Best of Etsy : Woven Bags

Best of Etsy : Woven Bags - roomfortuesday.comI’ve got a summer appropriate post for you today that is a bit out of my wheelhouse, but fun nonetheless! Somehow I let a year slip by before sharing another curated Etsy roundup. I used to really enjoy the Best of Etsy series, so I’m thinking I should bring those back. What do you think? No time like the present, I suppose! I’ve been recently infatuated with woven bags and updating my summer wardrobe. Since my new meds and health plan have been making me feel unlike myself lately, I thought adding a few new things to my closet that better fit would boost my confidence and bring a little sunshine to my summer look. I went down the rabbit hole of designer handbags & totes, then decided not to splurge when there were so many similar handmade options on Etsy. I saved SO many good ones, I thought they were worth sharing with you. Click through for a curated collection of my favorite woven bags for summer… they’re perfect for everyday use, the beach, toting to work, seasonal markets, and summer travel. 

via alike desire craft etsy shop

I was ready to drop some money on a classic woven designer bag I could keep for decades to come, but I after scouring Etsy- I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I found the quality and materials to be similar and the price speaks for itself… these handmade options are significantly less than the designer versions. We’re talking under $50 versus up to $1500. If you’re also looking for a great summer bag on a budget, check out my finds below. These are the ones I loved and saved.


Shop my finds by clicking directly on each bag below… they’re all are clickable!


Any guesses which bag I ended up grabbing for myself this season? It should arrive later this week, so I’ll be sure to show you on IG once it’s here! Which ones are your favorites?

Best of Etsy : Woven Bags -
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Interested in seeing some more of my Etsy finds? I’ll link some of my most popular roundup posts from the series below… these are all appropriate for the summer season, too!

Best of Etsy : Woven Bags -
via le petit manila etsy shop

This is the bag I ended up grabbing (pictured below). It is number #13 from the roundup. I wanted something that had that casual bucket shape, could hold all my junk, and I liked the color blocked look. It felt very designer looking to me! What do you think?

Best of Etsy : Woven Bags -
via alike desire crafts etsy shop

I hope you enjoyed this one! Even though it’s not exactly home related, I still think woven bags like this can be fun to style around the house. My everyday bag sits on an ottoman in my home office. I also enjoy a woven bag hanging from a pretty doorknob. I keep a tote in the guest room for friends & family to use when they are out and about while visiting. Anyway… just something fun that has been on my mind lately, so I wanted to share! I haven’t been feeling my best, so I tried to keep this one short. See you on Friday for a new Noteworthy post though- I’m looking forward to catching up! Hope you have a great day.

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  1. Good morning! I am sorry to hear that you’re feeling ick. Here’s hoping this is just that miserable phase of treatment where you feel worse before ya feel better. Sucktastic nonetheless. A little retail therapy can be a welcome bright spot! And your timing is impeccable because I was just thinking the other day that my heavy black leather bag seemed out of place. I love a woven bag for summer, but I personally don’t want to spend much because I’m tough on purses. Although you assembled a completely lovely selection, my eye immediately went to #13 and #6! I adore the shape, large weave and bondage vibes of #6. I also appreciate that the inside top has a drawstring closure. I try to steer toward slightly smaller bags though; otherwise I’m carting around 10 pounds of unnecessary. #13 hits all the right notes for me. Slouchy, but structured. I love the way the straps are continuous and provide a graphic outline. Casual, but classy. The woven material is unfussy, but the details say sharp dresser. The size feels just right, and the price is phenomenal! Now that I’m revisiting the collage one last time, I also love #2. It’s tiny, but just what I want for a day of thrifting and antiquing. Hands free, holds my cash, and allows me to rummage without fear of knocking breakables off the shelves! In fact, if I were fancy, those three bags would be my small, medium, and large warm weather purse wardrobe! Thanks for a fun collection! I know purses aren’t interiors, but a designer’s eye is a designer’s eye. Also, you’re a whole person, that’s why we love you.💜 Sending soothing energy, friend. Take care, and I’ll be back for a proper catch up on Friday! I love a Noteworthy post.😎

    1. Hello, hello! Retail therapy to the rescue, ha… then my wallet says I need to take a break from shopping. I love woven materials year round, but especially during the summer months! I’m definitely that gal carrying around 10 extra pounds of junk. Lol! Maybe I need to follow your lead and opt for a smaller bag. I think being married to Emmett has turned me into a “must be prepared for any scenario” kind of person. Oof. Of course I love all of your top choices and excellent functionality points! Purses are interiors, but you’re right- sometimes our creative brains wander in unique directions. Thanks for that! I hope you’re having a happy Friday and have a fun holiday weekend ahead! xo

  2. Good morning Sarah! I’m so sorry to hear you aren’t feeling much like yourself lately- I hope once you’re used to the meds, that feeling will resolve. Shopping is usually the best cure for those humdrum feelings and your little perusal looks to have been fun! As I was looking through the roundup my guesses for your selection were #8, the un-numbered one, 13 and 16. I adore the one you picked- it’s so versatile with the color blocking, and has that classic bucket shape, isn’t too oversized, and beautiful details. Great pick! My favorites are 3, 8, and 13. Number 3 is my reserved side that would just want a fun woven bag for a date night; 8 is me all the way- I love a ginormous bag with a fun shape- completely my jam. 13 would be me striking a compromise between the smaller and larger size, and likely would be what I purchase because it’s similar to my latest love of backpack purses. I can’t wait to see it when you share. Every one of these looks extremely similar to designer versions I’ve seen, and for 1/3rd the price or less, you can’t lose! I didn’t realize it’s been that long since an Etsy roundup. I love when you post these because I typically forget to shop Etsy, but I also can’t always find what I’m looking for when I do. It’s helpful to use your links as a jump-off point, so selfishly, I’m down for a resurrection. Lol. I had hoped we’d have a Noteworthy post this month, so I’ll definitely be here bright and early for that! I’ve been dealing with pool related frustrations for the past few days, and last night was the doozy. Above ground pools certainly get the job done and are a fantastic alternative to dropping serious cash on a built-in, but they are not without struggle. I will say, in the last 3 years we’ve definitely found some incredible products that make pool season so much easier. I’m anxiously waiting for my robot sweeper to arrive (and it’s definitely NOT the high priced version all over the internet right now). Anyway, fingers crossed I can get the pain points resolved this morning, because the kids and I are headed to the bowling alley. I hope you have a great day Sarah. Xoxo

    1. Thanks, Lauren! I’m thinking so, too. I’ve certainly been on a little shopping kick lately, ha. I think my bag is supposed to arrive today, so I’ll be sure to share once it’s here! I’m hoping it’s as good as it looks- you certainly can’t beat the price. I love all of your top choices and you make excellent points in regards to function. I had also forgotten about Etsy for a bit, so it was fun to scroll. Sorry to hear about your pool frustrations- those are never fun. I just love the water so much and swimming is such a summer staple. I bet your kids are having a blast, despite the fact that it’s kind of a pain. Put that robot sweeper to hard work this holiday weekend :)

  3. I love Etsy Sarah and this roundup of gorgeous woven bags is marvelous 😍 I usually buy fairly large sized bag so I gravitate towards the more generous styles and I love the one you chose. What a beautiful addition to your summer wardrobe, nothing like a little purse shopping to boost the spirits ☺️
    I enjoy browsing the shops on Etsy. I find the selections more interesting, creative and supporting an artist and small business is important to me so I will always love and appreciate a great Etsy roundup 👍 I’ve purchased so many things over the years in the US and CA and have been so happy with everything I’ve received. From handmade quilts, cushions, art, all different kinds of home decor and recently spying beautiful amber glass refillable bottles with water resistant labels and stunning brass/gold pump dispenser for my dish and hand soap in the kitchen. Trying to amp up the styling and refresh. Now you’ve got me onto purse shopping 😝 so many pretty bags.
    I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday and the weather is terrific. It’s quite smoggy here today with all the smoke from our forest fires and air quality is poor. Lorrie is not happy being inside but maybe I get some inside chores completed and have a productive day. It’s already off to a great start with baking a round of scones. Yum! Maybe a little baking therapy might also help Sarah 🥰 In that stunning kitchen of yours ❤️ Cheers to lifting spirits with this fabulous roundup!

    1. I ended up ordering #14 from your roundup Sarah! Honestly, it was hard to choose as they are all beautiful 😍 Can’t wait to receive it! Xo

      1. I love that one!! Let me know how it is once it arrives, please :)

        1. Hi Sarah,
          Just wanted to let you know my woven bag arrived and it’s lovely. So excited to use it 🥰 Thanks for the recommendation 🥂 xoxo

          1. YAY! Best news. Love to hear that it was a good pick. I’m loving mine, too! Hope you’re having a wonderful week, Colleen! xox

    2. Thanks, Colleen! Love to hear that. I love woven materials and honestly had a great time scouring Etsy for bags. I’m glad I opted to save money (that can go into a house project) for a less expensive bag. It’s funny what we choose to spend our money on, ha. I hope the smog and air quality are starting to clear in CA. I been thinking of you! Cheers to a better (hopefully clear) weekend ahead with a happy lounging Lorrie :) xox