Evening Holiday Home Tour 2020

Evening Holiday Home Tour 2020 - roomfortuesday.comThis time of year, with the sun setting early and Christmas quickly approaching, I gladly switch on our lights earlier than usual. Our house takes on a totally different glow during the evening hours, and I promised to share it with you. Step inside and see what our home looks like this holiday season- after dark! This is how it looks the majority of the time when we’re hanging out in our formal living room and kitchen. I honestly think it’s more magical during the sun-drenched daylight hours… there is just something about twinkly lights during the holiday season, lit candles, and cozy warm lamps. Click through for my 2020 evening holiday tour. If you’re looking for the regular, daylight version- click here

Evening Holiday Home Tour 2020 - roomfortuesday.comObviously the tree is the twinkling star of the show in our living room. The dotted lights reflect back into the space, bouncing from the windows and french doors, making this corner sparkly and bright!

Evening Holiday Home Tour 2020 - roomfortuesday.comUsually, Crosby can be found sprawled out on the floor, begging to go back outside to romp around in the snow… or he’ll make himself at home on the sofa. It’s a good thing our furnishings are all pet-friendly.

Evening Holiday Home Tour 2020 - roomfortuesday.comOur fireplace is my favorite feature during the winter months. We use the gas fire every day (which is conveniently controlled by a remote) and I often find myself sitting in front of it…. working on my laptop, reading, snuggling a dog, having a snack, drinking a cocktail, etc. It seems to be everyone in our household’s favorite place to post up.

Evening Holiday Home Tour 2020 - roomfortuesday.comCash is usually hogging the hearth and can be found curled up on the sheepskin rug, closest to the fire. The poor little guy had an ear accident earlier this week, which landed him a trip to the emergency vet. Thankfully, he’ll be just fine, but in the meantime- he is not happy to be sporting a head bandage (he’s lucky I removed his cone). Our sweet vet even created a little festive holiday sweater for his bandage.

Evening Holiday Home Tour 2020 - roomfortuesday.comWe actually don’t have any overhead lights in our formal living room, which was an intentional design decision on my part. I’m partial to lamps in every corner, sconces, and gallery lights- especially in cozy spaces like this. Pretty much every corner has illumination of some sort, without needing harsh overheads.

Evening Holiday Home Tour 2020 - roomfortuesday.comI’m also a big candle person… though you already know this, given I just launched my own collection! I always have a candle lit. Evenings just feel more special and homey when I’m burning a candle. As soon as the sun goes down, I strike a match to light one. I especially love them during dinner time or cocktails.

Evening Holiday Home Tour 2020 - roomfortuesday.comSo many of you have asked about my glass hurricane that I burn pillar candles in… I finally found the maker and ordered a bunch for the shop. They’ll be in soon- I’ll let you know once they’re available. It’s the easiest “party trick” for instant ambiance.

Evening Holiday Home Tour 2020 - roomfortuesday.comThe way our home is shaped, it’s pretty beautiful to peek outside the kitchen window and see our Christmas tree through the living room french doors. It’s a 90 degree corner, which makes the twinkle of our tree visible from both the living space and the kitchen, while we’re cooking. It was really a nice surprise, as this is the first year we’ve put our tree in this particular location. We’ll be doing this from here on out! Cool, right?!

Evening Holiday Home Tour 2020 - roomfortuesday.comIf you missed my Christmas in the kitchen tour, definitely check it out. You can see our kitchen decked out for the holidays in daylight. Our cabinetry changes colors and shades a multiple times a day (it’s a chameleon color), so it’s really difficult to photograph- especially in the evening.

Evening Holiday Home Tour 2020 - roomfortuesday.comSoo- the skiing Santa. This is totally an Emmett thing, if you hadn’t guessed already. This Santa has been a holiday joke for the duration of our marriage. Hah! He likes to “style” the figure around our house, in a variety of places that it shouldn’t be. Of course I always notice, move it elsewhere, and then it ends up somewhere else. He knows I’m not a fan, but it has become a hilarious game for us. I play along because he likes the thing. Basically, it’s like an adult (annoy your significant other) elf on the shelf? I’m not sure. It ended up on the kitchen counter yesterday, staring at me cooking our dinner.

Evening Holiday Home Tour 2020 - roomfortuesday.comLet’s venture outside into the cold! We’re finally getting snow this week- which you probably noticed based on Emmett’s bootprints leading to our door in the picture below. This is what our front porch looks like all lit up during the holidays. Also- guess who strung lights on which tree below? Spoiler… I did the left tree and Emmett did the right, you can watch it here for proof.

Evening Holiday Home Tour 2020 - roomfortuesday.comThis year we decided to hire someone to install exterior Christmas lights, which was the best decision ever! Having never had them before, I wasn’t sure how bright they would be, so I stayed conservative in terms of the design and kept it simple. Next year, I might ask them to install more lights- maybe extend the roofline, or take the lights down the corners of our house for a gingerbread look… or maybe I’ll ask them to keep it exactly the same. I love the way they wrapped our columns and I think it looks perfect!

Evening Holiday Home Tour 2020 - roomfortuesday.comOur home feels so happy and magical- especially this time of year! I feel very lucky to love the place we live. Do you prefer your home during the day or evening hours during the holiday season? I think evening this time of year is best- solely because of the lights!

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  1. Everything is beautiful! What is better than a tree all lit up? The living room positively glows. I love that you can spy the tree while you’re at the sink. Emmett’s contributions. No words.🤣 For all the times I have admired your glass hurricanes, it never occurred to me that they solve my curious cat dilemma! Cheap, fat pillars are ubiquitous at the thrift store. Duh. Your exterior illumination looks amazing! Genius idea to have someone else climbing around on your roof to install them. Columns were made to be swathed in lights. Though I would never say winter is my favorite season, twinkly lights and the hush of snowy darkness are pretty magical.❄️💜

    1. Thanks, Peggi! Emmett’s contribution… aka- the skiing Santa. Lol! I’ve been tempted to donate that thing so many times, but he is attached to it at this point and it has become a “fun” game. Haha! I never would have thought about using the hurricanes to keep Sunday safe from the candles, but that’s an excellent idea! You’re right- pillars are ALWAYS at the thrift store. Such a great idea! I’m glad we hired our exterior lights out… given the condition and pitch of our roof, I did not want to see Emmett crawling around up there (although I’m sure he would have). I love the way they installed the column lighting. Twinkly lights and snowy darkness, I’m completely agree with you- is pretty magical. Have a happy Wednesday :) xo

  2. Absolutely gorgeous and magical! Love the skiing Santa story, too! 😉🎅🏻

    1. Thank you, Kim! Ahh yes- the skiing Santa. Haha :) Hope you’re having a happy holiday season! xo

  3. As I imagined your home is spectacular at night. From the gorgeous tree, lit candles and those sparkling orbs on your beautiful fireplace 🤩 it all looks so magical! I also adore the lighting on those beautiful bookcases showcasing those lovely wreaths. Amazing! And what pup can resist a beautiful rug by a roaring fireplace. So cute…..I hate to say it but Cash looks adorable in his Holiday bandage, I’m glad it wasn’t too serious. And Crosby looks like a large toy sprawled on the ground, so much puppy cuteness ☺️
    The lighting outside is stunning! Wow! Smart to hire that job to a professional 👍 Looks Fabulous 😍 Thanks so much for the nighttime tour Sarah! Your home is so beautiful ❤️
    We don’t have any snow here where we are but hopefully we will get some before Christmas arrives 🤞 It does add to the magic of Christmas 🎄 ❄️ ⛄️
    Have a super day!
    Ps. I love Emmetts skiing Santa 🤣 Hilariously adorable 😉

    1. Thank you, Colleen! Poor little Cash in his one ear bandage. Ha! It was really sweet of our vet to take the extra time to make him a holiday bandage. We’re just happy he’s ok. He’s getting all the special treatment and attention this week! I’m really glad we opted to hire professionals for the holiday lights outside. I would’ve been very nervous seeing Emmett crawl around on our roof (that is scheduled to be replaced). Whew! Crossing my fingers you get some Christmas snow next week :) And yes- the skiing Santa has somehow become apart of our holiday “decor” over the years. Lol! Happy holidays and have a great day! xo

  4. Your house is a winter wonderland at night!! I think my favorite features are the built-ins- the gallery lights really show off the sculptural pottery you have interspersed throughout-and that tree through the kitchen window?? Best accident ever! There’s something about a fire, the lights on the tree, a candle burning somewhere in the background…it all brings that cozy home feeling and your house has it in spades. The lights outside are gorgeous! I love your idea of giving it gingerbread house vibes next year. Everything looks gorgeous. I have to say I agree with Colleen on how cute Cash looks with his sweater bandage. I’m so happy he’ll be ok. Poor little guy! I’m sure he’s basking in all the extra attention. My sweet Tiny is doing the same. He had a humdinger of a seizure last week, and he’s still not quite back to his usual self, but he’s getting there. The groomer was able to do a pretty amazing job on him yesterday because he was so subdued-she even gave him a Christmas themed tie and I’ve gotta say…it’s the cutest shiz I’ve ever seen!
    I prefer our house at night this time of year. The tree just brings the house to life when the lights are on. Let’s face it, I prefer my house this time of year anyway, because there’s a little more decor in every room. Ha!! We finally got our ceramic logs for the fireplace and we’re loving it, and using the fireplace constantly now. That has brought things up a notch this year. We all have a skiing Santa lol. Ours comes in the version of six lovely elves I scored from Micheals years ago-Jeff absolutely hates them. He says they’re creepy, but I think they’re adorable. Each one is positioned slightly different, and holding a different prop. So I make Santa’s toy shop on the top of my kitchen cabinets. Jeff says it’s like the hills have eyes. 😂🤣They aren’t up this year and I’m missing them so much I might just put them up today. I’ll think of you and Emmett while I do, because that’s hilarious. At least the skiing Santa is cute! At first I thought it was Santa holding a beer, but then the close up and your description clarified things. 🤣😂 Your home looks magical Sarah, thank you for sharing, and I hope you have an awesome Wednesday!

    1. Thanks Lauren! It was definitely a happy accident that we realized the tree placement was in perfect view of the kitchen :) I love that. Poor Cash- thankfully he’s on the mend and will be fine. I’m so sorry to hear about Tiny! That is terrifying. I hope he’ll be back to himself soon. At least he has a handsome new haircut, complete with a Christmas tie. haha! I bet that is adorable. I’m so excited to hear you’ve been using your fireplace often. It’s such a game changer! Ohhh yes- the skiing Santa (eye roll). Lol! You’re totally right- we all have “one of those”. I’m cracking up at Jeff’s elf hills have eyes reference in your kitchen. I can picture it now! I think you should definitely put them up. Perfect timing, ha! The skiing Santa would be so much cooler if he had a beer in his hand. I hope Emmett isn’t reading these comments, because I could definitely see him making him one. Hope you have a fantastic Wednesday, as well! xo

    2. Lauren, I laughed out loud about your elves & the hills have eyes!!! We narrowly escaped the elf on the shelf for our kids. Hope your Tiny gets better.

      1. 😂🤣He makes me laugh so much. I think of that every year when I put them up and I always laugh. Thanks Dana! He’s slow going still, but he’s progressing back to normal. Today our big win was that he jumped off the couch on his own. So hopefully he’ll be right as rain in a few days. For now lots of sleep and cuddles! Oh yes, elf on the shelf. We have one🙄. But…it’s one of those pop culture things of their generation I guess…like when we talk about hamburger phones, and cabbage patch dolls. Lol. I hate it but it’s here and very much an excitement for them. I grudgingly try to embrace it. Jeff has gotten pretty into it this year though, so it’s taken the pressure off! Haha! Xo

        1. Loved hearing about your Tiny’s big win :) So happy he’s healing and is almost back to normal- best news Lauren!

  5. This is so charming. Thanks for the nighttime tour. You have masterfully layered the lighting in your rooms – no small feat!

    1. Thank you so much, Paige! :)

  6. Sarah, your house is beautiful no matter the time of day. I enjoyed your evening holiday lights…so pretty! Do most of your neighbors do lights on their house or yard? This year so many neighbors have done lights outside that haven’t in years past. We love to take the dogs for a walk after dinner right after sunset to see all the holiday lights. So glad Cash is on the mend. You have a crafty vet! The skiing Santa is hilarious! Love that you two have fun with moving him around. Somehow we escaped having to do Elf on the Shelf with our kiddos. I have seen so many adorable and crazy things that people do for theirs. I almost…almost bought one just to mess with my husband during the holidays.
    Have a wonderful Wednesday!

    1. Thank you so much, Danna! I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed the tour. The majority of our neighbors put up lights. There are a few residents in our neighborhood who just moved in, so they don’t have lights… and we’re used to seeing those homes with lights, but for the most part- people go all out for Christmas. It’s really fun and special! We also enjoy walking the dogs or driving around to check out all the displays. Cash has graduated from his bandage to a cone of shame, lol. He’s not happy about it, but I wanted his ear to air out. Our skiing Santa is pretty funny! He’s always staring at me from weird places- Emmett thinks he’s sneaky. Ha! You definitely escaped Elf on the Shelf- our nieces and nephews have them and our siblings are always forgetting to move them. Lol! I think they’re cute though. I could see how it could get annoying with everything going on though. Hope you’re having an awesome week and you have a relaxing weekend ahead :) xo

  7. I never realized there was no overhead light in your living room! But you are so right about all the other lighting – it makes it so cozy and inviting. Superb!

    1. Thank you so much, Monica! It’s such a cozy space in the evening, and during the daytime we get plenty of natural light flooding in through the French doors and windows, so we really didn’t have a need for overheads :) I love it that way. Happy holidays!

  8. Such a lovely tour! And I have to say your “commenters” are pretty great as well. I enjoy your blog so much. Thank you, and Merry Christmas!
    ps. If you haven’t skied Alta yet, GO. Its a family favorite: husbands family and mine skied there when we were young, son taught there while in college. Both sons proposed to their wives there. You will love it.

    1. Thank you, Teri! My “commenters” are the best!! I love that we’ve all become friends and I enjoy chatting here each day. Many of them should have blogs of their own because they’re impeccable writers and talented people :) Thank YOU for showing up to read and chat with us. I can’t tell you how much it means to me. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas as well. Oh- and we love Alta! We actually have season passes. It’s a stunning place- I can’t even imagine an Alta proposal… that would be an absolute dream. Your sons have great taste ;) We’re hoping to get some ski runs in next week. We always go on Christmas Day, which is fun because so many people are dressed like Santa. Haha!

  9. Melissa D says:

    Every time I look through your home tours, I’m blown away by how much I love your style. Your holiday decor is stunning, especially at night! It has that perfect warm and cozy home feeling, especially with those adorable pups. I don’t think I’d ever leave your formal living room – between the beautiful tree, cozy fireplace, and those bookcases (seriously – WOW!), it looks like a little slice of holiday heaven. I love your skiing Santa story. I think it’s cute! The outdoor lights are magical.

    1. Thank you so much, Melissa! We really love it here. We may renovate slowly, but I’m happy we take our time and the outcome is always a beautiful space we get to enjoy- the formal living room especially :) Ahhh yes- the skiing Santa, lol! Happy holidays! xo

  10. I am obsessed with your home!! It is absolutely gorgeous, and I love the holiday decorations! When my kids were younger they always wanted to put up our old, tacky Christmas decorations. Now that most of them are moved out of the house, I can put up minimal and classy decor like yours. My favorite part of decorating during the holiday season is getting my upholstery cleaned, fluffing up the holiday pillows on the couch, and taking a nap after all of the decorating is complete!

    1. Aw, thanks Sarah! I bet the old Christmas decor was fun, too. I’m glad you’re enjoying your holiday decorating! I love the idea of a clean house for the holidays. I usually deep clean once the holiday decor comes down, to start the year fresh :)

  11. karen sunday says:

    1 word sums it up OUTSTANDING!!! altho that first picture of bookcase takes my breath away!!! Merry Christmas

    1. Thank you so much, Karen! I appreciate it :) Merry Christmas to you!