No Makeup Home Tour

No Makeup Home Tour -

I’m still not quite sure how I ended up in this ‘real life’ home tour amongst amazingly talented bloggers (I sort of feel like the little lady who doesn’t belong, ha)… but I’m honored to be in the mix and share something raw, realistic, and DIFFERENT. Kyla, my pal (and the brains behind House of Hipsters), started this tour to give readers an accurate depiction of what design bloggers’ homes actually look like on the day-to-day. It’s pretty brilliant! Let’s face it- most of our typical shots, insta-worthy images, and posts are styled to the nines and we don’t show the mess that’s happening behind the scenes. I’m excited for you to step into my entire home (even the unfinished rooms), as well as the other participants, and take a look at what real life actually looks like. Click through for my “no makeup” home tour…

I’ll start by saying, I try to keep things pretty real on social media (at least on my personal account) and share plenty of behind-the-scenes content, so some of this won’t come as a surprise to you if you already follow along. To those who don’t… you’re in for a hilarious treat- just wait until you see my office and the hallway.

I have to admit, I’m usually a neat and tidy clean freak with a spotless house, but living amongst a renovation has certainly cramped my cleaning style. At some point in the past 6 months, I sort of just gave up. Emmett is also the kind of dude that I’m constantly picking up after. Socks, clothing, shoes all over the place, dishes (mostly of the coffee cup / spoon variety)– not to mention the hair. I love him to death, but homeboy is hairy. The amount of times I wipe up hair in the bathroom is usually multiple times a day- typically of the beard shaving variety. I digress.

Alright… here is what my house ACTUALLY looks like, as of yesterday (because that’s when I shot everything). Hold onto your butts. Any Jurassic Park / Samuel L. Jackson fans out there catch that reference? We’re starting at the front entry…

No Makeup Home Tour -

The front door is in pretty great shape because we just resprayed it. It’s looking glossy and perfect once again. From the front door, you walk directly into the living room. We don’t have a formal entry or mudroom through the front entrance. Usually you can find one of Emmett’s hats or flannel shirts hanging on the entryway hook, as well as one or two pairs of shoes on the mat. We temporarily swapped out our pretty vintage doormat back to the old one until the kitchen renovation is totally done- as we’re tracking things in and out while using the tile saw.

No Makeup Home Tour -

I try to keep the living room pretty tidy because we spend a ton of time in there. You will notice throws on the arms of the sofa- that’s because of the dogs. They’ve recently charmed their way further into our hearts and now we allow them up to snuggle. Who can say no to those cute faces? Maybe it’s time I rethink that white slipcover? Ha! Just kidding, I still love it and pulling out a throw isn’t a big deal. Well worth it for those puppy snugs.

No Makeup Home Tour -

Something I NEVER ever show is the dog bed tucked away in the corner. Normally when I shoot the living room, I add a side table in it’s place… but in real life- there is always an orthopedic kuranda bed for our big guy, Finn.

No Makeup Home Tour -

From the living room, we’re going to venture through the edge of the kitchen and into the hallway. Here’s where things get REALLY real. We haven’t touched the hallway, ok? Our hope is to add a garage and move the hot water heater and furnace into that space someday, opening up the section behind the “ugly doors”. We’d either leave it open and add a piece of furniture, like a bench, or install built-ins. Either way, that’s why half of the hallway doors have been replaced and others have not…. we’re kind of waiting on the garage. We’ll see how long we can live with it.

No Makeup Home Tour -

We also have a weird curtain situation covering the hall closet (check that out here)– very reminiscent of something I had rigged up in college. Something else we’ll get to eventually. Pretty gnarly, right? I don’t even know what’s happening in this hallway… just SO many bad, bad things.

We currently don’t have air conditioning- I know, I know… it’s a travesty because we live in HOT Utah, but I’m happy to announce that we chucked out $10k to finally get a/c this week. There goes the garage for another year, haha! But really- that’s what’s happening behind the ugly doors: a/c, furnace, and the water heater. I don’t even need to show you those things.

No Makeup Home Tour -

At the end of the hallway is our master bedroom. It usually stays pretty clean and tidy. I try to keep the totally finished spaces well kept and organized. Living in a small house, that’s really the only way to do it.

No Makeup Home Tour -

I actually just updated the bedding and will be sharing more of this space next week! Not much in this room has changed since the reveal last summer.

No Makeup Home Tour -

Often times we’ll find Johnny Cash snoozing on the bed- which is definitely not allowed…. but again, who can say no to that cute face? Argh.

No Makeup Home Tour -

This is my side of the bed and my nightstand. It holds my books, chargers, and other pretty things that are meaningful to me. I like to collect rocks from hikes and they usually get tossed in the bowl.

No Makeup Home Tour -

We have high hopes of adding an en suite bathroom to this space someday. We’re hoping once we’re ready to add a garage, we can do it all at the same time. Until then, we both have small organized closets…. well mine is organized (it still looks almost identical to this), his WAS organized. I neatly arranged it for him once the closet system was installed and it looked like this for about two months before it all went to hell. Here’s the current situation:

No Makeup Home Tour -

Want a big, giant dose of reality? Step into my office. It’s the other room (aside from the hallway) that we haven’t touched. Well, technically we replaced the windows, doors, and added a closet system, but it’s definitely still looking really scary. This is the unpleasant space I work in every single day. With a little luck, this will be the next room we renovate (for my sanity). Until then, I keep the door closed and forbid visitors from entering this room. It’s pretty embarrassing and messy right now.

No Makeup Home Tour -

Turning back into the hallway, the next room is the guest room. This space typically looks perfect because the door stays shut (to keep the dogs out), and we’ll open it back up when guests are staying over. Occasionally we’ll store things in here or I’ll hang the laundry to dry, but it stays pretty pristine since we keep the door closed.

No Makeup Home Tour -

The dining chairs are currently hanging out in here because we’re still renovating the kitchen and eat-in breakfast area. Hopefully they can be moved to their permanent spot sooner rather than later because we have guests scheduled for a week long visit in less than a month.

No Makeup Home Tour -

No Makeup Home Tour -

Next door to the guest room is our one and only bathroom. This space also stays really clean and tidy… again- it’s a necessity, being our only bath. Everything is usually tucked away in it’s designated place, but as I previously mentioned- hair is the biggest issue in here. I’m constantly wiping the sink and rinsing the tub since I have a hairy husband, bless his soul.

No Makeup Home Tour -

I’m embarrassed to tell you this next thing. The other “eyesore” in the space is my turbie twist that hangs over my bath robe on the back of the door. I have been using these ‘as seen on tv’ (HAHA, seriously) hair towels since college and can’t quit!! Why they don’t make white ones is beyond me. The cotton ones come in aqua, purple, pink, and yellow (eye roll), and it’s so bright and ugly on the backside of the door. I usually throw it in the hamper if I know people are coming over because it’s stands out in a bad, bad way… but you’re getting REAL LIFE today, so here it is.

No Makeup Home Tour -

No Makeup Home Tour -

From the bathroom, we’re back into the hallway that looks into the kitchen. I’m not going to give away too much of our kitchen because we’re on the home stretch and I’m revealing that next month (yay!!!!). I will say- we’re definitely still living amongst a construction zone as we wrap up tile, lighting, and paint. Here’s the current view into our breakfast nook… not the prettiest at the moment. There’s still a hole in the ceiling where the chandelier and ceiling medallion will go.

No Makeup Home Tour -

The cardboard template is for our custom dining table. The existing table will look NOTHING like it does now- we’re hacking it up and making a custom wood one. Anyway, this is the chaotic mess we’re currently dealing with in the kitchen.

No Makeup Home Tour -

The laundry room is attached to the kitchen and dining area, and this room is also looking pretty great since we just finished it. This is obviously the space where dog things happen, in addition to laundry.

No Makeup Home Tour -

No Makeup Home Tour -

The back door leads to our carport, which looks pretty fantastic right now because I just shot it yesterday and that quick makeover will be on the blog tomorrow… so definitely check back for that! I have to say- I’m more smitten with it than I thought I would be.

No Makeup Home Tour -

I don’t want to give too much of it away… but here’s a tiny sneak peek of what you can expect to see in the carport / outdoor dining space reveal…

No Makeup Home Tour -

The carport is connected to the backyard that we overhauled last summer. Here’s a bird’s-eye view of about half of our yard. We have a good sized lot and the dogs love romping around out here.

No Makeup Home Tour -

I seriously have a million backyard DIY projects we tackled if you feeling like searching through the exterior archives. We added a paver patio, privacy fence, pergola, custom concrete sectional, landscaping (and sod), and a bunch of other things. Basically our backyard got a TON of love last summer and we finally get to enjoy it this season! I’ll be sharing a backyard update soon.

No Makeup Home Tour -

That pretty much concludes my “no makeup” home tour. What did you guys think? Did the unfinished spaces surprise you? I’m an all or nothing kind of gal… I won’t touch a space until we’re ready to do the whole shebang! Therefore, we live with the ugly, existing rooms until it’s their time. Does anyone else have that mentality?

Our house is pretty small, so that’s every single square foot I have to share. We’ve been here for almost two years (in September) and I feel like we’ve accomplished a lot. There’s obviously still plenty to do, but we’re getting there and we’re making memories along the way. Click here to tour the house BEFORE we started renovating! Interested in touring more of the finished spaces? Click here. If you’re wondering about sources and product links, click here to shop the house.

Also- be sure to check out the other amazing design bloggers participating in the No Makeup Home Tour! I’m linking them below…

No Makeup Home Tour -

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  1. Well, I think you look pretty great without make up! Those are some sparkling clean floors for mid-reno. I will say that your creative genius deserves an office upgrade! Honestly though, your home exemplifies beautiful design on a human scale. Authentic and awesome. (Is this sounding diminutive? That’s not my intention…)

    1. Thanks so much, Peggi! I am dreaming of the day we can tackle the office. I can’t believe it will most likely be the last room in the house to get renovated… that seems wrong! I’m not sure what we were thinking. As for the floors, luckily- this post came at the perfect time (they’re not always that shiny): … basically a new cleaning toy means I’m mopping / vacuuming more often. Ha! xox

  2. Cathy | the Grit and Polish says:

    I love this tour! Thanks for sharing your home in it’s less-refined state. Although your home is really beautiful, even without the makeup!

    1. Thank you, Cathy! It has been fun to see what everyone lives like on the day-to-day! xx

  3. ashley@biggerthanthethreeofus says:

    The more I see your house… the more I love it. I seriously adore your style.

    1. Best compliment ever, Ashley (especially amongst the mess)!! Thank you so much! xo

  4. Loved this! I definitely share your all or nothing mentality! (I think it’s because I’m kinda lazy too so if I can’t make it look awesome.. what’s the point in touching it at all? ha!) Another thing we have in common is the hairy husband situation – I so feel you on the constant wiping down of beard hairs. haha.

    1. So. Much. Hair!! I’m glad someone else can relate. Ha! So happy you enjoyed the real life tour, Jamie :) xo

  5. I love that you shared your “no make-up” house! We have those spaces in our house too, that we have kinda sorta but not really finished. All in good time.

    And the hairy husband who leaves clothing and beard trimmings around is VERY relatable. I feel your pain, sister.

    1. Ha! It’s a good thing we love our husbands, Emily! Alllll of the hair and clothing… I’m wondering if someday they’ll catch on someday? lol!

  6. Sarah – I just love following your reno and I know first hand what a labor of love it is, and how it never feels done. Your backyard makeover still floors me, and I love how you share so many of your finds with followers too. Thanks for keeping it REAL – xo!

    1. Right back at ya, girlfriend! I love following your renovation and it’s fun to watch your home evolve. Thanks so much for the sweet compliments!! Hopefully see you soon! xox

  7. Kyla @HouseOfHipsters says:

    AHHHHH! I’m having backyard envy! Woah! So your home is flippin’ gorgeous my dear! I too love the hair turbans and thank gawd I’m not the only one with a boring hallway.

    1. I DO love our backyard… you’re welcome to come visit anytime, and I’ll have a pitcher of margaritas ready & waiting! Thanks so much for creating this genius home tour and including me! xx

  8. I think you are much too hard on yourself…even the spaces that aren’t done look pretty dang good! Also, I use a turbie twist! Mine is grey, I usually hide it underneath the towels on the hook. If that’s the only thing weird poking out in your bathroom, I think you’re good…it’s real life, man!

    1. Thank you, Zoe!! Alright… it’s settled- I’m buying a grey turbie twist right now. Ha! Sometimes I hide it, but it’s just more convenient to toss it on the hook. xox

  9. Kim @ Yellow Brick Home says:

    I just love your home. Sigh.

    1. I love YOUR home(s), so we’re even :) xo

  10. Erica Reitman says:

    I’m obsessed with that Arteriors chandelier…have always wanted it, but it’s kinda bigger than our whole house! Also obsessed with Johnny Cash :) Thanks for this fab insider-y look into your home! xx

    1. Thanks so much, Erica! I’m thinking the chandelier might be a little too large for our dining space, but I don’t care- I’ve loved it forever and had to make it happen. Ha! Thanks for the sweet words :) xox

  11. I recently upgraded my hair/shower tools and got an Aquis towel/turban and a Shhhowercap brand shower cap! My fiance thought it was silly, but having nice-to-look-at things really does upgrade my quality of life :)

    p.s. your bedside table is SOOO much better organized than mine.

    1. Alright, thank YOU for introducing me to that brand… I’m totally buying one. They look way better and I agree with you, it does upgrade quality of life. Ha! xo

  12. your ‘no makeup home’ is my ‘clean home’ dream . ha! I really want you to do your hallway. I have a whole hallway of those slab doors with curved frames and no idea what the heck to do with them!

    1. Thanks, Sue! That makes me feel better about showing everything. We’ve replaced 3 of the hallway doors because the existing slab doors. That’s our plan for the remaining… trade them out altogether. I’ll definitely share the process and renovation once we get to that space.

  13. I got a white turby towel on Amazon.

    1. I’ll have to check there. I can’t stand the feel of microfiber, so I only buy the 100% cotton ones- maybe that’s what is making it more challenging to find a normal color. ha! xo

        1. WHERE has this link been all my life?! haha! Thank you, thank you, thank you! … and goodbye purple towel. xo

  14. Thanks for keeping it real, Sarah! My office rivals yours… Cory took it over as his closet since we lost ours in the reno process and it’s a constant struggle to climb over his clothes to make it to my desk chair ha, so you definitely shouldn’t be too embarassed over it!

    1. I’m glad I’m not alone in this! Ha! We’ll both eventually have beautiful offices… someday. Until then, I’m enjoying the laundry room and I bet you’re loving showering in that GORGEOUS bathroom. xo

  15. Emelia Pitlick says:

    My MIL gave me a blue and white turbie twist and I LOVE them! Looks like another reader found a link to a white one for you. :) My home office looks similar- it’s funny that I spend a ton of time in my office and yet it’s the last room on my to-do list.

    1. They really are the most convenient towels for hair. I’m definitely going to order a couple white ones. What were we thinking? We should’ve tackled the office first. Ha! Oh well… xox

  16. Stephanie says:

    It looks beautiful! The dog is the best part though, of course ;)

    1. Naturally :) All dogs are welcome in our backyard / carport / house. ha! Obviously, I’m a dog lover. xo

  17. Beautiful home! I was laughing at the hair towel, because I have the same problem so I hang it UNDER my robe and always carefully arrange my robe to cover all of it… something I never realized I did until I read this post ha!

    1. Yes!!! I ended up buying some white ones after readers told me they existed, haha! xo

  18. Ideal Flatmate says:

    This is an amazing idea Sarah, and even with “no filter” your home looks gorgeous – love your straightforward palette, and of course the doggos are the must-haves. Very brave to go light/monochrome with pups in the house but you make it work!

  19. Thank You for sharing!!!! Quick question….. do you like your York sofa/sectional? I am considering a purchase and am curious as to how well this is holds up… Also what is the name of the fabric on your sofa?
    Thanks again!

  20. THANK YOU for your honesty and humbleness. First step: do not apologize! Plus, the fact that you “shot” this and that room is still very different than us regular folk and most of your areas still look better than real life in our life any day. But, I will say this, as it has been said many times before: be thankful for today’s messes as you will be sorely missing them when they are gone. Whether it was done by your mate, family member, pets, etc. We have been empty nesters for a number of years and very recently lost our beloved pet. Oh how I wish we would have her around still to do “this” and “that.” So to all that say I want the house spic and span everyday – just a reminder!!

    1. Thanks, Jennifer! I’m so sorry to hear about the passing of your furry family member or pet. That is the worst. Since this post (which was 4 years ago), we’ve lost one of our dogs… I do love looking back on our “mess” and reality back them. Definitely moments to treasure! Thanks for the perspective. Hope you have a wonderful weekend :)