Choosing a Rug for the Bathroom (+ A Vintage Rug Giveaway)

Choosing a Rug for the Bathroom (+ A Vintage Rug Giveaway) - roomfortuesday.comFirst of all- thank you SO much for the love yesterday in regards to the guest bathroom reveal. Your encouragement, compliments, and excitement truly warms my heart and puts a big smile on my face! This is exactly why I LOVE what I do. I’m not going to lie… it has been a couple of challenging months working long hours, but I think it paid off. Emmett and I both really adore the way the space came together and I want to properly say thank you! We sat on the sofa last night reading your messages, comments, and talking about how lucky we are to have such a supportive community backing us. Ok, Back to the bathroom… I knew I wanted to insert a vintage rug into this room since it’s so spacious. Plus, there is nothing better underfoot than a luxurious wool runner… that certainly beats cold, hard tile. All of this to say- I ordered three rugs, picked one (which you viewed yesterday in the reveal), and I’m going to give the other two away. Click through to see how all of them look in the space and enter to win!

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Let’s dive in, shall we? This is the rug I selected and went with (pictured above & below) from It’s one-of-a-kind, vintage, and looks so perfect in the guest bath. It took me all of 5 minutes to decide… it was immediately evident this was the right rug out of the 3 for the space. Sometimes when you know- you know.

PS… you can click the “option” headers to see the original links / rugs on the site! 

OPTION 1 (the winner)

Choosing a Rug for the Bathroom (+ A Vintage Rug Giveaway) - roomfortuesday.comI love the deep navy base color, but also the light blue moments that compliment the painted walls. It felt calm, traditional, timeless, but most of all… the size was PERFECT.

Choosing a Rug for the Bathroom (+ A Vintage Rug Giveaway) - roomfortuesday.comIt spans lengthwise across the vanity perfectly, is wider than most runners, and the pile (the height) was nice and short (perfect for a bathroom). It was the clear winner based on size alone and I know I made the right decision. However, there were 2 incredible alternatives! Want to see them?


Choosing a Rug for the Bathroom (+ A Vintage Rug Giveaway) - roomfortuesday.comThe above image was the second option. It kind of has a boho, modern sort of vibe. It’s stunning and was a very close runner up, but it was a shorter than I would’ve liked it to be (by over a foot). As much as I love the fun burnt sienna / orange tone, I really wanted the warmth to come from the burl vanity! It should be the star of the show and the first navy rug did a better job complimenting the table as opposed to competing with it. This rug was the lowest price point of the three.


Choosing a Rug for the Bathroom (+ A Vintage Rug Giveaway) - roomfortuesday.comThe third option was my favorite online. I thought for certain it would arrive and would be the ideal rug for the bathroom. It’s traditional in the best way, in pristine condition, and the diamond pattern won me over from the beginning. In Photoshop, it just felt right. In person, I was missing the bits of blue that made the wall color sing. Check out the close up below… isn’t the detail amazing? This was also the highest priced rug I ordered (and for good reason).

No matter how great things look on screen, this was a great lesson for me to consider decor in person, in the actual space. I surprised myself by choosing the rug that currently lives in the bathroom, but it was evident it belonged there. The colors are always the tiniest bit different in person (although uses multiple, very realistic product photos), size comes into play (even if you tape it out on the floor beforehand), and the texture always appears different in real life, BUT let’s be real- there was no wrong option in this scenario. All of them were stunning and would’ve looked amazing. Part of it also boils down to personal preference.

You know my love for vintage rugs runs deep. It’s such a charming way to add character, color, and pattern to any room…. plus you can’t go wrong with anything that is one-of-a-kind, vintage, turkish, or persian. Here is a tip for rug shopping if you want something truly unique! Use the eSaleRug filters to shop by age… most of their one-of-a-kind pieces can be sorted by how old the rug is: 10-15 years, 25-40 years, semi antique, and antique rugs.

Choosing a Rug for the Bathroom (+ A Vintage Rug Giveaway) -


*Congrats to Emily & Kendra for winning the vintage rugs and thanks to all who entered!

I wanted to give two of you the opportunity to use the rugs I didn’t end up installing in the guest bath as a thank you! Enter to win one of the two vintage rugs I selected but didn’t use below! You must be located in the United States to win.

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Follow @esalerugs on Instagram.
  2. Follow @roomfortuesday on Instagram (if you’re not already).
  3. Comment below on this blog post and let me know which rug is your favorite!

Good luck and thank you again for all of the love! I’ll choose the winner next Friday. Do you guys agree with my decision or did you like another rug in the space? I’d love to hear! I bet there will be mixed comments since it’s so personal. Everyone have a wonderful weekend! Thanks for making this a great week.

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  1. 100% agree with all of your comments. I can see why you originally thought option 3 was best; the detail is stunning. I like how the hex pattern in the middle almost mimics the marble tile, but the color doesn’t quite zing in the space. On my monitor there’s almost a lavender note? I love option 2, but nothing should detract from that burl vanity! Your choice is the obvious winner. (That last photo might be one of my favorites. Weird?) OK. I’ve looked on esalerugs before but got overwhelmed by the HUGE selection. I’m going to try your age filter. Happy Friday!! Have a wonderful, restful weekend.

    1. Option 2, is just ideal for my interior style. I’m constantly mixing up up around the house but can’t deny that crispy orange is a favorite!

    2. Eeeeeek! This bathroom?! 😍 I definitely love the orange one! It would add a pop of color to any room!

    3. Britta Lawrence says:

      Option 1 fits the bathroom as if it were made for it! Vintage rugs are a real decor stunner/statement piece! 😍

    4. The first one. I love the deep tones and how it grounds the entire room. Also the pattern works best with the tile. I’m really loving the idea of using vintage rugs in bathrooms instead of boring bath mats! Love it!

  2. cassie bustamante says:

    ooooh i follow you here but didn’t realize i wasn’t following you on instagram… i am now! i love that last rug… it would look fabulous in one of our bathrooms!

  3. While I love all 3 rugs, I love the third option the best! I feel like it would go with a lot of different styles and is more versatile! Love how your bathroom turned out!

  4. the bathroom remodel is outstanding – been following from the beginning and have been so impressed! Absolutely love your choice of floor tile and vanity. The rug you chose pulls the whole room together and gives that extra punch to the room. Love all three rugs – the 2nd rug with the boho vibe just called to me. Can’t wait to see what you do with the rest of the rooms in your new home. Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Your bathroom is spectacular, and I pored over it for ages and pinned it immediately! The rug you chose picks up the blue accents in the room perfectly. Well done on bathroom reno and rug choice! I love the orange rug and I know my husband would too since he is a graduate of The University of Texas and is in love with all things burnt orange.

  6. Option 1 is definitely the winner! I like the wider size.

  7. Rug number two is my favorite, but I agree it wasn’t the right fit for your bathroom. It’s a fun pop of color otherwise.

  8. You’re right – all 3 options really would have done well in the space (and if you had only picked one and just shown us that we all would have loved it!). A win, win for sure. But given the choices you definitely picked the best one! That rug was made for your bathroom – the size, the colors, and I love what you said about complementing the burl table. It’s the rightful star! I’m loving the burnt orange! My hubs and I are putting an offer in on our first house this weekend actually – and I can picture it perfectly in our (hopefully) new master!

  9. Emily Villejoin says:

    My favorite rug id the one you chose! The blue hints really helped compliment the paint and the wallpaper you put in the toilet area. My second favorite is the third one though, I thought that was also complimentary. The orange is too loud for me. Reminds me of my university’s colors all together. ehh. It’s beautiful , just glad you didn’t choose the 2nd one for the bathroom., maybe laundry room when that time comes?! haha

  10. Man, they are all beautiful, but that 3rd option is just something else. It is my favorite by far!

  11. I ordered my dining room rug from eSale rugs several years ago and couldn’t be happier with it. It’s a beauty! Of course you selected three great options because you have impeccable taste. Although the colors in number 2 work well with my scheme, I’d have to go with number 3. I’m digging the more traditional vibe.

  12. Brenda Lord says:

    I love all of the rugs, particularly number 3.

  13. Monica E. says:

    I think you chose perfectly for your space! The colors and pattern are unique. I also love #3 though!

  14. Picking a favorite is a really though call. I have to say I love the way options 2 & 3 pull in warm tones from the wormwood. But as you said, you really need to see the tones in person to know for sure! That being said I think I prefer option 3!

  15. Sarah Stasio says:

    The first option was clearly the best. I loved the width of the second option, but the style of rug felt like it clashed with the breezy, spa-like atmosphere. The third just wasn’t quite right either.

    It all turned out amazing! Loved following the journey

  16. Kaitlin Jenkins says:

    Following both on IG! I do love the rug you chose as the ‘winner’ most in the space as well, but all three are gorgeous!

  17. Karrie Holland says:

    I love the choice you made for that room!!! And I LOVE the orange one, it would work amazing in my front entry! Eek!

  18. I have been following both of you for a long time. I love your bathroom, it turned out so beautifully and the rug you chose is perfect. What a fabulous space for your guests. I adore #2, it has my colors and style all over it. Perfect for my home. I would love to be considered for it.

  19. I think I would enjoy the darker print rug best! I love your choices of vintage rugs!

  20. It’s hard to choose! I think option three is my favorite. I think the rug you chose for your bathroom is perfect. I love how the blue/gray detail of the rug compliments the paint color so well.

  21. For your bathroom totally agree with your choice! Personally I love rug 2 though!

  22. Heather foster says:

    I love rugs and vintage rugs are even better! My favorite was option 3 those deep rich colors would be amazing in my kitchen pass through. I have cork floors and marble esque counter tops. thanks for the give away!

  23. Totally agree with your choice of rugs for your space but I’m also really digging the third option rug. Would be a wonderful addition to our master bathroom once our renovation is complete.

  24. Greta Wesslen says:

    I completely agree with your decision, the deep navy background is beautiful, but I also really like option 3 as well.

    1. You picked the best choice! The are all pretty, and would go with my house..but if I were to win one I think I like the blue one, option 3!!

  25. Lacey Graham says:

    All three rugs are just beautiful! The third one is my favorite but the first one fits the bathroom perfectly! It was definitely the best choice! Also, I just want to add I love your choice of a q-tip holder!

  26. Sarah Hina MacPhail says:

    Who remembers the Love Connection and how the audience would yell and hold up their fingers telling the contestant which date to choose?? I’m over here yelling THREE, THREE!

  27. All of the rugs are gorgeous and agree the one you choose compliments the design the best in the bathroom. Thanks for sharing your bathroom reno journey. We are starting ours next week and looking for a vintage rug as well. Will be posting to IG our journey as well.

  28. Your bathroom is gorgeous! I love the shower and toilet room. What a great idea to change the flusher! I didn’t even know you could do that lol. I think you made the right choice on the rug, but they are all beautiful. Can’t wait to see what else you have in store in this new house!

  29. Queenie Taitu says:

    Option 3 for the win!!

  30. Wenda Scott says:

    I agree with your pick for your bathroom. It works just lovely. I would pick the last option for my bathroom. looks like it has a purple color in it, which would work. Best Regards, W. Scott

  31. I wish I had space for another runner cause they are all beautiful but I looooovvvveee how perfectly the one you chose works to tie everything together. I just love when the vintage rug gods bless you. Lol. I also find it amazing that you go that extra mile and reply to every single comment always. It’s so kind and I’m sure it makes all your readers even more engaged. So much work! I think a bath is in order.

  32. I love the third one!

  33. Love the orange rug of the two. The winner is beautiful too! keep up the good work you’re doing awesome!

  34. Laurie Anne says:

    How can one pick between those?! The orange one speaks to me but I also love the little detail of color in the other one!!! I’ll take both 😉😉

  35. Stormy Clowdis says:

    I love Option 1 the most. I think it was made for that space and really pulls the blues from the walls but still has the darkness to stand out. Love it! :)

  36. Meredith H says:

    I LOVE that orange one!! I love how it looked in your bathroom but agree with you that it competes with the vanity. Love the way your bathroom turned out!!!

  37. Olivia Bustamante says:

    Great choice on rug for your bathroom! You definitely don’t want the rug to compete with the beautiful vanity! I would love to see #2 in my house!

  38. Following! I like your ultimate choice but the orange rug #2 would work SO well in my own bathroom :)

  39. I agree with your choice and I love the diamond rug! And I love the whole bathroom reveal! :)

  40. I loved the first one for your bathroom space! I particularly love the third one out of them all. It would’ve looked great in the bathroom also!

  41. Congrats on finishing the first project in a new home! I think you chose the right one for your space, but option 2 would look amazing in mine 😉
    Can’t wait to see what you do next!

  42. I love the first one for your bathroom. That third one would be perfect for my kitchen!

  43. I love the one you chose for your space. I think I get caught up in the advice to get something like a rug to serve as inspiration for the colors and wouldn’t have seen how much the vanity really needed to be the star. I love the traditional vibe of the diamond rug.

  44. Number 1 rug was an excellent choice. I love it. The orange one didn’t really fit the space. Your bathroom turned out beautifully.

  45. You made the right choice. Rug #1 all the way.

  46. I think the choice you made was definitely the right one for the space! But I do love the orange one.

  47. I love the one you chose best in your space, but my favorite is option 3!

  48. Your choice was my favorite. My second choice would be option 3. The bathroom is beautiful. Love the colors and the tiles choices.

  49. Melanie T says:

    Nice details, so much to admire! A few questions for you regarding runners or rugs for the bathroom: How do you determine the “perfect” fit as far as size? For instance, in your situation you’ve chosen to span the approximate threshold to the vanity/slightly under the vanity, but what width would you consider too wide? If you were to advise on appropriate size for vanity only, what would your recommendations be? Would a wool runner ever be contraindicated by the shower instead of a bathmat? I have seen photos of them placed there but would be hesitant due to cleaning limitations. Also, is this site your go to place for vintage rugs? All of your rugs ( bedrooms, hallways) are so lovely so just wondering which shops you’ve had the most success with. I am partial to the 3rd rug, but do think you chose the best one for your project.

  50. Nell Rhoades says:

    Love them all but #1 definitely works best in the space.

  51. I would love to win, I am on a search for a vintage runner for my kitchen. Either of the 2 you are discarding could work for me. Love #2 the best.

  52. I love this bathroom. Your hard work shows so clearly! Amazing transformation. My boyfriend and I renovated our kitchen together and just bought an old church that we are converting into an Airbnb. I see lots of tiling/rehab work in my future – I hope I can tackle it as gracefully as you!

    I love the second rug option the best, but I agree that the space is best suited for number one!

    Keep rocking!

  53. The one you chose is definitely the best for the space, but I really like the third rug, too! My husband and I just closed on a house (a fixer upper) and need lots of rugs to fill the space. A runner would be great for the kitchen!

  54. Justynn Bauer says:

    Love the 1st one with the orange <3

  55. I am a relatively new reader and this is the first reveal I have seen in real time, and I cannot get over it! I have shown at least four different people. I just kept saying, “It is seriously so. pretty.” over and over! I definitely agree that option 1 is best for this space. It complements every aspect of the room. For myself however, I LOVE option 2!

  56. This bathroom is gorgeous!!! You did an amazing job! I love the rug you selected, and both of the others! I think the darker of the two is my favorite though. Thanks for sharing all your sources and your creativity with us.

  57. The one you landed on is perfection for your space!

  58. Elise Meyers says:

    Love your choice for the bathroom! Option number 2 is exactly what my kitchen needs!! 😍😍

  59. Meaghan crowley says:

    I love the rug you picked for the bathroom!!!

  60. Aubrey Nguyen says:

    Love all of them. You did a great job on the bathroom! It’s beautiful!

  61. Lauren Miller says:

    I’m thinking number 3 as my favorite….but for the bathroom space, definitely #1! They’re all so beautiful that it’s hard to pick! As a design student in her last year of school, I’ve been following your blog for a little over a year now and have gained so much knowledge on renos (and other things – of course)!! I love how transparent you are and how hard both you and your husband work for all projects. Truly inspiring! Thanks for sharing and bringing us along!

  62. The orange rug is to die for but you are absolutely right the burl needed to steal the show!

  63. Love your choice! It complements the space perfectly.
    Rug three would be gorgeous in my home😉

  64. Love them all! My favorite is the last one, but only by a hair!

  65. Katherine says:

    Beautiful rugs! I’d say you definitely made the right choice for your bathroom. The colours add extra interest without being too bossy. My personal favourite is definitely option 3! Love the intricate pattern!! :)

  66. Love the first and second!

  67. Totally agree with you that Option 1 is perfect for that space…but I’ve gotta say Option 3 is my favorite! What a beauty!

  68. Sydney Hobbs says:

    Totally agree with all your reasons why! I think my fave is the last one based on colour and pattern but in that room the first one works the best!

  69. Cambri Visser says:

    I love the option you went with — perfect for the space! The bathroom looks gorgeous, and I’m so excited about the vent can light. It’s just what I need!

  70. My favorite is the 3rd, but I never met a vintage rug I didn’t like! :)

  71. My fave is def option 2! 😍😍😍

  72. The navy and blue one in your bathroom is 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 Couldn’t love it anymore!

  73. Kimberly Stewart says:

    Love the orange rug!

  74. Bethany Ison says:

    i wish I had your eye for design cause honestly I thought they all looked great! The bathroom gives me all great feels and can’t wait to see what else you do to your new home! Maybe next next remodel will be revolved around the inspiration of a vintage rug 😉

  75. I totally agree with the one you chose for your space…. but I do love the third one!!

  76. Beautiful!! Option 3 is my favourite!! Perfect colouring for our kitchen!

  77. They are all so pretty. I do love option 3!

  78. Ok so obviously the winner is gorgeous… but something about Option 3’s hex-y vibe is just somethin’ else! 3 beauties for sure.

  79. Abi Dement says:

    Ah! The new place is going to be beautiful. That golden orange rug is so pretty. I really love to color pop it could bring to a white or darker space.

  80. Option 3! Love the bathroom renovation!

  81. I totally agree with all of your comments on the rugs! Option number two is my favorite because I’m a sucker for the orangy tones, but agrees it was competing for warmth with the vanity!

  82. Nicole Bermudes says:

    I love the first one! It would be perfect in my newly remodeled bathroom! ♥️♥️♥️

  83. Beautiful remodel yet again! Love all of those rugs! One and two are my favs 😍

  84. Great remodel yet again! Love vintage rugs. Option 1 and 3 are my favorites!

  85. Alissa Hayslip says:

    I love option 3! The bathroom looks phenomenal, insane! And love the rug you chose for the space! Match made in heaven!

  86. Katya edwards says:

    Beautiful work!
    I love the burnt sienna rug 😍

  87. I LOVE option 3! Super awesome job on the bathroom reno!

  88. Laura Gushue says:

    I LOVE THEM ALL! You definitely choose the best one for your room but I love the Orange one too.

    They are all beautiful and the bathroom turned out great!

  89. Love your rug choice. You picked well. But the other two are gorgeous, indeed!

  90. The second one is so so gorgeous! I’m currently redoing my (rental) bathroom and last thing i’m allowed to update is floors. I’m hoping to find the perfect rug to go in there after that! Your bathroom is gorgeous!

  91. I do love the orange pop on the second option, but I think you made the perfect choice! Lovely reno!

  92. I love the red orange rug! It’s so bright and joyful—who doesn’t want/need more joy in their life!

  93. You definitely picked the right one but I’m in love with the 3rd option!!

  94. I love all 3 rugs. The second one speaks to me 😍

  95. I love all the rugs! But that burnt orange one is right up my alley…so beautiful! I think you made the right choice for your space, though 😊

  96. Love all of the rugs. Amazing job on the bathroom.
    Rug #2 speaks to me 😍

  97. Katie simcik says:

    Option 2 is def my fav, but your choice is definitely most fitting for the bathroom! 😍😍😍😍

  98. I think you chose the right one for your bathroom. Of the two up for grabs… I like ghetto diamond one!

  99. I LOVE the option you picked for your bathroom and agree the blue pops! I like option 3 the best and would love for it to have a special place in my home!

  100. Rosalba Chavez says:

    Love the space. I love the third option it would amazing in my space. Thanks Sarah for the opportunity to win!

  101. Love all three, but definitely agree on number 1 being the best for your bathroom. That one was my favorite back when you first gave us a sneak peek 😉 But out of the two you are giving away I think I like number 3 most… number 2 is so good too though 😬 haha

  102. Freesia Fassbach says:

    Ah! I love both of those! The third might be my favorite though! 🖤

  103. Marin Prociw says:

    Loving option 3!!! We’re moving next week from Arizona to Tennessee!! Would love to add this to our new home! 💗

  104. Option 3 is stunning! I love the dark contrast of that to the floors- which is the same reason 1 looks so perfect in your bathroom too. They both bring so much warmth and texture. Completely in love with the design!

  105. All three looks great! I love them all

  106. Sarah Hanson says:

    I love rug 3, but I agree that rug 1 looks best in your space. Both rugs have amazing colors in them!

  107. Beautiful bathroom… burl wood is amazing!! I love that Orange rug!

  108. Love all of them but gotta pick option #1. Love the deep navy which I think goes well with baby blue wall color. Thanks for sharing your post. Love your design idea

  109. For you option 1 was perfect. My favorite is option 3

  110. The rug you picked was definitely the right choice for the room. In another space, #3 is my favorite!!

  111. Dorothy Hass says:

    I love the 3rd rug. Traditional is what people call me. My home I call eclectic but always invest in traditional pieces as they can go into multiple places. Be used for different areas even if you move. Great pieces to invest in.. I live the hint of bla k outline in this rug…

  112. Wow and Wowza! What an amazing job on this guest bath! Total heaven! You guys rock! I will be your guest anytime you need one. Your final rug choice is great! Pulls it all together nicely! My favorite is option 2. Will happily accept either.
    Looking forward to the toiletries shopping for the guest bath coming soon.

  113. Option 3 is definitely my favorite! 🥰

  114. OBSESSED WITH THE REMODEL!! The blue wall color is stunning and so serene. The one you chose was definitely the right choice and the little bits of blue that the wall color pulls out give me heart eyes. I’m looooving the orange color from option 2! I have the perfect spot for that in my house ;)

  115. Chelsey Hawes says:

    I love option #2!

  116. First off, this reno is BANANAS! Way to go! I only see one problem… your guest probably won’t want to leave!

    I think I’d be happy with any of those rugs but if I had to choose I’d pick option 3!

  117. They’re all beauties!

  118. Christiane says:

    You picked right for your space… finding a vintage rug the right size with the right colors: super SCORE! And I’d be happy to score either of the other two rugs. I love orange, but #3 is probably my favorite because of the geometric shapes and colors—both of which would help hide blemishes (from my 3 sons, husband and dogs.) 😂😘

  119. Hi! I’m a new follower of yours! I found your instagram through Esalerugs!! I love your rug that you picked out for your bathroom!!! The blue does compliment with your walls very well and it’s very aesthetically pleasing. My favorite is Option 3 because I love the dark colors and it would not get dirty as fast! Thank you for doing this giveaway :)

  120. Hi! I totally agree that the one you chose was the perfect choice for this beautiful space! The third one you shared is also very beautiful too!

  121. My goodness, this bathroom is perfection! I’m obsessed with how it turned out. I agree with rug #1 being the best fit. I also like #3 very much!

  122. April Dixon says:

    Option 1 (your winner) is my favorite but option 3 is my runner up!

  123. Option number 1, for sure! You definitely have some hard competition there! I absolutely love watching all your remodeling for inspiration for my own home. I would love to use one of these rugs in my new master bathroom!


  124. Andrea Woodlee says:

    Oh SARAH you’ve done it again! I can’t get over this bathroom, I’ve watched your stories over and over! This giveaway is so so so good and I know just where OPTION #2 is going in my apartment!!

  125. I agree, option 3 is absolutely stunning!

  126. Omg number 2 would look perfect in my entryway.

  127. Christiann says:

    I LOVE the option you chose but #3 is beautiful too! Amazing job on this space.

  128. Option 3 for me. So pretty.

  129. Melanie Hudson says:

    I prefer the contrast of option 2 just because there’s so much blue in the room for me. It definitely is more boho though, which doesn’t really seem like your style. All 3 pretty options! I don’t think I’ve seen a vintage rug I haven’t liked!

  130. Betsy Grossman says:

    Option three!!!

  131. It’s crazy how each rug totally changes the look and even the color of the room! Option 2, for instance, makes the wood of the vanity look much more organize. My fave would have been 3 but the one you picked looks great!

  132. The bathroom is beautiful! I agree that option 1 is best for the space, but option 3 is gorgeous too.

  133. Payton Schiel says:

    Option 1 is perfect! Great colors and it will hide any mess that could be made (very important for a bathroom!).

  134. Oooh they’re all so pretty! #3 is my favorite, though.

  135. All three are beautiful. I definitely think you picked the right one for the space. #3 is my personal favorite looking at the rugs alone.

  136. Option 3! All three rugs are so beautiful.

  137. Alexis Burbul says:

    Option 3 for me! I love that the deeper darker colors make the pattern a bit less busy.

  138. I love all three but #1 is calling my name!

  139. Janet lister says:

    All beautiful but the 3rd option would be so so good in my bathroom! amazing job on the bathroom!

  140. Jessica Strickler says:

    Love all 3! You definitely picked the best one for your space! I think the third one is my favorite! Could definitely see it in our kitchen! I’ve been searching forever for the right vintage rug! Love all of this!

  141. Kate DaSilva says:

    The rug option you picked is perfect in the space! That burnt orange sienna one is so gorgeous as well.

  142. Option 1 (duh! It’s the winner) but I also love option 3 because of those deep tones!! ❤️ I’m going to be embarking on a DIY master bath Reno too! Not as gorgeous as this but this gives me so much inspiration!!!

  143. They’re all lovely – but #3 is my fave!

  144. Option 3!!! Although I do understand if the colors look different in person!! All are pretty!!!!

  145. Joan Grossman says:

    I see why you chose Option #1 for your space, but I love Option #2. The colors are gorgeous!

  146. Option 3 is definitely my fave.

  147. Jessie Laughlin says:

    My favorites are the one you used and option 3, but they’re all beautiful. The bathroom looks amazing!! You always keep impressing. SKILLS :)

  148. I totally agree with your choice! I love all three rugs but the one you chose really is perfect for the space. I love the 3rd option most out of the two.

  149. Love your choice! Option number 3 is my favorite.

  150. Your bathroom is absolutely amazing! You have become one of my favorite blogs to follow for home inspo, and everything turns out stunningly! I do love the option you choose for your space but my favorite is option 3! It is stunning!! Thank you for always sharing your spaces, I love following along!

  151. Sarah Spence says:

    I love the one that you picked! The blue and soft tones definitely tied it all in soooo well.

  152. Rug #2 I think is my favorite …but I see why you choose the other option!

  153. Love everything you do! This is such a beautiful bathroom! I love both option number 2 and 3, I think you picked the right one for the space!

  154. Stunning bathroom renovation! You make builder grade look so good.
    Absolutely love option #3. Such a gorgeous rug.

  155. The rug you chose is the absolute perfect one for that bathroom! The tones and pattern look amazing. I’d have to say the third one would be my favourite stand alone though. The detail is perfection!

  156. They are all beautiful, but the second stands out most to me. I’m loving the burnt orange.

  157. Alyssa Krachenfels says:

    Ugh, I love them all. Please come re-do my whole house 🙏🏽
    My favorites are option 1 and option 3 because I tend to lean more towards blue tones. Probably option 3 is my favorite favorite but option 2 is also gorgeous. Ugh, I like them all. Such good taste.

  158. Jacci Ferenczy says:

    Orange one!!!

  159. Sarah the rug you chose is perfect!
    I love option #3 !

  160. Shannon Caywood says:

    They are all amazing! For my colors, I think I would go for the 3rd option 😊

  161. Option number 3 was the perfect choices. I however think rug number 2 would look amazing against my black vanity! Fingers crossed!!!

  162. Option #1 is definitely the winner for your stunning bathroom! Option #2 is my personal favorite – for my particular home. ;) Thanks for sharing such a beautiful space and all of your hard work!

  163. Audreyana Vanderwey says:

    Option #2 is my favorite! :)

  164. I adore option 3 personally, but you totally made the right choice for your bathroom. It all turned out beautifully! Great work!

  165. Jennifer Kelley says:

    I LOVE option one for myself but love everything you did!

  166. Your guest bathroom turned out fantastic! You have such a great sense of style. I love the burnt sienna of rug 2 but also love the pattern of rug 3. Your choice of rug 1 is perfect for the space. Can’t wait to see what’s next up for the Reno!

  167. Dana Hudson says:

    Love the one you chose best for your bathroom! Of the 2 you’re giving away, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the original you thought was the winner before trying all 3. It’s an absolute stunner! Congrats on finishing your first room, can’t wait to see the next one. 😍👍🏼👏🏼

  168. Jessica Severino says:

    Let me just say that your guest bathroom is perfection, I couldn’t love it more! Although rug #3 is my favorite, I agree with choosing rug #1 for your space. Definitely the best choice! Cant wait to see what you two do with the rest of your new home!

  169. Already following the both of you 😆 I love rug #3 for my home! I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect vintage runner and this one is 😍

  170. I think you chose the best rug, but I have heart eyes for #2 as well!

  171. Katy Cartland says:

    Love your choice 😍 I would choose option 3 from the 2 left!

  172. I love how much impact a rug can have on a room and you have picked some gorgeous ones!!! We have a small 1930s farmhouse with loads of character and that third rug would look amazing in our laundry room and our original wood trim. 😍

  173. They’re all so pretty but I love That orange one!!!

  174. Gloria Kifyuk says:

    Adore the new guest bath, amazing job! As for the rugs, the keeper rug is perfection and the diamond pattern got me too 😍

  175. You def picked the right rug for your space! Loving #3 for my house 🤞 I wish my bathroom was big enough for it 😂 But so many spots in the rest of the house that could work. Yay & congrats on finishing your first project in your new house!!!

  176. I love the one you chose for the bathroom. It’s perfect for the space! The 3rd one would be perfect for my kitchen. @meganbfsu

  177. Viktorija says:

    I love ALL of the rugs, but I think for my space (#thisoldcolonial), Option 3 would be my pick! I think you were absolutely right with your choice—the rug you picked looks amazing in the space. And makes the wood vanity pop!

  178. Kristian Berryhill says:

    The one you chose for your bathroom is perfect for that room! I love the diamond detail and hint of blue! But that orange one made my jaw drop! 😍 I would totally put that beauty in my kitchen to give it some flavor, it’s so boring in there 😑

  179. The orange one is soo happy! 🍊🍊🍊
    BUT i love what you picked for the bathroom! It looks perfect!

  180. Love love love how much hard work you guys put into this, the amazingly fast turnaround from start to finish, and how good it all turned out!! Your rug perfectly complements your bathroom in the very luxurious vibe of it all. Great choice!!!

    I would love either of those rugs you’re not going to use!! I feel vintage is what adds soul to a room. Prefer #3 but wouldn’t mind the second one either. Gosh 😍😍😍

    I have gotten a couple rugs off of and feel they have great customer service and are all around good people. They’re lucky to have folks like you support their business!!!

  181. Andrea Harris says:

    You chose the perfect for your space…of course!!! I really like the first and third options!!!

  182. All three are great but I agree one wins in your bathroom.

  183. Anna Hicks says:

    Option 3 is my favorite!! Would be a perfect fit for my traditional Cape Cod style home :)

  184. All three are beautiful options, but I am partial to the burnt sienna rug because my daughter’s name is Sienna! :)

  185. I love option 2 with that beautiful burnt sienna color!

  186. Randi Kelley-Goodrich says:

    I love option 2 but clearly 1 was the best! Beautiful job!

  187. How can you pick?! One and three are my favorites but I’m leaning towards 3. Beautiful bathroom!

  188. I love your start-to-finish renovations; that’s why I follow you! I love all of these rugs, but the orange one grabbed my attention – it would be great in my guest room. Thank you for the giveaway!

  189. Bridgette says:

    I agree with you’re choice, between the three, the rug you picked competes the least yet is still super aesthetically great! I personally love the 3rd rug, by itself.

  190. Love all of the options, you picked the right one for the space but I LOVE option number 2 😍 I love them all really.

  191. Wow, what a transformation! I’m in love with the vanity table – amazing contrast to the white vanity. I love the rug you chose for the space – it is perfect. I started following you last summer and cannot get enough of your beautiful work.

    I just moved to a new apartment and the first runner would look amazing in my hall!!! Fingers are crossed!

    Can’t wait to see what else you do with the new house!

  192. Melissa Pedrazzani says:

    I totally agree with your selection for your bathroom . The 3rd one with hex pattern calls to me.

  193. Obsessed with option 3!!!! I just moved and that would look so good in my kitchen. Fingers are forever crossed!!

    Loving the bathroom transformation. That vanity table is so beautiful. Can’t wait to see what else you do with the new house!

    Thanks for sharing!

  194. I love option 3! I really dig the geometric pattern!

  195. Option #1 would’ve been my first choice as well. As soon as I saw the reveal I knew exactly why you chose it – the light blue tones in the rug so beautifully compliment the walls! Swoon!

  196. I love the deep navy in the one you chose.

  197. I LOVE the one you chose! The space looks amazing!!! I’d love to win option #3! 🤞

  198. Amy Riley says:

    I love the one you picked! It’s all of my favorite colors. But Option 3 has a lot of navy and that would look great in my home. That’s the one I would pick if I won. Fingers crossed! :)

  199. Loooove then all, but #1 for your space was indeed the right choice.

  200. Option 3 is dream rug status!! But I love the light blue in the rug you picked and I love how it’s wider. Great job with the bathroom remodel and I can’t wait to see what you do with the rest of your house!!!

  201. Wow these are also beautiful, but I think #2 is my favorite! 💕😍

  202. On your stories, I pegged the burnt orange one #3 in my preference. But then seeing the full rug in the photo here…. I’m in love with it. Bright, bold, boho and happy. 🥰

  203. I agree with your choice for sure—so perfect for the room! For the giveaway, I’d pick Option 3!

  204. Elizabeth says:

    I love the orange one!

  205. Samantha Guzel says:

    Option 2 is my favorite! Such a great, vibrant color!
    Love your blog posts and the bathroom is TO DIE FOR!

  206. Your bathroom looks 😍. All three are great rug choices, but that burnt orange. Whoa 😮 swoon.

  207. Option A! The color tones are great

  208. Kate Woltz says:

    Option 1 was the clear winner for your space but I also really love option 3!

  209. Kate Woltz says:

    Option 1 was the clear winner for your space but I love option 3 as well!

  210. The first one is so perfect the that gorg bathroom! For the giveaway, I prefer the third rug– it is so intricate and beautiful.

  211. I love the third one, but think the first one you chose for the bathroom is perfect!

  212. I love the rug you chose but option 2 has my heart! I can’t get over that beautiful orange color! Great job on the bathroom!

  213. Option 3! All the 😍😍😍

  214. Stephanie says:

    I loved both the first and third! But the first one does give a good pop of color and compliment your tile so well!

  215. I love the orange rug, but it definitely competes with the burl a little too much. The dark navy rug you choose just pulls the room together. I love following you and reading for blog posts, you really do a great job at explaining the choses you make for everything layout, lighting, and color, I really feel like I’m getting an education. Thank you and keep up the hard work the bathroom is gorgeous!!😍

  216. Jess Davis says:

    You kill3d it as usual, what a fantastic space!! Eveey last detail. All of those rugs are beautiful why are you giving them away, hahahahah but I love 3.

  217. I love all of them but number 3 is my favorite! We are getting ready to move into our first home and it’s a fixer upper. I’m so glad to have stumbled across your blog for inspiration and DIY ideas!

  218. Beautiful! Option 1 is my favorite too. The touches of light blue are perfect, the overall pattern is subtle but interesting and the colors are so complimentary to the other colors in the space. Winner, winner! And LOVE esale rugs! 👏🏼

  219. Blair Barneycastle says:

    OMG this space turned out SO STUNNING! Fantastic job, always love following your renovations – we are about to start ours and yours give so much inspo! Totally agree with Option 1, it lets the space speak for itself a little more. But that orange one is gorgeous!!! I’ll have to follow them and check out their rugs! Thanks for sharing!

  220. I love them all, option 2 might be my favorite though!

  221. Stacy Scherr says:

    Option 2! Although I agree with you, they’re ALL so beautiful 😍

  222. My favorite rug is the third option! ❤️❤️ Have never heard of e rugs, but excited to follow them now!

  223. All of the rugs are beauties! But option 3 is calling to me 😍. Ps. My fiancé and I purchased a house 6months ago and all of your content has been so incredibly helpful! Thank you so much!

  224. I absolutely love all three, but my favorite is the rug you picked! I am a lover of blues and I love the interesting and unique pattern of that one! It also fits perfectly in the space!

  225. Wow! This bathroom is so freaking amazing! I won’t lie when I saw the initial house tour my brain could not get past the early 90’s feel and I thought how in the world is she going to break away from this boring interior architecture?? But duh, you are doing it with FLYING colors (and millwork) haha! Rug 2 is just beautiful and I love the option you chose for the bathroom! I cannot get enough of you, your house and blog! ❤️

  226. Mari Melzer says:

    I think you chose the best option for the space because of those subtle blue details and I think I would have chosen the same! My favorite is the third option with the diamond shapes because, like you said, it’s so traditional and seems like it would fit in just about anywhere! The orange is beautiful but it needs to be the star of its own show and unfortunately it wouldn’t be in my home :) Thank you for sharing Sarah I was blown away by your final reveal as always!!

  227. I love this bathroom. You did a beautiful job!! I like the “option 3” rug! Enjoy your new space!

  228. Thanks for the great giveaway! I think you made the perfect choice for the space. Option 3 would be my pick :)

  229. Dominique says:

    I love the second one! I never go for orange but the design is beautiful and I think I could be convinced to go boho for a minute ;)

  230. Rug #2 looks so happy! The one you chose looks perfect, though. That whole bathroom is perfect!!

  231. I love the burnt orange rug!

  232. Sara! This bathroom is stunning. The rug you picked is perfect, and runner-up number two was definitely very close. I also love how it brought out the colors in the burl wood vanity. Number two was the obvious winner!! You are just killing it on this renovation, and you have only just begun. Everything so far looks amazing. I love the classic timeless look, with the updated modern style. You knock this out of the park. I can’t want to see more, more, more!

  233. Love all 3 rugs and could find a home for either of the 2 up for grabs :)

  234. Love the first and second rugs! Absolutely beautiful bathroom!

  235. I’m in a huge rusty orange and jade phase right now. I LOVE the second one!

  236. Ashtyn Krusee says:

    Option 2! The orange would look so good with my velvet couch

  237. Colleen Hendrix says:

    I have been following you for quite a while. Love love love the rug you picked for the bathroom. I am a vintage rug addict too. I love the second option also. I live in South Florida and that would look great in my house.
    Also I love Crosby.

  238. Totally love your bathroom! Nice work y’all. I love option 3!!

  239. Heather Bush says:

    You and Emmett always do such a fantastic job on your renos!! This one is beyond. You chose the best rug option in my opinion :) I LOVE the third option too! Stay amazing.

  240. Love the bathroom and all of your color and fixture choices! Rug Option number 3 would work better in my home. Thanks!

  241. Lauren Christel says:

    I kinda feel speechless with this bathroom reveal! It’s just so stunning! And then I wondered why I was surprised at how beautiful it is…I have the same reaction to all of your remodels! While I think you chose the PERFECT choice for your bathroom, the 2nd is also calling out to me as it would bring amazing color to a more neutral/white-ish space. Well done, another remodel to be so proud of!

  242. OMG, dream bathroom!!! Love the rug you chose, it’s perfect. Love all of the choices though!

  243. Candace Park Niquet says:

    Your bathroom is so dreamy! I love all three and option three is my fav. My sweet giant schnauzer puppy would love it as she feels our hardwood floor living room is too slippery for her soft puppy paws :)

  244. Candace Park Niquet says:

    Your new bathroom is so dreamy! I love all of the rug options especially the third option. My sweet giant schnauzer puppy would love it as she still feels a bit slippery on my living hardwood floor with her soft puppy paws :)

  245. Your bathroom is gorgeous!!! So classic and well done. We just bought our first home about a year ago, a 1930’s Craftsman. I’m in love with it, but it definitely needed some work, so we’re slowly trying to remodel/restore it. We just remodeled our only full bath, and your Utah bathroom was my inspiration. As soon as I saw that black ceiling and medallion, I knew that’s what I wanted to do in our house 😍 I love how it turned out, so thank you so much for the inspo!!
    The rug you went with is definitely the perfect choice in your space. I keep scrolling back up to try to decide which of the other options I love more. lol They’re both so beautiful and I love the punchy orange, but I absolutely love the hex pattern in #3, and the colors in it make it so versatile! I think #3 is my choice, but honestly I would be ecstatic to have either of those in my home!! 😭 I drool over vintage rugs online all the time, but they’re just not in the budget right now. Thanks so much for doing the giveaway and considering me!

  246. My choice would be option 3 for the dark color contract with the white floor tile like your chosen option 1, but the geometric pattern to compliment floor tile pattern.

  247. love love love option 3! Would be perfect for the aisle runner at our wedding this summer 😍.

  248. LOVE your work!! And I LOVE option 3!

  249. Savannah S says:

    I like #1 the best! It looks great in that space and really does pick up the light blue of the walls well! Choosing between #2 and #3, I think I would go with #3!

  250. Boho orange rug fo sho

  251. Love how the bathroom turned out!! Fantastic job! All the rugs are beautiful but option three is my favorite and will look perfect in my entry. 😂 Thank you for the giveaway!!

  252. Tara O’Malley says:

    Love the one you chose! Also obsessed with the orange, but length wise not as perfect. Your whole renovation has been inspiring! Finally getting some confidence to take one of our own projects on, so thank you for that!!

  253. The winner is maybe favorite! Great job on bathroom!

  254. Chelsea Ska says:

    Most definitely numero 3 (which would look incredible after our kitchen remodel is complete!!) Forever in awe of all the projects you complete : ) and so grateful I happened upon your blog years ago!

  255. Rug #3 is a beauty, and my favorite of the rugs! Great informative post by the way!

  256. jennifer griffin says:

    Love the one you chose! When it’s right, it’s right!

  257. You’ve done it again, Sarah! This bathroom is so beautiful and you picked the perfect rug for the space. My husband and I are finally in the process of planning our kitchen renovation and it’s about time. Our very outdated kitchen has slowly been falling apart since we bought it. As soon as I saw rug #3 I got goosebumps thinking about how beautiful if would look in our finished kitchen. Really all 3 of those rugs give me goosebumps. You have a great eye! Vintage rugs are out of my price range so if you know any good lookalikes please post! Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful work with us!

    1. Congrats Kendra!! You’re the winner of rug #3- look for an email from me shortly to confirm shipping details. xox

  258. Number three is definitely my pick, though they all look lovely against the white tile flooring. I’m following both you and @esalerugs on IG!

  259. I love the one you chose for your bathroom–definitely suits the space the best for what wanted. My personal fave is #2!

  260. Katie Richards says:

    I can totally see why you picked the one you did; it’s perfect for that space! I really love the scale of the last one myself but that wouldn’t have looked as awesome in your guest bath

  261. Oh hey there—the orange is my favorite! Love you guys—such a great team! So inspiring!!!

  262. Hi! I agree rug number 1 was the right one for your space. I really like number 1 and 3!

  263. Tricia Sandahl says:

    All three rugs are beautiful. My favorite is the orange rug. Orange is my happy color, especially with this winter that just will not go away.

  264. All 3 of the rugs are so, so pretty! The one you picked for your remodel is perfect for that space. I think #3 would look nice in my kitchen with the newly painted dark green cabinets.

  265. Chelsea Bianchini says:

    Rug 1 & 2 are both winners in my eyes. I could even see swapping them depending on the seasons or for a fun visual update! I agree that rug 1 helped to compliment the vanity instead of compete! So beautiful!

  266. I actually think all three look lovely in your space, but the one you chose does have the edge! It really brings your design choices together — the whole bathroom looks fantastic. My preference is number 2 for my upstairs and number 3 for my downstairs! 😝 I’m usually not drawn to orange, but I’m surprised how much I like it! A nice pop of color!

  267. The bathroom looks amazing ! And my fav is option 2, although I totally agree with the navy one for your bathroom <3

  268. Karen Chou says:

    Hi Sarah,
    I love the blue toned rug you decided to use for the bathroom and believe that is the best match!

    Love your style!

  269. Karen Chou says:

    Hi Sarah,
    I thank option 1 is the best rug suited for your bathroom!

    Love you style!

  270. Ashley Libeg says:

    I love the rug you chose for your bathroom- it is the perfect color choice for the space! Of the other two, I love the third one. The colors and design of it are beautiful!

  271. Mara Krueger says:

    Still totally in love with the work you did on this bath! Everything is perfection! All three of the rugs are so gorgeous in their own way, but my personal favorite would be number #3!! 😍❤️

  272. Definitely rug #1! It’s the perfect finishing touch for this truly classy bathroom.

  273. While I am usually very much drawn to orange, I think the third option would look fantastic in my hallway. All are gorgeous! And this bathroom remodel is maybe my favorite, ever. Major kudos!!

  274. First off, the rug you chose is *perfection* — excellent color palette, size, and it really draws out the pops of blue. Brava!!! I’m very much loving that 3rd rug option. A lot. I would love it in my upstairs hallway, a cozy little space that connects the front staircase and the back staircase. The space where I tiptoe back and forth every night to check on my snoozing kiddos. The space that really needs a gentle pop of color and comfort. I can assure you it will go to great use.
    Cheers, Sarah! And again, WELL done with that bathroom. Still planning to change out my masterbath toilet lever and seat as soon as I can. So lux!! Brilliant ♡


  275. Kate Smith says:

    I love rug option 3! I totally see why it didn’t work in the space. But it’s gorgeous!

  276. Ah I love them all! But Option 3 has my heart. We are remodeling right now too and it would fit perfectly in our space!

  277. Katherine says:

    Ideally I would love the rug you picked for your bathroom the hints of blue would definitely pop in my sea of greys, and blues I have in mine Specifically, sea serpent by Sherman Williams!! However, I think the burnt sienna/orange will give it a great contrast to tie everything in! Thanks for what you do!

  278. Wow wow wow! This bathroom is sooooo luxurious. Can I visit and have a spa weekend here??? I won’t be in the way I promise. Love all the rugs you chose and think you picked the perfect one to live in this bathroom. I’d just DIE to have the 3rd one with the diamond pattern in my home! Looking forward to seeing the colonial come together.

  279. Tasha Roe says:

    Option 2 is my fave! Love the rust tones & design lines. Timeless!!

  280. Love both, but the darker would look great in my apt!

  281. The bathroom turned it beautifully! I love the one you chose; I think it was definitely the right one for the space. As for the other two, I love option 2!

  282. All three rugs are stunning! The first one is the obvious in person choice for the space, but the orange one tugs at my heartstrings!!

  283. Rhonda Williams says:

    Everything looks terrific! I love option 3, but see why you chose #1 for your space.

  284. Couldn’t wait to get on Instagram and see your reveal! I woke up thinking about it. I definitely think you chose the right rug out of the three. I love the orange one! I love the boho vibe it has.

  285. Option 3 is my personal favorite, but I agree option 1 looks best in your guest bath!! Option 2 is gorgeous and a show-stopper, but I completely agree that it was competing in the space. Love what you have done. And would LOVE to have either of the rugs you’re not using. We are vintage rug lovers in our home too.

  286. I love how bright #2 is and the richness of #3. Does that count? 😄
    They’re all great!!!

  287. I love Option 3. I agree that it is “traditional in the best way”! Enjoy following along in all of your reno projects. You and your husband make an incredible eye and I’m always amazed on reveal day. Keep on doing what you love!

  288. Brianna Westphal says:

    I think you chose well for a year round look. However, maybe keep the orange for a summer pop of color?

    And I’d take the beautiful leftover option 3. ;) thanks for sharing all your finds!

  289. Sarah Fleming says:

    I love the orange one! Your bathroom looks amazing. good work!

  290. I love all of the rugs and thank you for the information on purchasing vintage rugs😁

  291. I think your choice is perfect but all three are awesome! #3 is my vibe these days with that eggplant color. At least that is how it looks to me online.

  292. The whole bathroom turned out so well and I loved following along on insta! I love option 3 the most but all three rugs are gorgeous!

  293. Charleen M says:

    Just bought my 1st house (tiny ranch) and I follow you for inspiration on all of the renovations I hope to do someday.
    Rug#2 is my style and would fit perfectly in my new space!
    Thank you

  294. Annie Mooney says:

    Option 2! ✨✨

  295. Love the orange one! Also love your bathroom in general. Your attention to detail and all of the finishing touches really make such a difference. You are definitely such an inspiration to my family on our new house!

  296. Martha Keen says:

    I love the copper and orange in option two!

  297. Heather S says:

    The orange one (second one) is my FAV! Thanks for the chance to win! Following you both on Insta (kaizenfashion)

  298. Bathroom aside, I LOVE option 2. I’m an orange lover!! But for your room, I agree with your choice in option 1. It goes so well and your new bathroom is just GORGEOUS

  299. Choosing a favorite is tough. I love the burnt sienna in option 2. But I love the colors and pattern in option 3 and I have the perfect place for it!

  300. Alyssa Taylor says:

    I think you made the right decision but I would LOVE option 2 for my home!

  301. You picked the best option.

  302. Dana Moss says:

    Love all! But I’m totally in love with the one you picked!

  303. I love all of the rugs but I think the first One has this slightly faded look which doesn’t go perfectly with the bathroom. The 2nd one is also gorgeous but there’s just something about the 3rd rug that makes the bathroom look ver put together. I can’t describe it but the 3rd was definitely made for that bathroom.

  304. the last one!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  305. Natasha S says:

    I love the option you chose for the bathroom, but option 3 is my favorite.

  306. Number threeee! Love everything y’all do… keep it up!!!! :)

  307. Love the rug in option #3!

  308. This is such a nice thing to do! 🖤 I am in love with option 2!!! 😊

  309. This bathroom is so beautiful!! Loved following the progress. Love the rug no 3!

  310. Oh I loveeee option three!

  311. Already excited to watch your next renovation unfold! And for the rugs— that orange one is amazing and has my vote!

  312. All 3 are so beautiful but you definitely picked the perfect one. I love it in your new bathroom! The 3rd option would look amazing in my mediocre/needs an update master bath and would make me feel like a queen 👸🏻!

  313. All three are gorgeous! But yes you picked wisely for your space!

  314. the one you chose is spot on and my fav of the three choices. I love the deep colors in these rugs, so option 3 is my favorite of the two you didn’t use!

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful Bathroom and process with us! I love seeing your style.

  315. Brittany K says:

    Option 3 is definitely my favorite! I think it would look absolutely breathtaking in a bathroom with a light, warm pink wall color. Love the choice you ended up with for your bathroom; it really does make the blue walls sing!

  316. All three rugs are the perfect accents for a home! I love the second option because boho is definitely my style, but I just adore the shape and details of the third!

  317. Colleen O’Brien says:

    Your guest bathroom turned out absolutely beautiful. I love the combination of the special Burled wood piece with with the vintage rug. Each rug is so beautiful- I’m in love with all three 😍

  318. Michelle Markham says:

    I just bought a condo in July and we’re currently redoing it room by room. We’ve decided to re do some of the flooring and are leaving (for now!) the majority of beige-brown carpeting as it’s in great condition. Picking out rugs to go over the carpet has been so so hard and I’m constantly on the search for new rug websites! Love that you went with #1- it looks amazing!

  319. Oh my goodness! I love them both! BUT the orange one is screaming my name!!! / although I still believe it should be the obvious choice for your beautiful bathroom makeover! Stunning!

  320. Katie Ryan says:

    I love the orangey one although not sure where I would put it- maybe our hallway we’re redoing! I am such a sucker for a vintage rug- like never stop looking for them. This giveaway would be the dream to win!!

  321. Debbie Minarik says:

    Love all of them but your choice for number one was indeed the best for your space. I like number two for me…but three would work as well!!

  322. Sarah, your bathroom is so unbelievably pretty! I looked forward to this reveal for weeks. I absolutely love the vintage rugs. We are about to get started on a remodel (which happens to be my grandparents home and my childhood home!). Love love love the mix of the old with the new. Can’t wait to follow along the rest of this renovation!

  323. Elizabeth Jones says:

    Oo what pretty options! I love and totally see why you chose the first one, but that second one is pulling me in!

  324. Lindsey D. says:

    I love how much a rug can accent a home. The bold colors of option 2 can definitely brighten up a room, but I also just love the intricate details of option 3. I’m happy to see you made a decision, because it seems like a tough one to make!

  325. Gah! I’m in love with all of the rugs, but the Orange one has to be my favorite!

  326. The one you chose is PERFECT for your space! All 3 are beautiful but #3 would look amazing in my kitchen☺️ Thanks for always inspiring and sharing your hard work!

  327. Randi Holtzhauer says:

    These are all stunning, if I had to pick a favorite of the last two it would be the darker one. What a beautiful collection of rugs you have!

  328. Erin Cavaletto says:

    I only wish you didn’t choose the first rug so I could keep it for myself! But I do see the second rug fitting perfectly in my newly renovated kitchen ;)

  329. Hope Woodhouse says:

    First, I love the vintage rug look in a bathroom. It feels so much more like part of the rest of the house than just a separate area. All three of these options look so great, and it’s a bummer that option 2 was too short. The colors of that one are my favorite and would look great in so many other spaces!

  330. Lori Breningmeyer says:

    The first one is hands down the most perfect, but they’re all gorgeous! You can’t go wrong. :-)

  331. They’re all gorgeous! I think my favorite is #3, but either of the ones in the giveaway would look great in my kitchen

  332. All these rugs are so beautiful! Option 1 is a great fit for your newly renovated bathroom. Perfect size and color choice! I love all three and seems almost impossible to choose my favorite but my first choice would have to be option two because I love the burnt orange color!

  333. Angelica Iasillo says:

    You picked out three amazing rugs! I would pick rug number three to add to my hallway between my bedroom and bathroom.

  334. Love the first one for your bathroom! They are all beautiful but I love the third. Switching out rugs is a great way to change up a space in such a dramatic way💕

  335. Your bathroom turned out incredible! We do all of our tiling and work ourselves too and when I showed my hubby how much tiling y’all did he was seriously impressed! What an undertaking (but so so worth it)! I could not agree with you more on the rug you ending up choosing! The little bits of blue in the design tie the room together beautifully. I adore the third option – super versatile and incredible detailing that you don’t usually find in newer rugs. Would be perfect in our hallway!

  336. I love all 3 and your choice was clearly the winner for your space. I’m partial to orange so that one is my favorite.

  337. Your bathroom remodel is stunning and that vintage rug made the room. #3 is 💯!!!

  338. Hillary J says:

    The second would be a dream to own. Thanks for all your design and styling tips and inspiration!

  339. Love rug 2! I am also in love with the rug you chose. Looks great with the blue.

  340. Whichever rug you chose would be the right one! I personally like them all and would have no idea how to pick “the winner”. This is why I currently don’t have a rug in my master bath. Oh but I have too many to count in various carts online. I just can’t pull the trigger! Help me rug whisperer!

  341. Ah! I’m so obsessed with the orange! We have a neutral color palette like that in our bedroom and seriously needs a color to bring in some sunshine!

  342. I like option 3 rug.

  343. Emily Bancino says:

    LOVE how the bathroom turned out! I think number one ended up being the perfect choice for you bathroom. 😻 While I love all three, my personal favorite is number 2!

  344. Oh man, it’s a tough decision but I think the orange one sings for me! Thanks as always for the quality inspiration. Your bathroom is gorgeous.

  345. In the middle of planning TWO room refreshes and have a perfect spot for #3! Thanks for sharing your (beautiful) rejects!

  346. Definitely number 1 or the room but I love number 2 so very much. Beautiful job, as always!!

  347. I agree with your choice; it’s looks perfect! I’d love to win the other darker rug🤞🏻

  348. Catherine says:

    Love #3 :) (And my IG handle is michidecastro)

  349. I love them all and could never decide…Sophie’s Choice. Thank you for explaining why you choose number 1, it will help me decide for my living room from this site. I still need a rug for my kitchen, tho 😉🤞

  350. Love option 1 for your bathroom! Looks like a perfect fit! But man oh man, option 2 is a beauty!!!!

  351. LOVE all of these!!! Option 3 would be my pick for the hallway our new home 🤗 love your metal mixing – your style was a huge inspiration for designing our bathroom!

  352. They’re all lovely! I think I would have made the same choice you did. I just moved to a “new” house, and my master bath is just crying out for a gorgeous vintage runner. Either of these would look so good!

  353. Jessica S. says:

    As expected, your guest bathroom remodel is on point and your rug choice was undoubtedly the best for your space! Although I love all three of the rugs, option 3 has to be my favorite.. it is just absolutely beautiful!

  354. I love love the 2nd rug option!

  355. I love all things vintage rugs! But number 3 is gorgeous!

  356. I like all 3 but #2 is my favorite/

  357. Christina says:

    Such a beautiful bathroom! I love all the rugs – you are right, you couldn’t have gone wrong with any of them. That 3rd option is a stunner.

  358. Mary Beth Sheridan says:

    Hi Sarah! Love your guest bathroom and love following along with all of your progress on the new place. What a huge diff! You went with the best option, although #2 was close, in my opinion. The colors that you selected, along with the warm wood tones really bring this space to life! Thx for being so generous with the rug giveaway! Mary Beth

  359. Option #2 would look great in my house!

  360. Option 3!

    I also can’t believe you don’t keep them all and stroke them and wish them goodnight every night. those are beautiful rugs.

  361. You’re bathroom looks gorgeous! And the rug adds the perfect amount of vintage! Fingers crossed one can jazz up my entry!

  362. Kelly Keitzer says:

    I love option 2. So different from what you normally find

  363. I think you definitely made the right choice! #1 looks perfect in your bathroom. And #3 would look awesome in my hallway :D

  364. Amanda Medrano says:

    I love #2! The burnt orange color is very pretty!


  366. Aimee Hunt says:

    Love the rug you went with. And surely wouldn’t mind taking one of the other off your hands…😁

  367. Love the third option! Really love your whole bathroom! We’re getting ready to remodel a bathroom, so I love seeing how you’ve done it and all the links to the products! ☺️

  368. Love #1! You’re right about the orange one competing with the orange in the custom vanity. All are beautiful though. Keep up the great content, love your blog!

  369. Your bathroom turned out so dreamy! 👏 What a perfect space to get ready each day. I love the one you decided to keep! My favorite would be #3 ♥️

  370. Susan Christy says:

    I agree with your choice! I’d pick Option #3.

    1. Susan Christy says:

      I follow both on IG as susitravl

  371. Emily Sheffield says:

    I love all three but I think 2 is the best💓💓 love your page and all your work💜💜

    1. Congrats Emily!! You’re the winner of rug #2- look for an email from me shortly to confirm shipping details. xox

  372. Cheyenne Dalton says:

    Your space is so lovely! I think the second is my favorite but the first is a very close second (lol).

  373. Kristin Zimmerman says:

    I just love the colors in the one you chose. Perfect tones for the room!

  374. Briawna Poirier says:

    Love all three of them but definitely agree with your choice for that space. My favorite though is option 2. I’m a sucker for burnt orange.

    Can’t wait to see more of your journey in your new home! Love love following you being inspired by you daily.


  375. Your bathroom is so very lovely! I love all three of the rugs, even though the second one is a bit out of my comfort zone color wise. I think the 3rd is maybe my favorite, but it’s hard to choose!

  376. Jane Hill says:

    I really enjoyed reading your thoughts on the entire bathroom remodel. The rugs are fab and SO different. Love the orange boho!

  377. Option two is definitely my favorite!

  378. I love option two! I’ve been searching for something like it for my kitchen!

  379. Love following your account! We just moved and you’ve given me so much inspiration! My fave is the burnt orange #2 rug 😍👌👌

  380. Love all three but my fave is the burnt orange one #2! Thank you for so much inspiration!

  381. I would pick option 2 (the organe rug) for my sunroom, it would look wonderful with the deep green plants. Sadly the bathrooms in my home are too small for either rug (they are also in desperate need of a makeover).

  382. What a relaxing space for you guests! Evey detail is gorgeous. I love the third rug option. Love the color and pattern.

  383. I love all three, but I think option 2 would look great in my kitchen 😁!

  384. Karen Branigan says:

    All three runners are gorgeous – but I love Option 2! Beautiful guest bath, the blue is per-fec-tion! ❤️

  385. I love all 3, but I liked how #1 really drew out the blue of the cabinets. I thought the second option picked up the wood of the table. I also think #2 would look great in my bathroom 😀

  386. I love option 3 the best.

  387. I can see why you thought option 3 would initially be the winner; I am also totally taken by that rug. :)

  388. Thomasina Archer says:

    All 3 are so pretty! I agree that the blue one is perfect for this space! I think I like the 2nd one the best… But maybe the 3rd… 🤔🤔 I would put it in our entryway!

  389. I learned so much about tiles throughout your bathroom makeover. Thank you for going through it step by step, especially with your decision making process as the planning in usually the hardest part for me!

    I love the third rug! it would hide all sorts of mess while looking flyyyyyyy! The second one is nice too but a little too orange for my taste.

  390. I love option 2 and I don’t even like orange but I feel like it would pair so well with the navy that I’ll be doing in my kitchen. It will add that special pop of color without clashing with the rest of the design.

  391. Camille Thomson says:

    They are all beautiful! But I love the first option! All of them would look so pretty in many different spaces!

  392. Oh my goodness! They are all so lovely. I agree that the orange wasn’t the right fit for your space, but I think it just might be my favorite of the three 🍊

  393. They’re all so pretty but #3 is definitely my favorite!!

  394. Rene Devito says:

    All beautiful! Love option 1 or 3 the best :)

  395. You picked the right one for your room but my fav is the third one…it’s gorgeous

  396. Obsessed with option #2! Personally, I love a good pop of color!

  397. I think 1 is the best choice, it really compliments the blue!

  398. Love them all! I do love the one you picked for your guest bath. My favorite is the orange one.

  399. I think the one you ended up with fits perfect! I love the third rug so much (the one you thought would be the winner) what a great lesson in trying multiples in your spot first!

  400. Number 2 is my personal fave! But number 1 was gorgeous for this space for sure.

  401. Option 3! Although I love 1 in your space!

  402. I LOVE rug three!!! And this bathroom is serious goals!

  403. Option 1 is my fav but they’re all great!

  404. Ohhh! That’s a hard choice. You picked some great ones. Dang. I really don’t know. I thought the orange one, but… 🤷🏼‍♀️

  405. I love option 2 and 3. The orange is such a fun pop that brightens the space with a zing. The 3rd is a great compliment but flows well without being the main focal point.

  406. All so beautiful! Number 3 is the winner for me. Love the deep moodiness of this rug.

  407. AnnaLynne says:

    These are all so beautiful. I love 1 and 3 for this bathroom. Those blue walls and burl are dreamy! And on its own, not in the bathroom, I love 2. That deep orange is lovely! 🧡

  408. Grace Start says:

    I am all for #1!

  409. I’m loving option 3!!! Also love the hardware choice for your door 😍

  410. My favorites were 2 and 3. 2 for that amazing orange and 3 for it’s versatility!

  411. Erin Falk says:

    I love option 3. The colors and pattern are gorgeous! Esalerugs is the BEST – I’ve found the perfect rugs for my master bath, powder room and family room 😊

  412. I love the 3rd rug! I also adore every single thing about your bathroom reno!

  413. Teresa Keck says:

    Love what you decided on Sarah! A close second is Option 3. Thank you for all the wonderful content you put on your blog. It’s hard work, but you do it so beautifully!

  414. I really like option 2 & 3!! The orange rug brings a burst of fun to the room and the 3rd adds a deep moody vibe.

  415. Ahhh obsessed with the end result! Cannot get over that vanity either. Love the rug you picked – I really love option 3!

  416. Option 1 is the one for me!!! So many great pieces though.

  417. I love #3!! The one you chose though is sooo right for the space!! 💕✨👌🏻

  418. Oh gosh! They are all so beautiful! I love the funkyness of the orange one but love the depth of the last option too. I think the third option would go anywhere in my home so I guess if I have to pick that’s my fave. Love love love what you did in your bathroom remodel. You’re so talented!

  419. Kelsey Sever says:

    My sister introduced me to your IG page. She couldn’t have introduced it at a better time, as I prepare to buy a light fixer upper in the coming months! So excited to learn more about the work that you do and share with others along the way! The recent bathroom you just revealed, girl…. 🙌🏻

  420. Kelsey Sever says:

    Forgot to pick my favorite color! 🍊 🙌🏻

  421. The third option! Would be great in my house

  422. Wendy Clymore says:

    Love love love option 1!

  423. The third option would look great in my house!

  424. Priscilla says:

    It’s so hard! But I would have to say option 2 is my favorite.

  425. I love option 3! That’s perfect for the space!

  426. Option 3! 😍😍😍😍

  427. Marchelle sellers says:

    Option #3 is stunning!!! Love the colors

  428. Option 1 is perfection!

  429. Libby Mitchell says:

    Option 2 without a doubt!

  430. 3 and 1 are both great options!

  431. Love all three! Such fantastic colors and patterns!

  432. Ashley Arbgast says:

    Option 3 I love!

  433. Renee Brown says:

    You definitely chose the right rug for the space. I am absolutely loving option 3! The traditional pattern with the deep color combo is simply stunning.

  434. Nikki Sharon says:

    Agree with your choice!

  435. Still love option 2 the most. The contrast of the orange and the level of warmth is a nice touch

  436. I love how the bathroom turned out! I think rug number three would be perfect for the historic home my husband and I are buying soon. First time home owners!

  437. Amanda Schwiening says:

    I love option 1! The dark navy sold me!

  438. Kahryn Darjany says:

    Option #3 is my favorite 😍