Laundry Room : One Room Challenge – Week 4

Laundry Room : One Room Challenge – Week 4 - roomfortuesday.comWe are speeding right along in the One Room Challenge– I just hope we’re moving fast enough to get the space totally finished, as we’re running out of precious time. There have been BIG changes since last week though… check out cabinetry(!), tile(!), countertops(!), and more progress from Week #4! Click through for the full update…

In case you missed the first three weeks, don’t worry! Catch up here: Week 1 (before images and the design plan) // Week 2 (demo, subfloor, plumbing, electrical, designing the dog crate) // Week 3 (drywall, floor tile, rug selection)

I gave a bunch of it away in the intro, but let’s rewind… the first thing you’ll notice is the cabinetry (at least I hope). That’s the biggest change from my previous update. The custom cabinets are installed, the dog crate is in, and the room looks more spacious and functional that it ever has! I’m beyond excited with the layout and floor plan- it makes SO much more sense than the previous closet and floating shelf.

Laundry Room : One Room Challenge – Week 4 - roomfortuesday.comIt’s looking a lot better, right? This week gave me a glimmer of hope that I might actually be able to do laundry in here again someday. Something about cabinetry installation really gets me going- it’s that point in the process where the vision is finally coming to life.

Laundry Room : One Room Challenge – Week 4 - roomfortuesday.comIn order to use every square inch of the space, we did have to shift the laundry units over about a foot. That doesn’t seem like a big deal, but we had to move the dryer vent- which ended up being a bit of an ordeal. See the nice new electrical & plumbing exposed in the image above? If you follow along on Instagram, you might’ve watched Emmett drilling into the side of our house to add a new exhaust. He rented this super enormous tool and is now begging me to buy one after using it. His argument was this, “How many homes do you think we’ll renovate? I’m not even 30 and I’ve already rented this sucker three times; I’m planning to do a lot of renovating”… well played man, well played. Maybe that can be a Christmas gift. Haha!

Laundry Room : One Room Challenge – Week 4 - roomfortuesday.comThe final result turned out really nice and is certainly more functional in regards to the laundry room. Shifting the units (even if only 12 inches) gave us that much more cabinetry space.

Laundry Room : One Room Challenge – Week 4 - roomfortuesday.comIf you’re wondering where the old hole went… we ended up hiring a mason to patch it. That saved a lot of time and now we won’t have to worry about the exterior looking shabby on account of the newly renovated interior. Matching and patching 60 year old brick and mortar wasn’t a project either of us wanted to take on. Especially since our backyard is looking so nice- that was the last thing we wanted to chance messing up. Hey, you gotta know when to hire or DIY! Check out the before and after below- he did a fantastic job.

Laundry Room : One Room Challenge – Week 4 - roomfortuesday.comMeanwhile, back inside… You’ll also notice a couple other big additions: the gorgeous soapstone countertop and marble mosaic backsplash tile. I’m not going to zoom in just yet and give those pretty details away! I’ll talk about them in depth during the reveal.

Laundry Room : One Room Challenge – Week 4 - roomfortuesday.comI did finish some pet-related items on my to-do list this week. Again, check out Instagram (saved to my highlights) for the real-time DIY, but I transformed ugly (yet functional) dog storage containers.

Laundry Room : One Room Challenge – Week 4 - roomfortuesday.comThey slide perfectly into the bottom section of the cabinet and will eventually have cute little labels marking which food belongs to which dog (to make it easier for pet sitters). I designed the labels and am having them cut out of vinyl… hopefully I can get those applied next week. I like those little details! On a side note… did you guys know my first job was at a sign shop? I’ve applied a LOT of vinyl graphics to things over the years. That’s actually where I first started practicing graphic design wayyyy back in high school.

Laundry Room : One Room Challenge – Week 4 - roomfortuesday.comBack to the details, I’m having a custom dog bed / crate mat upholstered for the bottom of the built-in crate. I selected two super durable Sunbrella (outdoor rated) fabrics… the darker one is for the boxed cushion body and the lighter one will be for the contrast welt or piped edge.

Basically, it will be a washable, outdoor-rated slipcover that fits over a memory foam pad for the pups. Of course I want to make sure they’re comfortable in the new crate! They don’t spend a ton of time in there anyway (because I work from my home office), but I can rest easy knowing they have a soft pad to lay on when they do.

Laundry Room : One Room Challenge – Week 4 - roomfortuesday.comWell that’s it… another week, another update. The ORC is slowly draining the life from us, but it will be worth it to have a totally finished space in a short period of time. To see the other guest designer spaces in the challenge… click the logo below:

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  1. Tee at Beauteeful Living says:

    What a luxury to have nice cabinets in the laundry room! This is looking awesome, Sarah! Can’t wait to see the big reveal soon. Good luck with this upcoming week’s progress!

    1. Thanks Tee! I’m definitely excited to have closed storage.

  2. Love how you’ve transformed this space into something so multi-functional! We have the same set of Samsung machines and had them initially stacked, until I found that I was too short to see the top options on the dial. Needless to say, instead of buying a stool so I could see better, we ended up putting our machines side by side instead. *insert monkey covering its eyes emoji*

    1. Thanks, Isabel! We had the same units (just in a different color) in our previous house and those sat side-by-side on pedestals. Luckily, I’m taller so I can see the dial options on the top unit, but a stool would probably make it easier… good idea! xox

  3. Carol@BlueskyatHome says:

    Sarah, What a smart use of space. You will be so happy in the end that you moved the vent. That extra storage will come in so much and increase the efficiency and value of the space.

    1. Thank you, Carol! I definitely think it makes the laundry room much more functional having the extra counter and cabinet space. xo

  4. Ashley - The Gold Hive says:

    That is going to be the most luxe dog crate around! I love that you’re putting so much attention and care to a spot for your furry family members. <3

    1. Anything for the fur babies. Haha!! xox

  5. Really like how your laundry room looks and the increased functionality you’re building into it. Especially love the floor and the dog crates.

    I do have a logistical question regarding plumbing access when you have stacked washer/dryer units. I’m used to leaning over my washer and turning the water on/off as needed. For example, if we vacation, we turn off the water. Or if there is a leak, we can turn off the water quickly. What do you do about plumbing access in the case of the (lovely!) stacked units?

    1. Thank you, Ann! We have a water main shut off that we typically use, or there is another access point right underneath. We typically don’t turn off the water while leaving for vacation, but in the instance that we need to- we have the option for that :)

  6. Wow that looks amazing!! I am not going to tell my pups about, they would be super jealous of that doggie condo you have set up, lol!! Looking forward to next week…I can’t believe we only have two weeks left…Eeeeeek!!

    1. Haha!! Thank you Susanne! I know… only two weeks- time is flying. Good luck to you as well!

  7. Vineta @ The Handyman's Daughter says:

    Wow, it’s turning out amazing! I love a space that’s both functional and beautiful!

    1. Thanks so much, Vineta! xo

  8. Love the colors and all that extra storage! Wowzers. How awesome! Also sending kudos to the brick patcher. What a great job! Please come and renovate my laundry room. :-) ~~ Susie from The Chelsea Project

    1. Haha! Thank you, Susie!

  9. Alison Allen @ Deuce Cities Henhouse says:

    Those cabinets are looking good, and that dog crate is something else – in a great way, such thoughtful design :)

  10. My husband was complaining the other day and saying he hopes I don’t participate in another ORC for a couple of years… hehe. This room is looking amazing and your pets are VERY lucky!

    1. Hahah!! It is a ton of work. This is my second one in a row. I must be crazy. Thanks so much, Mila! xo

  11. Love seeing the progress. I wonder how you like the functionality of the stacked washer and dryer? I’m pretty short so I’m thinking that it’s not an option for me as much as I would like to do so.

    1. Thanks Leslie! I’m average height and it doesn’t give me any trouble. I can see the controls and reach everything perfectly fine. It’s definitely worth it for us to have them stacked… it’s a space saver that allowed for the dog crate. Maybe a step stool would be helpful if you ever decide to stack yours? xo

  12. It looks sooo good! I still can’t get over how gorgeous that floor tile is and the backsplash is so cool. Great job! Can’t wait to see the final reveal :)

    1. Thank you so much, Casey!!

  13. Keki Cannon says:

    it looks like this is coming along perfectly. I love it!!! I can’t wait to see the finished result.

  14. Jessica | Petal + Ply says:

    Looking SO good!!

  15. Your laundry room is coming along well! Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks so much, Marci!

  16. Brittany Goldwyn says:

    Love the back splash. This is looking great!

    1. Thank you, Brittany! I’m excited to see it grouted and finished. xox

  17. The crate area is genius and I love the care and detail you are giving to the whole area. Your mason is brilliant and did an amazing job! Can’t wait to see the countertops upclose!

    1. Thank you so much, Joy!!