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Look for Less : Our Guest Bath - roomfortuesday.comHow was your weekend? I’m kicking off the week with a new Look for Less post! This series has been really popular, I’m constantly asked for sources, and with the guest bedroom on my brain, I thought featuring the guest bathroom today seemed very fitting. If you missed the original reveal, I posted a complete renovation and project recap here. If you’d like to achieve a similar look on a smaller budget, or are interested in products seen within this space at lower price points, click through to check out comparable items I found!

Look for Less : Our Guest Bath - roomfortuesday.comLike I always say with the “Look for Less” posts, you have to keep in mind you could get lower quality products (sometimes, but not always), but it’s reflected in the price tag and that might be worth the savings to you! It all depends on your vision, short term and long term goals for your space, as well as your budget. If it’s the aesthetic you’re looking for, these items will be perfect! My goal was to put together pairings that look visually similar to our guest bathroom… without compromising the design, so you get the same look, but at a lower price point.

Look for Less : Our Guest Bath - roomfortuesday.comOur guest bathroom is quite large and we were lucky to have lots of room to play, in terms of design. Check out the before images in this post! We knocked out a wall to make the space more functional and cohesive- it is pretty unrecognizable in the before photos. This was also the first room we renovated upon moving into our home. Almost two years later, we’re still loving it… and most importantly- so are our house guests!

Look for Less : Our Guest Bath - roomfortuesday.comClick directly on the items to be redirected to the source- or use the numbered links below the collage to see the “Look for Less” products.

01: star flush mount // 02: polished nickel pendant // 03: faux sapling // 04: beveled mirror // 05: brass faucet // 06: double vanity // 07: cabinetry hardware // 08: white subway tile // 09: chair rail tile // 10: black base tile // 11: double sconce // 12: shower set // 13: marble floor tile // 14: towel hook // 15: toilet paper holder // 16: alcove tub // 17: toilet // 18: brass toilet lever // 19: black toilet seat // 20: vanity stool // 21: waste basket // 22: runner

For the countertop… a little tip: we went to our local stone retailer, visited their slab yard, and purchased a remnant to cut cost on our nero marble vanity top. Here are some additional ways to customize a readymade bathroom vanity.

Look for Less : Our Guest Bath - roomfortuesday.comSince this is a space that our friends and family use when visiting, I wanted to make sure it well equipped and comfortable for our guests. I shared a post all about stocking a guest bathroom for visitors, and you can peek inside the cabinets & drawers to see what we keep in here, if you’re interested! Our most recents guests left last week- Laurie Anne and her husband. They stayed here a few nights after our Oregon getaway before returning home to Arizona.

Look for Less : Our Guest Bath - roomfortuesday.comMy main goal for this bathroom was functionality, a classic aesthetic that also had personality, and felt cohesive with our home. I used timeless tile and finish selections, but got more creative with the paint color, textiles, and accessories. As I previously mentioned, even a couple years after renovating- I still really love this room. I even use this “guest” bathroom from time-to-time since it’s much more beautiful than our yet-to-be-renovated en suite bath.

Look for Less : Our Guest Bath - roomfortuesday.comIf you’re interested in additional posts related to renovating our guest bathroom, I’ll link them below for you:

Look for Less : Our Guest Bath - roomfortuesday.comI hope the ‘Look for Less’ series sheds light on how you can achieve a similar look with any budget, and adapt a design plan for a variety of different spaces. It just takes some digging and planning! I hope this series is a helpful and encouraging resource.

Look for Less : Our Guest Bath - roomfortuesday.comIs there a specific room you’d like me to include in this series… from either our current home or one of our previous houses? I’d be happy to put it on the blog calendar! If you have any questions about our guest bathroom, please leave them for me in the comment section below. I hope your week is off to a wonderful start! It’s another busy one here, but I’m planning to make it a good one. The weather is finally starting to cool here in Salt Lake, and I’m itching to begin sharing more fall-related posts soon!

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  1. Almost 2 years?! Crazy. Still as beautiful and functional as the day you finished! That burl vanity and the wallpaper in the WC are still my faves. Also, only you could find a toilet that makes me swoon. 🤣 But, who knew Walmart carried bathroom vanities? You are always surprising me with sources.
    Our weather cooled off for a minute, so I know fall is on her way! Here’s wishing everyone a smooth and productive week!💜

    1. I know, I know! It seems like yesterday we were moving into this house. The burl vanity is still my favorite. Who knew toilets could look pretty? Lol!! I’m certain our weather is the same… it’s probably going to give us a little taste of fall this week, heat back up, and then we can finally welcome it with open arms. Ha! Last I checked, it was 63 here- I’ll take it! Wishing you a smooth and productive week, too :)

  2. Wow! I can’t believe it’s been two years since you guys re-did this room. It still looks wonderful of course. My Look for Less request would have been the basement media room, but you’ve already done that one! I would LOVE to see a Look for Less post about your outdoor entertaining space at your last house or this one!

    1. Right?! Time is flying! I’ll work on Look for Less posts for our outdoor spaces- great idea, Kaitlin :)

  3. This bathroom…ahhhhh. Just looking at it helps me unwind. Is that weird? lol. So another tip for anyone looking for the pretty toilet on a budget: Costco sells this toilet in warehouse most of the year, for 179.99. It’s Kohler brand still, but it’s not called “memoirs”. They call it something else because it is a Costco exclusive. You generally will not be able to find it on Costco.com unless they have it currently featured in their savings ad. However…if it’s not in stock at your warehouse you can ask an associate to look it up in the system. They’ll be able to tell you when the next shipment is due. ;) I love the look of this toilet, and the fact that the tank lid is flat instead of rounded. I’m a bargain shopper extraordinaire, so these posts are always up my ally. I find it refreshing that you’re willing to take the time to put these together for all of us ballers on budgets! Not every design blogger is willing to do that, so thank you! Now I’m going to go dream about gutting the rest of my bathrooms. J/K…but seriously…XO

    1. I love hearing that, Lauren! No way on the toilet (best secret info ever!!)… I actually need two more of those toilets eventually (for the powder room renovation and our main bath). Thank you so much for the shopping tip- I’ll definitely be visiting Costco! I had no idea. Always happy to roundup the budget friendly or look for less posts- it’s a fun challenge and I’m all about mixing high & low :)

  4. I’m loving everything down to the details of your bathroom model! It’s stunningly beautiful how everything pairs together. I especially love the soft blue to give the room some color. We are in the process of redoing our bathroom and up next is cabinet refinishing. We also have a black countertop so I think white is probably our best bet. I’m definitely going to pull aspects of your bathroom into ours as we put the finishing touches on our bathroom remodel. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you so much, Sadie! Good luck remodeling your space :)

  5. I love this bathroom and love how you’ve elevated “basic” subway tile to look so timelessly elegant. What grout color did you select for the tub surround?

    1. Thank you so much, Suzanne! :) The grout is mapei pearl gray.