Roundup : Outdoor Sconces + Porch Lights Under $150

Roundup : Outdoor Sconces + Porch Lights Under $150 - roomfortuesday.comAs the weather is slowly getting warmer, I know we’re all looking forward to making improvements to the exterior of our home and outdoor living spaces. One of the easiest ways to update your home’s exterior is by swapping out light fixtures. It’s a quick and easy task that doesn’t require super warm weather because it only takes a few minutes. As we’re in this in-between season / transition, now is the perfect time to accomplish chores like this. Once spring weather actually arrives, you’ll be thankful it’s already crossed off the to-do list! Click through for a roundup of my favorite outdoor sconces, all UNDER $150.

Roundup : Outdoor Sconces + Porch Lights Under $150 - roomfortuesday.comThis entire post came from my search to find an inexpensive outdoor porch light for our back entry. I needed something to replace our ugly existing one since I’ll be shooting the exterior looking into our laundry room for the One Room Challenge. We’re hoping this covered carport area will eventually become a garage, so I didn’t want to invest too much money in case this scenario isn’t permanent. I was really surprised to have found SO many good options that are really reasonably priced. In fact, the search made me regret splurging for our front entry porch light, shown above. Although, I will say… if you like it, it IS on major sale right now (of course I paid full price).

Roundup : Outdoor Sconces + Porch Lights Under $150 - roomfortuesday.comAnyway, I thought this roundup was worth sharing because I found some hidden gems on the cheap! A previous outdoor client project also came to mind, because we really wanted to splurge on a gorgeous outdoor chandelier and that mean saving on budget-friendly sconces. This is the perfect example that you can mix high and low for a beautiful result (while stretching the budget).

Roundup : Outdoor Sconces + Porch Lights Under $150 - roomfortuesday.comIf you’re wondering why I only included black or bronze options below, it’s because selfishly- that’s what I was looking for. My own project required a darker finish, but I also think that black / bronze pretty much works for any and all exteriors. It’s a great go-to finish outside!


01: emma outdoor sconce // 02: oval outdoor sconce // 03: outdoor sconce // 04: outdoor wall lantern // 05: outdoor wall lantern // 06: round outdoor lantern // 07: outdoor globe sconce // 08: faceted outdoor sconce // 09: outdoor hook sconce // 10: harbor outdoor sconce // 11: outdoor flush mount sconce // 12: caged outdoor sconce // 13: barn sconce // 14: modern outdoor sconce // 15: outdoor barn light // 16: largo outdoor sconce // 17: traditional outdoor sconce // 18: irving outdoor sconce // 19: open outdoor sconce // 20: robert outdoor sconce // 21: boxed outdoor sconce

Can you guess which one I bought? Again, it could potentially be a temporary solution depending on if adding a garage makes sense financially… or on the contrary, it could also live there forever. Who knows! Either way, if the time comes to remove it- I won’t be sad about the amount of money I spent on it. I also really like the way it looks and I’m pretty sure nobody would ever guess it was a budget find.

Roundup : Outdoor Sconces + Porch Lights Under $150 - roomfortuesday.comDo you guys have favorites from the roundup? I hope it was helpful! If so, would you be interested in seeing other finishes for outdoor fixtures? Maybe I should create a followup post for brass or nickel. What do you think? Or possibly even other outdoor light fixtures like the statement chandelier? String lights? Pendants? Let me know! I’m in a spring mood, so posts like these are really fun.

Roundup : Outdoor Sconces + Porch Lights Under $150 - roomfortuesday.comFor more outdoor living and exterior related content, click here! You can also shop the scroll below and see prices by hovering. Happy Monday, friends! Thinking spring thoughts and sunshine over here.



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  1. This is a great budge friendly roundup. I think you picked No 2. Number 19 would probably work best for my home. I would love to see more outdoor lighting posts. Looking forward to seeing both your kitchen and mud room.

    1. Thank you! So happy you found it useful. Number 19 is a good one! Thanks for following along our other reno projects :)

    2. Oh yeah, and you were right! I bought #2. xox

  2. These are all so lovely. I’m bummed that ours currently is a ceiling mount outdoor light, because- give me all the sconces! Eventually we plan to change our whole front entry so moving the electrical now doesnt make sense. but until then I for sure want to find something *affordable* and nicer to look at.

    If you’ve got some nice ceiling mount ones I’m all ears. Right now our is very boob-light-esque.

    1. I know!! I’m a sconce gal too. I’ll try to find some good ceiling options before it gets too hot outside ;) xo

  3. Thanks for this! I need to replace my outdoor lights but it’s one of those tasks I’ve put off for years. This is a great push to actually get it done – I love so many of these options!
    What about a round up of walk way lights? I need to replace mine, but every time I look they are more expensive than I expect, and most options are a cheap-looking solar model.

  4. Hi Sarah! Do you have any recommendations for outdoor sconces with a standard outlet built in? We don’t have any outlets on our condo balcony and I’d love to plug in holiday lights. Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Emily, I’m sorry I’m not much help on this one! I’ve never had to look for a product like that.

  5. Peggy Werts says:

    Can you tell me where I can purchase the wagon wheel chandelier? Love it

    1. It’s Ralph Lauren Home… I found it on Wayfair, but it has since been discontinued. Sorry, Peggy!

  6. Leigh Campbell-Hale says:

    I followed the link to the outdoor chandelier, but I don’t see anything like it on the website. Could you provide more specific information of its manufacturer?

    1. Hi Leigh, since this post is a few years old, lots of the products are discontinued. However, I found a similar chandelier here: … which is much less expensive. Hope this is helpful!