Things I’ve Noticed Since Replacing Our Kitchen Windows & Our Next Order

Things I've Noticed Since Replacing Our Kitchen Windows & Our Next Order - roomfortuesday.comWe’ve officially lived with our finished and fully-renovated kitchen for 2.5 months now and it has been nothing short of wonderful. I honestly wouldn’t change a thing, but some design decisions we made months ago have surprised me for the better… our windows being one of those. I wanted to share a list of things I’ve noticed since replacing our kitchen windows. I’m also spilling the details on what we’ll be ordering next (YAY!), because now that we’ve invested in new windows for one room- there’s no turning back… I’m ready to update them allllllll. I’m obviously eager to make more replacements in the window & door department! Click through to read all about it… 

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Things I've Noticed Since Replacing Our Kitchen Windows & Our Next Order - roomfortuesday.comI’ve chatted a bit about the design and installation process when it comes to windows, so if you missed that post- it’s definitely worth a read! Today, I just wanted to give an honest opinion or review on how we’re liking and living with our new kitchen windows, because as I mentioned- we’re about to tackle more and have decided it’s a worthy investment!

Things I've Noticed Since Replacing Our Kitchen Windows & Our Next Order - roomfortuesday.comWe landed on the Pella Lifestyle Series mostly because of the energy efficiency and aesthetic (they’re wood windows and can be fully customized… again- more in this post), but have been pleasantly surprised by these five things:

  • sound control // I didn’t realize just how much we noticed our neighbors prior to replacing the windows. These windows are great for sound reduction- they help keep outside noises out and inside noises in. It makes our home feel more private and secluded. We don’t hear their lawn mower, kids playing, or anything like that when we’re in the kitchen, like we used to. They also have giant wind chimes (the neighbors) and I’m happy that background noise has been blocked out.
  • efficiency // Believe it not, we can actually tell a difference in the temperature in this room. The draft is gone and the space stayed nice & cool without the A/C kicking on a bunch during the hottest days of summer. We haven’t turned our heat on quite yet, but I can only imagine it’s going to be much warmer than last winter.
  • rebate // The windows meet the ENERGY STAR® guidelines in all 50 states, and we were able to get a nice little kickback / rebate from our power company! We weren’t anticipating a rebate check, but gladly put it to use for other projects in our home.
  • security // I had no idea the windows had an optional upgrade of built-in security sensors until the day of installation. Haha! I think that was Emmett’s doing… opting to add those, and I’m really glad he did. The installer showed me how to use the app and now I know the status of each window… if it’s open or closed, etc. That has been a happy surprise!
  • warranty // I didn’t realize this until placing my window order, but Pella has a limited lifetime warranty. Knowing this won’t be our forever home, that’s a great investment and selling point in the future. I keep every single warranty for home products we install neatly organized in a binder, that way I can pass it along to the next homeowner when the time comes.

Things I've Noticed Since Replacing Our Kitchen Windows & Our Next Order - roomfortuesday.comAside from all the tech specs, obviously I love the look of the windows the most (hey, I’m a designer!)… that’s why I wanted them in the first place. They’re architecturally accurate and better suited for our brick colonial home. They make the kitchen look so much brighter and more seamless. I hated our cheap, builder-grade vinyl windows and was happy to see them go. They really made our previous kitchen feel cheap. Whether your home is traditional, modern, or somewhere in between- these were the windows I found to be the most customizable. There were tons of features, materials, finishes, and colors to choose from, and that was really important to me. They’re equally as stunning from the patio or exterior view. Did you see my new fall window planter box? I actually don’t mind drawing attention to the windows now…

Things I've Noticed Since Replacing Our Kitchen Windows & Our Next Order - roomfortuesday.comSo what are we tackling next, in terms of window & door replacement? If you follow along on Instagram, you already know we ordered and installed a new front door. That post is coming to the blog soon! It’s also Pella brand (but ordered from Lowe’s). I’m telling you- we’re now devoted super fans after living with our kitchen windows these past couple months.

We also unexpectedly had to order garage doors after ours broke. They are 25 years old and beyond repair, so that’s another door makeover I’ll be covering on the blog eventually. That was a pricey, but necessary, investment… at least they’ll look a thousand times better.

Things I've Noticed Since Replacing Our Kitchen Windows & Our Next Order - roomfortuesday.comAs for our next order, I really want to replace our formal living room patio doors and windows. As I announced yesterday, we’re renovating this space for the One Room Challenge and while we can’t order doors and windows that will arrive in time, it’s certainly on the docket for the future. This room bridges the gap between the patio, living room, and kitchen area. We probably use these doors 20+ times a day to access our backyard and one door is currently broken. I’ve brainstormed better solutions from a design point-of-view, but Emmett and I are both looking forward to additional sound proofing, performance, efficiency, and just better functionality in general. For reference… these are the existing doors I’m talking about. They’re also original to the home and were installed in the early 90’s.

Things I've Noticed Since Replacing Our Kitchen Windows & Our Next Order - roomfortuesday.comThis is the patio door and window wall view from the interior- before we started demo for the ORC (see below)

Things I've Noticed Since Replacing Our Kitchen Windows & Our Next Order - roomfortuesday.comI would love to rework the entire wall and go with larger french doors or an entire wall of accordion patio doors on a wall-to-wall sliding track. I’ve been talking with my local Pella rep about my options… here is a peek at our brainstorming session.

Things I've Noticed Since Replacing Our Kitchen Windows & Our Next Order - roomfortuesday.comCan’t you just envision the patio doors? I can definitely see opening the formal living room to the outdoor living space when entertaining- it would be so functional and beautiful… a true extension of our outdoor & indoor living space, seamlessly blended.

Things I've Noticed Since Replacing Our Kitchen Windows & Our Next Order - roomfortuesday.comWhile we’re waiting and saving to tackle all of these other projects, we’re definitely enjoying our kitchen and admiring the fact that it’s now more efficient and sound proof than ever thanks to Pella. If you have any questions about windows, doors, the design process, installation, whatever… let me know in the comments below! I’m always happy to help… and look for the exterior / front door blog post soon.

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  1. Your windows definitely are beautiful; I’m glad to hear that they are also super functional. They are such an investment! I wondered, as I was looking at your images yesterday, if you were planning to change the doors and windows. A wall of doors would be gorgeous…but I can understand how it might not be in the plan for the next four weeks! The change in your front door was so dramatic and lovely; that will be a fun reveal, too. And I can’t wait to see the garage doors you chose. Whew, I’m tired just listing your current projects! (And that doesn’t count the guest bedroom!) You guys are dynamos!!

    1. Thank you, Peggi! They are definitely a good investment, and I’m glad we ended up replacing them. Front entry door reveal is coming to the blog next week :) I’m so excited to share that! We absolutely LOVE how they turned out. We’re also super tired. Haha!! xox

  2. I desperately want to do the same thing in our master bedroom as you do in your living room. Any info on pricing for different options for making the whole wall doors that slide open is something I would looooove to know. And as a side note, I’m so glad you didn’t go with vinyl! Everyone in my neighborhood is replacing their original aluminum multipaned windows with the cheapest, most character-free vinyl, and it’s killing me to watch, since those windows were the only thing making any of these houses architecturally interesting.

    1. I have some estimates, but they’re super varied… once I nail down the best option- I’ll be sure to share the entire process, including the price! I’m also glad we didn’t opt for vinyl. We did that in our last house and these just feel a thousand times better. Lesson learned!

  3. Susan Kennon says:

    Hi Sarah! I have so loved your blog and today it really hit home for me. We are in the middle of building our retirement home. We are also using Pella windows. Our architect has selected the architectural Series. I am having a very difficult time selecting what inside color I want to go with for the windows. Could you tell me the color that you went with and why you chose the color you did ? Pella carries a white and a bright white. I could not tell by your pictures which one you had chosen. I am going with white cabinets in my kitchen but have not decided what to do on the island yet. I was advised what ever color I picked for windows white or bright white that that should be my trim color throughout the house, ceiling ,door colors and maybe possible some wall coloring too. So I’m having a really hard time deciding which white to go with since it will be a main color throughout the house. If you have any advice whatsoever I would greatly appreciate it.
    Thank you, Susan

    1. Hi Susan! I’m so glad to hear that, and big congrats on building your home! The architectural series from Pella is BEAUTIFUL… great choice. Our windows are a custom color. I actually had Pella custom match the paint to our backsplash tile in the kitchen, so that it blended seamlessly. In real life, they’re a soft gray. I agree on keeping the trim consistent. You can also request larger paint swatches before making your decision. I’d recommend living with the swatches for a few days, since it’s a big investment. Hope this helps :)

  4. As always you have chosen the most beautiful option! Go Pella windows! I’m just wondering how that kitchen window opens. Does it wind out?

    1. Aw thank you Dotti! We’re loving them. Yes- the windows up… they crank outward. I knew it was necessary to have FUNCTIONING windows- especially in the kitchen.

  5. Jessica Morgan says:

    This is silly, but I it didn’t occur to me that windows could help with soundproofing. We have neighbors that LOVE to yell and scream. I was searching for very loud water features we would put in our backyard to literally drowned them out. I’m going to have to start saving up for new windows and doors.

    1. Not silly at all! I didn’t realize just how much they helped with soundproofing until we upgraded. I’m one of those people that has to work in silence without distractions (no music, etc). Over the timespan of the kitchen renovation, I was spending a lot of time photographing the space and what not… the before and after the window replacement was incredible! Now I’m wishing we could upgrade my office windows sooner rather than later. Haha!

  6. Chloe Fernandez says:

    Hey Sarah! First off, I am absolutely in love your style! I frequently visit your blog to pull inspiration from! I am a medical student (but your blog makes me wish I would have done interior design lol!), and me and my husband are newly weds–all this to say, we have been and will continue to live in an apartment for the next few years. While we are in this transition phase, I find it really hard finding and expressing my own personal style in cookie cutter/awkward/cheesy/plain/poorly designed apartments. Do you think you could make a blog post about how to overcome some of these boundaries presented with temporary living spaces? The last apartment we were in felt like a temporary space, and I really want to put my efforts into making our new place a comfortable and inviting space.

    1. Hi Chloe! Thank you so much :) I love hearing that. That’s an awesome idea for a blog post that I think many people can relate to and will enjoy reading about. I’ll be sure to work it into the calendar soon! xo

      1. Chloe Fernandez says:

        Star struck…looking forward to it :-)

  7. I was looking for the door that you purchased at Lowe’s can you give me the name and manufacturer. It looks tremedous.