Look for Less : Our Basement Media Room

Look for Less : Our Basement Media Room - roomfortuesday.comAfter sharing the formal living room “look for less” a few weeks ago, I figured given its wild popularity- I should pull together another budget-friendly duplicate of a space in our home I constantly receive source questions about… our basement media room! Someday, we’ll knock down walls in our basement and rework the layout (probably when it comes time to renovate our basement kitchen), but for now- I really love the way this room looks and functions for us. If you missed the original post with all of the sources and before images, check that out here! You can also catch a couple updates and the latest version of this space here. If you’re just trying to replicate the look on a budget, or are interested in duplicate pieces of furniture & decor found in our basement media room, click on through to see what comparable items I found!

Look for Less : Our Basement Media Room - roomfortuesday.comLike I always say with the “Look for Less” posts, you have to keep in mind you could get lower quality products (sometimes, but not always), but it’s reflected in the price tag and that might be worth the savings to you! It all depends on your vision, short term and long term goals for your space, as well as your budget. If it’s the aesthetic you’re looking for, these items will be perfect! My goal was to put together pairings that look AS CLOSE to our current media room as possible… without compromising my initial design plan, so you get the same look, but at a lower price.

Look for Less : Our Basement Media Room - roomfortuesday.comClick directly on the items to be redirected to the source- or use the numbered links below the collage.

01: art light // 02: vase with handles (I’d paint this a solid color!) // 03: velvet pillow // 04: ski art // 05: floor lamp // 06: sectional sofa // 07: ball pillow // 08: hammered drum coffee table // 09: black end table // 10: large basket // 11: faux leather recliner // 12: marble side table // 13: chenille throw // 14: tan area rug // 15: woven pouf // 16: faux zz plant // 17: leather ottoman

Pretty close, right? You can click through to see the prices, or use the shopping slider at the end of the post (hover to reveal the price tag).

Look for Less : Our Basement Media Room - roomfortuesday.comI really love the high contrast in this space, and the moody mix of modern & traditional furniture. I tried to keep that aesthetic the same in the budget design plan as well!

Look for Less : Our Basement Media Room - roomfortuesday.comOne item I couldn’t find a replica for was our media console. Truth be told- I asked Emmett to pull that thing out of the dumpster at his work when they were renovating his office. It was a solid oak piece straight from the 80’s, and I gave it a fresh coat of navy paint and swapped the hardware. I think your best bet is thrifting something like that or looking at vintage options, if you’re on a budget. Try your luck with Facebook Marketplace!

Look for Less : Our Basement Media Room - roomfortuesday.comAre there any other rooms in our home (or previous home) you’d like to see a “Look for Less” post on? Just let me know and I can pull it together! I hope you all had a great weekend and your week is off to a wonderful start. We spent the weekend working on our yard and I’m finally ready to put together our lower patio now that the sod is in. YAY!

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  1. Good morning! These items look pretty spot on. That tulip table seems perfect; the base is remarkably elegant. I dig the black table, too. I would never think to look at BB&B! I still marvel that you keep that white sectional so clean with all those paws in the house! I will say that we are officially converted sectional lovers. Much like your recliner, when you find one that’s aesthetically pleasing, the comfort (especially for family movie viewing) can’t be beat.
    We are plugging away at spring yard sprucing; we’re definitely not moving at lightning speed, but plants are waking up. I’m still in my “consider every option under the sun” phase of upgrading our front door hardware. Speaking of, should I just buy the same set for the back door? Or maybe vendors offer a little sister version? Ugh. Another decision. Here’s to a sunny, productive Monday, friends!☀️💖

    1. Thanks Peggi! It’s so easy to love a sectional- it’s just cozy, comfy, and it fits the entire family (dogs included). It really can’t be beat. Someday when we renovate the basement, if we were every to replace our existing sectional- we’d definitely get another one. I hope you had a nice weekend in the yard sprucing- we certainly did :) It felt so good to soak up some sunshine and get fresh air. Such a great question about that hardware… they don’t have to match! At our previous house, we had matching exterior hardware sets (for the front door and back door). In this home, nothing matches. Our front door has different hardware than the french doors that lead to the backyard in our formal living room. As long as they feel cohesive and you can’t see both of them at the same time, you can play with different options! Happy Monday… have a great week! xo

  2. Envy of your basement! Wish Texas homes had basements. Miss ours from when we lived in Minnesota. The blue color is so cozy and inviting.
    Great job on finding items for less. The hammered drum coffee table is my favorite! I am curious about the pedestal with the horse head statue on it. Was this a thrift store find or ? I don’t know why I find them interesting with a simple vase or statue like you have done.
    Hope you guys had nice weather to enjoy the work in the backyard. Have a great Monday Sarah.

    1. We love having a basement, Danna! It’s such a nice, quiet retreat at the end of the day. The pedestal actually came out of the dumpster at Emmett’s work (along with a few more pedestals and the media console). When they were renovating their office, I couldn’t let those things go to waste, so we grabbed and painted them. Haha! I think they make nice sculptural pieces. They really are wonderful for plants, vases, or busts. We had such a beautiful weekend! I hope yours was equally as wonderful :) xo

  3. Good morning! I love what you’ve rounded up here! You definitely hit the mark in capturing the aesthetic of your media room! I still drool over those pictures. Maybe it’s the velvet wall panels, or the fact that I love navy, but that room is always a hit! We got ALL 13 post lights in on Saturday. 😅 We started at 6:30 to try to beat the heat, but still ended up spending a few hours in the triple digit heat to get it done. It looks stunning! Truly they are the exact same light that was there, just black instead of oxidized metal, but the difference is alarming! I’m in love with my backyard at the moment, and can’t wait to tackle more yard projects in the coming weeks! Today we’ll be back to the distance learning grind, and plant care indoors. Have a happy Monday friends!

    1. Thank you, Lauren! All 13 posts?! That’s incredible. You guys are quick! I can’t believe you’re already into the triple digits. That is crazy! We were at 70 degrees at all weekend and I broke a sweat. Haha! I’m so glad to hear your backyard is shaping up just how you’d envisioned. It sounds beautiful and the posts certainly make a huge difference. Happy Monday :)

      1. Let me tell you, it was no easy task standing in that heat! Luckily after the first few Jeff and I got in a groove and were able to work much faster. I envy 70″s right now! This weekend had me slightly wishing the rain would come back, but I think we’re on an upward heat trend…I guess that means the yard will come along, but probably slower than we want. I’m daily drumming my fingers waiting for the blooms to wither on the photinias so I can get the last of those pruned properly…It’s like watching paint dry!

  4. I love this space SO much! We’re in the process of buying a house and are planning to paint our master bedroom this color because I’ve been swooning over it since I saw it. And I’ll be bookmarking the link for the sectional, I think it might be just the right size for the living space on the lower level!

    1. Thank you Deanna! It’s such a beautiful color in person- you’ll love it :) So happy to hear the sectional also might be a good food! Wishing you a quick and easy closing on your new home. xo