Happy Anniversary to My Better Half

Happy Anniversary to My Better Half - roomfortuesday.comI figured this short, light-hearted, personal post was extra appropriate coming back from the long holiday weekend… how was your weekend, by the way? Ours was productive and restful- the best of both worlds. Anyway, today is our anniversary and I wanted to surprise my better half (that’s Emmett, obviously!) with this special post and give you guys a more personal peek into our past. Click through for some pretty good old photos (circa 2003 and beyond) and 10 things you might not know about us, as a couple… cue the PDA (which is usually not our thing, BTW).

Happy Anniversary to My Better Half - roomfortuesday.comI get a LOT of messages along the lines of, “You are so lucky to have a husband who is handy!” While Emmett is amazing and awesome at projects, construction, and all things renovating- I’m most thankful to have a supportive, loving partner who shares common interests and dreams with me (which happens to include home stuff). Teamwork, love, support, and adventure has always been our mindset and priorities. We quickly learned we’re much better together than we are trying to achieve something alone, and have more fun along the way. We’re opposite in many ways, but similar in others. I think we have a nice balance going that works well for us. All of that to say- I do feel extremely lucky… Emmett being handy is just a bonus!

Happy Anniversary to My Better Half - roomfortuesday.comWe were just kids when we started dating. It’s not the norm, but somehow it worked out for us and we’ve been together since age 15. We went to the same junior high (Emmett moved to my school in the six grade), high school, and college. We grew up together, we went to school together, we competed against each other (high school 4-H photo below), we’ve experienced many “firsts” together (driving, prom, loss, graduations, jobs, travel, home ownership, etc), and we’ve always had / have a lot of fun together.

Happy Anniversary to My Better Half - roomfortuesday.comThat’s really what we’re still doing- learning, growing, and dreaming. That’s actually one of the things I love most about our relationship- we push each other to dream big and think outside the box. We love imagining and re-imagining our future, which seems to be ever changing. We both agree we never would’ve guessed how things have played out so far, which feels fun and exciting.

Happy Anniversary to My Better Half - roomfortuesday.com

10 Things You Might Not Know About Us
  1. Our first home projects together began in high school- tackling demo and hanging drywall for Emmett’s parents during their DIY remodel.
  2. My engagement / wedding ring is vintage (I just have one ring). Emmett knew me well- even back then… I prefer unique, vintage, and beautiful!
  3. Our wedding photographer ghosted us (after we had already paid). We even took photos after our honeymoon with her on the family farm riding our horses… we never got any of them.
  4. Someday (longterm dream), we want to BUILD our “forever home”. You know… build from scratch, not renovate an existing place.
  5. Our worst argument was over a home project (it isn’t always easy to renovate with your spouse!)… in our first home- wallpapering the hallway.
  6. We’re a very outdoorsy couple (if you haven’t already noticed)– we have the most fun getting outside together- skiing, kayaking, off roading, hiking, fishing, camping, horseback riding, etc.
  7. We got married on a ranch and our entire wedding was DIY because we were on a mega budget.
  8. Our favorite cuisine, as a couple, is Italian… we do homemade pizza & pasta nights often. We’ve celebrated many occasions and have lots of memories in Italian restaurants.
  9. We’re that couple who always matches. Plus- Emmett likes to buy us the same exact gear & clothing (eye roll- this drives me nuts). We show up in the same hiking boots, rain coat, hat, and pants- mine is just the women’s version (same color and everything). Haha!
  10. Our music preference is bluegrass, country, or folk… though we like most types of music- that’s just what we listen to together most of the time.

Happy Anniversary to My Better Half - roomfortuesday.comWhile lots of things have changed, we still love doing many activities we used to do back in the day- skiing, traveling, doing things outside, etc. We really do have the best time together. The above “then” image was around 2006 (Emmett had braces for almost 7 years to get those nice teeth), and the below “then” image is circa 2008. My hair color changed often back then.

Happy Anniversary to My Better Half - roomfortuesday.comThis year we had a couple big adventures and trips planned, but like everyone else- all of our travel was canceled. We’re hoping we can get back to adventuring in new places again soon. That’s something we’ve always loved and it’s a fun way we celebrate our anniversary. In the below “then” image, we took a three week cross country camping trip and hit most of the national parks. That was our first time in the Redwood Forest.

Happy Anniversary to My Better Half - roomfortuesday.comI took all of our engagement photos with a tripod and my camera on a timer, in the pasture on the farm. We were on a college student budget and I was in art school, so of course I thought it was an awesome, creative idea to DIY engagement photos. The below image (and the intro image) are results from that shoot- a decade ago! It’s fun to look back at some of those now.

Happy Anniversary to My Better Half - roomfortuesday.comOver the course of 15+ years, we’ve gained some weight, found a few gray hairs, made lots of memories, and have had our share of ups & downs, but I wouldn’t want to do life with anyone else. Happy anniversary, Emmett! Our plan is to get out and adventure today- perhaps a picnic in the mountains after work. I hope you’re all having a good Tuesday and enjoyed this tiny peek into our past! Don’t worry- I’ve got a regular home post lined up for tomorrow. In the meantime- do you have any questions for us? Like why I wore so much makeup in high school and college (my mom tried to warn me it wasn’t a good look)? What it was like growing up on farms (spoiler- we had a lot of horseback riding & 4-wheeler dates)? The story of our wedding photographer? Maybe I’ll save that one for another day. We’re happy to answer questions in the comment section below! Ok, ok… end of sappy post.

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  1. Happy Anniversary!!!! I loved reading about you guys! Thank you so much for sharing. I find it incredibly romantic and admirable that you two have loved each other and choose one another every day and for so long. Here’s to another amazing and wonderful decade of true friendship and love to you guys. So happy y’all are here and we get to share in all the beautiful inspiration.

    1. Thank you, Adriana! I’m so glad you liked reading this one :) Really appreciate your well wishes! As always, thanks for your support and for showing up to read and chat! Have a wonderful day. xo

  2. Yes, Happy Anniversary to you both! 👩‍❤️‍👨 This is a lovely post both for now and to keep. (I was waiting for one of your ten things to be that Emmett changed his name and how tricky or not it was to acclimatise to!).

    1. Thank you, Sally! Ahh yes… Emmett’s name. That was a tricky one! It took me a LONG while to adjust to that… in fact, I still call him both- depending on who we are around (friends vs family), but 90% of the time- it’s Emmett. He tries to train everyone, but old habits ;) haha!

  3. Happy anniversary to the most adorable dynamic duo! I continue to marvel at the fact that you’ve been together since high school! Let’s just say my taste in teenage boys was…less spectacular. I’ve always wondered about #4! Now that will be an amazing project to follow! Do you already have a secret Pinterest board of inspiration? Fighting over wallpaper installation seems unavoidable, but matching outfits and gear?! Bahahahaha. I’m probably going to be chuckling about that for a while. What kind of dreadful wedding photographer ghosts a couple? I hope your family and friends took lots of candid shots; the few you featured here are lovely! Have a super day. Cheers to many more beautiful, harmonious years!💜💐👰🥂⛷⛺️🔨

    1. Aw thank you, Peggi! I know, I know… it’s crazy to think somehow those 15 year old kids ended up together. #4 is definitely a big dream of ours- but probably not for 20+ years, haha! Emmett keeps an ongoing list of “features for the forever house” on his phone, but no Pinterest board yet. The matching outfits is 100% Emmett- I think at this point, he knows it embarrasses me- which makes it that much more fun for him. The next time we camp in Oregon, we’ll roll up to say hello in matching hiking boots, pants, jackets, and hats… head to toe. Lol! Our wedding photographer was kind of the worst, but it’s a laughable lesson now. I hope you had an awesome and relaxing holiday weekend and your week is off to a great start :)

  4. Happy Anniversary Sarah and Emmett 💗🥳 WOW! Together since high school that’s fabulous. You both are perfect for each other and it shows. All your pics are lovely and you haven’t changed a bit. I can’t believe a wedding photographer ghosted you 😳 Not nice! You two are adorable and deserve the best day! Cheers to an amazingly awesome anniversary 🥂 And to many more!

    1. Thank you, Colleen :) Yesss… luckily, we have some decent photos from friends who attended, but it was a crazy situation. It was an upsetting topic there for a bit, but these days we laugh about it. Ha! I hope your day is off to a fabulous start! xo

  5. Happy, happy anniversary, Sarah and Emmett! I absolutely loved this peek into your relationship- you two are so cute! My husband and I are also high school sweethearts (since age 17 in 2004), so it’s really fun to see photos of you guys from the same era. Being married for so long to your best friend is amazing, and I’m so happy you both get to enjoy that! :)

    1. Thank you, Julie! I love hearing that you and your husband are also high school sweethearts. It’s so fun to grow up with your best friend! Totally agree with you :) Have a happy Tuesday!

  6. Happy anniversary! You two are adorable and your ring is stunning. Wishing you many more years and adventures together.

    1. Thank you so much Melissa! Have a wonderful day :)

  7. This is too cute, happy anniversary to you both! I love reading more about your lives outside of renos (however I love that too), and I’m sorry but the matching gear is TOO funny and cute. Alex and I usually buy the his and hers versions too, but we never get the same colour.

    You two are an inspiration both for your gorgeous homes but also your beautiful love story. And high five for your biggest fight being about wallpapering the hallway… that very same thing nearly ended our relationship once 🤦🏻‍♀️

    Have a wonderful day and here’s to many more happy years!

    1. Thank you, Carly! Ohhh yes- we have alllll the matching gear, lol! Emmett always buys us the same exact color and we look ridiculous. I think he enjoys outfitting us for adventures and outdoor activities. Ha! Wallpapering with your significant other is no joke, right?! I’m glad we’re not the only ones who don’t excel in that area. Thanks for the well wishes :) Have a great day!

  8. Happy anniversary! I’m curious, is your ring a family piece or did Emmett just get incredibly lucky while ring shopping? It’s gorgeous! I hope you’re both able to leave work a little early today for some mini adventuring :)

    1. Thank you, Stacy! I wish my ring was a family heirloom, but Emmett bought it from an estate jewelry company… I’m not even sure if they’re still around, but he wanted to make sure it had the gem certification paperwork and history attached. We had it inspected and appraised shortly after, and initially it had to have some tightening, since it’s so old- the settings loosened over time. It has a cool history though!

  9. Happy Anniversary! A picnic in the mountains sounds like a great way to celebrate too! I think it really speaks well of your relationship that you are still together having begun when you were 15. Lots of major life events happen between 15 and 30. Here’s to many more! 😀 oh, and Emmett buying y’all matching outfits is going to keep me laughing for a while! Haha!

    1. Thanks Brittany! Unfortunately, we woke up to a bad storm- so I think our plans just shifted from mountain picnic to damage control (dealing with uprooted trees and debris). Emmett has requested a rain check for our date. Haha! You’re so sweet- thanks again for your kind words :) And yes- the matching outfits are ridiculous… clearly not my idea. lol!

  10. Trish Callison says:

    Happiest of anniversaries. Love following you and seeing imagination and fruition all in one! ♥️♥️♥️

    1. Thank you, Trish! Have a great Tuesday :)

  11. This was a fun post, thanks for sharing! I love that you have been together since your were kids!!! However, I am sick about your wedding photos!! Holy cow, that is so wrong. My daughter got married last year and picked a popular instagram photographer to do her pics here in Salt Lake and the pictures turned out worse than any pictures I have ever seen in my life. No joke. We paid big bucks too. Some times you just have to laugh it off, like what you said. We aren’t at that point yet, but I appreciate your attitude! That helps a lot!

    1. I’m so glad you liked it, Julie! I’m really sorry to hear about your daughter’s wedding photos. They are definitely not cheap and it’s such a huge part of capturing memories on a momentous, special day. Even if they’re not in focus or aren’t something she and your family are proud to share or frame- at least they can look back and hopefully the memories of the day will come flooding back. Someday you’ll be able to laugh about it. It took us awhile, but now it’s a funny story and the memories of our wedding day are still so sweet. Much like your situation, our photographer came highly recommended (we actually spent more money on photos than food, decor, the venue, etc), and as a photographer myself- I interviewed her and gave her a verbal ‘test’ (Emmett was mortified at the time), but I was that crazy bride who wanted cool photos. I’m like, “What ISO do you use in low light… tell me the camera settings!” haha! I was kind of nuts. Anyway… I’m sorry that happened to your daughter. We always say we’re going to get dressed up and “re-do” wedding photos someday- maybe that would be fun for your daughter and her husband, too? Hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend!

  12. Love the photos!! Happy Anniversary to you two! So happy I was there to share your special day!

    1. Thank you Stacy!! Us too- it meant so much having you all there :) xo

  13. Shelley Gabbie says:

    Awww I love this story of young love! I too married my JR high guy and we are in our 60’s now. Just knowing this sneak peek of y’all has me loving you both more and more; not only your design style. Take care of your marriage above all and guard your hearts. Happy anniversary 🥰

    1. Aw!! I love hearing that, Shelley :) I feel really lucky we met so young and get “extra” time together- it sounds like you’re in the same boat! Thanks for the well wishes. Hope you’re having a great day! xo

  14. Oh my gosh Sarah, what a fun post. You two are adorable — happy anniversary and many congratulations !!! So fun seeing the pictures through the years.

    I am sorry you woke up to storm after-effects when you had hoped to go picnic! Hopefully you won’t have to wait too long.

    1. Aw thanks, Kim! Glad you liked this one :) We were lucky in regards to the storm… we didn’t sustain as much damage as our neighbors. It was definitely a wild morning over here. Hope your week is going well! xo

  15. wenda scott says:

    I loved this post. You are both so darling and lucky to have found each other i think. Not a lot of people find their soul mates. Happy Anniversary and congratulations. Best regards, Wenda Scott

    1. Thank you so much, Wenda! Really appreciate the warm wishes :) Hope you’re having a good week! xo

  16. Happy anniversary – and thanks for sharing! My husband and I started dating in high school, also at 15. We went to different high schools and universities but have been married 40 years, through 4 homes, 3 states, 2 daughters, 1 granddaughter. May you continue to love and adventure with each other as your best friend.

    1. Thank you so much, Kari! I love your love story :)

  17. Happy belated Anniversary!! What a walk down memory lane courtesy of your photos. I think those who find their soulmates at such a young age are a special rarity; definitely gives me all the feels to see the “then” and “now”…truly incredible!! We have our wedding photos, but truth be told, I’ve never had them printed because I didn’t like any of the portraits he did of the two of us. Our engraved wedding album is empty. Lol. I always fantasize about dressing up and having a photo shoot redo, lol. Maybe someday. For now, the empty album is the dirty little secret that only a few people know. Haha!! I hope you get your picnic before the end of the week, and I just love that you shared this with us. Happy Anniversary to both of you!

    1. Thank you so much, Lauren :) We definitely feel lucky to have met so young. I feel like many people have had terrible experiences with their wedding photographers, or have been disappointed with the outcome. It makes me so sad to hear that. I’m laughing that your wedding album is empty- I vote for a redo shoot! It just sounds like a lot of fun! Hope you’re having a great week. xo

  18. Belated happy anniversary, S&E!! So sad you had to cancel your picnic, but it looks like the weather should get it’s act together by the weekend and that definitely won’t be too late to celebrate! As wedding photographers (I swear we NEVER ghosted anyone or didn’t deliver images we ourselves would absolutely adore-I know I’ve heard your story before, but it still makes me so sad AND mad for you!), we were working many anniversaries, birthdays, and holidays so we always celebrated “around” the date, since it’s not really about the actual date anyway. It’s incredibly special that you and Emmett have grown up together and towards each other over the years. 💞Our anniversary is coming up, too this month so I feel I can say with authority that September weddings and anniversaries are the best. 😁PS-your vintage ring is just GORGEOUS, lady. Great job, Emmett!! Cheers to you both!

    1. Thank you, Anne! We’re going to celebrate this weekend instead :) I wish I would’ve known you back then- I would’ve hired you in a heartbeat! You’re the kind of photographers that people hope to hire- talented, kind, genuine, professional, … the list goes on. Do you two have anything fun planned for your upcoming anniversary?! I hope you’re able to celebrate. I totally agree- September weddings and anniversaries are the best (obviously we’re biased, haha). Hope you have a wonderful and relaxing weekend!! Thanks again! xo

      1. Aw, you’re too sweet. Thank you, Sarah. You know I’m all for the “years after” photos!! Nineteen years next week for us! We’re planning on dinner out (hopefully!) and are hoping to hit Crested Butte in the coming weeks for some fall color. The leaves on our tree outside our window have already started changing a little. Bring on allllll the Fall! Have a great anniversary weekend, Sarah!

        1. That sounds absolutely PERFECT :)

  19. Cathy Pink says:

    I never in a million years would’ve pictured y’all to be the matchy matchy couple. Loved reading about your journey together. Happy Anniversary!! Wishing you many many more ❤️

    1. Haha!! Believe it. It’s totally Emmett’s fault though. I think I’ve just come to terms with it, at this point. Lol! Thanks for the well wishes Cathy :) xo

  20. Happy belated anniversary! That story of the wallpaper made me laugh. We have the same wallpaper (Oh Joy Petal Pusher in Gold (if that’s the one you’re referring to)) because of you! We too, got in a fight while installing it. I threw a paper towel at him (I know, ouch), and said “You do it!”. He did, it looks amazing, and he loves to tell that story when people ask about the wallpaper. My mother said wallpaper is a one person job. She was right. 😊

    Congratulations again!

    1. Thank you, Kristin! Maybe that beautiful wallpaper is cursed?! Haha! That’s exactly what happened to us (minus the paper towel, lol). One of us ended up saying, “fine- you do it” and had to leave the house for a few hours. Ha! I think your mother is onto something- wallpaper is certainly a one person job :) Have a great week! xo