Best of Etsy : Holiday Stockings

Best of Etsy : Holiday Stockings - roomfortuesday.comIt has been a few months since I’ve shared a Best of Etsy post. I’ve been saving and scheming over here, and wanted to compile another seasonal find for you… holiday stockings! I’ve found Etsy to have an amazing selection filled with vintage fabrics, needlepoint options, customized embroidery or monograms, and some are even made from vintage rugs. If you’re on the hunt for new holiday stockings, have added members to your family, or are looking to begin a new tradition, I hope this proves to be a fun and helpful post! I’ve been chatting with my grandma on the phone about a new line of pillows for the Tuesday Made shop, and in the midst of our pillow planning, we went ahead and planned some fun stockings for the 2022 holiday season. We both think it would be fun to create a line with vintage designer fabrics. Something to look forward to next year, if all goes as planned… all thanks to my Etsy inspiration! Click through to check out the latest. 

Best of Etsy : Holiday Stockings - roomfortuesday.comLet’s dive right in! I saved a lot of unique stocking options- of all styles, fabrics, and price points. Or- if you’d like to take the DIY route, definitely check out or save this post.

Best of Etsy : Holiday Stockings - roomfortuesday.comI made my own stockings and we’ve been using them for years. As you can see throughout this post, they’re always styled the same, but I do like to mix up my ribbon! They’ve become a fun holiday tradition in our household.

Shop my finds by clicking directly on each Christmas stocking below…

Best of Etsy : Holiday Stockings - roomfortuesday.comI have a few stocking styling tips to share with you as well…

  1. Don’t forget the trim… Add poms, fringe, or tassels to elevate a plain stocking or add interest. Those are easy to attach!
  2. Use ribbon… Although most stockings have a convenient loop for hanging, try adding ribbon for a special touch.
  3. Think of the overall vignette… Sometimes stocking placement can be tricky, but think of the entire vignette as a landscape. Odd numbers are always a good idea, or intentional groupings. Keep balance in mind!
  4. Think outside the (fireplace) box… you don’t have to have a mantle to hang stockings. You can hang them on a credenza, sideboard, a console, from wall hooks, a coat rack, a favorite piece of furniture, the foot of a bed, etc.
  5. Start a tradition… My favorite thing about our Christmas stockings is the tradition & memories that accompany them. Whether they’re the last bit of holiday decor you add, or the first gift you open on Christmas, start your own family traditions!

Best of Etsy : Holiday Stockings - roomfortuesday.comDo you hang stockings for the holiday season? I love them for a traditional aesthetic, but it’s also something Emmett & I have done since we were children. I have fond memories digging into our stockings before my siblings and I were allowed to open any gifts. As we got older, our parents allowed us to have our stockings on Christmas Eve. I cherish those memories! Since Emmett & I don’t have kids, we use our stockings for Cash & Cros… it’s my favorite way to kick off Christmas morning and is one of the funniest things to watch! Their Christmas usually consists of a stocking stuffed with treats and a toy. It’s pure entertainment and we always get good belly laugh! Anyway, I love a classic Christmas stocking, and it has been fun to brainstorm & peruse, even though I don’t plan to swap ours anytime soon. I hope everyone has a great weekend ahead! I have more design related holiday things to share next week- including my evening holiday home tour, so be sure to check back for that. Happy pizza Friday, friends!

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  1. Good morning, friend! Oh my gosh, I love the idea of you and g-ma scheming new shop ideas, and vintage designer fabric stockings is genius!! I’ve already mentioned we’re not a traditional Christmas couple these days, but stockings definitely hold many wonderful childhood memories. I’m also remembering when my wildly NOT handy college bestie decided to hand-bead elaborate stockings for her family before the holiday. So many hours of concentration and consternation! 🤣 You certainly unearthed some beautiful examples; what can you not find on Etsy? My favorites have trim at the top (and I’m oddly particular about the shape!) I adore #11-who can resist a William Morris print…with velvet AND pompoms! #5 & #10 positively scream holiday to me, and they even have my family tartan (Buchanan)! Also, how did I miss that shop when I researched lampshades? Their wool examples are stunning! I guess I need to go spend some time perusing Etsy this morning… Happy Pizza Friday! Have an amazing weekend! 💜🍕

    1. Good morning, good morning! My grandma has recently had some health issues, so I’m thrilled she’s feeling better now and if vintage fabric & sewing is getting her excited, I’m all about it! We’ve been scheming pillows, but I’m most excited about next year’s stockings. Haha! Your bestie hand-beaded stockings?! Those sounds incredible. What an amazing gift idea, too. Etsy really is the best. How amazing that you know your family tartan! Since I’ve been deep diving into my family tree and ancestry lately, I found out that a big part of my genetics is Scottish, so now you have me intrigued. I want to figure out what my family tartan is. I’m almost finished packing our Tuesday Made orders from last week, and I think I may just head out of the office early and do a little thrift shopping. It feels like it has been ages, and I’m itching for a fun and creative day. Cheers to pizza Friday tonight and a great weekend ahead! I love Joe & Jason’s new haircuts. SO Cute!!

  2. Awe Sarah, you have posted a topic dear to my heart. The Christmas stocking has been a treasured tradition in our family as long as I can remember and have always been enjoyed by adults, children and of course all of our pups past and present. I have a cute stocking story to tell but first let’s talk about the lovely Etsy selections you have provided here. I absolutely love #5 for it’s color and pattern but I’m also drawn #10 and because our dogs have always had there own stocking #4 captures my dog loving heart. Etsy is such a wonderful source for unique and beautiful handcrafted items. It’s been a wonderful resource for me over the years.
    My story involves my late mother, as you know I grew up in Newfoundland and we didn’t have much money but my sweet mother was an incredibly creative soul. She loved wallpaper and fabric, our home was quite modest but we had these beautiful gold tone on tone damask style curtains in our living room and when we moved into our last home I asked my Mom if I could have her curtains. My Mom being the sweetest Mom on the planet said sure but why would you want those old things. They had graced our home for almost 40 years and talk about pretty vintage fabric 🤩 I said Mom that fabric is amazing and I want to make our Christmas stockings for our new home. She was quite surprised and impressed I think. Anyway we used those stockings for 15 years, and they were quite beautiful. When we moved to this house I decided it was time to start a new set as over the years the fabric started to fray as we stuffed them with too many goodies ( if that’s such a thing) 😉 Im a lover of knitted things so what we have now are pretty white and soft grey knit, however I will forever treasure the stockings I made from the fabric of my childhood home. They graced our fireplace mantle for many years packed with amazing memories I will always cherish. I love that you and your grandma are collaborating on stockings for 2022. That totally warms my heart and I think it’s a brilliant idea 💓 Cheers to the sweet tradition of the holiday stocking and families working together to make some of our best memories of Christmas 🥂

    1. I LOVED reading your story this morning, Colleen! Thank you for sharing. How special that you were able to use that same gorgeous vintage fabric for your family stockings. That is the best tradition and they sound beautiful! I bet those are something you’ll keep forever or pass down (even though you no longer use them). I wish my family had objects like that. I don’t have any holiday decor from my grandparents, parents, or childhood, but I have to imagine it would be super special & sentimental. Your knit stockings sound beautiful, too! Cheers to family traditions and the sweet holiday season ahead :) I love making and reflecting upon Christmas memories. Have an amazing weekend! xox