Best of Etsy : Vintage Wood Stools

Best of Etsy : Vintage Wood Stools - roomfortuesday.comHi everyone! I hope your week is off to a good start. I packed up my parents last week and am back to my regular work schedule and routine. It feels good to get back into the swing of things- especially after some great family time! To kick off the blog week, I’m sharing a new Best of Etsy post, that features my latest obsession: vintage wood stools. I’m officially crossing one thing off of my “must find” list. Remember when I shared 5 things I’m currently on the hunt for a few weeks ago? Well- my little French stool arrived and it’s pretty perfect. Click through to check it out, and to see a giant roundup of similar options I saved during my search! 

I initially purchased this little stool for my home office. Once that space is finished, I think it will live in there, but for now- it’s also proving handy to reach books at the top of our living room built-in. It’s heavy duty, has a great aged patina, and is really sturdy. At first, I wasn’t sure how practical it would be as a step stool, but it works great!

Best of Etsy : Vintage Wood Stools - roomfortuesday.comLet’s dive right in with the roundup! I saved a LOT of vintage wood stools… mostly of the European (French) variety with bobbin legs- because that’s what I wanted for my home office, but there are some other styles mixed in as well.

Shop my finds by clicking directly on each vintage wood stool below…

While I absolutely love my stool… if #11 would have been listed or available while I was on the hunt, I totally would’ve snatched that one up! I really wanted the demilune shape, so it could easily tuck out of the way, and it has a similar notched leg style that feels a bit more modern. Which ones are your favorites?

Best of Etsy : Vintage Wood Stools - roomfortuesday.comI think the age and patina is the most charming part of vintage, so the imperfections in the stool feels special to me! I’d love to know where in France it came from and the story behind it. These beauties can be used as step stools, small side tables, to elevate plants, or even mini pedestals to display stacks of books or three dimensional art. My plan is to use it as a side table and step stool for my office built-ins, since they’ll be extra tall.

Best of Etsy : Vintage Wood Stools - roomfortuesday.comDo you also find these pretty warm, wooden stools charming? I think they can easily blend with any aesthetic and are versatile little pieces! Home decor and furniture like this always adds so much timeless character. I’m glad to have checked something off my list. What should I search for on Etsy next month? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. Good morning! You’re really making progress on your office wishlist! What room couldn’t benefit from the warmth of vintage wood, and I’m loving all forms of turned legs lately- the more intricate, the better. I am charmed by how the notched style of leg on your stool reminds me of a string of beads. I would worry about snapping a leg if I used it as a ladder, but I definitely prefer the convenience of having it always available. The appearance is also obviously a vast improvement over my standard-issue white metal folding step-stool. 😉 You found so many interesting options, I’m not sure I could choose! That said, I like the thick seat of #13, the wood tone of #24, and the swoopy bubbly legs of #15! I imagine now that your focus will turn to finding that special piece of art for over the daybed? A quest like that requires significant energy! Since I recently scored my dream nightstands, my search has turned to a daybed for lounging with the pups. Fingers crossed for all the hunters! As for Etsy surfing, this time of year I begin thinking about my Thanksgiving table (I know. I’m a nut.), so candlesticks, linens, and serving pieces are on my radar. Here’s to successful searches and a gloriously sunny week!💜 (Gulp. I just realized it’s almost September…)

    1. Good morning, Peggi! I’m also digging the delicate leg style on the majority of these. They feel really special! Of course I like all of your top picks. You know me too well… I’ve been on the hunt for that specific piece of art. I actually bought a big vintage painting, but I’m not sure if the color palette is going to work with my design plan. It’s a landscape, but I really wanted something more feminine… maybe floral? I’m going to hang onto it for now (since it’s the perfect size), see what else I can find, and then the one I don’t use will end up in the Tuesday Made shop. Decisions, decisions. It seems like we’re all crossing things off our list, so cheers to that!! Here’s to hoping you find that beautiful daybed you’ve been on the hunt for. Dog snuggles and naps sounds pretty perfect. Thanks for the Etsy ideas! Candlesticks would be a fun search. Hope you have a great day!

  2. Good morning! Another check off the office hunt list, and it’s oh so cute. I’ve never thought of going this route for a stool, but it’s so much better than the metal utility options. I love the style and color of both #2 & 4; the wood tone, bobbin style legs, and thickness of 23, and the subtle legs of 28. I could see all of them in my home, but 4 & 23 are the standout favorites. Something like this could function as a small side table for our low-profile sectional, which would be super sweet. I love your Etsy roundups. Cheers to a new week, new month, and getting back into the swing of things. I’m itching to see the progress on the office-I hope you’ve reached the home stretch! Have a wonderful week. Xo

    1. Good morning, Lauren! It’s fun to hear everyone’s favorites… I love both of your top picks. I think they would make great side tables for tight areas- you’d just have to double check the height. Most of them are pretty short (like step stool height), but if you have lower furniture, that might work well! Yesss to all of that- cheers to all things new. I’m looking forward to fall and ushering in a new season. The office is really coming along! I’ll work on an update :) Have an awesome day!

  3. Number eleven was the one that caught my eye right away! Once again you’ve inspired me to look at things I’ve seen on my travels in a different way. These are both gorgeous and cute (no easy feat, haha).

    1. I love that one!! I love hearing that, Dawn :) Have a great week! xo

  4. Hey Sarah!
    So glad to hear you had a wonderful visit with your parents 🥳 Lucky ducks got to stay in your beautiful home with the most amazing guest bedroom and bathroom 🤩 I’m sure they had the most fabulous time ❤️
    Your post is quite timely as I’m on the hunt for a stool. I do love the one you chose for your office but does it ever look beautiful in your living room too! Very versatile for sure.
    I have a weird question though. So I’m looking for an antique French counter stool for our cottage. I have one already but I need one more and I have found one on Etsy from France. It fits the bill on all fronts but I’m kind of concerned of ordering wooden antique furniture online. Are you ever concerned of it being infested with termites or some weird wood eating bug? Ha! I know it’s a strange concern but our home in Florida got cockroaches one time we think from a furniture delivery 😳 as they tuck themselves into cardboard and can travel a long way without being detected. I’m am now so particular and more cautious as I just about lost my mind when I realized what was in our house. So freaking gross…..we got rid of them thank goodness but it was crazy trying to deal it. Yikes! Ever since then all our package deliveries especially with cardboard must be opened outside and checked thoroughly before entering our home. But in this instance I’m more concerned with termite or wood eating pest. Have you ever encountered this? Or do you order vintage/antiques more locally? I would normally examine antiques in person and look specifically for holes or evidence of wood chewing pests. But this French stool from Etsy is so perfect and only one available that I can find.

    1. It was so nice to see them! Thanks Colleen :) You’re on the hunt for a stool?! I hope this post provided some good inspiration for you. To answer your question… I’ve never had any issues ordering wooden pieces online. I give all of my thrifted or vintage finds a good cleaning before they come into our home and have never had pests or bugs. For furniture, I usually do a wipe down, and then I’ll let it sit in the sun for a bit to dry before hauling it inside. That’s best for us because of animal scents as well… Crosby is actually VERY allergic to cats (anaphylaxis type allergic… so weird, I know)- so we try to remove any previous pet dander- that’s always our biggest concern. Cash usually just sniffs something to death, but thankfully he has never marked any vintage or thrifted finds. Vintage can definitely be gross and there are certain things I won’t buy, but mostly I just clean anything before it lives with us. Again, we’ve never had issues with bugs or termites (and I order often from Europe or other countries), so hopefully that makes you feel a little better. I think you should go for the perfect French stool you found! Just be sure to thoroughly wipe and inspect it, then you should be good to go! I can’t wait to see it! Have a great week, Colleen! xo

  5. Jennifer Laura says:

    Such great picks and I feel like a little wooden stool always tends to be the perfect styling accessory when shooting a space too!

    1. Me too! It always adds warmth to a vignette… they’re great versatile pieces :)