Roundup : Cantilever Dining Chairs

Roundup : Cantilever Dining Chairs - roomfortuesday.comIt’s no secret I have a thing for cantilever dining chairs. There’s something about that bendy base and odd sense of balance that really does it for me. They’re a great way to bring a touch of modern into any dining space- no matter the aesthetic. In fact, when I reveal our breakfast nook next month- you’ll see that was exactly my intention. Here’s to hoping it turns out as planned. Click through for a GIANT roundup of my favorites, get a glimpse of my old dining room, and see a sneak peek of the cantilever chairs I picked out for our new dining space. 

Roundup : Cantilever Dining Chairs - roomfortuesday.comI kind of went crazy with this roundup because I kept finding SO many good options. It’s a long one packed full of amazing finds (if I do say so myself). To make it easier to shop this long collage without an enormous amount of scrolling… simply CLICK ANY CHAIR IN THE COLLAGE BELOW TO SHOP or be redirected to the source.

I can’t even narrow down my favorites from the roundup… that’s how much I like them all. Are any grabbing your attention? Here’s what I landed on for our new dining space at the Utah house

Roundup : Cantilever Dining Chairs - roomfortuesday.comI do have a trick up my sleeve to reupholster the pads / covers so they better match the space and the custom banquette cushions, but I honestly don’t hate the brown. They’re in great shape for being vintage, and I’ll certainly keep the existing covers should I ever want to trade them out. I’m excited to move the chairs from storage in the guest room back to their intended space once we wrap up tiling in the kitchen. Things are still a bit of a mess, but we’re getting there.

Is anyone else a fan of the cantilever shape for dining chairs? They’re just so cool, unexpected, and add the perfect amount of modern interest to a dining room. I especially like mixing them into more traditional settings. The juxtaposition is really nice.

Check back tomorrow for a totally different type of house tour, and to see my house exactly AS IS. That’s right… I’m participating in Kyla’s “no makeup” home tour with my design blogging idols and it’s one you won’t want to miss! I’m sharing every inch of the house- even the spaces that aren’t finished. See you tomorrow!

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  1. Whoa. That’s a selection! I love the look of cantilever chairs, but I have a (probably) irrational fear of them tipping over, or worse yet- snapping off at the legs! I have two outdoor chairs like this designed to provide a little bounce/movement, and I have anxiety whenever a big dude sits in one… Psyched for the no make-up tour!

    1. Haha, Peggi! That’s so funny! I haven’t had one break on me yet (and I find they’re surprisingly comfortable), but maybe I should find a big dude to test the theory. lol! I have an irrational fear of too much weight on floors, tires, etc. I’m always asking Emmett- this piece is REALLY heavy, is it going to fall through the floor? Ha!

    1. Ohhh another good option! Thanks for sharing, Karen! xo

  2. Love the artwork here – what is the source?

    1. Thanks, Laurie! It’s a made-to-order designer piece- I can get you a quote if you’re interested? Sorry there isn’t a retail link to share! xox

  3. I grew up with the chairs in #9 in our dining room set. I can’t help but think of the 70’s when I see them. I couldn’t believe it when I first started seeing them pop up in the design world, if only my parents kept them.

    1. They’re so beautiful!! Everything comes back again.

    1. Yes! We used to have those chairs at my old studio… they are surprisingly comfy- and definitely affordable! Win / win

  4. Sarah,

    I think I remember you saying you sold that beautiful piece of large scale art before you moved- but can you share where you got it from? It’s so awesome and I’d love to find something similar for my own home :)


      1. Great idea :) Thanks, Sarah!

  5. I LOVE THIS POST! I just scored 5 of these chairs for free from a coworker. Similar to your old dining room chairs. Not, Breuer but similar. My only problem is I have no where for them. I’m thinking of a DIY that could weatherproof then a bit for a covered outdoor space. Any thoughts or suggestions?

    1. Yay!! That’s amazing! I think they’d be ok outdoors if they’re in a covered space. If they’re upholstered, definitely use an outdoor fabric. The woven cane is pretty durable.