My Favorite Halloween Decor from Fellow Designers & Bloggers - roomfortuesday.comHappy Friday! Well… after yesterday’s post I was feeling inspired, and spent a quick 15 minutes styling our fireplace mantel in the formal living room for Halloween. The Scorpio in me had to do it- I couldn’t let the season pass without playing with oddities & curiosities I had tucked away in my prop closet for this specific season. That fast styling session was the most fun I’ve had all week! I’m glad I did it. Today I have a bonus Noteworthy post for you. You know the drill… click through for updates, links, recent purchases, a few more fall & Halloween shots, and more! 

My Favorite Halloween Decor from Fellow Designers & Bloggers - roomfortuesday.comThe guest room renovation is FINISHED… I’m just waiting on some accessories to arrive, and I need to tackle our upholstered bed DIY. Emmett is actually cutting out the headboard shape for me today, I’ll tackle that upholstery, then it will be ready to photograph and share! The space turned out so great and I’m excited to compile a big post filled with all the details and design decisions. Now we’re trying to decide which room comes next on our renovation to-do list. I’m trying to convince Emmett that my home office should be next on the docket, but he’s pushing for our dining room. The dining room would probably make more sense, since we’ve already started it (thanks to the kitchen and formal living room), and it already has the herringbone hardwood installed, and fresh new drywall. It’s kind of an eyesore sandwiched in between two beautiful spaces we spend a lot of time in. Who knows… maybe we’ll flip a coin or something.

Have you been eating any festive seasonal food lately? I went on a Trader Joe’s run and came home with allllll the fall things (including florals). I’ve been living for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and all the snacks in between. Haha! It’s just the season of good food. Emmett and I prefer something sweet for breakfast (crepes, waffles, french toast, pancakes, muffins… you know- all the bad things), so I’m going to attempt Chloe’s apple cake this weekend. I could use some time unwinding in the kitchen and that sounds like it would be a good breakfast item for us. What are your favorite fall recipes?

Noteworthy : Halloween & Fall Decor - roomfortuesday.comOur porch is looking pretty for the season! My mums are in full bloom and doing great. I’m going to be sharing more about our smart home and security system soon (per your feedback!), but in the meantime, you can catch a glimpse of our new doorbell cam. I like how sleek it looks (not an eyesore like others), it protects our packages until we bring them inside, and is smart enough to distinguish between a human (delivery person) or the deer that hang out on our porch and in our front yard. It does all sorts of fancy things that I’ll tell you about in my upcoming post, but if you’re in the market now- I have a code for a free doorbell cam if you’re interesting in getting Vivint! Just use this link and promo code: ROOMFORTUESDAY.

How to shop IKEA according to your zodiac… is yours accurate because mine is meh. I’ve never really loved that specific lamp, but I have purchased plenty of lighting from IKEA- like our gallery lights in the basement and the pendant that used to live under our previous carport.

In case you needed some good news today, I read this post and it put a big smile on my face! What a kind and caring guy.

Noteworthy : Halloween & Fall Decor - roomfortuesday.comAlthough this has been the year of yoga pants for me (haha, I’m only halfway joking), fall has me putting on “real” clothing and actually getting ready more often. Funny how a new season will do that! My friend Kyla posted her fashion must-haves this season, and they’re all pretty amazing.

Onto five of my recent purchases….

  • glass lidded bowl // I needed a vessel to keep my cotton rounds in. I have reusable, washable ones and they were looking unorganized on my bathroom vanity. Now applying toner feels and looks a bit more special.
  • fall lipstick // My favorite fall lipstick is finally empty, and although I don’t have many places to wear it these days, it’s a moisturizing formula that is nice for the everyday (it feels more like chapstick, but with color). I had to buy more!
  • rolled beanie // Per usual, Emmett bought us matching matching gear (read that story here). We’ve been hiking before work in the mornings and it has been chilly, so he came home with matching beanies for us. That guy (shaking my head).
  • nest candle // I popped into my local Nordstrom rack and one of my favorite Nest candles was on super sale (online, too!). It’s an awesome holiday fragrance and you can’t beat the price- under $20.
  • dryer balls & oil // I bought new dryer balls and oil… it’s the little things that make me happy. The lavender + bergamot is my favorite scent at Target! Our laundry room and laundry smells so good.

Noteworthy : Halloween & Fall Decor - roomfortuesday.comI stumbled across this article on a British estate renovation, and now I’m hooked. Following Dean & Borja has been my new favorite form of entertainment lately. From their Georgian estate to their cottages, stables, good design, gardens, and their perfect accents, I’m hooked.

Next week on the blog, you can expect a different format… I’m going to resurrect five posts from the past (with some updates). I’m taking the week off of writing my regular blog posts to wrap things up for our upcoming store launch. That’s right- I buried this little tidbit DEEP in this Noteworthy post, so you could be the first to know (it’s our secret for now, if you made it this far). I’ll officially announce it very soon, but you can follow Tuesday Made for the latest, as I begin posting more info. Of course I’ll also be sharing blog posts about everything in the next week or two (the store, our new office space, etc). I can’t wait to share what I’ve been working on for the past eight months! I’m bursting at the seams to share so many beautiful things created by talented artists and makers across the globe (and vintage goods, too). Anywayyy… more coming in the next couple weeks! I hope you still come check the blog next week, as the five posts I’ll be sharing are really good ones I’m proud of. That plan felt like a win for everyone- five blog posts for you, and a solid week of productive work for me.

If you’re interested in a paint consultation (I’ll send you swatches and everything!) and some nice paint brushes, don’t forget to enter my giveaway with Purdy. I’ll be randomly selecting the winner on Monday!

Noteworthy : Halloween & Fall Decor - roomfortuesday.comDoesn’t our fireplace look perfectly spooky for Halloween? It’s funny because styled up there on our mantel, there are actually quite a few sentimental things… braided horse hair from our horses back on the farm, a special feather from Emmett’s dad, vintage glassware that my father dug up years ago before he passed, a geode from my first estate sale, and other little vintage tidbits. Isn’t it interesting how you can pair “normal-ish” items to create a totally different look? It’s all about context! On an unrelated note, I quickly learned that burning my citronella candle from our balcony indoors was a terrible idea. So much smoke! Happy weekend, my friends! As always- thank you for reading.

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  1. Good morning! I laughed yesterday when I saw that you couldn’t resist a little Halloween decorating. My mantle didn’t get finished because I’m knee deep in special birthday dinner preparations for Monday, but I should have time today. I really can’t wait to see the guest room, but I will practice some patience. Obviously, I think your office should be next! Not only do you deserve a lovely space, but I’m dying to see your bold, special design vision. The dining room surely makes sense though, and I’d love to see what you cook up to sandwich between your stunning kitchen and living room. So, all choices are great choices. Kyla’s picks are fab, but I’m not feeling very fashion-inspired these days (although I did don my skinny jeans yesterday for the first time in 7 months!🤣) Speaking of snug, I am baking all the cakes lately, and I’m not mad about it. The temps here are finally cooling, so I pulled out my beanie the other day too; no matching ones here, though. I love the idea of a hike before breakfast! I’d have to settle for a solo walk around town, but… I think your idea for posts next week sounds perfect! Because I’m a dork, I’m always intrigued to see if I was following and commenting at different times. And I’m so excited to hear all about your new venture! Have I told you lately how much I appreciate you and this space? Thank you for being a lovely light in my days. Aaaand, happy Pizza Friday!🍕

    1. We are dorks of the same kind Peggi!😂🤣I’m always curious too! Every so often I click on one of the suggested posts just to see. Happy Friday lovely friend!

      1. I love you two for that :)

      2. I find myself checking out past posts too to see if I missed any wonderful ideas or if I was following then. Ha!

        1. I LOVE this :) You all are making my day!

    2. I know, I know. I was thinking, “I don’t have time for this!” but it was so much fun and I’m glad I took a bit to be creative. I couldn’t resist! Your mantel turned out AMAZING and I’m sure that birthday dinner will get finished eventually :) I need to find fabric today for my bed upholstery DIY. Emmett is moving faster than I am and I’m holding up the guest room (probably too much mantel styling, ha). The only time I’m ever excited by fashion is in the fall… I think that’s my ideal wardrobe: boots, layers, hats, jackets. I really loved Kyla’s picks though! I also squeezed into my skinny jeans this week, which were tighter than I remember, lol. Ok- let’s talk about your cakes!! They are stunning! Are you doing this professionally?! They look incredible. We’ve been doing morning hikes with the dogs and it is my new favorite part of the day. Highly recommend a sunrise walk (I’m sure Joe approves)! We’ve been blog chatting since 2018 (besties by now!), can you believe it?! I can definitely say this- this space wouldn’t be nearly as much fun for me without you, so thank YOU for showing up to say hello, talk design, and for always supporting me. I appreciate you!! I’m not crying. Haha! But really, I can’t believe this crazy job has led to so many wonderful friendships. I love chatting with everything each day- it truly makes my day. Have the best weekend and enjoy your pizza Friday (and celebratory bday dinner)! xo

  2. Hi Sarah! Would you mind sharing a link to the reusable cotton rounds you use? I’ve never even considered that this might be a thing but now I think I’d love to switch from disposables. I’ve switched a ton of stuff in the kitchen to reusables, I guess it’s time for me to start on the bath!

    This is a simple but delicious apple recipe that I like for this time of year: I eat this cold for breakfast with some Greek yogurt for protein and “health” but it’s also amazing warmed up with some vanilla ice cream, we don’t judge here.

    This is not just a Sarah thing, it happens with every blog I follow, but i’m curious about why it happens – when you re-post something older, it doesn’t show up in my RSS feed. I usually click through to read your blog, but the feed reader (I use Feedly on Chrome, or the Feedly app on my iPad) is sort of my daily reminder to come over here. I’ve never had an issue with any other posts showing up for me there, it’s ONLY with archived stuff. Do you know why this happens? I also follow you on IG, so I don’t think I’m completely missing anything, I don’t know if I’d even call this a “problem” but it’s such a specific sort of glitch that I’ve been wondering about for a while. Since you’ve said all of next week will be older posts I’ll certainly remember to come over to read :) And I’m very excited for Tuesday Made!

    This has turned into the most random and scattered comment, so I’ll see myself out here. Hope you have a great weekend!

    1. Hi Stacy! I’d be happy to share my reusable cotton rounds- they’re made of bamboo and you can find them here: They come with a little laundry bag too. They’re nice and soft, but a little bigger than the standard size of disposable ones you’d buy at the store. It took me a bit to get used to them, but now I love them! Thank you so much for sharing the apple granola recipe with me- that sounds like it would be right up my alley. On weekdays, I typically have yogurt, fruit, and granola for breakfast. I can’t wait to make this! I’ll save the ice cream for weekend breakfasts :) haha!

      I wish I could answer your question about the RSS feed for posts that are recycled, but I’m not entirely sure. I think it has something to do with the publish date (which is my problem, not yours). I’m going to try to do “re-publish” some favorites next week, and I’ll be sure to post new, instead of just altering the date…. we’ll see if that works for you. If not, I’m stumped! I’m sorry… I’m honestly not very tech savvy, but I imagine that’s frustrating for you. I wish I had a better answer. Anyway, I hope you have a relaxing weekend Stacy! As always, thanks for reading and for your support! xo

      1. Thanks so much for that link, I love that they come with the little wash bag!

        There is absolutely no apology necessary about the missing posts – I kind of assumed it had something to do with the dates but I was just curious if anyone knows the real answer. Like I said, I still see your post notifications on IG so I’m still stopping by most days for some of your beautiful inspiration :)

        1. Yes! It’s so handy, and thank you Stacy :) Really appreciate that!

  3. Love your mantle Sarah, it’s so stylishly spooky 👻
    What a new business venture 😱 Exciting! Can’t wait to hear more about it. It’s Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend so we will be stuffing ourselves silly and I think both apple and pumpkin pie are in order 😋
    Also can’t wait for the guest bedroom reveal, I know it’s going to be beautiful! Cause that’s what you do ❤️ We recently furnished our guest bedroom/office/craft room. This small room had to be utilized to the max as our house is well small so we got creative with a Murphy bed from Wayfair, a desk and bed linens from IKEA. It’s my office during the week but a guest bedroom on the weekends when guests arrive. I’m incredibly excited with how it turned out 😍 as it’s a super multifunctional space in a 8 X 10 room. And it fit our budget! Woohoo 🥳
    Have a super awesome weekend! And productive week, Cheers

    1. Thank you, Colleen! HAPPY CANADIAN THANKSGIVING to you :) I hope you have the best time with friends and family, and enjoy all of that delicious food! I can’t wait to wrap up the guest room and start styling. That’s always the fun part now that the dust has settled and the paint cans have been stored away. Time to get creative! Your guest bedroom / office / craft room sounds incredible. I love that is has multiple purposes and it so functional. Amazing design work there, my friend! I bet it’s beautiful. Murphy beds are the coolest! Cheers to a lovely weekend ahead- have a wonderful Thanksgiving! xo

  4. Good morning!! Super excited for ALL the things over here: the guest bedroom, a new renovation project to follow (🤞🏼 for the office, but either one will be fantastic), and of course Tuesday Made!! I think that’s the most exciting!! It’s finally feeling like fall this week, but sadly I can’t make any of the fall goodies I love (pumpkin roll cake anyone?), because EVERY store is out of pumpkin purée, and so far no grocers around me selling baking pumpkins. 😞 However my mantle is styled up for the kids and I’m currently burning cinnamon pumpkin candles to usher in the season. The front porch decorating shall commence this weekend (Sarah you have me scouring FB marketplace for a porch pedestal🤣😂). Do you know of any products that I can use on an outdoor scatter rug for anti-fade? I love layering my mat on top of a cute scatter rug, but with a south facing house I’ve ruined quite a few cute ones. I’d love to not ruin my new fall one, haha.
    I busted out my favorite fall lipstick too:
    Black Honey is my go-to fall shade since eighth grade haha!
    I’ve recently purchased a few super cute casual sweaters and fall hued tops that I’m excited about, and so far I’m loving them. I’m completely with you on the IKEA zodiac choice being less than thrilling. I don’t think I’d pick that lamp if it was the last one on the market…they definitely don’t get the Scorpio vibe!! Your mantle is dreamy, and the sentimental touches make it even more awesome. I especially love the bones. If I wasn’t afraid of a true haunting I’d comb the thrift shops for some creepy taxidermy, hahaha. Cheers to Friday friends! I’m guzzling the coffee this morning; I had quite the late night last night, but it’s a fabulous 54 degrees right now, and the morning fog in the valley is giving me all the vibes!

    1. Lauren,
      Our grocery stores are all out of pumpkin too?! Seriously, I went to 3 stores before I scored one of two remaining 7 POUND cans! I’m crossing my fingers that I can freeze it in muffin tins for single use blobs. Ridiculous. Happy Pizza Friday, friend!

      1. OMG! This year… where is all the pumpkin?! At least you have 7 lbs to last you awhile. lol!

      2. I can’t believe it! Of all the things!! Lol. 7 pounds Peggi?!!! I hope you can use it and freeze it. Score of the century!

    2. Thank you so much, Lauren! I can’t tell you how much your support means to me :) truly appreciate it! I’m happy you’re finally getting the fall weather this week. Where is all the pumpkin?!! Our local grocery stores are also out. I only have one can left in my pantry. So sad! I love that you styled the mantel for the kids and have your candles going though- that’s so festive and fun. Cheers to front porch decorating this weekend, and I’m crossing my fingers you can find a cool pedestal on FBMP. That would be amazing! Send me a pic if you do. Sometimes I use Scotchguard on our outdoor products that help with water resistance and fading. I’d give that a try! I was SO excited to see your favorite fall lipstick, because guess what?! I have that one too and it’s amazing. Another go-to I use in the fall and winter. I also use Black Honey. Ha! Happiest Friday to you and your fam. I also had my fair share of coffee this morning and am ready for the weekend. Enjoy your perfect fall day! xo

  5. Sarah, holy cow, you are so sneaky!!!! Tuesday Made — I love it!!! That is definitely Noteworthy.

    Great idea to give yourself some time next week and re-post some vintage posts — allllllll the good thoughts to you and Emmett as you do your last prep before opening.

    1. Haha!! Sneaky sneaky :) I wondered how many would catch that! I’m so excited and can’t wait to share what we’ve been working on. It has been bringing me a lot of joy this year and has been fun to get back to my design roots! Hope you enjoy the “vintage” posts next week- I love that you called them that. How did I not think of that?! So clever. Have a lovely weekend, Kim! xo

      1. Thanks!

        I was thinking too, the name you came up with — Tuesday Made. It’s perfect!

        Off to Google an image of a 7-lb can of pumpkin . . .

  6. I love fall recipes too! I went apple picking a few weeks ago and made King Arthur Baking’s old-fashioned apple cake with brown sugar frosting. It was SO GOOD! I also made some apple pancakes (with cottage cheese in them – actually so delicious!). I love the horse hair braids. My mom used to mail me cards all the time when I was in college, and sometimes they included a little wisp of fur from our long-haired cat (he sheds and his hair blows around the house like a tumbleweed, lol). I loved it! Maybe weird, but saving a loved one’s hair is quite the time-honored tradition!

    So excited to see the shop!!

    Link to the cake recipe:

    1. Hi Brittany! That apple cake looks delicious but would you PLEASE share your pancake recipe?! I am so intrigued by the cottage cheese addition!

      1. Oh yes! I’m intrigued, too.

        1. Ok, here it is! Hope you enjoy!

          Serves 4 / makes about 12 medium sized pancakes
          1 C. grated apple
          1 C. cottage cheese
          1 C. flour
          2 T. honey
          1 T. lemon juice
          2 tsp cinnamon
          4 eggs, separated

          Mix all but egg whites into a large mixing bowl; mix well. In a separate bowl, beat egg whites until stiff. Gently fold egg whites into apple mixture. Spoon onto hot, lightly greased griddle. Turn when golden and cook other side.

    2. YUM! That sounds incredible. I’m curious about the pancakes?! I’ve never heard of that, but it sounds like it could be good. Ha! The horse hair braids are really special. The horses Emmett & I grew up with are getting old now, and that was a nice surprise from his mom… a little piece of home and our horse family. I think the wisp of hair is sentimental and sweet! I’m sure some people think it’s weird, but I’m into it. You’re absolutely right- it is a time honored tradition. I can’t wait to share what we’ve been up to :) and I’ll definitely be trying your cake recipe. Thank you!! Happy Friday! xo

  7. I CANNOT WAIT FOR YOUR NEW BUSINESS!!!! So much goodness in one post. First, congratulations on your upcoming store. So so excited for you. Please tell me we will be able to shop online?
    I vote dining room (this time) only because the holidays coming up requires us to use that room a lot. I was told that if we please our husbands first (by going with their ideas, etc) they are more willing to give us all the things we want. I have used that tidbit and it works! Lol!
    Give me all the fall clothes and makeup. Sarah your lipstick is always so pretty on your stories, reels, photos. Love the gold oxford mules! Matching beanies…how adorable!
    Say what? I use cotton pads every day and I have never heard of reusable ones. I have some on the way from Amazon. Thank you! Also, we use dryer balls but I have never tried oils on them. So do you just use oils instead of fabric softener or both?
    Lastly, I love your Halloween mantle and previous post using glass cloches and oddities/curiosities. It transitions into your home so well.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thank you so much, Danna!! I truly appreciate your support and am super excited to share what we’ve been working on. Yes- it will actually only be online for now :) … accessible to everyone! I think we’re leaning toward the dining room right now, but I’m going to test your husband tip ;) haha! Fall fashion is the most fun, and thanks for your kind words. Lipstick is always my preferred makeup… it’s fun to play around with. Let me know what you think of the cotton rounds! They’re kind of big, but once you get used to them, they’re wonderful. For the dryer balls- yes I put 5-7 drops of essential oil directly onto the balls, toss them in the dryer, and it makes your laundry smell incredible. I use both fabric softener and the dryer balls. Hope you had the best weekend!! xo