Weekend Adventure : Skiing with Backcountry

Weekend Adventure : Skiing with Backcountry - roomfortuesday.comI hope everyone had a lovely weekend! After a heavy week, I knew we needed to get outside over the weekend to recharge. Whenever I’m feeling anxious or overwhelmed, spending time being active outdoors is always the best remedy to put me in a positive headspace. Today’s post is different than my usual interiors or home decor, but it’s a good one. I wanted to give you a glimpse at some fun we had over the weekend with friends- complete with beautiful snowy Utah scenes. I know we’re all looking forward to spring, but I haven’t been able to ski since my surgery… my doctor finally released me and I was more than ready to slide around on the snow and get back to my favorite winter hobby before the season ends. Emmett & I called up some friends, packed up breakfast items, and took a short drive up the mountain to one of our favorite local resorts for a gorgeous sunrise, fresh air, friend time, and fun in the mountains… a much needed reprieve! Click through to see how we like to spend our winter weekends and for a roundup of my favorite winter gear & apparel on sale for the end of the season- plus I have a discount code for you.

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Weekend Adventure : Skiing with Backcountry - roomfortuesday.comOur preferred weekend winter activity is skiing. Emmett & I started skiing when we were kids and we both worked at a local ski resort during our teenage / high school years. I’m actually a certified ski instructor… although these days the only people I teach are friends & family, but I used to specialize in teaching kids (they’re fun because they’re fearless), as well adaptive or para alpine skiing- which is the most rewarding and incredible experience. These days, we just ski for fun and exercise, but it’s still one of our favorite winter hobbies. On Saturday, we woke up early, packed up our gear, picked up some friends, and headed up the mountain to eat breakfast and catch the sunrise before a day of skiing & snowboarding.

Weekend Adventure : Skiing with Backcountry - roomfortuesday.comTime spent outside with good company… is there anything better? It’s good for the soul! You might actually recognize my friend Angela… her face has popped up here on the blog before. Remember when we gave her deck a makeover (she’s our neighbor)? She’s also my dive buddy! All of my Utah girlfriends are adventurous and I love that we can get outside and have fun together- no matter the season. I’m thankful to have friends who share my love of the outdoors and are always game to recharge with me. Angela & I were on coffee duty for our Saturday ski morning and tailgate, as we waited for the sun to make its way above the mountain range.

Weekend Adventure : Skiing with Backcountry - roomfortuesday.comWhen Backcountry asked if I’d be interested to share some of my favorite gear for their End of Season Sale, I immediately responded with a big YES. While I primarily chat about home & interiors here on the blog, most of you know Emmett & I are outdoor enthusiasts. From camping and hiking to kayaking and fishing, we moved to this gorgeous state because of the landscape and array of outdoor activities. Emmett’s office is actually next door to Backcountry, our favorite outdoor shop, so it’s always our go-to for outdoor clothing, gear, and adventure items. It’s where 99% of our outdoor apparel comes from too, so we have plenty of favorites to share.

Weekend Adventure : Skiing with Backcountry - roomfortuesday.comCoffee was made, we got our gear on, and we started up the charcoal grill for breakfast. If you’re going to catch a winter sunrise and spend a day burning a lot of calories on skis- good breakfast is a must! We do a lot of camping and traveling with these particular friends, so we’ve got cooking down to science at this point, knowing who tackles what. I’m always the one organizing, packing, and unpacking…

Weekend Adventure : Skiing with Backcountry - roomfortuesday.comWe were thankful we made extra coffee (ok, you got me- it’s Irish coffee) because on our so-called “spring” ski day, the temperature dipped to -7 degrees. Brrr!! It was pretty chilly waiting on the sun to pop over the peak. On the cast iron, we cooked up bacon, eggs, and veggies. Our go-to outdoor breakfast is usually a skillet or breakfast burrito of sorts. It’s all about staying warm until the lifts start spinning, and you can’t beat the view or conversation.

Weekend Adventure : Skiing with Backcountry - roomfortuesday.comMy favorite winter looks are the ones that are easily layered, can transition from season-to-season, and clothing that functions really well. On Saturday it was all about keeping warm given the low temps. I always bundle up and shed layers throughout the day as needed. I figured I might as well make the most of my cozy North Face fleece, down jacket, and wool base layers because winter will be coming to a close soon and I won’t wear them much longer this season.

Weekend Adventure : Skiing with Backcountry - roomfortuesday.comHere’s the thing about investing in quality outdoor clothing, gear, and equipment… it takes time to acquire everything you need, but we build our collection slowly for the long haul (kind of like renovating our house). We tend to buy items we need when they’re on sale, knowing they’ll last for years to come. If you also love being active outside, I wanted to share some winter favorites for women. Now is the time to grab those essentials for less… even if you’re storing them away for next winter (depending on where you live). You can shop Backcountry’s End of Season Sale now– today is the last day for up to 50% off, and I have a code for you. Use code TUESDAY15 for 15% off your first order! I’ll drop my winter apparel & gear picks for you below. Even if you don’t ski- most of these are perfect for keeping warm during colder months.

Weekend Adventure : Skiing with Backcountry - roomfortuesday.comClick directly on my finds to be redirected to the source, or use the numbered links below the collage to shop…

01: down mittens // 02: wool socks // 03: beanie // 04: long hooded jacket // 05: camp coffee mug // 06: polarized sunglasses // 07: cozy leggings // 08: yeti tote // 09: puffy travel blanket // 10: fall line mitten // 11: vantage helmet // 12: cast iron set // 13: lumberjack grill // 14: yeti tundra // 15: merino fleece // 16: patagonia jacket // 17: stanley thermos // 18: insulated ski jacket // 19: smith goggles // 20: merino long sleeve // 21: north face pullover // 22: sorel snow boots // 23: k2 ski boots // 24: backcountry duffel // 25: brae snow pant // 26: base layer bottoms // 27: insulated snow pant

The first thing to get cold is always my fingers and toes… my favorite down mittens (#1) have been a game changer. I also pretty much live in my North Face fleece (#21) year round- it’s great for fall, winter, and even chilly summer evenings. It’s a great basic for layering! Another essential? The Backcountry duffel bag (#24)… Emmett & I each have one and use them to corral our outdoor gear- ski clothing, scuba gear, camping items, sports equipment, etc. Let me know if you have any specific gear or clothing questions. Like I said- I’ve built my collection over the years and own most of these, so I’m happy to help make suggestions or share feedback.

Weekend Adventure : Skiing with Backcountry - roomfortuesday.comWe ended up having a beautiful bluebird ski day, which was exactly what I feel like we all needed! From the breathtaking views to breaking a sweat exercising, I’m so thankful I was able to get back on my skis and make memories with friends. I really missed this during my recovery. It felt good to pick up where I left off.

Weekend Adventure : Skiing with Backcountry - roomfortuesday.comAs winter comes to an end and spring is just around the corner, I’ve been making a conscious effort to plan a few more cold weather activities and get outside more often. For me, it’s the best way to boost my mental health and creativity. Here in Utah, we have at least a month (probably more) of cold winter temps & snow… we definitely need the precipitation here in the West, so no complaints here. I’m making the most of my warm cozy winter clothing and am going to take in as many of those snowy landscapes before we switch gears to spring outdoor adventures. How are you spending the end of the season? Does being active outside also boost your mood? What adventures do you have planned for the year ahead? What are the best outdoor activities in your state? I’d love to hear in the comment section below!

Weekend Adventure : Skiing with Backcountry - roomfortuesday.comBackcountry has all of the apparel & accessories you need if you’re looking for quality clothing & gear… don’t forget to use my code, TUESDAY15 for 15% off your first purchase at Backcountry.com (exclusions apply). I hope you enjoyed this post and a peek into our weekend… it’s not often I’m in front of the camera, but Emmett was our photographer for the day. Consider this a reminder to be kind to yourself, get outside, breathe in some fresh air, move your body, and surround yourself with people who make you smile. Get outside and find your backcountry- wherever that may be. Let’s make the most of late winter and early spring, shall we? Guess what’s tentatively on the calendar for later this week or Monday (depending on how quickly I can edit photos)? My office reveal! Be sure to check back for that, and thanks for reading! I hope everyone has a good week.

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  1. Good afternoon! What a beautiful day you had! I have never been a skier, but those views almost make it look tempting! Sledding was more my speed! As a kid, I also enjoyed skating and occasional snowmobiling or ice fishing adventures with my brother; I distinctly remember a day on the ice with a windchill of 75 below.😱 Though it can be stunning, winter isn’t my season. My favorite outdoor activity is hiking. You can really take in the scenery, stop to inspect interesting plants, and still carry on a conversation! I definitely find time outside to be vital for my mood and general quality of life, honestly. Thanks to our pups, I’m at the park for an hour every day…although they probably do most of the running. We’re planning a couple of afternoons at the hot springs before the weather gets too warm…does that count as an outdoor activity?🤣 I’m also scheming ways to do more SUP this summer. One time was enough to get me hooked! Regardless of the activity, proper gear is key! Those cozy leggings and wool socks would be very welcome at the dog park. Thanks for sharing your weekend! Here’s to fresh air and fine friends!💜

    1. Hi Peggi! It was such a gorgeous day and I was glad to be back on my skis post surgery. There is a fun sledding hill nearby! I’m envious you grew up skating and ice fishing. I’m not that great at ice skating, but I’m slowly improving. I would LOVE to ice fish. One of our friends offered to take us and we need to take him up on it. Windchill of negative 75!!! Omg- I wouldn’t make it. Haha! Winter is definitely tough if hiking is your favorite. Have you ever tried snowshoeing? I wish we had a dog park nearby. Our boys are lucky if they get a quick walk or winter hike each day. Have such a fabulous time at the hot springs- I love a good hot spring adventure! We definitely count that as a winter outdoor activity :) I also want to try SUP this summer. I’ve only done it a couple times- we mostly stick to kayaking, but that would be a far better workout. Here’s to fresh air and friends… it was much needed this week. xo

  2. Beautiful views! You look adorable! So happy to see you are recovering well. Glad you got out and skied before the winter season is over. Yes, getting outside, exercising, sweating, etc is good for mental health and the soul. Your ski pants, coat and mittens look warm and cozy! I am checking out the Lumberjack over the Fire Grill. We could use one of these out at our property. We have a huge fire pit that was roughly made with rocks that we have been burning brush. I think a night out there; cooking a meal will be fun and enjoyable.
    If you have any recipes to share using a cast iron skillet, I would appreciate them. Hope your week is off to a good start.

    1. Thank you so much, Danna! It was a much needed weekend of fun and friend time. I’m thankful to be back on my skis post surgery. We’re planning to go a few more times before winter comes to a close :) Spring skiing is always my favorite when the weather is fair. Ha! So cool that you have a huge fire pit from brush burning- you should definitely do some outdoor cooking. We love it! That would make such a fun date night. We joke that we eat better when we go camping than we do at home. We make all sorts of delicious things… chili is a go to in the dutch oven over the fire, gumbo, we love making kabobs and skewers, we also do a lot of bowls (coconut rice, chicken, veggies, etc), walking tacos, baked potatoes with beef or chicken, now I’m getting hungry. Haha! Let me know if any of those sound good and I can send over a detailed recipe :) We usually just kind of wing it! I hope you’re having a good week! xo

  3. Thank you for all the ideas…I too am hungry! Curious, what is walking tacos? A couples night out there sounds just like what we need. A friend of mine told me about an app that we started using when outside and now I cannot stop using it. It’s Sky Tonight. You put your phone up in the sky and it tells you what stars, constellations, planets etc you are seeing. Appreciate your suggestions. Now to read up on todays post!

    1. I’m hungry, too! Haha! Walking tacos are totally a midwest thing, but they’re so easy & delicious (but definitely not healthy). Here is a recipe: https://www.savoryexperiments.com/walking-taco/ We like them with Doritos instead of Fritos. I’m sure you could use healthier chips for the crunch, too! I just downloaded Sky Tonight! So cool! Thank you for sharing :)

      1. My husband and son would love these ‘walking tacos’! They both love frito pies! Thanks for sharing!

        1. They’re so good! Let me know what they think :)