Simple Holiday Tablescape

Simple Holiday Tablescape - roomfortuesday.comHello, hello! I didn’t quite get this post finished in time for yesterday’s blog post, so you’re getting a Thursday post instead of Wednesday. Surprise and sorry for the schedule mix up! It has been a busy week at the Tuesday Made shop, as Emmett & I have been putting in long hours and late nights packing your orders (thank you for shopping small with us!). Despite the holiday rush, I did make time to style and photograph a simple seasonal tablescape for you using my favorite pine needle garland. Remember my post on 10 Ideas for Styling Garland? Consider this an up-close look at number four. Click through for some early tabletop and dinner party inspiration as we head into the season of gathering…

I’ve already attended four(!) holiday work parties this month, so I’m definitely feeling the festive spirit! We also had very early snow, so I’m mentally ready and am fully supporting holiday festivities (even the early ones). Maybe I should attribute this to packing up all your pretty Tuesday Made holiday goodies. Anyway… let’s dive into my little spontaneous dinner party with my best gals (planning a holiday photoshoot felt reason enough to host a ladies night).

Simple Holiday Tablescape - roomfortuesday.comI’ll begin by saying, our dining room is far from complete. Aside from fresh drywall, primer, and a quick light fixture swap, we have yet to renovate this space- it’s really just a shell of a room. The only thing permanent (that will stay post renovation) is our vintage dining set and the pendant light. However, that never stops us from using it in the meantime… especially this time of year! We enjoy hosting friends & family- and I love a good dinner party.

Simple Holiday Tablescape - roomfortuesday.comOur dining table and chairs have a good story… we gave the entire set a much needed makeover. Check it out in this post, if you missed it previously! I’m looking forward to the day we renovate the dining room, just so our table & chairs can really shine in the room I had envisioned for them.

Simple Holiday Tablescape - roomfortuesday.comBefore I discuss how I layered & styled the tabletop, I have to share the hilarity that was me trying to capture the below aerial photo… which was obviously a fail. I was home alone (no Emmett to assist), balancing on a ladder, while trying to push the heavy pendant light to the side in an effort to get the camera high enough to capture the entire table (this was with my left hand); my right arm and hand turned to jello and was shaking holding the weight of my hefty SLR camera (because let’s be real- I haven’t weight lifted in a year and I’m out of shape), all while trying to keep the camera semi still amongst heavy breathing. Ha! It was a scene. Can you picture it? You would have laughed and there was definitely some swearing involved. I did somehow manage to fit the entire table into the viewfinder, but unfortunately it turned out a bit grainy and dark thanks to my shaky posture of that acrobatic moment. I suppose you get the point!

Simple Holiday Tablescape - roomfortuesday.comFor the tablescape itself, I kept things simple… striped linen napkins, white dishes, our everyday bamboo style flatware, gold rimmed coupes for a touch of elegance, a couple candles, and a single piece of pine garland strung down the center of the table. It took me all of 15 minutes to throw together. Easy!

Simple Holiday Tablescape - roomfortuesday.comI also did a little impromptu styling on our sideboard… yes- we still have and love our vintage burl credenza we hauled across the country during our move years ago! I have no idea where it will live once the dining room is renovated, because it doesn’t exactly fit here- but it’s one we’ll definitely keep and find a place for.

I pulled out some small festive details for our food- like these darling mini deer charcuterie servers, from a local shop, Foundation Goods.

Simple Holiday Tablescape - roomfortuesday.comI also shopped my shop and brought home some good books, more garland, new art, and some of my go-to accessories, like Thomas O’Brien’s footed magnifying glass.

Simple Holiday Tablescape - roomfortuesday.comOf course no tablescape is complete without some vintage details. The candleholders were thrifted and I saved some vintage French horns for our house… sorry to everyone who requested a restock- I only found so many and selfishly wanted a few of my own. I think it’s fun to tuck some unexpected items into the garland centerpiece- sculptural objects, florals, pinecones, candles, etc.

Simple Holiday Tablescape - roomfortuesday.comIt was a good evening, we laughed, we celebrated, and enjoyed good food & company. Intimate dinner parties with good conversation will forever be my favorite way to socialize.

Simple Holiday Tablescape - roomfortuesday.comI’m really looking forward to Thanksgiving next week and the Christmas season thereafter. While it has been a tough year for me personally, we have a lot to celebrate. If my health journey has taught me anything, it’s to live and enjoy the moment- so that’s exactly what I’m going to do! I finally got some unexpected answers this week and I’m anxiously awaiting appointments with my doctors to plan my course of treatment. Thank you for being so encouraging and supportive, it really means a lot to me! I’ll share once I have more information and things are confirmed.

Simple Holiday Tablescape - roomfortuesday.comOn a totally unrelated note, we blazed through our holiday decor in the shop. We’re 90% sold out of our holiday section! That being said, I wanted to say thank you for your support- I’m truly blown away with gratitude. On the contrary, if you have your eye on something- don’t wait until Black Friday because it will most likely be gone (if it’s holiday specific…. garlands, wreaths, stockings, etc). I wish I would have stocked more this season… I’m sorry to those of you that have messaged saying you missed out on something you really wanted. Speaking of the shop, I’ve got to get back there, so I’m signing off for now. Peggi is stepping in with a fun post you won’t want to miss tomorrow, so be sure to check back on Friday! Cheers to future holiday festivities! Who else is feeling the excitement? I’ll link the things I used for my spontaneous dinner party below, and coming to the blog on Monday… my annual holiday home tour! All good & happy things ahead.

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  1. Good morning, good morning! Planning a dinner party is quite possibly my number one most favorite creative activity! Seriously, I create menus and tablescapes in my head for fun. Wait. Does that make me weird? Ha. Anyway, I love this look! For me, the warm wood accents and hits of smoky of blue perfect the scheme. The juniper berries on the plate?! Masterful. You know I’ve got candlesticks on the brain (ahem), and that pair jumped off the screen at me. What a stellar find! Speaking of great finds, your credenza still earning all the heart eyes. Of course, I’m also curious what you served! Dish the details. Your overhead shot has me chuckling. I was just lamenting (to myself) that I can never capture my tablescapes. I feel a teensy bit better knowing that a photography wizard with a professional camera had a little struggle. (I always end up with my feet in the frame! LOL.) Would a drone work inside… Four parties already? You do have a festive crowd! We’re consumed by Thanksgiving atm. Menu finalizing tonight, grocery shopping on Saturday. I’ve got to test a recipe at some point, create my menu cards, iron linens… Fun, fun, fun!! On a less fun but more important note, I’m relieved you may finally be getting some medical answers. That would certainly be a gift. Cheers to friendly gatherings and good tidings!💜 I’ll see everyone tomorrow!

    1. Hello, hello! Cheers to dinner parties, indeed! I’m not kidding when I say- I want to attend one of your famous dinner parties someday. They sounds like a dream! I do still love my burl credenza and the story behind it. For food, I made vegan sweet potato chili and salad. I take any girls night as an opportunity to eat clean and meatless (without Emmett, ha)! I’m still on an intense diet from my doctor- no sugar, no gluten, no dairy, no starch, no red or fatty meats, etc. He’s struggling to adapt with me, but I’m honestly feeling a lot better since making the switch. I’m sure I’ll cheat during Thanksgiving (because dessert and wine), but it has been a welcomed change on my health journey. I’ll take any of your tried & true vegan recipes, please! OMG- that aerial shot was a disaster. I’m surprised I didn’t fall off the ladder. The pendant light was majorly in the way, and I couldn’t get the camera high enough to capture the entire table. Laurie Anne has agreed to do all the cooking for our Thanksgiving, so I’m feeling pretty lax about it… and as in cooking, she ordered her favorite Gobble box. Ha! I’m looking forward to trying it because that’s all she talks about lately. It’s a meal kit of some sort. Happy Thanksgiving and menu planning to you!! Hope you had a wonderful day :)

  2. I have never hosted a dinner party. Holiday gatherings, yes, but the idea of a dinner party is slightly intimidating. I love a table scape though. We used to do a fancy family breakfast once a week, where we set the table formal style and cooked up a breakfast menu, just so the kids could get familiar with a fancier event. My favorite part was decorating the table. Yours looks simple and lovely. I’m dying at you trying to get the overhead shot. What a scene that must have been! Cheers to getting much needed answers- it’s been a long time coming and what a gift moving into this holiday season. I hope it all bodes well for your health in the coming year. The tassel ornaments I ordered are arriving today and I know they’ll be my favorite part of the tree this year. I’m decidedly done with live trees after three years of headaches with them. The most exciting purchase this season will be our tree. Admittedly, I’m thrilled for the holidays this year! Have a happy Thursday friends! See you tomorrow. Xo

    1. Really?! I am so surprised by this. It doesn’t have to be fancy… sometimes we’ll even order carryout and just plate it (my girlfriends are easy and don’t care). No judgements coming from my group. ha! OMG, that overhead shot was a disaster. You would have been rolling watching that scenario play out! I definitely feel thankful that my MRI caught some things- I’m hoping it leads to some long awaited answers. Thank you for keeping me in your prayers! That means so much. Let me know how you like the tassel ornaments! Funny story- I entered our inventory wrong on those, so I had to take the 3 I bought off my tree to ship out. I’m so sad I didn’t get any. Emmett was laughing at me! I was cursing my math skills. I’m kind of excited you’re coming over to the dark side (team faux tree)! It’s SO much easier! Hope you’re having an amazing week :) xo

  3. Ooh an impromptu girlie dinner party! Woohoo 🥳 so fun Sarah. I hosted a similar spontaneous lunch this week while Andrew was away 😜 Why not 🥂
    Your dining table is beautiful and styled to perfection. Love the vintage candlesticks and Tuesday made decor 😍 Just lovely!! That vintage dining set was quite the find and all that hard work you put into restoring it was amazing. Are you going to install wallpaper in the dining room? Excited to hear your plans once established.
    So happy the shop has been so busy and your holiday decor is selling fast. I’m not surprised you carry so many unique items and quality greenery ❤️
    Also happy to hear your medical mysteries are being solved and your close to getting some treatment. Having health challenges and not knowing the cause is quite concerning and scary. So getting answers is a relief I’m sure.
    I look forward to Peggi’s post tomorrow as always 🥰 and you have an amazing weekend! Xoxo Your holiday dining room is so beautiful and I really love that arch into the kitchen. You mentioned possibly changing it but I really hope you keep it 💖

    1. Thank you, Colleen! So fun! I love that you did the same while Andrew was away. I love our dining set so much. I’m looking forward to tackling the dining room someday, so it can really shine. I’m so thankful it has been a busy season at the shop. We’ve had a slower year, and I’ll glad put in these long hours. It’s fun packing up all the orders and holiday goodies. I’m anxiously awaiting my doctor appointments now that my recent MRI caught some things. Of course they won’t tell me over the phone and the earliest I can get in is December. Sometimes our healthcare system here in the states make me wish I was a Canadian resident! Peggi has a fun post lined up for tomorrow- I love reading hers. She saved the day during this busy week! I hope you have a wonderful weekend, too! :) xox

  4. Your table is beautiful! Lucky guests to sit at such a well curated setup. Those candlesticks are beautiful along with the salt & pepper mill. Your garland, gold rimmed coupes and french horn are great pieces from the shop. The holiday collection in your shop has so many beautiful ornaments, garlands, gift sets. Happy to hear it is doing so well.
    I’m with Colleen, if you have plans for your dining room, would love to see your ideas. Hope the entry is going well.
    Sarah I know your health has been a struggle this year and I have prayed for you and will continue. When you are ready to share, we will be here to listen, offer support, & celebrate with. You are right, live and enjoy the moment!
    We are on the road again tomorrow to celebrate with my husband’s family for the weekend. Have a wonderful weekend beautiful friend!

    1. Thank you, Danna! You are so sweet. I appreciate your kind words. I have no plans for my dining room at this point, but we are going to install a tray ceiling and I’m hoping for wallpaper. I haven’t started sourcing anything yet though. The entryway is kind of at a stand still because we’ve been putting in long hours packing orders. Hopefully we can get back to it soon, though! Thank you for keeping me in your prayers- that means so much. It has been a tough year and I’ve definitely learned a lot and grown throughout some difficult times. I’ll know more after I meet with my doctors in December! Have so much fun with your husband’s family this weekend- enjoy quality time :) xox