Our Finished Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom RevealAfter waiting and waiting, the last items arrived for the master bedroom, and I’m excited to FINALLY share the finished space. Brace yourself for a monster post, because I couldn’t stop myself from taking tons of images. This space went from one of the worst rooms in the house, to arguably the best. I used to hate falling asleep here at night looking up at ugly yellowed walls, to anticipating crawling into bed in this beautiful room. Click through for the entire reveal! 

In typical home makeover fashion, I’ll give you a few before and after images! We refinished the floors, added contrast mouldings, replaced the doors and windows, and replaced / installed new light fixtures.


Gallery Wall in BedroomThe before images actually make it look much better than it was in reality. I pulled the images directly from the listing and I’m pretty sure they were doctored.

Master Bedroom BEFORE

Master BedroomUpon walking into the room, I wanted to emphasize the new millwork. I found and installed this charming vintage oil painting from the 30’s in the panel moulding and it’s perfectly suited for the space and palette.

Art in Panel MouldingHere’s a view from the opposing side. I totally lucked out finding this vintage runner from Woven in Vintage (a go-to Etsy shop). I couldn’t have custom designed a better colored rug for this space. Typically I design around the textiles, choosing paint and picking a palette from within. This time around, the process was reversed. I knew the color palette I wanted and I had to source a rug that worked. It’s definitely more difficult! Somehow the stars aligned and here she is… my new favorite rug!

Runner in Bedroom

Turkish RugWe added sconces on each side of the bed and they’re now one of those fixtures I wonder how I ever lived without. These babies seriously move in a million ways. The shades tilt up and down, as well as side-to-side, and the hinge arm can also be easily adjusted.

Bedside Table and Sconce

Nightstand ObjectsIf you’ve been following along, you probably remember my nightstand makeover. They’re holding up nicely and are really the perfect size for this space. Everything in this room tells a story… the objects on my nightstand included. Emmett dug up the mid century bowl in the backyard of our Ohio home and I’ve been filling it with Utah finds ever since unpacking it. Anytime we go on a hike or exploring, I try to find a cool rock or geode to bring back home.

Navy Nightstand

Peonies on NightstandYou might notice a few things from our previous bedroom. Emmett requested the sheepskin rug on his side of the bed. Apparently, he had grown accustomed to his feet hitting that thing every morning and now there’s no turning back. Ha! We also kept our bed. It’s one of those objects we could never part with. I custom designed the leather upholstered bed and it’s still the most expensive piece of furniture we own- I still love it just as much as I did the day it was delivered.

Custom Leather Bed

Linen BeddingWe did switch out the bedding after moving. This time around we opted for a linen duvet. Even though I’m an avid bed maker, I really love the wrinkled, relaxed, and inviting look of linen. It’s super soft and cozy!

Chic BedroomI’m also obsessed with the accent pillow! It was an awesome find from Coveted Home (they seriously have the BEST stuff). The orange tones in the kuba cloth work perfectly with the cognac colored leather upholstered bed. After seeing it everywhere, I’m sort of over the black and white mudcloth textiles… warm kuba cloth is a better, unique option these days.

Kuba Cloth PillowI definitely need to touch on the art because I’ve been getting a TON of questions about it. If you follow along on Insta stories, you probably watched me putting these together. It was actually a really inexpensive and fun solution for a gallery wall!

Grid Gallery Wall

Since I’ve been getting lots of amazing questions, look for a post devoted solely to the art and how to compose and install a grid gallery wall later this week!

Vintage Ski ArtworkLastly, I have to tell you about the window treatments. You guys already know this home lends itself to roman shades because of the odd shaped windows and their placement in the room. In the bedroom, I wanted something neutral and timeless- yet graphic. It’s amazing what an inset contrast border will do to a window. If you’re on a budget, this is an inexpensive addition that will make your shades look like you paid way more than you actually did. These tiny stylistic details really make a space come to life.

Roman Shade

Roman Shade with Inset BorderIf you noticed the lack of plants (which is SO unlike me) in this room, you’re not mistaken. Since this is a small master bedroom, there isn’t really a ton of excess space. We use every bit of the traffic path, and the last thing I would want to do is add something that obstructs it. I do sometimes float this hoya plant in and out of the room when it needs a break from too much light in the living room.

Would you believe me if I told you this plant is actually over 30+ years old?! It totally is. My sister gave me a start of it and all of my siblings also have them. Mine is probably the smallest of everyones, but it was her grandmother’s plant. They are so beautiful and resilient, but I love it even more because of the special meaning. You can literally watch this thing move toward the light like some sort of Avatar phenomenon.

Hoya PlantAlright guys… I’m sure you’re probably sick of scrolling (if you haven’t given up already). Since this post is already super long… I thought I would break the ‘Get the Look’ into a separate post, so look for that one tomorrow! Also check back in on Thursday for the grid gallery wall post.

French Doors and Turkish RugIn the rare chance that you want more… you can see the closets behind the french doors here and here. Otherwise, please please please let me know what you think. I love reading your comments!

*This post is brought to you in collaboration with brands I use and love: House of Troy, Woven in Vintage, Metrie, Sherwin-Williams, and Coveted Home. All content, ideas, and words are my own. Thank you for supporting the sponsors that allow us to create unique content while featuring products we actually use and trust! 

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  1. One of the things I love most about your blog is that you are decorating in a smaller sized house rather than a large, track style home. These smaller houses are lived in by many of us and sometimes the decorating of large homes just isn’t as relevant to us. I love what you are doing with this small home and can’t wait to try some of your ideas in my own home. It reminds me that I don’t need a large home to get more style out of my spaces. Thanks so much Sarah!

    1. Thank you so much, Linda! That’s exactly it. I actually like living in a smaller home (and within our means). It gives us a little wiggle room in the budget to travel and have experiences as well. You really don’t have to compromise style or design because of the size of your home! Thanks so much for reading- I really appreciate it. xo

  2. It looks great. So soothing and I would love that bed forever also. I didn’t realize until this post that the rug I loved in the teaser photos wasn’t full size. What an economical and great idea for a small room!

    1. Thank you so much, Lauren! Yeah, I couldn’t find a larger scaled rug for the space that was the right color palette. I fell in love with that runner and couldn’t get it out of my mind, so I just went for it! I really don’t mind the size and it’s pretty perfect for the budget. Thanks for reading! xo

  3. BTW, what is the paint color of the closet doors and molding?

    1. It is Gray Screen by Sherwin Williams. I’ll share all of the resources and color info in tomorrow’s ‘Get the Look’ post.

  4. Looks great Sarah. You must feel so relaxed lying in bed now that it is all complete.

    1. Thank you, Holly! It’s a complete change going to bed every night- that’s for sure. xoxoxo

  5. Leah Prevost says:

    I’m in LOVE with that rug! And his shop has such great prices! Some of the trendy vintage rug shops prices are outrageous. I doubt your bed will ever go out of style. Cognac leather is a favorite of mine too. And I’m loving the vintage ski prints in the frames. I hope you’re getting a better nights sleep now that your room is an oasis😍

    1. Exactly! The markup on those Turkish rugs is bonkers sometimes. His shop is pretty fantastic and he keeps things really affordable. Thanks so much for the nice compliments Leah- I really appreciate them!! xoxo

  6. Becky @ Daly Digs says:

    Love it! So serene. The pillow is on point! Love mudcloth in those colors. Also, that rug! Ahhh!

    1. Thanks so much Becky!! xox

  7. It turned out Gorgeous!! What did your thoughts end up being on the linen duvet? I saw it in your instagram stories that you maybe had mixed feelings? I bought a linen duvet from target that I was expecting to be a similar color to yours, but it ended up being too dark so I’m considering this one instead! I love the perfect light gray color!

    1. Thanks so much, Marie! I ended up keeping it and we’ve had it for about a month now. I have to say, my plan was to sew ties into each edge to keep the duvet in place and I haven’t got around to it yet. It surprisingly stays put pretty well. For the price, you can’t beat the material… quality, soft, washed linen! All of that to say, I love it. Hope this helps! xoxo

      1. Wonderful thank you so much! This really helps. I think I will give em a shot. They’re so similar to the beautiful Parachute ones in light gray but 1/4 of the price WOOHOO!

        1. No problem! It really is a steal. I got mine on sale (not sure if it’s still going on) for $99 -king size. That is crazy for washed linen!! Let me know what you think.

  8. I love the runner at just the end of the bed! I’ve been having such a hard time with a rug for our room. It’s a small 1940s room and an 8×10 fits well but makes it feel cramped. Totally stealing this idea to help the room stay airy and bright!

    1. I actually think it works better than a full size rug (and it’s MUCH less expensive). You’re totally right- when you have a small room and not a lot of walking space, a runner definitely feels appropriate. Thanks, Steph! xo

  9. By far my favorite room you have done to date! The bed/pillow combo totally make the entire space. And the rug. Ugh, I can’t choose! Makes me want to redo my master entirely, sigh. Love it!

    1. Thank you so much!! That is the best compliment. You made my morning!! xoxo

  10. Will you include info on the baseboards and doors? Yours look amazing and are just the look I am going for in my current remodeling project.

    1. I had planned to do a totally separate post on mouldings and doors once our renovation progresses! All of the trim is from Metrie, and the french doors are special order from Home Depot. I’ll definitely break it down and share details soon! xox

  11. kddomingue says:

    Thanks for the link to the duvet cover! How did I not know this store existed? I really like the accent border on your roman shades….the devil is in the details. They look great!

  12. So beautiful! The house we’re buying is a 1300 square foot 1960s rancher, and I’ve been a little lost scouring Pinterest for ideas because most of the designs are in enormous, lavish homes. It’s so helpful and refreshing to see something beautiful and small. Your house is so inspiring!

    1. Thank you, Claire! I really really appreciate that! I honestly love our small house- it’s perfect for us during this stage of life. Good look with your new home- that’s so exciting! xo

  13. Allison H says:

    Where are your hangers from? I would love to clean out all of my mis-matched ones for something like you have!

      1. Allison H says:

        Awesome thank you! i have been looking for some quality hangers with good reviews.

  14. Lindsey P Amery says:

    Love the look of the colored trim! Can’t really tell in pictures – did you paint the window itself and mullions?

  15. Absolutely love this room. Sophisticated, calming and cozy!

    Where is the little side table with the plant on it from?

  16. Handy Squad says:

    Room looks so much brighter and larger! I find this makeover really amazing transformation! Thank you for sharing.

  17. Katie Baumgart says:

    This is SUCH a gorgeous room – i am seriously in love with your contrast moulding!

    1. Thank you so much Katie! xo

  18. Your leather bed is amazing! I know you said it was custom. Who/where did you get it made from?