Best of Etsy : Block Print Pillows

Best of Etsy : Block Print Pillows - roomfortuesday.comHow was everyone’s weekend? We had a productive one over here renovating- speaking of, I owe you a staircase and entryway update. I’ll work on that for Wednesday or Friday because all of our parts are here and things are well underway. Today, I’ve got a fun post lined up- this Best of Etsy is perfect as we look toward cooler months ahead! I’ve been seeing so many beautiful block prints, patterned pillows, and desaturated colors beginning to make their appearance. With textiles on my mind, I thought it would be a nice change of pace to share some of my saved block print pillows from Etsy for a little early fall inspiration. If you’re beginning to think of switching out your summer textiles for different colors and patterns this fall, these pillows are a classic way to do just that. Click through for a beautiful roundup filled with hand blocked inspiration! 

Best of Etsy : Block Print Pillows - roomfortuesday.comIt’s no secret I love a good block print. They always feel timeless to me, and it’s nice to see they have been gaining popularity lately. I still have my blue block print pillows on my living room sofa (pictured above), but soon I’ll be swapping them for darker colors and patterns for fall.

Best of Etsy : Block Print Pillows - roomfortuesday.comNeutral patterns look lovely any time of year, but even better- they’re easy to pair alongside deeper hues for the cooler months ahead. Another pattern pairing tip? Mix patterns of varying scales… contrast is the best way to ensure they look perfect paired alongside each other. Ready to see my top picks from Etsy?

Best of Etsy : Block Print Pillows - roomfortuesday.comShop my finds by clicking directly on each pillow below… all of the textiles are clickable!


There are so many beautiful options in the mix, it’s too difficult to narrow down my favorites. I’d be happy with all of them! Do you have any top picks or pairings?

Best of Etsy : Block Print Pillows - roomfortuesday.comJordan and I have been photographing a lot of new arrivals for fall lately- including plenty of pillows. We have some amazing similar options we’ve been adding to the Tuesday Made shop… all ethically handmade & hand blocked from women-owned businesses! If you’re looking for superb quality or pillows that include a down insert (not just the cover), definitely hop over and check some of those out.

Best of Etsy : Block Print Pillows - roomfortuesday.comAs I mentioned, these printed pillows pair well with other patterns of a varying scale or color- but they work especially well alongside solids or stripes. That’s personally my favorite look! Think ticking stripes, windowpane patterns, plaid, and tartan for fall. It has me excited to layer as the weather cools! We’re already having cooler nights over here, which means fall is around the corner.

Best of Etsy : Block Print Pillows - roomfortuesday.comTo everyone who has been having air conditioning issues this summer (because there seem to be a LOT of us in that boat), hang in there! Cooler temps are coming. Is anyone else itching for fall this year? We had our units serviced and repaired last week, as opposed to replacing them because that is definitely an expensive & unexpected cost we were most certainly not budgeting for. Why does it seem the most expensive home ownership items are never ones that make an aesthetic change? Ha. I’d much rather sink $30k into a laundry room renovation, as opposed to replacing two A/C units. Sheesh.

Best of Etsy : Block Print Pillows - roomfortuesday.comHere’s to a good week ahead! It’s jam packed over here… aside from work, renovating, and more doctor appointments, Emmett & I are finishing our advanced scuba certification this week…  which means we’re taking the camper out to the lake for a couple days of diving. We also ended up selling my SUV, so we’re unexpectedly vehicle shopping. Remind me to stop overcommitting and planning next summer, ok? It has been a whirlwind, but all good things! Does your week feel equally as crammed? Mondays. I hope you get to relax a little. Let’s make it a good one!

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  1. Good morning, good morning! All the pretty muted, organic botanicals and florals seem a lovely way to ease into a week. I find their handmade, slightly irregular quality so endearing. From your selection, I’m not even sure I could narrow my choices down to 10. Ha! I will say that #11 is my absolute fave and exemplifies the details that attract my eye. Give me a slightly larger pattern, more than one color and perhaps a little hit of white. While I’m certainly a fan of bold colors, I dig how the printing process tames the black, rust and navy. The harsh glare of this summer has me ready for softness! Speaking of which, how great that your AC units could be repaired; replacement costs are no joke. Our new unit is scheduled for installation tomorrow.🤞 I love how you pack your summer days with fun, but I can imagine a break now and then would be nice. How about we just have a medium busy week for a change? 😉💜👍

    1. Hello, hello! I’m all about those pretty hues for fall. Rust and navy will forever be favorites of mine. I am SO thrilled to hear your AC is on track for tomorrow. I hope you turn it down and enjoy having a cold house after these past few weeks. Our units were installed in ’93, so I’m sure we should be saving for a replacement. Ugh. I couldn’t believe the quote they gave us for new ones. Yikes!! I’m glad they were able to repair them this time around. A medium busy week sounds like a dream. Why do I do this to myself? Haha! Next week is going to be slow and I’m looking forward to it :) Hope your Monday is going swimmingly!

  2. Happy Monday on what is shaping up to be a busy week! Back to school prep is in full swing over here- shoe shopping proved to be especially interesting yesterday. I’ve been informed Aaron is “too grown up” for the shoes on the market. 🙄 We did find some…finally. Ha! I’m with you Sarah; bring on fall! I’ve never been more ready. While our AC was able to be repaired, we’ve been informed it’s our last summer with that unit. A hefty 40k quote (for both units) later and we’re still reeling. And trying to get more quotes, lol. Pillow extravaganza this morning to cushion the blow seems like the perfect therapy. #1, 2, 12, and 28 round out my smaller print choices. I’d have to choose #2 as the favorite from that list…those colors.😍 When it comes to large scale prints I prefer the grounding neutrals. #15 is the epitome of what speaks to my soul, followed by #11 and 23. I’m loving the deep khaki tones against a muted navy or muddy green that seem to be popping up everywhere this year. I know I’ll be coming back to this post- every time I look back at the roundup another pillow stands out to me. It sounds like you’ve been taking summer for all it’s worth despite the frustration of weekly appointments, ongoing renovation, regular work, and travel. Please share what you end up choosing for your new vehicle! I’ve been looking for a bit, but the one car I love has issues that aren’t yet resolved by the manufacturer (Bronco) and I’ve been told by the left brain in my life that waiting would be best. Sigh… Cheers to the week ahead and all the glorious leaves and lattes inspiration this morning! Xo

    1. Happy Monday, Lauren! Back to school prep is always such a fun and busy time. Are the kids ready?! When I saw my oldest nephew in Montana a few weeks ago (he’s 15) he informed me that my shoes are all outdated and I need to get some cooler kicks. Ha, teens & pre-teens. Oof. He said all of his friends are into buying “vintage” sneakers, which cracks me up because it’s basically the early 2000s air Jordans. I officially feel old. Vintage and secondhand, I can definitely get on board with though. He thinks I’m ancient.

      So sorry about your A/C. The same thing happened to us. After we chatted at lunch, we had 3 companies out. Our units were installed in ’93 and one tech said they MUST GO immediately. After a dramatic 40k quote, we finally found someone who would fix them for us. Who knows how many years (or months) they have left, but we definitely need to start saving. I hate how expensive that is. It’s ridiculous.

      Of course I loved reading all of your pillow picks this morning :) Bring on fall! This summer has been busy, but we’ve made a lot of good memories. I’m sad to see my 4runner move onto another family this evening- it has been such a great car these past 8 years. Over the weekend I test drove the Rav4, the Lexus RX, and the LexusGX. I need something with 4WD since I drive in snowy Utah, so I’m leaning toward the GX. It gets slightly better gas mileage and has more features than my 4runner- hellllllo heated steering wheel and A/C seats. What my dreams are made of… and I can still fit furniture and the dogs in the back hatch. One of our friends just got the new Bronco sport and he loves it! It’s super cute and fun to drive. My DREAM car is a vintage 1960s or 1970s Bronco (right hand drive). Until then, practicality calls- so I’ll be searching for a used vehicle to get ASAP. Have an amazing week, friend! xox

  3. Seeing these prices makes me feel better about the 25k we just spent to replace our single 3.5ton unit. I know that seems wild. A lot of people seem to have two units and the pricing is close to that (coincidentally this was the lowest quote/best system/most highly rated company we had out to quote….other quotes were over 10k more). However, we did relocate the furnace, cut in all new ducting, and switch to an electric heat pump instead of gas.

    I am pretty bummed our system couldn’t make it one more year because it looks like the govt is about to pass a bill that would allow 8k in tax credits for switching from gas to an electric heat pump….effective Jan. 1, 2023. I’m not sure what all it entails, but if the bill passes, you guys should definitely look into whether or not your upgrades would be eligible for any kind of rebate/credit.

    1. They’re SO expensive! I’m sorry you’ve also had to deal with that this summer, Mary. That is excellent information to know about- thank you for taking the time to share with us. I had no idea there was such a big tax credit coming. Maybe next year will be the year we save up and make it happen.