6 Ways to Style Your Front Door This Holiday Season

6 Ways to Style Your Front Door for the Holiday Season - roomfortuesday.comI can’t get on board with Christmas decor just YET (because Thanksgiving comes first), but I do want to begin transforming our home for winter and the snow that will start falling sooner rather than later. Since ‘6 Ways to Style Your Nightstand‘ and ‘6 Ways to Style an Entryway Console Table‘ were so popular, I thought I should continue the series! Why not extend styling to the exterior of your home and the first vignette that will leave an impression on holiday visitors… let’s chat about the front door. Click through for lots of ideas on styling your front door this holiday season- that will last all winter long.I’ll start by saying- none of these vignettes scream “Christmas”. That’s how I prefer my holiday decor though… I like to keep it up from November throughout January and I tend to stick with more of a winter / cozy theme and sprinkle in the specific holiday stuff just during the week surrounding Christmas festivities. I just feel like it’s a lot of effort, so it might as well be a look that has longevity.

Anyway, let’s jump in! You can shop by either clicking directly on the products– or by using the numbered links below. First up? We’re going big with a chic double door (because GOALS)


01: outdoor pendant // 02: double front doors // 03: magnolia wreaths // 04: brass entry door hardware // 05: brass kick plate // 06: monogrammed doormat

This might be my favorite from the entire post, and there’s a good reason I led with it. Ever since seeing this front door, I cannot get that color out of my head! This look feels timeless and sophisticated. Magnolia wreaths are also my absolute favorite! I’m secretly hoping our next renovation will have double front doors. So for all of those reasons- this one takes the cake for me.


01: green front door // 02: outdoor sconce // 03: ram head door knocker // 04: post mailbox // 05: brass door hardware // 06: faux lit evergreen tree // 07: black kick plate // 08: modern planter // 09: doormat

This entry vignette actually reminds me of my own front door. I still love my mailbox DIY and the back porch light that illuminates the veranda. I threw in a modern planter, my favorite color of green, and some fun accessories in a timeless color palette. It does feel pretty cool, doesn’t it?


01: four panel door // 02: outdoor sconce // 03: black entry door hardware // 04: mail slot // 05: modern planters // 06: doormat

This one has a city appeal, in my opinion. Can’t you just imagine stumbling across this modern door in Manhattan? I certainly can! I’ve always longed for a mail slot. I’m really loving the simple four panel door and those offset modern planters filled with classic boxwoods. If you’d like to add even more holiday vibes, install a wreath or lights to the plants. Easy peasy!


01: outdoor pendant // 02: arched double doors // 03: faux topiaries // 04: brass door hardware // 05: concrete planters // 06: arched doormat

Ahh, another double door… and this one is arched! If that doesn’t say “glam”, I don’t know what will. You guys know I love a classic black and brass palette- complete with spiraled topiaries. I’m into the way the arched door mimics the radius of the doormat- that’s a fun little detail!


01: exterior dutch door // 02: live citrus wreath // 03: outdoor sconces // 04: black entry set hardware // 05: woven doormat // 06: buffalo check doormat

For those of you that live in a more tropical climate, might I suggest a fresh citrus wreath? It keeps the seasonally appropriate color, while feeling festive! I’ve been seeing lots of layered doormats and I’m not hating the look. Buffalo check always feels cozy and wintery- no matter what part of the country it lives in.


01: outdoor sconce // 02: holiday garland // 03: three panel exterior door // 04: brass door knocker // 05: black entry set hardware // 06: brass kick plate // 07: doormat

Lastly, I wanted to end with a rendition of my current front door (shown below). We bought this classy three panel door on a super tight budget! The price is right and it can easily be dressed up with classic hardware, holiday garlands, and a cheerful doormat. I’m still loving it two years later.

6 Ways to Style Your Front Door for the Holiday Season - roomfortuesday.comWell, that concludes another “6 Ways to Style”. Hopefully you guys are enjoying this series? Let me know in the comments below! I hope it’s helpful. I’d also love to hear which options you’re gravitating toward this holiday season. Last question… are you team “Christmas RIGHT NOW” or team “Thanksgiving comes FIRST”? I’d like to think I’m somewhere in between.

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  1. Double doors! You fancy. I think my favorite is the “cool”, although I do love a simple black door with brass. I’m on team Thanksgiving only, for the most part. If I find some beautiful rosehips on a walk, I do love those for my mantel. Although, weirdly, I did almost buy a tinsel tree for my classroom; maybe I’m moving out of my Grinch phase? I love this series…I’m trying to guess the next “6 Ways”.

    1. Haha!! Your “grinch phase” had me laughing. I’d love your suggestions for more “6 Ways to Style” posts :) xox

      1. I love this series, too! Some (completely self-serving to me) ideas: Christmas mantles, dining room sideboards, bathroom double vanities, and coffee tables (particularly round ones). :)

        1. Julie!! You have the best ideas. Keep them coming! Haha! I’ve added all of those to the list :) xox

  2. Love these – all pretty, nothing garish – not a blow-up, light-up cartoon elf in sight. We have a long, winding walkway up to our double-door entryway, but our house is set so we enter the house through the (junk-filled!) garage, not the front door. Heck, the mailbox is at the street, and only the occasional Fedex/UPS guy will make it all the way to the front door, and of course house guests. I’m known to leave a $5 tip when I have something heavy being delivered and they do make it to the front door! The Fedex person who delivered our 10×14 rug got the tip, but the Fedex delivery person last week who dropped off my 40″ CB2 mirror only made it to the garage (so my husband pocketed the tip when he found it out front!). Maybe I can instead decorate the inside of our front door, so I’ll actually see it?!

    1. Ohhh a double door entry- I’m envious over here. Ha! Despite the hassle, I bet your long winding driveway is very charming! Kudos to the Fedex person who made it with the 10×14 rug- what a champion! Bummer on the CB2 mirror though.

  3. These are all SO good! Chic, Glam, and Classic all speak to me – I’m with you on magnolia wreaths and double doors! I’m typically Team Thanksgiving-first, but I do get REALLY excited when I start to see Christmas decorations appear in the stores. I also *occasionally* cheat and listen to Christmas music during November. :)

    1. Thank you Julie! I agree on all fronts- my top 3 favorites as well. Don’t let this post fool you… I definitely listen to Christmas music in November. HA! :) xox

  4. Gorgeous!! I especially love the last one with the garland around the door frame – I might try that this year. I live in Sydney, Australia so Christmas is boiling hot! Since we don’t do Thanksgiving – Christmas is now! Well – I’m going to try and wait until later in November to put my tree up and start decorating. I love a Christmas wreath and garland though – funny how we love a winter scene down here for Christmas but there’s not a chance in hell of snow.

    1. Thanks Kylie! I can’t imagine a boiling hot Christmas, but Australia is on my “must travel” list! Maybe I should plan a holiday home swap there? Trade you snow for sunshine? haha! xox

  5. I’ll take that “cool” door, please, even though all of your curated styles are fab. I wonder if there is a way to pull off that rich green color for our front door, hmm. Thanks for all the brilliant ideas, Sarah. Cheers, Ardith

    1. Thank you so much Ardith! I bet you could pull of the rich green. What is your current front door color? Have a lovely day! xo