My Favorite Halloween Decor from Fellow Designers & Bloggers

My Favorite Halloween Decor from Fellow Designers & Bloggers - roomfortuesday.comGrab your coffee, pumpkin spice whatever, snuggle up with a throw, and prepare for some seriously fun seasonal inspiration! The last post I shared on halloween decor in our home was a couple years ago- check it out here. We were about to move and I styled the built-ins in our previous home one last time. This year, I’ve been far too busy to bust out all of my Halloween decor, so I kept it simple with pumpkins and a festive fall porch. Instead, I’m finding joy in the festive decor that has been popping up in my feed lately! Whether you’re decorating (and celebrating) this season or not, I thought it would be fun to share beautiful vignettes from 12 fellow designers and bloggers. Who knows- maybe in addition to Halloween decorating inspiration, you’ll also find some new favorites to follow! Click through… 

#1 // Spooky Exterior
My Favorite Halloween Decor from Fellow Designers & Bloggers -

You can catch Jenna’s full Halloween front yard tour in this post… it’s a classic way to decorate the exterior without being too creepy! I’m digging the bats, her cheesecloth ghosts, the solar lighting, and the overall scene of her home lit up at night for October.

#2 // Timeless Halloween Decor
My Favorite Halloween Decor from Fellow Designers & Bloggers -

Gwen always goes all out for Halloween, and each year I’m more impressed with her decor and overall theme! She has yet to reveal her BIG halloween scheme this year, but I’m already loving the little (creepy) details she has been sprinkling throughout for fall.

#3 // Bats in The Stairwell
My Favorite Halloween Decor from Fellow Designers & Bloggers -

Cass installed minimal bats in her neutral stairwell for a high-contrast look, and I really enjoy the simplicity of the vignette! It’s fun, it’s festive, and it’s fast… that’s the best kind of holiday decor- especially for Halloween! I also really enjoy her composition of the bats flying upward, taking you around the corner. They make you want to walk upstairs.

#4 // Classic Fall Stoop
My Favorite Halloween Decor from Fellow Designers & Bloggers -

Josh can do no wrong when it comes to decorating the interior of his home- or the exterior. He recently moved into this charming place in DC, and he’s already winning the hearts of his neighbors. Talk about a gorgeous fall photo op! This entire situation is timeless and traditional, in the best possible way.

#5 // Layered Fall Vignette
My Favorite Halloween Decor from Fellow Designers & Bloggers -

Just because you want to celebrate Halloween and make your home feel festive this fall, doesn’t mean you have to incorporate pumpkins, ghosts, and mums. This stunning vignette Heather pulled together is a great example of how to use regular objects to create that coveted fall feeling. From the foraged branches to the melted wax candles, this image is all about BALANCE. Masculine and feminine elements, geometric and organic, hard edges and soft wispy florals… are you noticing how it all works together and still feels seasonally appropriate? Very well done!

#6 // Seasonal Shelving
My Favorite Halloween Decor from Fellow Designers & Bloggers -

Next up, this bright and cheerful kitchen moment styled by Michael stopped me mid scroll. This is another perfect example of how that coveted fall feeling is translated in an interior space, without feeling overly decked out for Halloween. It’s warm, inviting, eclectic, and works well for October AND November… kudos for styling seasonal decor that has staying power or longevity. That makes the holiday season so much easier!

#7 // Eclectic Halloween Shelf Styling
My Favorite Halloween Decor from Fellow Designers & Bloggers -
@hellosaratrampinteriors // @em_henderson

Sara’s spooky built-in showed up on Emily Henderson’s feed this week, and of course I love the color and the dramatic spiderweb that boldly intersects this vignette! It feels dark, moody, interesting, and perfect for Halloween. It’s one of those that make you want to get closer and peruse the contents of the shelves.

#8 // Seasonal Details
My Favorite Halloween Decor from Fellow Designers & Bloggers -

There is a lot to admire in this simple, seasonal photo- it’s traditional, but it also feels designerly and fresh. Mandy snapped a close up of her mums on a woven tray alongside a skull, pumpkin, and a seasonal candle, but I can’t help but notice the goodness that is happening in the background! Despite the shallow depth of field, I’m taking note of the tortoise shell, the cheesecloth draped over a beautiful painting, the bird, and a stunning dark dining room.

#9 // Warm and Modern Entry
My Favorite Halloween Decor from Fellow Designers & Bloggers -

Marie does it again… sometimes modern entry points or exteriors look cold and uninviting, but not this one! I’m digging the warm mixed metals (brass & copper), the textural wreath, and of course all of those plants and pumpkins! This home also has lots of beautiful metal patina moments to admire. This is why aging isn’t a bad thing, my friends! It gets better with time.

#10 // Affordable Halloween Decor
My Favorite Halloween Decor from Fellow Designers & Bloggers -

My friend Erin decorated with mostly paper for Halloween, plus some items she already had. Her focus was creating fun, kid-friendly projects that doubled as decor, and I have to say- it turned out super cute. Those 3-D spiders are adorable! You can catch her entire post and decor tutorial here.

#11 // Fall Curiosities
My Favorite Halloween Decor from Fellow Designers & Bloggers -

Now this is the kind of stuff I LOVE for Halloween- curiosities, oddities, the weird (cool), collected things. Although, if you’ve been following for awhile, you know those butterflies are giving me the heebie jeebies. Jessica shared this shelf styling image at the beginning of October and it feels so right for the upcoming spooky holiday! It has an apothecary sort of vibe, doesn’t it? I’m liking it a lot.

#12 // Whimsical Front Entry
My Favorite Halloween Decor from Fellow Designers & Bloggers -

Here is to hoping Julie invites me over someday-she always creates the most magical seasonal vignettes. The candles, the pumpkins, the soft glow of lights against her shaker siding at sunset, and the wreath on that dutch door… it feels like I could walk inside and smell something pumpkin or cinnamon baking in the oven. It’s picturesque and dreamy! I can only imagine what she has cooking up inside.

My Favorite Halloween Decor from Fellow Designers & Bloggers - roomfortuesday.comThere you have it! 12 fun Halloween and fall inspired vignettes from very talented designers and bloggers I enjoy following. Did you like this post? Did you discover anyone new? I hope it was a fun Thursday treat to immerse yourself in the season! This year, I’m all for celebrating everything… each season, each win, and even the little moments in between. PS: I’m working on a Friday post for you tomorrow, so please check back if you’re interested in a bonus post this week!

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  1. What? I’m here before Peggi? I enjoy your posts and appreciate you sharing other blogger’s post as well. I don’t “do” Halloween…its fall or autumn until Christmas for me. There were some great ideas here today, thank you!

    1. Haha!! Can I tell you how much I love that you all spend your mornings here and begin your day with me?! I so appreciate that! I love that you do fall or autumn until Christmas- that also has staying power now throughout Thanksgiving :) So smart, stylish, and less work! Have a good night, Teri. xo

  2. Haha, Teri! I slept in a litte.🤣
    This was fun! I’m not much of a seasonal decorator, but I do enjoy all the fall things! Front steps piled with pumpkins and mums just make me smile. I laughed out loud at your photo op comment about Josh Young’s stoop and imagined strangers visiting HIS front porch for a session. Gwen’s Halloween shoots every year are bananas! Even as a Halloween hater, I look forward to them. That Marie Flanigan entry is perfection! I am drawn to all things natural, so the cabinet of curiosities intrigues me. If I say that I have a lot of bones, does that worry you? Hmmm. Maybe I’ll get crazy and make a mantle tableau! Here’s to a lovely and productive Thursday…and you know I’ll be back for a Friday post!🍁

    1. I have bones sitting in a cloche and a skeleton head of some small animal and other curiosities on my shelf right now for the holiday – so, bones are not weird? Haha, basically, a shelf full of curiosities that was super fun to pull together. I want an excuse to decorate for anything right now, to bring some happiness (or spook), since we are home so much these days.

      1. I’m in favor of a shelf of curiosities! I think that’s pretty creative and cool :)

    2. Hey- you’re allowed to do that (it’s encouraged around here)!! I’m just happy you show up and spend your morning with me- no matter what time that might be :) I thought the same thing about Josh’s photo-worthy stoop. I bet he is watching MANY people take snapshots on his steps. Haha! Gwen has the best Halloween decor, hands down. She always does an incredible job. Are you surprised that your bone collection doesn’t bother me? Lol! I have lots of weird stuff too… bone, horn, taxidermy, etc. We like what we like. I vote yes to the mantel tableau! I gave myself 15 minutes to style our fireplace today and it was fun. Happy almost pizza Friday! xo

  3. Fall is my favorite time of year 😃🎃 I love the changing of the season, all the colorful decor and walking our neighborhood at night to see everyones creativity unfold with the spookiest of porches and front yards.
    Love the bats, I had them last year over 100 bats on the front of our house but they were much smaller than I expected so this year I made sure I ordered really big ones 😜
    Unfortunately I can’t put out real pumpkins here as too many skunks and critters but I have a few decorative ones that do the trick along side some beautiful mums. I love all the inspiration you have shared here Sarah! Loving Jena Sues exterior 😍 and of course the bats in the stairwell. It’s so fun! Number 7 shelf styling is fantastic and well number 8 is perfection. Also loving Marie Flanigans colorful front entry, just beautiful! Thanks for the incredibly fun post 👻
    Have a super day!

    1. Mine too, Colleen! You’re making me want to take another neighborhood walk. 100 bats?! You’re ambitious! I love that you bought larger ones this year. Hopefully that was less work? Haha! Hope you’re having a wonderful week- we’re almost to Friday :) xo

  4. Ahhh…Halloween…I thoroughly enjoy a well done spooky scene just as much as a minimal nod to the season. All of these ideas are terrific. I think my favorite exterior is Jenna Sue, of course, but that front porch from Josh 😱😱😱 I imagined a couple taking photos on his stoop like the ones that landed on your doorstep, haha! The oddities cabinet spoke to my little black heart. Were I single and no children, I think most of my house would have oddities hidden all around. I thoroughly enjoy them and that apothecary feel is perfect. I’ve seen the bats used in interiors quite a bit the past few years, and I must say, I adore it! Such an easy fun way to bring a touch of the season. My Halloween decor is pretty cliche and over done because well, kids, but lately I’ve had a desire to get the look with little storage involved. Lol. Our under the stairs is the decor storage for holidays (most of it Christmas), and it’s bringing a sense of overwhelm lately. I would love to pair down especially for the smaller holidays. I love the idea of just getting fresh and dried florals to spruce up rooms, with a few well placed touches. So far I’ve not been able to nail that look, but I’m working towards it! Haha. This year I opted for a mantle vignette, and I’m working on the front porch. Sadly, it’s tough out here. Everything is outrageously priced when it comes to seasonal items. I saw a medium sized craft pumpkin on sale for $50 the other day!! Like, what??!! I have yet to find fresh pumpkins in any stores, and florals are super expensive here…so I may be stuck with my cliche decor for a bit yet. Lol. See you tomorrow Sarah! So excited for a Friday post! Have a wonderful day, and thank you for sharing as always. ☺️

    1. Halloween is such a fun season! Like Danna mentioned, it feels very nostalgic. Sharing all of these today made me feel like I was missing out, so I ended up taking 15 minutes to deck out my mantel today. Haha! I think all Halloween decor is fun, and I have to believe that seeing your kids get excited for the cliche decor and Halloween traditions must be the best, as a parent?! I haven’t even thought about Christmas yet… that also feels overwhelming to me. It’s too soon! I’m digging your idea of paired down holiday decor. That sounds absolutely dreamy :) I have confidence you’re going to nail it this year. Ok- a medium sized craft pumpkin for $50?!!! What! How! I have so many questions. Yikes. Local grocery stores (like Trader Joes) has always been my source for real pumpkins and florals. I vote you just embrace your cliche decor this season (lol). Why not? It’s 2020- anything goes. Haha! Have a good night. xo

  5. Yes, to all of this! I just finished styling my shelves for the holiday yesterday and used curiosities and oddities galore. I typically don’t love most Halloween decorations (as I think they look too crafty) and prefer decor. I used a tortoise shell, animal bones and horns, dried florals, sea life, crystals, feathers, an ostrich egg, black candles, and vessels and busts I had on hand that complimented the aesthetic. And, tons of cloches. It was a more apothecary meets healer meets witch vibe that also could be used as decor all year long, if you wanted that aesthetic. To top it off, I found some awesome antique photographs that looked like witches (remember your witch/Kentucky Derby lady last year) and aged and printed a cemetery photo I took last fall in Charleston. So fun to do something a bit different (and also sustainable).

    1. I love that you did that, JoNae! That’s my favorite type of decor for the fall and Halloween season! You had me at apothecary meets witch meets healer vibe. I’m into it! So cool that you remembered my old photos :) xo

  6. Julie Blanner says:

    Ha! Yes, I almost always have something baking in the oven. My hips don’t lie.

    1. You have the BEST recipes, Julie!! Everything I’ve made that you have shared has been incredible (my hips aren’t lying either, haha). xo

  7. Oooo, this post is right up my (spooky) alley, Sarah. I love seeing how others decorate for halloween almost as much as I love seeing their costumes (especially Chris Loves Julia’s), but weirdly, I haven’t decorated for the holiday in years. In truth, I think just got tired of the “cheeziness” of it all, especially once the huge yard inflatables debuted on the scene. BUT, I can totally get behind this type of holiday/seasonal decor. If we can’t get some beautiful and spooky decor from you this year, I personally think the designers/bloggers you highlighted here are definitely the next best thing. Love, love, love Jenna’s bats and how perfect her house is for them! Heather’s nature inspired fall display is simple, yet so stunning and Mandy’s cheesecloth draped painting is everything. I adore both Marie’s and Julie’s gorgeous front door scenes and Erin’s paper decorations are such fun. Have you seen Brooklyn Limestone’s incredible Grimms’ Fairy Tales scene this year? Stephanie truly is the Queen of Halloween and I love seeing what she comes up with each year. Thanks so much for inspo, Sarah. I might just have to decorate next year. :) And, cheers to a Friday post! Please be about pizza. Please be about pizza. Or anything. 😂

    1. I love hearing that, Anne! I like Halloween decor that is really just regular stuff that looks creepy when grouped together in certain ways. Ha! I ended up styling my mantel today because I felt like I was missing out… spoiler alert- I’m posting the end result tomorrow, so check back. I JUST looked at Brooklyn Limestone’s post. How in the world did I not know about her?! It’s so cool. Cheers to almost pizza Friday!! xox

  8. There’s something about the colors of Halloween…black & orange that I find nostalgic and cozy. I have always loved Halloween. It goes without saying that fall colors are beautiful with oranges, greens, rust, browns, etc. Heather Bullard does dried florals and styling so well. I saw Jenna Sue’s bats and wondered if she got on the ladder or her hubby to put all those up. It would be me in our house. Lol! Check out Brooklyn Limestone’s Halloween themes and the other years. She is very creative. Speaking of creative, The Makerista’s Halloween theme for 2018 was absolutely gorgeous (Mrs. Havesham)…if gorgeous and spooky can go hand in hand!
    Halloween is supposed to be fun for kids & adults to dress up and pretend to be something you aren’t. We go all out for the occasion. I put up a tree with ornaments and decorate with my kids crafts from years past. We hand out individual bags of candy that my kids have always helped stuff. Our yard is always decorated with a theme as well. Gwen said it perfectly about celebrating Halloween. We get criticism from neighbors and friends too. This year is different and I am not sure what we will do. I feel like we owe it to the kids who come by every year to trick or treat though.
    Hope your Thursday was good. Have a great weekend.

    1. I also find Halloween nostalgic… the colors, the decor, just the season probably. I love it! I’m laughing at you pondering who would hang the bats… I’m not big on climbing ladders. Ha! Brooklyn Limestone’s blog is new to me, so thank you for sharing :) I also loved Gwen’s 2018 Halloween theme. It was creepy in the most beautiful way. I totally agree with you about Halloween being a fun season to celebrate and decorate for. I feel like this year, I want to celebrate ALL the things- small holidays, happy moments, everything. I like that you decorate your yard, too! I wouldn’t worry about the criticism. You’re probably making so many people smily and happy. Sadly, you only hear the negative. You do what feels right for you and your family, Danna! Hope you’re having a good night. xo