How BISSELL Changed The Way I Clean With Dogs

It’s safe to say, at this point (especially if you’re a longtime reader)– everyone knows I’m a clean freak AND a dog lover. Those two things don’t exactly go hand-in-hand because pets tend to make a mess of your house- no matter how well behaved they are. From shedding, fur balls floating around, to the occasional accident, having a dog means additional cleaning and upkeep when it comes to your home. Obviously I have TWO dogs and like every other pet owner, I spend a ton of time picking up after them and cleaning to mitigate their effect on our home. My worst fear is that someone walks through our front door and automatically knows, “they have pets”. My ideal scenario is that a guest be totally surprised when they turn the corner to discover we have two (very adorable) dogs without knowing it beforehand, based on the hair they see or the odor they smell. I discovered a new product that makes cleaning up after the boys SO much easier and faster (and I’m not just saying that). Click through to learn about my new favorite tool in my cleaning closet, specifically designed for homes with pets.

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Meet the new BISSELL CrossWave® Pet Pro… aka, my new favorite. It vacuums and washes at the same time, eliminating an extra step when cleaning the floors. Honestly, I have a lot of favorite things about this product, but I’m most impressed that it can switch from our hardwood floors, to my vintage area rugs, to the tile in our kitchen and laundry room with just the click of a button. Smart touch controls make it easy to switch between cleaning sealed hard floors and area rugs- or switch from surface to surface.

Gone are the days of me forking over lots of cash to have our precious area rugs professionally cleaned once a year. It only took me one use (and a container full of GROSS dirt / dog hair water) to know that this is a far better option. CrossWave was designed for cleaning up after pets and includes features like the Multi-Surface Pet Brush Roll, which collects hair without getting tangled- making it more effective and easier to empty.

After doing every single area rug in our home, as well as the hardwoods and tile, I was a bit worried to clean and empty the vacuum. Luckily, it was far easier than I expected and although it was extremely gross, a strainer in the dirty water tank separated and trapped the pet hair for easy emptying. Honestly, I had no idea just how much pet hair had accumulated or worked it’s way into our area rugs. Both of our dogs are “non-shedding” or “hypoallergenic” as they like to call them, and let’s just say- I was amazed.

If you’re easily grossed out… scroll past the next image, because EW! There is nasty dirt water, dog hair, grass, and who knows what else floating around in that thing. I’m a little embarrassed, to be honest.

I can vacuum and wash our area rugs more regularly now and rest assured they are actually clean. I used to vacuum and beat them, but I felt like they weren’t getting as clean as I would like, and the dog smell still lingered. CrossWave Pet Pro has a specialized cleaning formula that is really concentrated- not only does it smell amazing, but it removes tracked in dirt, mud, paw prints, hair, and other messy things that penetrate into the floor.

Once I was finished cleaning, it actually smelled fresh- the rugs specifically, have never smelled this great… not even after I pick them up from the professionals. I attribute that to this magic stuff. You mix a little bit into the warm water before vacuuming and washing.

Emmett also wanted in on the action to see why I was freaking out over my new vacuum. Ha! I let him take it for a test spin and he was also really impressed (and equally grossed out at what it was picking up). You can definitely tell from the below image, how it shined and cleaned our hardwoods. See the spot in the bottom left that he had yet to do? It looks dull and dusty in comparison.

My last test was the tile… we have equal amounts of hardwood and tile in our house, so I wanted to make sure this would also do the job on a surface that included grout lines before sharing it with you guys. I shouldn’t have been surprised, but it worked like a charm. Our laundry room is back to being dirty, even though I just shot it for the One Room Challenge last week. We’re in the process of tiling our kitchen backsplash and have been walking in and out of the back door hundreds of times each day. We’re tracking in mud, grass, and mortar dust, so the water from the tiled area was probably the nastiest of all.

I’ll wrap things up by saying this… in addition to working really great, CrossWave Pet Pro is one I’d recommend because it’s a brand I can actually get behind. BISSELL helps pets. Period. Have you ever heard of BISSELL Pet Foundation? You can check it out here, but for every CrossWave Pet Pro purchased and then activated on, they donate $10 to the foundation to help our furry friends. They’ve saved over 136,000 animals and have helped fund over 53,000 spays and neuters. That is a HUGE deal and even though I’m already a super fan of their latest pet product, I also care about a company’s values- they’re certainly one I feel good supporting.

You know I feel about pets. Our dogs really live the dream and rule the house… they both lounge while we clean up after them, and I think I’ve decided I’m perfectly ok with that.

Let me know if you have any questions about CrossWave Pet Pro… I’m happy to answer them in the comments below.

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  1. Are your area rugs wool?

    1. They are! All of my rugs are vintage.

  2. Where has this been all my life?!? Or at least my life with 2 dogs :)

    I love the idea of actually being able to clean area rugs easily/without taking them to be cleaned because no matter how many times I vacuum I know there is still nasty dirt left behind. Does it leave your rugs feeling damp at all?

    1. I know, Allie!! I was seriously amazed. I didn’t have to go through the trouble of moving all the furniture, rolling them up, taking them to the cleaner, picking them up, doing it all over again, etc etc etc. It does leave them feeling a little damp- but not sopping. I left the windows open and they dried out in about 15-20 minutes.

  3. What other vaccumes have you used in the past with pets? Just curious about the comparison. (We are getting a dog in the next year and I want to be ready!)

    1. Hi Daniela! Yes- I’ve owned a couple Dysons… most previously, the Dyson Animal (cordless) and I have to say, I think I prefer the Bissell Crosswave. It’s SO much easier to clean and the hair doesn’t get tangled. Hope this helps! So excited to hear you’re getting a dog!!! Best news ever :)

  4. Do you think this would work on our carpeted areas? We have two dogs, and our basement is finished with carpet as well as our bedrooms. I’m super interested in purchasing this, but wasn’t sure how it might work on the carpets.

    1. Honestly, I don’t have any carpet in my home at all, so I can’t give you a first hand account. I will say, it does great on my area rugs! My mom also bought one and she has a house full of carpet and seems to love it. She did mention that it takes a little longer on the carpet and she has to go a bit slower. Hope this helps! xo

  5. Does it leave the area rugs wet?

    1. It definitely leaves them damp, but sucks up the majority of the water solution! I like to keep a fan on and it dries within the hour. Hope this helps! xo