majority of the year. Our trip was actually cut short because of all the wildfires here in the West (so sad!), but I’m still thankful for the time we had.

Vacation Scenes : Oregon - roomfortuesday.comQuestions about camping, travel during this weird time, or our trip? Leave them for me in the comment section! Have you taken any vacations or road trips this year? Did any of your planned travel get cancelled? How has travel (or lack of) been for you recently? We have an insane amount of flight credits now. Who knows when we’ll be able to use those. Until then, we’ll be enjoying our home state and welcoming fall here in Utah. After living in sweaters and jackets all week, coming back to 90 degree weather was a rude awakening. Laurie Anne is actually here for one more night, so we’re enjoying our last day with our friends before they head back to Arizona. PS… if you’re interested in more of our past travel posts, you can find those here.

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  1. Sigh. *blood pressure drops despite twinge of envy* The Oregon coast is magical. Although I’m partial to sunnier climes, a drizzly day on the coast beats a day pretty much anywhere else! I bet Laurie Anne will create some stunning paintings! I loved watching the dogs play on the beach; I’m dreaming of our own ocean getaway, so Joe can have the pleasure. (Although, I can only imagine what he’d find to eat.😱) That picture of Cash and Hazel in their booties is precious. Do they stay around camp naturally, or do you confine them somehow? Maybe Joe has a stronger penchant for mischief… I am sorry that you had to cut your trip short, but fire season is no joke. Our air quality right now is hazardous. I’m glad that you got the chance to recharge though! The moody factor has me even more excited for the guest room! Happy Tuesday!💜

    1. Right? The Oregon coast is incredible! Definitely one of my favorite places. You’re just a short drive away :) You should definitely take Joe sometime! Not going to lie- the boys were a complete sandy mess! Haha! They had to get a bath before we put them in the car to come home. They also ate some questionable things (kelp, maybe a crab, who knows… eye roll). The all stick around camp, but our two wear GPS collars in case they take off. It has a 10 mile radius and we can see them on a map if they run. We can also vibrate them to indicate they need to come back, which they’re actually trained pretty well with. Our air quality is also terrible here. The fires are so sad. The DNR asked homeowners to keep domestic animals inside and put out buckets of water for wild animals trying to relocate or pass through. Breaks my heart. Anyway, hope you have a good Tuesday :) xo

  2. It has been a crazy year and your escape to recharge looks fantastic Sarah! The pictures are beautiful and so serene. I have never been to Oregon but some of the pictures remind me of my native home in Newfoundland. Rain, drizzle, and fog are certainly big characteristics but so is it’s beauty. I’m not sure when I will be able to return to visit family but this post certainly put me in the vacation zone 😉
    Never stop dreaming! It takes you places you have never been and gives us that push or desire to reach a little higher. We have been pretty housebound but the pool we had installed this year has put us in vacation mode in the backyard 😛 It’s been amazing! We have been able to share with friends and family in the pandemic circle and it’s been fabulous!
    We recently inherited a cottage in the Quebec Mountains on the lake. It’s quite small and it needs quite a bit of work but we are pretty excited. We plan to vacation there this fall if our business slows down a bit. Cheers to a change of scenery and a well needed break 🥂 Thanks for sharing!

    1. Newfoundland is definitely on my must-visit list someday, Colleen! It seems like a magical place. I really like the rain, drizzle, and fog. Hopefully you’re able to reunite and visit your family again soon. In the meantime- at least you have that gorgeous backyard and pool! Your backyard sounds so dreamy and you installed everything at the PERFECT time. What a wonderful way to spend summertime. I bet it does feel like you’re on vacation at home. I can only dream of having a pool like yours someday :) I can’t wait to hear more about your cottage in the mountains- another dream property of mine. What a fun project! I know you’ll love making memories there as a family. Cheers to a great week! xo

  3. Beautiful photos, Sarah! I hear you on the weather – I’ve lived in Florida most of my life so my ideal forecast is thunderstorms ⛈ Some people do think it’s weird but I find them so calming. I’ve been thinking about a little solo weekend trip, it’s just an hour or two out to the coast for me and I think it would be so good for my mental health. I haven’t been outside of my 10 mile radius home base since February! So great to see you were able to safely get away and recharge 🙂

    1. Thanks Stacy! I LOVE a good thunderstorm and Emmett & I both agree we really miss those and that type of weather after moving to Utah. There is nothing better than sitting on a porch watching a storm roll in. I vote yes to your solo trip to the coast- that sounds so rejuvenating! It was really good for my mental health. We’ve been stuck in our 10 mile radius all year, too… it’s tough. A (safe) change of scenery would be good! :)

  4. That’s great that y’all got to get away Sarah! It actually looks like perfection- remote and cool. I’m all about escaping the heat (I’m in Alabama). I wish my boyfriend would understand the remote part. He keeps suggesting these short getaways (in cities) like we’ll be able to go as usual and have the same experience as always! I only want to go somewhere remote where I can momentarily forget about covid and not be reminded of it at every turn. So frustrating! We do have an escape planned in September to the North Carolina mountains that I’m looking forward to so I can’t complain too much. 😬

    1. Thanks Melissa! It was so nice. I’m from Kentucky, I can relate to the heat and humidity you’re experiencing in Alabama. Here’s to hoping fall arrives soon! It’s so tricky to find a balance in being overly cautious and still go about your day and try to live without anxiety. We’re in the same boat with some friends and family members. Navigating Covid is stressful and divisive (it feels like). Ugh. I’m sorry! At least you have your mountain escape scheduled for September! That will be really nice :)

  5. Jealous jealous jealous!!! I’ve been all over the Oregon Coast and it’s one of my favorite vacations to date. The views look incredible, the weather looks absolutely perfect, and remote camping away from people? YES PLEASE!!! I always love your vacation posts because you two travel much like Jeff and I. How do you know BLM land versus non BLM? Do they have specific maps for that? Have you ever run into a sketchy situation going off the beaten trail to find a camp spot? Jeff is more versed in that than I am because he hunts. I’d love to know more about that so that I’m a little more help in that regard. Laurie Anne takes some pretty amazing photos-my favorite is the one of you Emmett and the dogs. Yes to the moody in the guest room! I love your moody design side, and I can’t wait to see what you come up with! We’re off to a decent start this week; I hope you are too! Enjoy the week ahead Sarah!

    1. It’s so beautiful! Oregon is definitely one of my favorite states. Each time we visit, I brainstorm ways to find a vacation property there. Haha! Yes- we’re all about remote camping. It’s so nice to have your own private spot. I feel like the best part of getting away and being immersed in nature is getting away from people and the bustle of the city. When we camp, we don’t want to see other people. BLM land is always marked, but you can also find it marked on maps (or whatever app you use). Another safe bet is to find a national forest and head down a fire road. All of those “national” areas are fair game for camping. I’m so glad your week is off to a good start! Have a wonderful day :)

  6. Kerri Hansen says:

    Your trip sounds perfect, and it’s so great to get a change of scenery after the last few months of staying at home. We live in Vancouver, Canada but we have a recreational property on a gorgeous lake in Washington State, and we usually spend most of our summer there. Thanks to covid and the borders being closed we were unable to go this summer, but thankfully we rented it out for the year. We ended up exploring some local spots like Whistler and Vancouver Island and that was just what we needed! I keep hearing how beautiful the Oregon Coast is and we have that on our list of places to visit, the Pacific Northwest is really a beautiful spot!

    1. It was really wonderful, Kerri! Your homes in Vancouver and Washington sound incredible- two perfect locations! I’m glad you were able to get your home in the US rented, since you weren’t able to visit (such a bummer). Here’s to hoping we can travel safely again soon! You’ll definitely have to add Oregon to your list :) Have a great day! xo

  7. Hi Sarah, it’s good hearing you all enjoyed your visit to the coast. I’ve lived in Oregon and Washington my whole life so these places hold a big piece of my heart. My outdoors account is @mhlkna (btw)
    Funny thing is we’re going to visit Utah next month, another beautiful place. It will be my 2nd visit and we’ll be camping remotely also. I love following along for all your guys talents but I also always enjoy when you share travel and outdoor adventures!
    If you ever need any suggestions or have any questions about visiting out West I’m happy to help.

    1. Thank you Michele! Following along with you now :) Your photos are gorgeous. I love the Pacific Northwest. It would be a dream to have a home there someday. Enjoy your visit to Utah! Let me know if you need any recs as well. We have SO many beautiful spots to explore, camp, and adventure. Thanks again for being so generous! Have a fun vacation! xo

  8. Ahhh…thanks for the mini vacation, Sarah. It looks like you had a fantastic time and I’m thrilled that you came back relaxed and refreshed. Those are the best vacations, aren’t they? It’s so funny you mentioned locals saying you missed the sun. We went to Portland for my birthday a few years ago and we only had one day of cool, drizzly, moody weather and I was seriously bummed. Everywhere we went, locals were so excited for us to enjoy the sunshine…I didn’t have the heart to tell them that it’s practically sunny every day in CO and the clouds were the only reason we were in Oregon! And, oh my gosh, yes, thunderstorms are THE best and the main thing we miss from back East for sure. Nothing like a cool fall day with a steady rain, wet leaves, thunder and lightening and cozying up around the fireplace. (Side note…I know I’ve said it before, but I’m SO ready for Fall.) Everyday I open the blinds and see the blazing sun, I die a little inside. LOL! I know I shouldn’t complain, because really, I’m complaining about SUN?!!? But, we, like you guys, and CA, really, really need the rain. The fires here are just devastating.😔 Maybe your moody guest room will inspire the rain gods. Ah, one can dream. Either way, I cannot wait to see it!😌

    1. It was really nice! Vacations are the best. I’m still adjusting to the “re-entry” period. Our house guests just hit the road. Isn’t that funny how we always want what we don’t have? We’re the same here in Utah- sunny every day and I truly miss seeing rain, clouds, and fog is basically a dream come true. Ha! Oregon felt PERFECT. I’m in the same boat… every day has felt the same (in terms of weather)- hot, sunny, and dry. I cannot wait for fall, rain, snow, and pretty much anything but the hot summer sun. It sounds crazy to complain about the sun, but I totally get it! Rain would also help with the fires (so sad). Hope you’re having a good week despite the dry heat :) xo

  9. I am SO glad you had the time away in such a gorgeous place although I am sorry that you had to cut it short. I have always dreamed of going to the Oregon coast, so I am living vicariously through yours and Laurie Anne’s photos!

    I remember loving reading your camping post although that is something I know I’ll never do. It’s super cool that you all do that.

    Glad you had a refreshing getaway with Emmett and Laurie Anne and her husband.

    1. Thank you, Kim! We had the best time. It was really nice to get away and enjoy a beautiful change of scenery. Camping has been a fun hobby for us :) I love sharing our adventures. I’m glad you’ve been enjoying them! Hope you’re having a great week. xo