Warm & Cozy Bedding for Winter

Warm & Cozy Bedding for Winter - roomfortuesday.comIt’s that time of year… the season where we swap our textiles, layer on the cozy bedding, and snuggle in for the cold winter months ahead. I actually really look forward to changing our bedding this time of year. As the air chills and the snow begins to fall, I enjoy cuddling into our warm flannel sheets each night, getting cozy under wool blankets, and feeling the comforting weight of heavier bedding. This year, I made some bedding updates and thought it would be fitting to share. Today, I compiled a giant roundup of my favorite classic & cozy bedding items for the holiday season and cold winter months, as well as a peek at the new sheets & duvet I picked out for a couple bedrooms here at home. Click through to check it out, if you also have bedding on the brain…

Warm & Cozy Bedding for Winter - roomfortuesday.comAs some of you know, we’re having holiday house guests, so I wanted to upgrade our largest guest room with new sheets. This time around, I really wanted a pattern and something other than plain white. These sheets are so beautiful in person, have a luxe silky hand, and are honestly much better than I expected them to be. I’m actually considering grabbing another set. They’re that good!

Warm & Cozy Bedding for Winter - roomfortuesday.comIn our primary bedroom, I traded our chambray linen duvet for this super soft flannel number. It’s heavier woven cotton flannel and I really love the windowpane pattern. It feels timeless to me, and I know we’ll enjoy it for many years.

Warm & Cozy Bedding for Winter - roomfortuesday.comAre you a fan of flannel bedding? I feel like flannel just gets better and softer with time. We still love our flannel sheets I bought years ago! It’s definitely my go-to bedding fabric for the winter months- especially given we live in snowy Utah.

Warm & Cozy Bedding for Winter - roomfortuesday.comShop my finds by clicking directly on each item below, or use the numbered links at the bottom of the collage…

01: patterned sheet set // 02: white flannel sheet set // 03: chambray flannel sheets // 04: red trimmed sheet set // 05: gray plaid sheet set // 06: blocked duvet set // 07: oatmeal sheet set // 08: faux fur blanket // 09: isle blanket // 10: heather duvet set // 11: brushed flannel sheet set // 12: embroidered sheet set // 13: down alternative duvet set // 14: thermal blanket // 15: border frame sheet set // 16: cotton flannel set // 17: cashmere duvet set // 18: hotel bedding set // 19: greek key border set // 20: herringbone blanket // 21: plaid duvet set // 22: ombre fur blanket // 23: bouclé lumbar pillow // 24: goose down comforter // 25: flannel windowpane sheet set // 26: flannel sheet set // 27: temperature regulating blanket // 28: color blocked duvet set // 29: duvet cover

I’d love to hear your top picks and favorites from the roundup. Fresh bedding is something I love investing in and keep for the long haul. It instantly freshens a room, can really elevate how a bedroom feels, exudes a bit of luxury, and is fun to switch each season. My linen closet isn’t just for towels and bath products- it’s filled with gorgeous bedding.

Warm & Cozy Bedding for Winter - roomfortuesday.comAnother thing I quickly wanted to point out is bedding details. A great way to enhance dressing a bed or designing a guest room that feels like a luxe hotel room is by choosing bedding with embroidered or customized details. These tiny touches can really make a bed feel and look special or thoughtful.

Warm & Cozy Bedding for Winter - roomfortuesday.comThere you have it… all of the bedding I’ve saved and loved for the holiday season and winter months ahead! I hope this roundup was fun and inspiring. It’s always amazing to me how bedding can make such a big impact on a room… even just crisp, clean sheets. There’s something so nice about good bedding!

I’ll be taking all of next week off from the blog for Thanksgiving! We’ve been busy bees at the Tuesday Made shop carefully wrapping up all of your orders, so I’ll be working over there full-time next week and also want to enjoy time with family and friends! I hope you’re able to gather with your loved ones and do the same next week. I’ll see you back here on Monday, November 29th, with lots of fun holiday related things to share. As always, thank you for being here. I appreciate it more than you know. Cheers to the festive and cozy season ahead, my friends! Have a lovely weekend.

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  1. Good morning! What’s better than snuggling into a freshly-made bed piled with blankets on a cold winter night? I love the pattern on your new guest bedroom sheets-like traditional men’s pajamas! LaurieAnne & Taylor (and Hazel!) will sleep like royalty! I adore the look of your new plaid flannel duvet set, too! The rich color and the knife edge trim are amazing. I’m in need of a duvet cover and think this would be a perfect way to add flannel to my winter bed. I was also thinking the other day that I’d like to switch out my beautiful block print coverlet for something heavier and more seasonal…maybe a vintage quilt? Gimme all the layers of pattern and texture! And I’m forever coveting one of your beautiful lumbars…
    I’m glad you’re taking some time “off” next week to enjoy yourself a little. (Even though I know you’ll be working like crazy.) I hope you savor a feast of belly laughs, cherished friends, sparkling beverages and scrumptious eats! Meet you here on the 29th!💜
    (And happy Pizza Friday!!)

    1. Happy Monday! I was out of town over the weekend, so I’m playing catch up here today :) I love your idea of a heavy vintage quilt! The next time we’re able to visit family, I definitely have some vintage quilts from my grandmothers I’d like to return home with. I think layering is the key. I’m excited for a bustling week at the shop (it feels like Christmas already, wrapping packages for everyone), and I’m looking forward to quality time with loved ones and good food. I can’t wait to see your tablescape and hear all about your spread! I hope you had an amazing weekend and your week is off to a fabulous start. xox

  2. Give me everything cozy, warm and comforting this time of year! New bedding is the best treat 😍 I bought flannel bedding last year around this time for both our bedroom and the guest room. The pattern is festively similar to #12 but yet neutral in color. I also, love #1 it’s also very pretty. Cozy blankets are a must but I must admit our pup Lorrie sleeps with us and she usually ends up wrapped and curled in all the extra blankets on the bed and I’m struggling to stay warm ☺️ She also loves cozy blankets and hogs them all. Little monkey 🙉 All the options you have selected here are beautiful and would work for me and I wish we had more closet space in this little house. Smaller house = less storage You have provided a lots of great options though 👍
    I was super excited this week to put up the garland from the shop and I absolutely love it ❤️ Not to mention the woodland candles are beautiful. The scent is so warming and calming. Your sweet hand written note was also greatly appreciated. A kind and considerate touch to my package, thanks so very much 🥰
    Wishing you all a beautiful and wonderful Thanksgiving, enjoy your time off with all the comforts of yummy food, the joy of wonderful family and friends ❤️🥂🥳

    1. I agree, Colleen! Cozy bedding is my favorite- especially during the winter months and holiday season :) The things we do for our dogs, haha! Cash is a cover hog, too. They don’t sleep with us, but they are spoiled and sleep in one of our guest rooms… on their “own” bed. Ha! I’m so thrilled you enjoyed the holiday decor and candles. You picked all of my favorites, and it was so fun to see it styled! We’ve been working to hone in our Canadian shipping, so I hope it was easier this time around. Thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes- I’m looking forward to a week filled with quality time. Here’s to a happy holiday season ahead :) Have an amazing week! xox

  3. Erin | List in Progress says:

    Really beautiful textiles here, Sarah. I love the combination of textures and colors you chose for the bed with the blue lumbar pillow. Gorgeous!

    1. Thank you so much, Erin! I hope you have a happy holiday season ahead :)

  4. These pictures are making me want to climb in those cozy beds! Your guests are so lucky! I need to “up” my bedding game! I’ll keep this for reference when we move into our new house.
    Nothing better than soft fluffy bedding. The patterns, prints and solids are so nice and interchangeable. I especially love #15 and want those on our bed. I would love to put plaids in my son’s room. I would choose #5 or #11..put #16 in my cart. We are needing to purchase another queen bed and all the bedding before Christmas. This gives me a lot of good ideas.
    So good to hear that the shop is keeping you busy. You have beautiful taste and items to prove it. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I’ll be back to read all about your time with friends. We look forward to having our 2 kids home for the day. I am sure my mom will be anxious to shop a couple of stores for Black Friday. I am glad I have almost all of my shopping done. Crossing fingers that it is cool enough to have a fire out at our property to roast s’mores.
    I almost forgot to share that I went into an antique store near me and found a brass gallery light yesterday. I had to purchase the large picture with it because the light was screwed on to the back but for $20 I did not mind. It does work but my mom is going to take it to have the cord replaced just in case. It does need some cleaning. What would you use to clean it? Brass cleaner, Bar Keepers, soap & water?
    Happy Turkey Day Sarah & Emmett!

    1. Thanks, Danna! I was out of town over the weekend and there is nothing better than coming home to my own cozy bed. It made me thankful I updated the bedding last week. Ha! Our plaid sheets are my favorite. I’m looking forward to a fun and festive Thanksgiving week! I hope you enjoy lots of good family time this week with your kids and your mom. Amazing job on already having your shopping done! That’s impressive! And s’mores at your new property sounds so magical. I also loved reading about your brass gallery light- what a score! You could try brass cleaner- my favorite is called nevr-dull polish! Have the happiest holiday weekend ahead, friend! xox