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Home Tour : Bondi Apartment - roomfortuesday.comHi! How was your weekend? We’ve been enjoying having friends here visiting. We had a fun weekend camping together, but it feels good to be back to my regular routine this morning. I’ve got a new Home Tour post for you today! Today’s house is located in residential Sydney, New South Wales… and is set high on a hill in the heart of Bondi Beach. It’s an art deco style apartment that is modern and minimal, yet still inviting thanks to textural & woven elements. If it looks familiar, that’s because I shared a couple images from this exact home in my most recent 10 Pins post! Designed by the talented Sophie Davis, this gorgeous space is perfect inspiration for the hot summer months ahead. Click through for a fun and inspiring tour… I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this one!

Home Tour : Bondi Apartment - roomfortuesday.comOriginally a two bedroom, one bathroom apartment, Sophie converted this unit into a three bedroom, two and a half bath residence… the hallway was originally the space that pulled me into the tour. I love that slender marble console, woven mirror, intricate crown, and textural wall treatment. Pretty right?

Home Tour : Bondi Apartment - roomfortuesday.com

Home Tour : Bondi Apartment - roomfortuesday.comWhile very minimal, the timeless materials, scale, and soft palette speaks for itself. Everything feels warm despite the lack of color. The crisp neutrals and luxe woven textures also feel really inspiring for summer, in my opinion.

Home Tour : Bondi Apartment - roomfortuesday.com

Home Tour : Bondi Apartment - roomfortuesday.comThere are plenty of gorgeous stone tiles, slabs, and surfaces to be discovered throughout this home. The stone elements really stood out to me as classic and updated, all the same.

Home Tour : Bondi Apartment - roomfortuesday.com

The modern kitchen feels intriguing to me… cool marble slabs, woven lattice cabinet doors, woven pendants, and linen dining chairs paired with an antique table bring a juxtaposition of new & old creativity. It almost reminds me of an easy to clean modern rental because the surfaces are sparsely styled.

Home Tour : Bondi Apartment - roomfortuesday.com

I also had to include this darling kids room. What a sweet nursery or play space for littles. I enjoyed the integration of pattern and soft window treatments in here. I love that the relaxed roman shade perfectly matches the asymmetric bed canopy.

Home Tour : Bondi Apartment - roomfortuesday.comThe living space is definitely the most heavily decorated room in the home. Books neatly stacked on an oversized ottoman, a styled storage console, and pillows galore bring more personalty and color to this gathering area in the apartment.

Home Tour : Bondi Apartment - roomfortuesday.com

I think one of my favorite rooms in this home is the bath pictured below. That stone is super unique, the veining is gorgeous, the lattice cabinetry works really well, the sink skirt helps to soften the room, the sconce is stunning, and you know I’m a fan of polished nickel plumbing fixtures. This one is a big win for me!

Home Tour : Bondi Apartment - roomfortuesday.com

Home Tour : Bondi Apartment - roomfortuesday.comYou can see the full Bondi Apartment tour right here. Be sure to follow Sophie on Instagram and check out her portfolio. She has many gorgeous homes on display.

Home Tour : Bondi Apartment - roomfortuesday.comI hope you enjoyed this tour! I’ve been compiling lots of good ones to share in the months ahead. Feel free to send any my way, if you stumble across a gorgeous home, designer portfolio, or extraordinary space. Cheers to inspiring homes, meaningful updates, and celebrating the season.

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  1. Good morning! Definitely a home tour to make me think. Although I am never drawn to mostly white spaces, they do encourage me to really focus on the details. I note that all the wooden surfaces are chunky, angular and minimal. Even features like the lattice and notched-corner trim in the bedroom are sharp-edged. Add to that modern, boxy shelves and blocky slabs of stone. I actually favor these simple, flat profiles. She definitely softens it up with lots (lots!) of breezy, flowy linen and ripply, bubbly glass. I imagine that the naked floors, minimal styling and chalky whites keep things cool and easy in a scorching beach environment. Overall, not a vibe I would find homey, but I certainly wouldn’t mind a visit! The one element that does especially speak to me is, of course, that peachy stone bathroom! In fact, I wish they had shared the rest of the space. I will say that I find one colorful room in an otherwise white house to be a bit jarring. Maybe that’s just me. Regardless, thanks for an intriguing start to the week! I am loving the house tours, and I particularly enjoy the international spaces. I hope you guys are still soaking up bestie time! Your weekend camping videos looked amazing! Cheers to a fantastic week! (The end of June?!🤯)💜

    1. Hi Peggi! I totally agree… the more minimalistic homes definitely force us to focus on the details- and there are plenty of those pretty moments to appreciate in this one. Lots of interesting materials! I love the stones and tile used throughout… lots of good texture from textiles, too. I could definitely do a vacation stay here. Bondi Beach? I’d love to get back to Australia for a proper visit instead of a pass through. We had the best weekend camping! It’s always so fun to hang with and host friends. It’s back to our regular routine this morning and I’m missing them already. Hope you also had an amazing weekend. I can’t believe we’re at the end of June! Time is flying! xo

  2. Good Morning Sarah,
    I’m glad to hear you’ve had a wonderful weekend camping, such incredible fun with good friends. This apartment is quite charming, very feminine, light and airy. It’s definitely feels very summery and has a vacation home vibe. While I personally couldn’t live with all the white, I get the appeal and admire all the pretty it holds. The living room is my favorite space as it feels more lived in and of course the addition of color puts me at ease.
    I envision all the windows open and a soft breeze creating a beautiful movement of all the soft draperies and furnishings. It’s interesting to wonder who lives there? Seems like a young family with a nursery. Or is it a pretty Airbnb for families to enjoy? I’ll definitely check out Sophie’s portfolio, once I get the chance.
    I attended a baby shower yesterday and a sweet baby boy will be arriving very soon. I learned they have chosen his name “ Emmett” And I of course I instantly thought of you ☺️
    I’m super excited summer is here and all the fun things that come with it. Have a super fabulous day!

    1. Hi Colleen! We had such a wonderful time in the mountains. It was nice to unplug and have friends here visiting. I get summery vacation home / rental vibes from it, too. I also love the living room layers! It certainly feels like a windows open, breeze blowing kind of home. The nursery or kids room is super cute. Awww, a baby shower for baby Emmett- that is so sweet. It’s a good name, but of course I’m biased. Ha! I’m equally as excited about summer. I wish I could teleport to CA and come hang at your pool with you :) Hope you and your family have been enjoying it! xox

  3. Good morning! This home tour is one that pushes me out of my comfort zone. I enjoy the crisp linens, cool marble slabs, woven elements and light fixtures. I notice that my favorite rooms are the ones that contain some element of pattern: the sweet kids bedroom is my favorite. The pattern on the canopy and roman shade is such a delicate addition, and I also enjoy the infusion of natural beiges that bring the color of the carpet into the room. The same goes for the lovely bedroom with built-in cabinetry. I enjoy the detailed trim features here, and for me this space is the only one where the detail in the crown isn’t lost. The skirted table moment warms my heart, but I wonder whether that has anything to do with my color craving nature. I too enjoy the bathroom with peach slab marble. Everything about it is delicate and delightful. The living room is the room that feels closest to my taste. All the wood tones, the beautiful table lamp, and heavier styling offer a cozy feeling. For me as a whole, while beautiful, this apartment is too stark. The sparse styling coupled with so much white gives a clinical feeling. Mind you I’m looking at it through the lens of practicality as well- I could enjoy a vacation here, but living day to day is another matter. That being said, I appreciate that spaces like this offer a more thought provoking inspiration. Using stone and woven materials as an intentionally dominating focal point makes a statement of its own. I see the beauty of those moments as much as the heavier styled, colorful rooms I gravitate to. You’ve exercised my design brain this morning in the best way. Your weekend adventures looked to be the epitome of relaxation and quality time with friends- enjoy the rest of your visit, and cheers to the last week of June!

    1. Hi Lauren! Isn’t it an interesting home tour? Definitely more modern and normal than my personal aesthetic, but pretty nonetheless. That kids room is so charming with the swooping and draped fabrics… so soft! I think the home has an overall summery kind of feel. I wonder if it’s a rental? We had the best weekend camping with friends. It was really nice to unplug, get some fresh mountain air (although it snowed on us, ha), and adventure. Hope you had a good one and also have an awesome last week of June! xox

  4. The crown detail, amazing! I’ll take white minimal to look at that all day, and the aesthetics definitely make the little details like the hardware shine. We stayed in an Airbnb in Bondi Beach that reminds me so much of this apartment, good memories.

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Isn’t that so beautiful? Your trip to Bondi Beach sounds fabulous. I loved this home tour, too!