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Back To School, Workspace, & Office Finds - roomfortuesday.comThis year has been weird in a lot of ways, and it’s not surprising that this “back to school” season doesn’t feel very normal. Many of our friends and family have had to decide what the semester and school year will look like, making the best decision for their family. I figured to get in the spirt of “back to school” (which is always a reminder that fall is almost here), I’d roundup some awesome office finds and host a festive giveaway! This post is sure to elevate your mood and workspace, no matter where you’re learning, working, or teaching! I’m also in the process of furnishing our new office building on a budget, so I’ve been saving lots of cool things. I’ll share more on that soon, but in the meantime- you can at least see some of things I’m buying for the space. Click through for my back to school, workspace, and office finds… plus a few desk and chair pairings, AND a fun giveaway!

Back To School, Workspace, & Office Finds - roomfortuesday.comMy home office is looking the same as it has for the past year. We haven’t renovated the space yet, excluding updating the hardwood floors. Someday I have big dreams for this room, but for now- it’s clean and functional. I grabbed a pair of vintage, modern ottomans from Facebook Marketplace last week and they’re a welcome addition to the space.

Back To School, Workspace, & Office Finds - roomfortuesday.comI typically keep my desk area pretty organized. I swear by my planner, to-do list, and am the type of person who writes everything down. I also find joy in the little, everyday details- like office supplies, a nice smelling candle, a pen that glides across the paper, and fresh flowers.

Back To School, Workspace, & Office Finds - roomfortuesday.comAs most of you know, I work from home full-time. Although, recently Emmett and I started renting an office space for an upcoming endeavor. I’ll share more on that really soon, but in the meantime- you can catch my tips for working from home and setting up a home office. After working from home for many years, I decided to share some challenges I’ve encountered and solutions that combat them, if you’re in a similar work environment within the walls of your home.

Back To School, Workspace, & Office Finds - roomfortuesday.comEven though I’m obviously not in school (neither a teacher nor student), I still enjoy the “back to school” season and the fresh office supplies that come along with it! I use this as an opportunity to get organized, motivated, and set goals for the remainder of the year.

Click directly on my finds below to be redirected to the source- or use the numbered links below the collage to shop…

01: marble paperweight // 02: leather letter holder // 03: modern task lamp // 04: nero marble planter // 05: blue desk // 06: modern accent chair // 07: pocket file folder // 08: stapler // 09: desk blot pad // 10: writing pads // 11: charging task lamp // 12: lacquered linen desk // 13: velvet desk chair (alternative link) // 14: catch all charger // 15: matte gel pens // 16: brass task lamp // 17: kenton desk lamp // 18: classic stationery set // 19: black writing desk // 20: velvet desk chair // 21: brass scissors // 22: stationery gift set // 23: round marble tray // 24: brass pencil cup

The task lamp (#3) has been my favorite budget find- I’ve been using it for over a year. I ordered a pair of the modern accent chairs (#6) for our office building, as well as charging table lamp (#11). I also snagged a couple of the cognac / burnt sienna colored desk chairs (#13).

Back To School, Workspace, & Office Finds - roomfortuesday.comI’ve mentioned my love for Appointed office products in the past, and I asked if they’d like to participate in a giveaway with me. This post isn’t sponsored, but they generously sent everything I asked for, so that I could host a fun back to school giveaway for you guys! They really do have the best stuff… I nerd out over office and productivity things- bonus points if they’re beautiful.

Back To School, Workspace, & Office Finds - roomfortuesday.comReady to see what’s up for grabs?!

Back To School, Workspace, & Office Finds -


I curated the following beautiful office supplies from Appointed (valued at $175)

Here’s how to enter…

  1. Follow @appointedco on Instagram.
  2. Follow @roomfortuesday on Instagram (if you’re not already).
  3. Comment below on this blog post and let me know what your “back to school” season looks like this year.

Back To School, Workspace, & Office Finds - roomfortuesday.comI’ll pack the goodies into that cute tote, shown above (that kind of color coordinates with my kitchen cabinets), and ship it to one of you next week!

Back To School, Workspace, & Office Finds - roomfortuesday.comGood luck! Winner will be chosen at random, and contacted via email. No purchase necessary to win. Must be a U.S. or Canadian resident and be age 18 or over to enter. Giveaway ends in one week, on Thursday, August 13, 2020.

Back To School, Workspace, & Office Finds - roomfortuesday.comWhat is everyone’s situation looking like this season? Are you working from home? Are you working at your office? Teaching your kids at home this semester? Going back to school yourself? For us, I obviously work from home all the time, but Emmett is back to working at his cool office… I designed his company’s office. If you missed those posts- check them out here and here. It was honestly difficult for us when we were both working under the same roof in our home. We have totally different work styles and routines, so I’m happy to have a bit of normalcy back these days. Now, bring on fall!!!

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  1. Love how intentional all your things in your office are–you make working beautiful. Now that my 4 kids are out of college and on their own, back to school has a much more calmer feeling than it used to. Making soups and stews and cooking more hearty fare in the kitchen is something I do once the season starts to change towards cooler temps.
    Our new home will have a guest room/ office in which we are placing a Murphy bed to optimize space. I’ve been looking at ones that have a desk attached to the underneath when the bed is folded up. I love your selection of pretty and functional chairs especially the velvet ones, as this chair would double as a bedroom chair when we have guests using the bed. Thanks again for your beautiful and thoughtful post!

    1. Thank you so much, Beth! Enjoy that calm back to school feeling… fall is just around the corner. I’m also looking forward to making comfort foods and soup in the kitchen once the weather cools off. I love your idea to incorporate a murphy bed in your home office area- so smart! Rooms with dual purposes are definitely a win. Have a wonderful day :)

  2. Love this, especially since Appointed is made in DC – my city! Back to School this year is still up in the air! If it’s all virtual, my kindergartner and third grader will post with their new backpacks on our porch, then return inside to a desk space I hope to transition from their current glitter/crafting station to a more academic setting. Meanwhile, I’ll be at my own desk, working from home – hopefully with some new beautiful desk supplies!

    1. Yess!! I love that you’re still planning to make it a momentous day and special time for your kids, even if they don’t return to the physical classroom, Krista. Amazing job! :)

  3. Ah. Back to school. I’ll save my thoughts and feelings for another space, but, heaven knows, beautiful office supplies couldn’t hurt! (Last year the special-colored board markers I purchased made me inordinately happy.) I make lists like it’s my job, and I must do it on paper. Sometimes just the act of writing the list calms me. (Weird?) I love those brass capped pencils and the brass page markers! Much classier than the post-its I use. My classroom desk will never be as beautiful as any of those above, but #12 is stunning! And I adore those modern accent chairs! I’m definitely getting excited to see your new office space! I’m also very into the new ottomans; that neutral plaid looks perfect!
    All of this gorgeous inspiration plus a generous giveaway?! You are the best, Sarah Gibson.😍

    1. I feel for friends and family who are teachers or are making the tough choice on whether to send their kids back or homeschool. Wishing you all a HEALTHY, happy school year and sending all the good vibes during this weird time. Thank you for being an amazing teacher and doing what you can for your students. Writing also calms me! If I put my thoughts to paper and cross things off my list, I feel accomplished and like my plans or tasks are solidified. I also love the #12 desk, but I landed on a budget-friendly black option for our office space (with the orangey colored chair). The modern accent chairs have yet to arrive, but they felt like a good find at an awesome price, so I went for it… and the ottomans were a lucky find! I went to another estate sale this morning, but had zero luck. You win some, you lose some. Ha! Hope you’re having a FABULOUS time :) xo

    2. Not weird at all, Peggi. Making lists has the same effect on me, too.💗

  4. I love every one of your finds! My favorite is the velvet desk chair; I’m always surprised by items you can find on Amazon. I NEVER think to check there for some reason. For us, we’re distance learning for the foreseeable future. Our house is going to be packed! Jeff is working from home as well, and his sad little office situation is begging for an upgrade. He’s currently using a 6′ table from costco as his desk, with a chair from our dining room table, and ALL the cords…my brain can’t handle looking over in his corner! The kids and I are sharing the formal dining room table which is going to be ultra crammed in the coming weeks… it’s a little too much for me to think about, lol. One day (probably sooner than I’d like to admit), I’ll be turning our formal living/dining into a dual purpose living room/office space, and relocating the dining room to our current living room. I have to finish the bathroom first! Ha! Can’t wait to see what’s in store for your office building Sarah! Have the most amazing Thursday!

    1. Thanks Lauren! Those desk chairs are actually really good in person! I found the burnt orange color for less ($99) at Office Max… I just added a new link. You are going to have a full house this season! Happy distance learning with the kids, and fingers crossed you can spruce Jeff’s office to make it a happier workplace for him (and you to look at, lol). My big home design takeaway from Covid this year has been this- creating a high functioning home is super important, and even better if spaces can have dual purposes. You’ve got this!! :)

  5. Love these office finds! Back to School looks like working on home projects and spending a lot of time at home. These office supplies are beautiful and would definitely make any office more organized!

    1. Thanks Anne! Your back to school season, sounds a lot like ours… home projects and working from home. Ha! Have a great day :)

  6. My husband and I are both still working from home and will be for the forseeable future. We have fallen into a rhythm. It helps that we have somewhat separate spaces, although mine is less than ideal. I work from the couch most days (Yikes, I know!!) and he has a large drafting table/standing desk in the basement that he works off.

    We have an old dining room table in storage (no dining room in this house, nor space for the dining room table anywhere on the main floor) so we are considering bringing that into a tiny spare room in the basement that could become an office for me. Probably a move we need to make so I can have a more ergonomic and inspiring place to work.

    1. It’s nice that you have separate spaces, Kaitlin! I definitely think you should create a makeshift office for yourself, so you can be comfortable and happy during the day. Think about how many hours you’re working (that’s my mindset anyway). Time to bust out the dining table. Haha :)

  7. Hannah Gokie says:

    What a fun giveaway! I’m attempting homeschooling my 6 year old this year for first grade, even though I swore I’d never even attempt it. I’m nervous but she’s excited so we’ll see how it goes!

    1. Thanks Hannah! If there were ever a year to homeschool, it’s probably this one. Haha! Happy homeschooling to the both of you :)

  8. I’m a professor, and teaching from home (to a webcam) this semester. It’s going to be weird….definitely curating not only my workspace but everything visible behind it, since that will be on display to my students all semester!

    1. Good luck teaching from home, Eleanor! I know it isn’t the same, but hopefully you and your students can make the most of it this semester. I definitely tidy everything in my camera field behind me when on zoom calls. Haha! I totally understand getting the visible workspace in order. Have a great day!

  9. Hi Sarah! I too, love the back to school season. I’m a teacher so it is usually full of new pencils, new faces and a fresh planner (is there anything better than a new planner?!) We are set to teach in person right now and I am thrilled to meet my new group of 8th graders. But just in case, I am in the process of putting a fresh coat of paint on a home office. Either way, I welcome fall each year :)

    Have a great weekend!

    1. I love hearing this, Nicole! Thank you for being a wonderful teacher! Whatever the school year holds for you and your students, I’m wishing you a happy, healthy, and fun semester. Way to go teachers!! Have a great day :) xo

  10. This fall will be different with both my kiddos off to college. I plan to throw myself into home updates, workouts, & fingers crossed, a little travel.
    I enjoy having a desk even though I am a stay at home mom. I am a sucker for beautiful paper, pencils, notebooks, folders. I enjoyed perusing Appointed’s shop. Loved their downloads for grocery shopping and habit planning. Is this the yearly planner you use? I see why you love it!
    I feel for the teachers this year and all the changes they are having to make. If it is possible, I would nominate Peggy to get this gift. Teachers are an important asset for our kids and their education.
    Have a great weekend Sarah!

    1. I love that for you, Danna! Fingers crossed on the travel. Road trips maybe? All of our travel has been cancelled this year, but we’re still hoping for some (safe / social distancing) weekend getaways. Appointed definitely has the most beautiful organization and office supplies- I really like everything they make :) Yes- that is the yearly planner I’m currently using! I also feel for the teachers and families who are trying to navigate what the school year holds. It’s a tough situation and you’re absolutely right- teachers are such an integral and important asset to our community. Peggi has a little something special headed her way from me (I was thinking the same thing). Hope you have a wonderful weekend too! xo

  11. Rose Keller says:

    My back to school season this year is definitely a new season for me. My granddaughter, who I’ve helped raise from infancy, will be starting online kindergarten. And my days, every other week, will be pared down.
    I’ll be using the newly “free” time and energy to launch the ebooks I’m working on for the midlife marketer on social media.
    My eventuality is, that I’ll move closer to my girls. Which will take me about 4 hours from my current location. My first big move in 50 years!

    1. Wow, Rose! Sounds like an incredible and exciting season for you. Congrats on your ebook launch and enjoy helping your granddaughter with online kindergarten. That is so special! I’m guessing this will be a bittersweet chapter for you. Moving is very exciting! Best of luck to you :) xo


    My back to school looks like a new printer (so excited because it prints 11×17), a new molesskin because my others are all full, and some new drawings pens…I dont go to school but I work from home regularly and love to get myself set up for the fall.

    1. That’s amazing Camille! I also appreciate a nice notebook, sketching pens, and an awesome printer. Enjoy your new goodies this season :)

  13. Christina Papadopulos says:

    How timely! I held off on setting up a home office, thinking this would be temporary. I’ve been working off of my kitchen counter, but now that it’s apparent, this is going long term, it’s time to set up shop! I love your set up and I can’t wait to delve deeper into some of your home office posts.

    “Back to school” means setting up desks for my kids too, who will both be home with me full time (along with our dog). Lord help us! We’ll get through this as best as we can, but having a nice, organized, tranquil, comfortable, work station will go a long way towards helping us do that.

  14. We are looking at desks right now
    For my 15 year life of daughter. I love your desk. Can you share your source? Its so simple and clean.

    Thank you

  15. what a fun giveaway! My husband and I are both working from home now, the longer this lasts the most I think we need another desk and not the ktichen table :P

  16. Sofia McLaren says:

    Such a beautiful space. Trying to set up my space for doing online college at home.

  17. Joy Estes says:

    Love your office setup! Minimal and functional always makes for a beautiful space. I just graduated from college in May, so back-to-school season for me looks like job searching and figuring out how to organize my time without a school schedule.

  18. Francesca CZachor says:

    This would look amazing for my daughter who is starting med school in a few weeks. She wants to set up a space like this to make it her zen den!!!

  19. LOVE your workspace! Your attention to details is everything! I’m a second grade teacher preparing to be going live in each online for my little class. It should be a very interesting year here in California. Thank you for such beautiful inspo!

  20. Home is the centre of attention this fall. Everyone in our household will be either working from home or virtually learning. Thankful we each have our own spaces to go to for work/school but really feeling for the teachers and students this year. This is such a sweet giveaway! Thank you so much. As always your blog posts and insta posts are on point and a point of reference.

  21. My back to school season consists of moving to a new house and hopefully winning this giveaway to outfit my new home office! Feeling exceptionally grateful to have a new home and job to do this fall!

  22. Love this blog post and it’s exactly what I’ve needed lately. I am a social worker/therapist in South Side Chicago and meeting with my patients has always been a passion of mine. Since March, all of my patients have been transitioned to virtual sessions. Although I am thankful to still be seeing them safely and continuing my practice, it has been difficult to now be working from home and maintaining the relationships in my work. I have been slowly trying to create a space I love and feel inspired in and I appreciate all of your tips!

  23. I have the same desk as you but mine definitely does not look as beautiful! I need to do some cleaning up! Our back to school season actually looks similar to years’ past. My work in continuing on from home and my husband’s dental school will be starting back up in person. There are some alterations but nothing compared to what others are experiencing with school changes. Such a beautiful space you have!

  24. Catherine says:

    Back to school this year is my second year ever *not* being in school! So it looks like re-settling into my home office, ordering a custom day planner, planning through the end of the year and reading, reading, reading

  25. Oh, beautiful office supplies (& offices!), how I adore thee. What a beautiful giveaway – Appointed is THE best. Not only do they make the most beautiful and quality items, their customer service is excellent. (This comment isn’t sponsored-just love them.😄) The 2nd small bedroom in our condo was *supposed* to be my office (thanks, Covid), but B has had to take it over since he works on a huge monitor (can they make those any uglier?!) and is on calls a lot of the time during the day. We’re trying to figure out now how (and if) we can get a two desk setup in there. The room is practically 10×10 with a weird door placement, a closet that intrudes into the room and a large window taking up another wall. It’s a challenge I have NOT wanted to deal with, but both us in 1300 sq ft is definitely wearing on me and getting a beautiful, functional office set up would go a long way. I LOVE all these finds, especially the velvet desk chair and I’m sure I can find some lovely pieces that will help make it all work. Well, it doesn’t feel like Fall here at all yet. I cannot wait for cooler temps, colorful trees, sweaters and cuddling up in front of the fireplace. Can you make it come sooner please, Sarah? You’re clearly a miracle worker. 😚

  26. Beautiful! We are moving in a few weeks and have a lovely little Sitting Room connected to our Master Bedroom, would LOVE to have a little office set up to take care of bills, etc. Both my husband and I work away from home and our little one goes to daycare. I would love to be able to work from home, I’m a homebody…one day I hope! :)

  27. Margaret Bernard says:

    Back to School is one of my favorite times of the year! This year looks a little different as I’ll be switching from high school teacher to full time student as I pursue my masters degree. Since teaching/ learning in my state is going to be mostly online for the first month or so I’ve been trying to update and organize my home office to function better and be a space I enjoy. Your blog has been a great resource for beauty and functionality!

  28. Sarah, I LOVE your design sensibility so much. I’ve been really obsessing over your feed/blog lately. Your previous kitchen is inspo for a little mini-reno in our soon-to-be kitchen! (First time home buyers) I’m also loving this office post and the way you paired the vintage cane chair with the simple IKEA desk!

  29. My “back to school” season this year is more like “back to working on my business” season 😂 I’ve been working hard to set up the ground-work for a side business idea I’ve been wanting to pursue for a long time. I finally have time this summer to dedicate time and planning for a a launch in the fall!

  30. Back to school sure looks a lot different this year! School is virtual for now, and I’ll be teaching both in my classroom and from home. At same time I’ll be helping my second grader and taking care of my four-year-old. So it will be interesting, to say the least! I need to get my home office in shape and am definitely taking some inspiration from this post!

    1. Congrats Jasmine!! You’re the giveaway winner :) Look for an email from me soon!

    2. CONGRATULATIONS, Jasmine! So excited for you! You’ll love Appointed. Good luck with the new school year and your home office!

  31. Linda Colwes says:

    I love back to school! I always need to get new supplies for a fresh start. I am also a big fan of Appointed…the quality and price are outstanding. And, like you, prefer to keep it old school and write everything down! I really appreciate the office ideas…I’m in the market for a new desk chair and these are some great options!

  32. First, can I just express how much I love and value your account? Your aesthetic is so unique and refined while still being so fresh! Thank you for all your efforts to share with us!

    This year, like most, our back to school will be different than planned😂 I have a six year old and three year old and this was supposed to be the first year for me to have a little break since my oldest is starting 1st grade and youngest, preschool. Instead, I’ll be homeschooling for the first time🤣…It’ll be interesting to say the least, but I’m trying to focus on the positives, like getting to spend more time just focused on my kids but also allow myself to feel whatever feelings that come from the added stress that this change can and I’m sure will bring!

    Accounts like yours keep me entertained and engaged during these crazy times! Thanks again:)

  33. For me, back to school takes the form of virtual work training. I already love Appointed and I actually transfer all my major work meetings onto a printout of their digital weekly planning worksheet so I’m not tempted to open my computer to check my schedule during off hours

  34. I love this post! It’s so timely for me….I just got word that my office is remaining 100% remote until at least January 2021! I had been putting off setting up a permanent home office because I thought I’d be going back to work sooner rather than later. My husband and I decided to start redoing one of our extra bedrooms to make it a guest room/office for me to work from. I’m book marking SO many of these finds for later! :)

  35. Love your home office! Mine needs some work but I’m actually having to start commuting into work again this week. It’s freaky being in an empty office—pandemic times are so strange. Maybe beautiful office supplies would distract me from the scariness!!

  36. Hi Sarah! :) love everything about this post, esp. your new FB marketplace stools!
    For me this year, the school year is going to be tough, yet exciting. I’m a nursing student who is currently expecting my first child (girl!) with my husband, and planning on returning this fall to finish up right before her due date on Christmas. It’s going to be a stressful time, but I’ve been diligent so far & have a great support system, so I think I’ll be able to complete on time, and my advisors have been helpful. The pandemic definitely changed a lot for me, but I’m hoping it’ll all settle down right before Christmas, and with virtual classes, it’ll be much easier on me.
    Your account & The Makerista have definitely been an amazing distraction from uncertainty, I’ve been able to dream up her nursery using your resources & color pallet & super excited to make it happen!

  37. Viktorija says:

    My kiddos are 3 and 4, so there’s no official back-to-school here—just a whole lot of adventuring! And maybe just a little bit of structured learning. ;)

  38. First, and perhaps most important, is that back to school time reminds me the Christmas 🎄 holidays are right around the corner! I love to pick up crafting supplies (scissors, glue, etc.) this time of year. I also use this time of year to pick up supplies for my home office. I, like you, like to keep organized by writing things down and keeping a running to do list. It’s a great time to pick up extra notebooks!

  39. I love appointed too!!!
    This year, back to school will look like teaching middle school math in my own home, using zoom and finding resources to help engage and teach my new students!

  40. We just moved and I find myself referencing your blog and insta constantly. You have the best taste!! My next project I am planning on tackling is our home office. Your post is very timely! I love #16 lamp, going to snag for our desk. I love looking through your blog for design tips, product links and inspo.

  41. I’m actually really excited for back to school this year. No kids for us, so thankfully I don’t have that stress on top of everything else. But my husband (who’s in his second year of owning and running his own small business) is starting college again in a few weeks – going to complete his bachelors, and I’m SO proud of him.

    Love all the home office inspo in this post! Maybe this can motivate me to clean out our home office (aka junk room) and make it a functional space to help him through his night classes. I’ve never heard of Appointed, but that giveaway collection looks beautiful, I’m going to check out their website right after this.

  42. Cathy Pink says:

    What a thoughtful giveaway! While I don’t have children, this back to school season is an extended work from home season for me 🙃. This past week I’ve been buying some new office furniture bc I was using a makeshift office that was not cutting it ergonomically. This is definitely giving me the office inspo Im looking for 😍.

  43. Mary Beck says:

    Crossing fingers, saying prayers and breathing deeply (but not in close quarters!) is how we are heading back to school. With a 7th, 4th and 2nd grader, it’s gonna be busy and interesting. They are desperate for some degree of “normalcy” though so they are excited for however long the classroom setting lasts. I think winning a bag of beautiful office supplies might help me cope though. :)

  44. Out back to school is still very much up in the air, due to COVID. Waiting for decisions from the schools regarding full time classes (at full capacity 😱) and then what each of our employers will be doing. Right now I’m full time WFH, while our downtown office is closed, but that may reopen in another couple of months – which will affect our ability to keep our daughter home from school full time to do remote learning until all this all sorted. We take it day by day :). Thanks for the opportunity to win such a great package of goodies! Glad you and your hubby will also be settling back into routines you both prefer!

  45. A planner by nature, this year has been a test in flexibility and I am ready to get back to it! I love this time of year! I work in education, have a school-age child and this year I will be “spinning more plates” than ever. haha This is an inspiring collection and is sure to uplift those industrious moments!

  46. Rachelskirts says:

    So many lovely ideas in this post! I’m done with school days (at least for now), but back-to-school shopping has always been my favorite “season.” I just can’t resist cute office supplies! I treated myself to a new journal and planner already, but you’ve inspired me to do even more sprucing up (especially since it looks like I’ll be working from home for many more months now). Thanks for the great round-up, as always!

  47. I am a Paraeducator at a middle school, but we will be distance learning this fall. I look forward to working from home. Love all your spaces. Your office looks a wonderful place to work.

  48. Back to school means back to teaching from my apt. My classroom plants have become my house plants!

  49. What a wonderful blog to run into! I wish I could keep my desk as organized as this but these days, it’s toys and LEGO’s everywhere. Life is full of adventure and now looking to a new year of homeschooling a kindergartener while working from home for a consultancy. Here’s to hoping I’ll make it out of 2020 still sane!

  50. Love following you on instagram! We are in the process of redesigning our home office. We figured since it is the home that we spend so much time in it these days it would be great to give it a new look and fresh it up, just something to be excited abut :)

  51. Back to school will be me working remotely and kids in school, one in Grade 4 all day and one in Grade 10 in a hybrid model – not sure how that’s going to work but I need a much tidier office, that much I do know !!

  52. Your office setup is clean, simple, and gorgeous! I’ve been working from home for 6 years and FINALLY moved into a house with a dedicated office space last month! Now to decorate :) I just found your blog today and I’m excited to get some more office decor inspo!

  53. Adrienne Bell says:

    I’m a teacher at a school of almost 4,000 students. There was no way we could go back like normal. We are currently teaching completely virtual until the foreseeable future 😳

  54. Ashley Glor Crocker says:

    Back to school is looking virtual for us

  55. Alyce Norcross says:

    I have always loved back to school time, but this year is especially fun as I’m going back to school for the first time in a few years to get my Master’s degree in public health policy. Due to COVID, I’ll be learning remotely which means my WFH space is even more important! I love the intentionality behind your office choices, to make a simple, but beautiful aesthetic to inspire! I’ve been following Appointed Co. for awhile and would love to use some of their products for my upcoming school year!

  56. Christi Smith says:

    Quite a bit of anxiety around back to school this year for sure! We are maybe ahead of the game as I just set up a remote learning/homework room!!! Love your home office!

  57. I love back-to-school time! Trying to channel the positive vibes this year as our school will be different. I think flexibility and grace will be key.

  58. Back to school for me looks like starting a new remote job in September as well as taking courses for my CFP certification! With so much time at home in my office, I love these items in the giveaway that would make it functional AND aesthetic pleasing to enjoy! Thanks so much for all your content, love it!!

  59. As a teacher, it’s looking like back to school will be me teaching virtually from an empty classroom. Definitely weird times!

  60. Back to school looks a whole lot like summer vacation. Spending the days working in the newly decorated gown office and getting extra time to snuggle my dog and cat!

  61. The back to school season for me has always meant excitement over new school supplies, even since I’ve been out of school! Funny, I still think of them as school supplies, and Staples is one of my favorite places. This season I need to focus on revamping my desk (set up in the living room of a small one bedroom apartment) so I don’t feel like I’m looking at my work at all hours, and refocus on exercise. I’m also signing up for an online course to maximize work skills while at home anyway, so the planner would be so helpful in tracking assignments.

  62. Grace McLarty says:

    Back to school looks like back to my makeshift kitchen table desk this year. These goodies would be great to help spice up my fall days!

  63. Gretchen Ekstrom says:

    Saving so many links from this post as we’re working through an office refresh! Thanks for always being such a resource.

    Back-to-school, ay ay ay. Everyone’s impacted and making adjustments, right? I’m sorting through how to stay organized while taking a new position and caring for a five-month-old. Everyday is a new lesson in flexibility, amiright?

  64. I love how neat and organized your projects always are.

  65. Love it all! We will be kicking off this back to school season with doing distance kindergarten from our office nook. Hope to bring some order to the space to make it more conducive to learning!

  66. Lauren Than says:

    Fellow back-to-school supply lover here! 🙋🏻‍♀️ I’m an elementary school principal so my back to school prepping started the minute that last bell rang in June! It has been quite a summer, prepping for a year full of unknowns, while making sure our kiddos and teachers stay healthy. Thanks for the beautiful post!

  67. Back to school for us means back to traditional in person schooling where we live. With the uncertainty swirling around education these days, having beautiful, quality office supplies to bring order to some of the chaos would be appreciated.

  68. This is exactly the back-to-school inspiration I needed! I’m a doctoral student working on a dissertation, and after a cross-country move, I’ve been struggling with how to make my new office feel elegant and functional. I always loved shopping for school supplies, so it’s not surprising that I would have signed up for a lifetime of first days, but this one has been feeling so different that I hadn’t allowed myself my usual back-to-school excitement. Thank you for your lovely post, which reminded me to smell the bouquets of freshly-sharpened pencils!

  69. Back to school means lovely fall weather :) and of course some organization! Always love the feeling of new beginnings in the fall!

  70. My back to school this year looks like starting a new job. These office supplies would be fantastic ☺️

  71. I wish I knew what back to school looked like for me this year. I am a consultant to public schools across our state (I teach teachers how to work with kids with Autism). No district has sent out their definite opening plans yet — and I’m in so many districts that I’m sure none will line up. It’s only slightly/completely nervewracking. Some fancy new office supplies would definitely help me feel like I have some part of my life together ;)

  72. Dana Leigh Lyons says:

    I teach Chinese Medicine but we’ll be staying in Zoom this fall… I also run my own business remotely, so will be WFH for that too. Still love new school supplies!

  73. Thank you for the back to school/home office tips! I love so many of the items you featured! I’m with you regarding living by your planner. Mine helps so endlessly from work, to work projects, to kids, and to my schooling too (went back to school online) whew! So my planner is my best friend these days! Lol! Hope you guys are all well and keeping safe🤍 sincerely, Adriana from Texas 🤠

  74. Stephanie says:

    Back to school used to be my favorite time of the year – fresh pencils, clean notebooks, don’t even get me started on daily planners. I’ve really taken a dive into the planner/organizer black hole since coming out of vet school since I don’t get to experience the ‘back to school’ days any longer! My days tend to be pretty chaotic so having a nice clean planner to organize my weeks help me to feel put together – even if it’s an illusion! If I write it down enough it’s bound to happen! Thinking of all the new home offices being built across the country gives me some design inspiration to create one of my own.

  75. Back to school! Means more technical training- I have a background in accounting like your husband!

  76. ‘Back to school’ doesn’t exist in this house since we don’t have kids. However, we are still working full-time from home and, as far as we can tell, will be for awhile. So, we are discussing how to sustain a ‘Continue to work’ home office for 2! We need to build another one, clearly. Hahaha

  77. I’m curating pieces for my own home office. I, too, have a weakness for (beautiful) office supplies!

  78. I feel like I’m going back to school even though I finished a few years ago! I’m working from home full time now too like many of us, and my company just announced the office will be closed the rest of 2020. That means I’m finally allowing myself to get my home office in check ordering a proper chair and sprucing the place up to make me more productive!

  79. Ashley Miller says:

    I am beginning my 6th year teaching. We will he face to face. I am blessed to be apart of a community who has provided the option. My husband will be working from home in our newly renovated office inspired by YOU!!!

  80. Back to school season has us working from home for the foreseeable future with three kids under two in the house! I’d love to upgrade my office for those moments when I can away and actually work!

  81. I love this roundup… timely…not only because its back to school season, but because I’m working from home as many of us are now. I think we could all use some pretty office accessories to make us feel good about our workspace. I love that Appointed has a collection for kids as well!

  82. Elizabeth says:

    Back to school shopping was always my favorite as a kid! Nowadays back to school looks like working from home for the rest of 2020 while still figuring out how to make this year special (in a good way ha). I have a built-in desk area at my apartment and have struggled to figure out how to maximize this space and make it the best working environment for me.

  83. Niki Volle says:

    I always loved getting school supplies when I was a kid. I would love some new adult “school” supplies. Love following all your posts. Thanks for your ideas.

  84. Back to school for me will be continued working from home. Since there is no end in sight to working from home I definitely need to update my work space using some of the items you’ve linked above! All beautiful. Looking forward to the glorious fall.

  85. My corporate job is mandatory work from home until at least the end of 2020 so I need to officially get serious about my home office space so I can focus better! Right now I’m working off of a very janky acrylic entry table turned desk. Love your round up and can’t wait to get inspired!

  86. Alyssa Holmes says:

    Love EVERYTHING! If Sarah has it, I pretty much adore it!

    Back to school looks odd for me this year! My husband is deployed and our son is 3. Fiesta, inquisitive, strong willed.. all things 3 year old. My office has been converted to a semi-playroom, functioning for both the little man and I. Some days I feel guilty for my juggle: trying to finish school, keep up house, attempt to an interactive mom, attempt to be a decent friend, all while
    hubby is gone. However, I am SO grateful for the journey and more importantly grateful for the opportunity to get an education. The days are long but the years are short. I would love to spruce up my little office space with this bundle! It’ll definitely motivate me to keep working hard :) Love your work, sweet Sarah!

    Alyssa Holmes

  87. Beautiful post! Thank you for bringing this brand to our attention. I wasn’t familiar until now, but how do they make office supplies look SO good?!

    My husband and I just moved into a 3 bed condo in Chicago. The third bed/office is so tiny and giving me the hardest time design wise, and I’m struggling for inspiration but following along with you always helps. There’s no natural light, a window that faces a brick wall. Wish me luck!

  88. Rebecca Partee says:

    Thank you for sharing so many amazing tips. They way you teach your readers always takes things that are overwhelming and makes me say, “so that’s how to do it!” This year back to school will be virtual for our 5 year old until covid cases start decreasing in our county. Thank you for all you share with us!

  89. Mary Beth Sheridan says:

    Hi Sarah!

    Back to school and back to work around our place! My daughter is going back to college and couldn’t be more excited. I can’t blame her—it’s been a long 6 months and remote learning has its challenges. But the health and safety of our little and big kids is obviously on every parent’s mind. My daughter and I are both organizational nuts and love how coordinated and tasteful these products are—whether working from home, or heading back to school. Thanks a lot for sharing! Mary Beth

  90. I would love to give this little back to school set to my Mom! She has been teaching for over 25 years. She was really struggling with going back to school this year, however once she got back in her classroom things have been better than expected! I think the biggest challenge for her this school year is not being able to do group projects the same way she always has! I think teachers deserve more credit for all of the hard work they put in for so many students! ❤️

  91. This fall is going to be tough. I work in collegiate athletics for the University of Utah and with the news of cancelled sports until January 2021 I have been furloughed and will need to seek remote work as my husband has underlying conditions and must work remotely until a vaccine comes as well. With both of us working from home I would be so grateful for your back to school roundup and use it to help myself and husband work from home! Ultimately the ability to have a job, be healthy, and work from the comforts of our home is a blessing alone. Winner of not – absolutely love your page and will continue to follow every design idea and project along the way! :)

  92. In nursing school so it looks busy busy!! But I did manage to snatch an ikea desk and hopefully going to have ikea hack desk soon.

  93. Kassie Darling says:

    I’ve been really struggling with how to have a desk that looks both cute and functional since my desk sits out in a main room of my house. This is extremely helpful and as always I’m obsessed with the warmer but neutral color scheme! Love!

  94. What an awesome giveaway? My back to school plan involves advancing my nursing degree. I will be attending UPENN…mostly remote learning due to recent restrictions. So I will be using my home office more than ever. Thanks for always sharing.

  95. I am getting used to not having an official “back to school” for myself, having gone from student to teacher to grad student. I will always think of years in school year cycles, and will always look for an excuse for new school supplies! I work for a family and currently help their three kiddos with their schoolwork, so this year will be full of adjustment and learning for all of us! Finding things to write down, even the small stuff, has given me a sense of normalcy in a time where I’m definitely craving routine.

  96. Sarah Pederson says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Our family just relocated to Houston from Canada for my husbands work. We are finding it to be pretty challenging with the kids going back to school, getting enrolled in a new school, in a new country, and trying to make a new house our home. You have provided some pretty great ideas and given me some great new places to shop to make our work spaces warm and a motivating place to be through out the day! Thank you for the inspiration!
    Sarah Pederson

  97. love love love the clean lines! 😍 esp with the appointed products! beautiful!

  98. I’m not in school so this season will just be a continuation of working from home for me, but I also LOVE the sense of a fresh start from a brand new notebook or planner. Love that you’re sharing Appointed with us!

  99. Lindsay Filcoff says:

    Mine is back to work. This time has made me realize I need to maintain time for myself to recharge and take care of myself. I have had to create a quiet space for myself to work!

  100. I work in a school and going back definitely feels different this year. It has been nice to work from home, and make my desk more functional. I’ll be honest and say I am a little tepid to go back to school. Hoping there is a vaccine for COVID soon!

  101. My company just let us know that we won’t be back into the office until AT LEAST 12/31 so sadly there is no back to school or work season for me! I’m investing in some additional home office items to maintain my productivity (and keep my sanity!) so I love this post and I’ve been a fan of Appointed for years

  102. Cindy Dahlman says:

    I am a college admissions advisor who will be spending most of the fall working from home. I have four weeks rotating on our campus between now and the end of the year. I have slowly started adding supplies, more ergonomic furniture and things to make working from home much more comfortable. Having the right supplies, set up and attitude make a huge difference! Appointed Co. products are just gorgeous and you can never have enough!

  103. I’m working from home, while continuing my education online and planning a course to launch hopefully before the holiday season. Keeping everything organized and balanced is definitely easier with good quality office supplies. Especially when you’re creating a working space inside your home! Your office setup is so beautiful.

  104. b r e a n n a says:

    everything looks so good in your space – Appointed’s products translate so well…I love everything! and I adore the ottomans you added; such a great find! 🙌🏼🤍

  105. Kelly Zech says:

    Back to school season will by hybrid for my 12 year old this year. I love fall and back to school supplies, so will have to treat myself to a few new things along with his supplies. :)