The Final Hall Closet

Hallway ClosetI’m so excited to share the fifth(!) and final closet reveal in our home…. the hall closet. We’ve been knocking out one closet per month and I can’t believe how helpful these units have been. Click through for the last bit of insight and for a glimpse at the items we keep in the hallway…

This closet is really sort of the “overflow” closet. It’s so close in proximity to the master closets, Emmett and I have both started filling it with our out-of-season items. It has also turned into a place for our gear- like camping equipment, our tent, hiking packs, and sleeping bags. I guess you could call it the catch all of closets.

Camping Gear in ClosetThis closet was tricky for a couple different reasons. First, it used to contain an access panel for the hot water heater, so we had to do some patching because part of the closet was drywall and the other part was literally particle board stapled to the wall. It made zero sense. Secondly, figuring out doors for this space was sort of an issue. I don’t love french doors in a hallway because they take up a lot of space and feel claustrophobic when open. Honestly, we’re still waiting on the doors to arrive, but this closet is definitely intended to serve as closed, out-of-sight storage in the hallway.

The Final Closet RevealAfter posting my closet, everyone wanted to know where the shoes live! I honestly don’t have a ton of a shoes… weird, I know. I’m probably the only lady on the planet who doesn’t have a shoe infatuation. Since this closet is literally right off the master (look for that room reveal next week), the remainder of my shoes are a couple feet away in the hallway closet.

Designing a Custom ClosetIt’s hard to believe I designed this closet last September and it’s finally reality! I always print these handy little renderings for Emmett before he begins the installation process. After installing the first closet system, he doesn’t even need to read the instructions anymore. He simply looks at my PDF and makes it happen.

ClosetMaid Design

Custom Closet SystemDid you notice anything different in the digram compared to the actual closet system? I made him remove the lower shelf so I would have a place to store my tall rain boots- something I didn’t think of initially. That’s the beauty of these systems- you can design it and then switch things around during install if you need to. The components are really quite flexible.

The Last Closet MakeoverAfter five closets, I’ve learned a lot about our house, our stuff, and how I organize. In the end, I am SO stoked about our new closets… check out my top 3 favorite features below:

I have to give a huge thanks to my friends at ClosetMaid for agreeing to do this series with me- I’ve truly had the best time getting organized. If you want to see all the closets, find them at the links below:

Guest Room // Office // Master (His) // Master (Hers) // Hallway

One last question… which closet did YOU guys like best? I’d love to read your comments below! For those of you who might be tired of seeing closets and organization posts, I swear, there are no more in our home to makeover. Ha! Thanks for following along- y’all are the best!

Hall Closet*This post is brought to you in collaboration with ClosetMaid. I am a brand ambassador and receive free product in exchange for media. All content, ideas, and words are my own. Thank you for supporting the sponsors that allow us to create unique content while featuring products we actually use and enjoy!

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  1. My gosh you’re living the capsule wardrobe to the fullest. …I’ve been waiting for this reveal since the bedroom closets (is that weird? I LOVE CLOSETS, OK!?) You wrote then that your off-season clothes will be stored in this hall closet, and I thought “Sure, one third in the bedroom, the hallway closet holds the other two-thirds… makes sense.” IMAGINE MY SURPRISE – THIS IS YOUR OVERFLOW?! Sorry about the capslock, I’m just amazed. You make it look so simple and clean and easy…. teach me.

    1. Haha!!! I love you, Naomi. lol! I seriously haven’t shopped for myself in about 2 years. That’s probably the major problem. Between being super busy and not being in the shape that I “want” to be in right now… I just can’t bring myself to go on a shopping spree. I definitely buy things here and there every once in awhile, but these days I’m all about being minimal! I honestly couldn’t believe we had empty drawers in the guest room and hallway after finishing all 5 closets. Crazy!! #smallhouseprobs xoxoxoxo

  2. I’m curious about the half wall in the closet. Did you design it like that or is that just a quirk you had to design around? Still shocked and amazed at how organized your clothes and how minimal… definitely a goal I am working towards. How do you handle the dirty clothes/laundry basket issue? When I had a walk in closet I liked to hide it in there…. I am working with similarly small closets and a small master and hate having the hamper pretending to be decor in my room haha

    1. The weird half wall was a weird quirk I had to design around. On the other side of that lives our hot water heater. Eventually, we’d like to add on and move that along with the furnace to a garage… but until then, they take up a good portion of the hallway and jut into the backside of the closet. I seriously don’t know what has happened to me over the years… I seriously rotate 5-10 outfits- not even joking. It’s so much easier deciding what to wear.

      The laundry hamper is definitely an issue. At first I had a couple laundry “drawers” in my closet and that wasn’t working well, so I got our big hamper back out. I have to confess, the “closets” I mentioned with the hot water heater & furniture… the basket shoved is in between the two for the time being. Once those two things get relocated, I’ll definitely make a spot for the hampers. Thanks for following along!! xoxo

  3. Ooh, I love them all! They are all so appropriately functional! I love the spot for a suitcase in the guest closet especially. The office closet is my fave, I think, just because of those shelves. Also, I’m hooked on those door knobs you chose. So pretty!

    1. Thanks so much, Alex!! I have to agree with you… the office, closely followed by the guest room. You’d figure I’d like my own closet best. Ha! xo

  4. What is the link to the closets for you and your husbands room?