Roundup : White Ceiling Fans

Roundup : White Ceiling Fans - roomfortuesday.comLove them or hate them, ceiling fans are often necessary in some homes and climates. We’re a pro ceiling fan household… mostly because I’m married to Emmett and Utah is HOT in the summertime. As a designer, I’ll be the first to tell you- I’d much rather install a beautiful light fixture, but ceilings fans are functional and I promise, you can make them blend in a way that feels aesthetically pleasing. Over the years, I’ve become accustomed to sleeping with our ceiling fan turned on (again thanks to Emmett), and I’ll admit- it’s really nice for air circulation. In the summer months, it pretty much stays on all the time. We’ve always had a ceiling fan in our master bedroom. My sister called me yesterday (nearly ready to move into her new home) and asked, “Is 2016 really the last ceiling fan roundup you’ve shared?!” … obviously that’s unacceptable. Haha! She is on the hunt for five(!) fans for her new home and I promised her a big, updated roundup today. Click through for my thoughts on ceiling fans, how to make them feel more “designerly” in your home, and of course that promised roundup of my favorites. 

I figured this post was also fitting, given summer is right around the corner. As temperatures rise, there is nothing better than air circulation and a little breeze running throughout your home. Emmett has definitely brought me to the dark side, and I hate to admit it… but I do love having our ceiling fan this time of year.

Roundup : White Ceiling Fans -

My number one rule for choosing a ceiling fan is to match it to your ceiling color.

By keeping it consistent in color, the goal is to help it blend with your ceiling, with little to no contrast. This will make it feel less obtrusive and more intentional. It kind of blends with the ceiling and visually disappears. This is why you’ll only find white ceiling fans throughout our home (and past homes). I’m sharing a good example below… this is our current master bedroom. The fan on the left was here when we moved in. While the modern shape is ok, the brown color really made the fan stand out. We swapped it for a white fan and it looks much better! See how it visually blends?

Roundup : White Ceiling Fans - roomfortuesday.comIf you’re going to have a ceiling fan instead of a pretty light fixture- take my advice and make it “disappear” the best you can. It’s also important to supplement the aesthetic with other light sources (sconces, table lamps, floor lamps, art lights, etc). This will provide better lighting AND more style.

Roundup : White Ceiling Fans - roomfortuesday.comClick directly on the fans to be redirected to the source- or use the numbered links below the collage to shop.

01: white ceiling fan // 02: three blade fan // 03: indoor outdoor fan // 04: fan with light kit // 05: white fan // 06: matte white fan // 07: modern fan // 08: hunter fan // 09: flush mount fan // 10: flat white fan // 11: sleek fan // 12: fan with light // 13: small fan // 14: ceiling fan // 15: fan with remote

Roundup : White Ceiling Fans - roomfortuesday.comMy second ceiling fan rule is to source a fan that is sleek, simple, and modern… even if you have a traditional home (like ours). Believe me when I say there are no good “ornate” or traditional looking ceiling fans. It’s best to keep it clean and make it blend with the ceiling. That’s the name of the game! This style of fan will also age better and withstand the test of time.

Roundup : White Ceiling Fans - roomfortuesday.comThere is another pro to installing a ceiling fan… and that’s the price. Unlike a beautiful light fixture, more money doesn’t necessarily mean better look or quality when it comes to ceiling fans. Most basic, white, modern ceiling fans are pretty similar and cost anywhere from $100-$500, which is typically a lot less than a light fixture (chandelier, pendant, or even a semi flush mount). You’ll get a nice breeze and you’ll save room in the budget for something else. They’re all pretty comparable.

Roundup : White Ceiling Fans - roomfortuesday.comI’m also a fan of outdoor fans (see what I did there?). If you have a pergola or a covered porch, they’re great for keeping the bugs away. Of course, you will need a wet-rated fan manufactured specifically for outdoor spaces, but it’s wonderful to have! All of that to say… ceiling fans get a bad rep for being ugly and dated, but I think it’s more about how you incorporate them into your existing home, design plan, and architecture.

Roundup : White Ceiling Fans - roomfortuesday.comIf you are team ceiling fan… do you like having one in your bedroom for sleeping, or elsewhere in your home? Hopefully this roundup and post will help you find a fan replacement if needed! To my sister, Meg, who requested this post… hopefully you can find one you like from this giant roundup. Thanks for the blog idea! I hope you’re all having a wonderful week.

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  1. Welp. In an effort to remain positive, I will not elaborate on my feelings about ceiling fans.😀 I defintitely understand their utility, but…In our home, my capitulation involves a window fan in the bedroom and a small portable fan for the living room. Neither could be considered attractive, but I don’t have to look at them year-round. I will say that I don’t mind the look of a fan in an outdoor space. Your advice about white (or ceiling colored) and modern seems smart! Some of the other styles of fans? Oof. I do think it’s fun that you are getting round-up requests from friends and family! We all benefit! I hope your sister’s move goes smoothly. Will you be helping to design her new spaces, or did she also get the artistic gene? Either way, an exciting time. Have a lovely day!💜☀️

    1. Haha!! I know they’re not for everyone. No hard feelings, Peggi :) It is definitely a permanent solution and I’ll be the first one to say- light fixtures look a thousand times better. Emmett must have rubbed off on me though, because I do really love the functionality of them. Yes- my friends and family must be in shopping moods these days. I’ve had lots of roundup requests recently. If you have any, send them my way. My sister and brother-in-law decided to build a home, and they’re almost ready to move in (exciting)! She is also creative, so she really doesn’t need my help. So far the only thing I’ve assisted with is exterior color and material choice (type of stone, brick, shingle color, siding, etc). Occasionally she’ll text me images of vintage finds or new furniture she’s trying to buy and get my opinion, but she does great without me. Haha! Happy almost Friday!! So close. Have a great day! xo

  2. Would you use a white ceiling fan in a room with other non white lights (chandelier and pendants)? It’s a great room. The chandelier is in the center, fans on the sides.

    1. Absolutely! In our master bedroom, when it comes time to renovate someday… we’ll be adding brass sconces and other light sources in different finishes. As long as your ceiling is white and there is enough space between the two. In a great room with vaulted ceilings, the super minimal fans are really nice. Just make sure the chandelier is the star of the show. I’d hang the ceiling fans at a different height (a bit higher) so that your eye immediately goes to the light fixture instead of the fans. Hope this helps, Heidi!

  3. We just don’t have a tradition of these in the U.K., but I’d seriously consider one in bedrooms when doing any kind of updating. We have our Dyson tower fan on all night every night of the year and I find it hard to sleep now without air movement and the white noise that accompanies it – a ceiling fan would be a nice permanent alternative!

    1. It’s really so nice and it doesn’t take up floor or table space. I used to be totally against them (because of aesthetics), but it’s incredibly convenient and comfortable. Sometimes the practical side of my brain beats the design side of my brain. Ha! These days I’m all about having a home that looks AND feels good to us. Thanks for weighing in, Sally! :)

  4. One thing I miss about Utah (where I grew up) is that even on really hot days, it gets cool at night, so you can actually do things like open the windows and use fans. Here in Boston, on hot muggy days, it barely cools down at night, and opening windows doesn’t really help. (I also live within earshot of a highway, which is another reason to leave the windows closed.) That makes me Team Central Air Conditioning all the way! That was my #1 non-negotiable when we were house-hunting 3 years ago.

    1. Yes! I also love that… I grew up with humidity and hot sticky nights, so moving to Utah and experiencing those cool nights was such a treat. That’s one of my favorite things about living here. We also have central air- so nice!

  5. Ceiling fans are a must in Southern California, especially if you have a 2 story home! Most of our two story homes have cathedral ceilings, which are beautiful, but not the most functional in terms of cooling a large space. Ceiling fans definitely keep things moving and assists the HVAC in the super hot summer months. We have ceiling fans in every bedroom. The one in our master is of a completely heinous variety, and the remote is terrible. I actually told Jeff last week that if a new remote isn’t provided soon, a sledge hammer will be taken to its hideousness with zero regrets!! HAHA!😂🤣 I had never considered matching the fan to the ceiling though. Out here white ceiling fans are actually the most basic ugly fans you can find…I guess I never considered looking online for something better. I love the look of the more modern ceiling fans, but I hate the new trend with the lights… they overwhelmingly remind me of boob lights, and I can’t say I’m completely on board yet. I’ll get flack for this probably, but I really love the look of black ceiling fans. I know I know…very high contrast and only fits with very specific decor styles…*sigh* the struggle is real over here! As for the ones you’ve shown us here, there’s a few that had me thinking about making my dreams come true when it comes to our master! DANGIT Sarah…you’ve given me a new rabbit hole!!! Haha! I’m off to finish priming our bathroom cabinet fronts; hopefully painting the vanity next week!! This is a slow go project for me; design struggles with this space abound, and I’ve completely changed the direction I want to go with the tile…but progress will be made today! Cheers to Friday Eve!

    1. Same here… our upstairs gets really hot in the summertime. HAHA!! Your ultimatum to Jeff made me laugh. That sounds like something I would say. I don’t think black is bad at all- like you said, it can definitely work with certain aesthetics. I definitely would keep it white or black and stay away from wood or ornate ones though. It’s also probably more common to see in your area, given ceiling fans are so prevalent. You might not feel the need to disguise or make it blend with the ceiling, and in that case- a sleek black probably looks great! You are really on a home improvement roll. Happy priming today, Lauren! Cheers to progress and *almost* the weekend :) xo

  6. Exciting news about your sister! Moving would be a challenge right now but a good distraction.
    Ceiling fans are one of those things you need but don’t necessarily like to put in your home. For me that is. I have a love-hate relationship with ceiling fans. Love them in the summer (texas heat) but hate the look of them. Every time we need to replace one I want to forgo the ceiling fan and buy a floor fan but dislike the aesthetics of those too…ugh! Wish there was a clever way to circulate air without seeing it. Don’t get me wrong, I have seen a couple of fans that were really cool and made you relax with its slow rotation…say in hotel or restaurant.
    You made some very good points on deciding what type of fans to put in a room. I will save this post for the next time we are needing to purchase.
    Can we talk about how clever you & Emmett are in your door prop for painting? OMG! I usually lay mine in garage and paint, then wait to dry, then turn over to paint. Um, I am using your clever hack next time!
    Happy Thursday! One more day till Friday!

    1. It is! She has two kiddos, and they’re all excited to get into their new place which will better fit their family. I totally agree with you on ceiling fans… I’d rather have a beautiful light, but I also want / need that air circulation (especially when sleeping). I’m so happy you liked our little door hack! That was Emmett’s idea… I just put it together while he prepped the paint sprayer. Ha! It was much easier than laying them on our saw horses, and I think the finish came out nicer because there was no pooling. Happy Thursday Danna :) xo

  7. I love a ceiling fan! It’s interesting hearing about the extent to which they are used in other areas. Here in southern Indiana they’re pretty standard (at least in bedrooms) and they’re a lifesaver on occasion! Right now our temps are anywhere from the 40s-80s so we rely on them quite a bit to delay turning on the AC. I have a small house (900 square feet) with 4 different ceiling fans and that drives me crazy! Plus they all have the separate glass “shades” for lightbulbs and I hate those- they’re so fussy and always look dusty! I’m planning on replacing all of them this summer and getting four of the same so they blend in even better- thanks so much for the list!

    1. I’m from southern Indiana and I can totally relate… we had them in every room in our house growing up. They really do help with the hot heat and humidity. Have a great weekend, Kristina!

  8. Just installed a white ceiling fan with light in our guest bedroom. We have ceiling fans throughout our main floor but my home decor style lends itself well to ceiling fans and we don’t mind the energy savings of not having to run our air conditioner all the time! (I think it is your #8, Hunter…love the remote and reverse in winter, which my husband insists on!)

    1. They definitely help with energy savings (another pro I should’ve mentioned)… great point, Teri! I love that one- it looks nice and clean. Have a great weekend!

  9. Can you share the color of the walls in the bedroom you have in the first photo? Also, LOVE your brown leather headboard, I remember in your IG stories when you fixed the mark that was on it!

    1. I’m sorry Kylie… I don’t know that particular paint color. This was the color when we moved in. We’ll be painting over it eventually. Yes- thank you!! We love our bed. It’s hard to believe we’ve had it for almost 10 years now. Leather holds up so well.

  10. We recently moved into a house with ceiling fans in most every room – luckily they are all nearly white so match the ceiling enough that they don’t grab your attention. But they are a more traditional style with three or four small ugly glass shades (often with a mix of incandescent and compact florescent bulbs). We have too many other projects and design issues to replace all the fans so we’re slowly replacing the bulbs with our preferred 5000K LEDs and want to replace the glass shades with some that are a bit nicer. Do you have any suggestions?

    1. At least they’re white- that’s good news! I honestly don’t have any shade recommendations. I’m sorry! We haven’t had any fans that have had shades before.

  11. Kari Moore says:

    Which one did you choose in your master bedroom? Looks great!

    1. That one actually came from Lowe’s… it was out-of-stock for awhile, but I think it’s back now. You can find it here!

  12. Haha I live in Texas and I cannot fathom a room without one. I always think it’s so crazy that no one likes to use them in the design world. Don’t get me wrong, I love beautiful, curated rooms! But holy moly, a fan is non-negotiable.

    1. I know, right?! They’re so practical, save energy, and for the comfort of having a breeze in HOT or humid areas, they’re 100% worth it (in my opinion). Toilets are ugly, but we still have to use them. Haha! Idk… to each his own. I think it’s more about getting creative to make it blend or feel less like an eyesore.

  13. Brittany Rhea says:

    I love this roundup because ceiling fans are what we need right now! Do you know with these particular fans that you listed if the lighting is very good? The Fanmation one you linked in your master currently-is the light bright at all? I’m looking to replace the ones in my childrens’ bedrooms and they need good light that fills the room. That’s the trouble I have of buying lights online. So many are beautiful, but do they actually do well at their intended function? Ha! Oh, in Kentucky we have to have ceiling fans. Thank you, Sarah! I love your blog!

    1. So glad to hear that, Brittany! Our fan has a VERY bright light, and in our experience… most of them do. They’re all LED and put off more light than other regular fixtures we have throughout our home. I know alllll about needing ceiling fans in the southern states… my parents live in Kentucky (we’re from the area)! The hot, humid summers can be brutal without air circulation. Thanks for your kinds words :) xo

  14. This post has been a goldmine for me! Thank you! We are currently building in central California and the fans are a must in our upstairs rooms. I looked through the previous comments to see if you’d posted paint colors and didn’t see any.
    Do you have a favorite ceiling color? Our decorator is suggesting Swiss Coffee but I love the idea of the fan disappearing into the ceiling and I’m not sure if this will be too much of a contrast! So glad I stumbled upon your post!! Thank you

    1. I love hearing that, Emily! We almost always use “Ceiling White” by Sherwin-Williams for all of our ceilings. I like a super bright (cool toned) ceiling that feels true. It’s so simple and looks good with everything. Swiss Coffee is too dark for me on on a white ceiling. Hope this helps!

  15. Just found your instagram and blog – and the timing is perfect. I want to have our ceiling wired for a fan and was going to go with a walnut color to match our bed – but the white makes so much sense! I’m thinking about a fan with no light and installing 4 recessed lights around it. I like the idea of being able to dim – but does a fan and recessed lights seem like too much happening in a small bedroom room ceiling?

    1. I’m so glad to hear that, Maureen! I’d definitely go with white. I think a fan surrounded by a bunch of recessed lights might be visually busy and feel like a lot. I’d opt for a lit fan, and install it on a dimmer (so you have that capability) without the clutter in a small room. Hope this helps :)

  16. Hi Sarah, Can you tell me the name and/or link to the fan in the top photo in this article. I don’t see it linked. I really like the look of this one.

  17. Hi Sarah, Would you kindly share the link to the fan you used in your house please. It’s by far my favorite out of the ones you have linked.

  18. OMG!! I have been biting my nails trying to pick a ceiling fan for guest bedroom and my bedroom. we recently remodeled and I am trying to go with more modern, clean lines. Our wood floors are all light grey now so I was inclined to a brush chrome like my door handles and unsure about the blades. there are so many choices! but then I saw a white fan and how light it looked on a photo and started researching which is how I came across your blog. Thank God because you made it all more easier for me to choose. you see, I always thought white fans were something of the 80s but with the modern designs and disappearing against the ceiling it makes so much sense. I am don’t love them but they are needed in Canada. Super cold in the winter an super hot in the summer so I actually bought one that can switch the motor to either blow the hot air up or down in the winter. Thanks!

    1. I’m so happy the blog post was helpful, Claudia! :) I love hearing that. I hope you’re having a great week!

  19. Hi Sarah. Fan post is SO helpful! Really helped me decide on white. I am having trouble finding the one in first pic. I love the shape of the lamp shade. It doesn’t seem the same as the one in the link. Do you happen to know the brand?
    Thanks a bunch!