My Master Closet Reveal

Custom Closets Behind French DoorsSince we were on the topic of all things master bedrooms last week, it’s finally time to reveal MY closet. Emmett’s is behind the french doors to the left of mine and it’s still surprisingly organized, I might add. After living with my wardrobe strung out through the guest room these last few weeks, I’m feeling relieved to finally have a functioning closet (and guest room) again. Click through to see how I designed and organized my custom system with ClosetMaid SpaceCreations

Closet Before

Custom Closet System Behind French DoorsI wish the closets were built back further in our master bedroom (which we’ll be revealing soon)… instead they jut out into the space and take up quite a bit of room. You’ll notice the panel moulding and the nook to the right in the above photo- that’s pretty much where the master door swings and opens into.

Closet Wall with French DoorsThat leaves us with a wall full of closets. Visually, I like the look of the double set of french doors, but it eats into precious bedroom space. We decided to live with it and embrace our closets, and I’m actually really glad we did! Not only did it save us a ton of money, but the bedroom still has a good traffic path around our king size bed.

Light Blue French Doors

Closet SystemI designed my closet exact opposite of Emmett’s. My drawers and shelving sit to the left side and I have double the hanging space on the righthand side.

Complete Closet OrganizationHanging space was super important to me because I have more clothes than he does. I will say- we are minimizing our closets and investing in quality pieces… you know, the less is more / quality over quantity idea. I still have some pieces to add to the “garage sale” bin.

How to Organize Your ClosetYou might be wondering where that leaves space for my shoes. I know you’re assuming I own more than 6 pairs of shoes and you’re not mistaken! My solution for shoes is a closet just outside our bedroom. It’s only about three or four feet from my main closet and sits on the other side of the bedroom door. Our last custom system will be for overflow clothing (and the majority of my shoes). We’ll keep gear and out-of-season clothing in that one- look for the final closet reveal next month!

Custom Organized ClosetOne thing I actually really like about this closet is the shoe storage… it forces me to think about what I wear most often. I never trade shoes more than six times a season anyway, so it’s pretty perfect for easy access and less clutter is a total bonus. My house slippers stay tucked in the corner most of the time because I’m constantly slipping them on off and throughout the day. I swear by these things, especially living in a house full of hardwoods.

House Slippers

French Doors in Master BedroomAnother storage must for my closet was a place to keep jewelry. It used to live in our hallway… and that was not a great place for it, to say the least. It looked messy, was constantly unorganized, and I always forgot to put it on because it wasn’t close enough to my clothing or shoes.

Jewelry System in Closet

Custom Closet ShelvingHappily, it has been moved into my closet and is on the easiest-to-reach shelf. Since the shoot, I’ve also added my perfume to this section and I haven’t forgot to put either on since the closet makeover (I’d call that a win). No more running out the door without accessories or smelling nice. Ha!

Jewelry in Closet

Jewelry In Custom ClosetThe jewelry box was a gift from my Mom when I was a kid. Emmett refinished and lacquered it for me (it used to be cherry finish). I also added an inexpensive bracelet organizer and a charming boudoir tray– it’s SO beautiful! I really like the way this shelf displays.

Jewelry OrganizationI also love organizing with simple, neutral totes. I’ll toss anything from hats, wallets, bags, and swimwear into totes for hidden storage. They fit perfectly on the shelves and keep items tucked out of sight for a clean, streamlined look.

Custom Closet System

ClosetMaid Closet

French Doors in Master BedroomOverall, I couldn’t be more pleased with the way my closet turned out! It’s really the little things that make a house feel like home and give you the feelings of ease and comfort. You wouldn’t guess an organized closet would do that for you, but I’m here to say… it actually does. I feel calm walking into our master bedroom and so happy every time I open the french doors. I know that sounds stupid, but it’s true!


French DoorsHas anyone installed one of these systems since I started sharing them? I’ve had a people couple email and comment with questions. I’m always happy to offer feedback! Emmett and I were both chatting about how we never would’ve guessed closets could be such a good investment. Here’s to organization and stress-free homes!

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  1. My husband and I actually installed one (technically two, one on each opposing wall) in our master bedroom closet after you shared your guest bedroom closet. I’m a (very) new reader, and thankful for the recommendation. We had discussed and looked at different systems for a long time. So glad it’s finally done – and it does make a huge, make-me-stare-at-it-and-smile difference! Being selective about what we kept, and thoughtful about what we would put where while designing it were key. We’re mostly very happy with it, even though I was hesitant to invest so much in a closet.

    1. It makes such a big difference! I love your “make-me-stare-at-it-and-smile” remark, because I seriously feel the same way. Thank you so much for reading, Nicole! xox

  2. Love it! I, too, live with a small closet–and no one realizes that I own so few clothes. The trick is being able to mix things up. I learned you don’t need to have a lot of clothes to dress well.
    I’m eager for your MB reveal. We’re getting ready to move into a smaller home (that may need remodeling), and I’m worried about how to rock style in a small space. I look forward to all your posts, Sarah!

    1. So true! I’m sort of in the stage of transitioning all of my clothing. Thank you so much, Meredith!! xo

  3. Hello, Ms Sarah! I love your new closets and how you and Emmett put both them to such good use. Plus, the color you painted them is so soothing and unique. Sorry I’ve been absent for a while. My husband had open-heart surgery almost two weeks ago now. I am absolutely thrilled, because it went amazingly well and he is recovering well. I am so relieved, so happy, and proud of him. Best wishes to you and Emmett. Cheers, Ardith

    1. Ardith, I’m SO sorry I missed your comment! Thank you so much. I am thrilled to hear your husband is doing amazing after his open-heart surgery. I hope he is continuing to recover well. He has a wonderful partner by his side ;) Cheers to a great weekend ahead for the both of you! xoxox

  4. Christen Ales says:

    Awesome! Love the less is more mentality. What is the paint color on your trim and doors? Looks great!

    1. Me too, Christen! The trim is Gray Screen and the walls are Snowbound… both are by Sherwin Williams. xo

  5. Kellie Reynolds says:

    Where did you buy your closet doors? I love them!

    1. Believe it or not, they came from the Home Depot! xo

  6. Lisa Davila says:

    Looks great, but where do you keep your shoes?

    1. They’re in another closet about 3 feet away. I keep 6-7 pairs that I wear often in this closet…

  7. I love your blog and style! We’re moving into a 1960’s ranch in a few short weeks, and the master has similar duel closets. I can’t wait to do this to ours! Do you mind sharing the ceiling fan source? Our first projects will be: 1. staining all the hardwoods, and then 2. updating all the lighting. :)

  8. I’m lucky enough to have a bigger closet, about 10 feet by 5 feet. I’d like to install a new system but have no idea how to plan it out and how you get it installed. Do you have thoughts about that for those of us whose husband is not enthusiastic about “projects”?

    1. Lucky you, Linda! You have lots of space for organization. I truly recommend the using the SpaceCreations tool… check out this video I made about it here: . It’s super easy- you punch in your measurements and then you can visually move units in and out of the space. If you or your husband aren’t wanting to install, you could always hire it out. It’s really an easy process though! Hope this helps! xo

  9. I have a small closet too and would love to transition my clothing to the “less is more” or capsule wardrobe idea. I need a step by step :)… this process is hard! Any suggestions? Also, what hangers are you using in your closet? Can you tell me more about how you made that decision….beauty, function, or both?
    Thank you!

    1. I started by purging… things I never wear, I donated. I repeated the process every other month or so until I realized what I was most often wearing and what I wasn’t. It made it a lot easier! When I shop, I also keep that in mind. These are the hangers we use: I like them for both aesthetic reasons, as well as function. Hope this helps, Heather! xox

  10. Hi!
    I actually loved this closet and bought the same doors at Home Depot! Can you tell me what casing you used?! Everything is gorgeous

    1. We are getting ready to redo our bedroom closet and love this. Can you tell me what exact door this is? Is it a double or single door? I’ve searched Home Depot but can’t seem to find it! Didn’t look like it wasn’t under the French door section…

      1. They’re all special order doors, so you can order in a single or double (french door style). My closets are double and open like French doors. Here’s the link:

  11. Hi Sarah!
    I love both these and the guest room closet. I am just curious…where do you hang longer items like full length dresses, jumpsuits etc.? Thanks, love your style!

  12. Love it! Hey I need a tip on getting the smell out of the shoes when they are stored inside closets like this. I leave my husbands doors open while away to let air flow. Do you have a good tip?

    1. Thanks Stacy! Unfortunately, I don’t have any amazing tips for that. We haven’t really had that issue. Maybe shoe powder or hang lavender satchels in the closet? Sorry! I wish I could be more helpful. xo

  13. Lilli Arning says:

    Sarah, I have a closet exactly the same as your before picture in the My Master Closet Reveal. Your solution is perfect for me. Where can I buy this solution? I looked on the Closet Maid website but did not see it. Please let me so that I can install it right away. Thank you very much.

  14. Sandy Nguyen says:

    Hi! I love your closet door hardware here. Do you think though it would match with the hardware you have for your bathroom at your new home since one is round and one is a thinner handle? Thank you!

    1. Thanks, Sandy! The finishes are slightly different, so I’m not sure they would work well together, but I will say- I love mixing and matching door handle and knob shapes (as long as they’re in the same finish). I hope that helps!