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Best of Etsy : Patterned Quilts - roomfortuesday.comPatterned quilts are certainly having a moment right now, and I’m in total support. I’ve been looking to integrate some playful patterns into our home for spring & summer. Textiles are always an easy update that can be switched seasonally. Lately, I’ve been on a quilt kick because they’re so versatile & comfortable… style one on a bed, pack one for a picnic, or use them as an oversized throw blanket. I’ve rounded up my favorite patterned quilts for today’s Best of Etsy post. From Kantha quilts and Jaipuri quilts to hand stitched and color blocked options, there are some lovely one-of-a-kind pieces from talented artisans. If you’re looking for a casual, comfortable, and playful summer staple- definitely consider integrating a quilt into your home this season! Click through for some quilted eye candy & hand-blocked fabric goodness…

Best of Etsy : Patterned Quilts - roomfortuesday.comI’ve actually loved quilts and quilting for as long as I can remember. I have three beautiful quilts made by my great-grandmother and grandmother that I’ll always use, keep, and cherish. I grew up quilting with my grandmothers and trips to the fabric store for supplies were always my favorite. I would cut the squares, work on the patterns, and was hand stitching quilt squares together before I could even read.

In fact, I love quilts so much that in place of a guest book at our wedding, I cut out quilt squares and had our guests sign them with a fabric marker and my grandmother turned our “guest book” into a beautiful patchwork quilt for us. It’s my favorite quilt that is filled with so much love. Many of those signatures and well wishes are from loved ones who are no longer with us, and it’s special having a reminder of them from our wedding day. All of that to say- quilts come with history and a long line of tradition. From Americana patchwork quilts to Kantha quilts, they also beautifully depict color, culture, and patterns from across the globe.

Best of Etsy : Patterned Quilts - roomfortuesday.comMy personal collection is mostly filled with patchwork quilts from my grandmothers and practical solid colored quilts that I’ve purchased or constructed as an adult. I’ve been looking to diversify my collection and want to add some more color and pattern to the mix this season. I’ve been particularly attracted to hand blocked options, florals, and the super soft & lofty cotton Kantha quilts from India.

Best of Etsy : Patterned Quilts - roomfortuesday.comAll of these stunning quilts are handmade, reversible, perfectly soft, and are sure to add a playful pop of color, pattern, and personality to any vignette…

Shop my finds by clicking directly on each quilt below… all of the textiles are clickable!

I have SO many favorites I definitely can’t narrow it down this time around. I ordered a couple from this roundup though. I’d also like to say- quilts make great gifts! I say that coming from both the gifter and recipient of my fair share of quilts. I keep my quilts forever because I just think they’re the best kind of blanket you can have- they really work with any season and are easy to layer.

Anyway, funny story… I bought a quilt before leaving for college to fit my dorm room bed (it was green, of course). I used that quilt all four years of university and it moved into our first house with us after I married Emmett. It has travelled along on every single road trip we’ve taken, has been the base of way too many picnics to count, has been a makeshift dog bed, and has just been the best versatile blanket. My college roommate came to visit us in Utah a couple years ago and noticed my green quilt rolled into a basket in the corner of our basement living room. She said, “Sarah, I can NOT believe you still have that raggedy old thing! It sure brings back memories.” At this point, it has holes in it, patches where I’ve tried to fix it, and it’s just unraveling at the seams, but it’s still the most comfortable. I’m telling you- quilts are the best.

Best of Etsy : Patterned Quilts - roomfortuesday.comIf you’re not quite sure where to use a quilt in your home, I’ve got some ideas for you! Think outside of the bedding box to really get a lot of use from a single quilt. Here are some styling ideas:

  • Rolled up in a basket
  • At the foot of a bed
  • Folded over a bench or ottoman
  • As a bedspread
  • Behind glass linen cabinet doors
  • Over the arm of a sofa or chair
  • As a picnic or travel blanket
  • Displayed on a quilt rack
  • Styled over a headboard
  • Draped over the back of a sofa
  • As a wall hanging
  • Styled on a daybed
  • Use the fabric for upholstering (bench, ottoman, cornice, etc)
  • Easy & durable for kids rooms
  • Repurpose fabric for throw pillows

Best of Etsy : Patterned Quilts - roomfortuesday.comI ordered a couple quilts (one for home and one for the camper), and I’ll be sure to share some styling tips & images once they arrive! I have such fond and fun memories of my childhood involving quilts… camping trips, cuddling up at the drive-in movie theater, watching fireworks from a big quilt on the grassy lawn, summer nights on the patio, etc. Something about summertime and medium to lightweight quilts just belong together, don’t you agree? Do you have any quilts? I actually think they’re my favorite type of blanket. Emmett actually bought me one for Christmas this past year because he knows it’s my preferred type of blanket to snuggle up in… he knows me well! Are you also a quilt person? I feel like they’re so inviting.

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  1. Good morning! Yes to quilts of all colors and patterns! I love their history (personal and cultural), texture and thrifty origins. Although afghans were more the rage in our family growing up, I do fondly remember my infinitely cool older sister creating a maxi skirt from a handmade velvet crazy quilt. Swoon. I went through a quilting phase after college. I received instruction and encouragement during lunch breaks from a colleague who talked of stitching a grandmother’s garden (so MANY hexagons!) while she listened to the pouring rain as a Peace Corps volunteer in Thailand. Her stories and her patience were a true gift. I sadly don’t own any heirloom examples, but just yesterday I switched our down duvet for a vivid block printed Kantha that I purchased last spring. I also have a vintage pieced Kantha that I use as a tablecloth; the patterns hide any mishaps! You know my color and pattern-craving heart fully endorses a quilt moment. Choosing favorites from your roundup is near impossible, but the more pattern and quilt lines the better! I adore 1, 4, 8, 11 and 20…also 3, 18, 22. Ha. I might be inspired to start searching for a vintage American quilt-oh the patterns! Thanks for the stories and the pretties on this going-to-be-gorgeous Wednesday! Cheers, Sarah!💜

    1. Good morning, Peggi! Team quilts, for sure. Our family had a couple afghans, too. Come to think about them, I’m not sure what became of those. What a cool sister you have… to make a maxi skirt out of a quilt?! I want to see that. It sounds amazing. Your friend from he Peace Corps also sounds very cool… what fun to quilt during the rain. I’m team Kantha lately- I just love all of those floral patterns and colors. You did about as well narrowing it down as I did, haha! It’s too tough. I hope you have a gorgeous Wednesday, indeed! It’s another sunny hot day here. xox

  2. Good morning! Quilts are just special in every way. I love the softness they get over time, and there’s no other blanket type that can really compare for me. I own several keepsake quilts handmade by one of my grandmothers-she would hand draw our favorite characters or animals on squares and then embroider them and put them all together in a quilt. Quilting is a hobby I would love to get into-the process of quilting fascinates me. I love so many from the roundup it would be difficult to narrow down. #2 would be gorgeous in B’s room-the colors in this one are outstanding and would coordinate well. I love #4 for a living room throw-the lotus flowers and palm trees are distinctly reminiscent of this Lotus Ave home and the surrounding landscape. #5 for me- I think this one is my favorite of them all. I’d style this at the foot of my bed. #9- that green!! #13, 14 and 16. #28 would also make a perfect addition to my bedroom. There’s too many good ones!! How did you ever choose? I hope you’re experiencing cooler temperatures this week-I’m enjoying the breeze we’ve had these last few days. We have a moody morning fog today and I’m loving it. Cheers to Wednesday Sarah!

    1. Good morning, Lauren! Quilts are just the best- I totally agree that no other blanket can compare. I love that you also have keepsake quilts from your grandmothers… so fun that she would draw your favorite animals or characters- creative!! I love number 5 and almost got that one. It is HOT here this week. I feel like summer came on fast and strong (in the high 80s already). Oof. I’m not ready. I’m envious of your breezy foggy weather. Hope you have a great Wednesday ahead! xox

  3. Happy Wednesday Sarah!
    Quilts are an incredible keepsake and yes I’m in the quilt lovers camp for sure. We received one as a wedding gift and we literally wore it out. It was used everyday and we had many cuddles on the sofa with it. I called it the comfort quilt as it kept us warm on cold winter nights and comforted us when we were sick. It resided on our quilt rack (when not being used) for many years in two houses and it definitely served us well.
    This past winter I ordered a patchwork quilt from an Etsy seller in California and the quality of this quilt is absolutely phenomenal. I am paying it forward as a wedding gift that will be included with the gorgeous crystal vase from your shop. When we return to Florida I will be ordering a couple more for us for the cottage as nights can get chilly up there. I love a heavy handed quilt with a nice finished edge and contrasting back so #2 and #9 would really work for me. They are all beautiful though 😍 Wishing you and everyone a very happy Wednesday!

    1. Hi Colleen, happy Wednesday! I love a good quilt, and I loved reading about your wedding quilt- so special and comfortable. What an amazing wedding gift- maybe that will be my new go-to idea. I ordered a quilt from Pottery Barn for our camper and decided to send it back and get something with more personality after this post. Ha! Of course I love both of your picks :) I hope you’re having a fabulous day! xox

  4. Wenda Scott says:

    good morning, i don’t comment much, but this post brought back many memories. growing up my mother always had a quilt she was working on in the living room on quilting frames. now quilts are machine quilted, but my mother’s were always hand stitched. i remember helping her roll the quilts on the frames as the quilting progressed and also hand stitching with her. i have several that i have saved because i can’t bring myself to use them. i don’t think many people realize the amount of work involved to make one, especially if they were hand quilted. love your blog. best regards, wenda scott