Color of the Month : Planting Station DIY

You guys already know I’m a Sherwin-Williams® partner and have used their paints for both of our renovations. I’m excited to participate in my very first Color of the Month project. Each year, 12 paint colors are chosen to highlight specific months. I selected August because I’m loving all things lavender. Remember this moodboard? Yep, the obsession is still going strong. I wanted to share one of my favorite, easy outdoor DIY projects with you- and it cost under $100. You might remember the planting station turned bar that lives under our veranda (aka, carport)? Click through to see what it looked like before I painted it and get the tutorial. Finn & Cash are ready to announce the color! 

Color of the Month : Planting Station DIY - roomfortuesday.comI found this inexpensive planting stand on Amazon at the beginning of spring and immediately added it to my cart. It arrived a few days later and after an easy 30-minute assembly, it looked like this:

Color of the Month : Planting Station DIY - roomfortuesday.comI love the lattice backing and the fact that it has three shelves and even a drawer! I knew it would be perfect for my plants- but also parties and outdoor entertaining. However, there was one thing I wasn’t into… the raw wood. It was super knotty and the imperfections were screaming at me (especially in comparison to our beautiful, new kitchen cabinetry). Therefore, painting the piece seemed like the perfect, durable option for the outdoor stand.

THIS is where the August Color of the Month, Queen Anne Lilac SW 0021 comes in…

Color of the Month : Planting Station DIY - roomfortuesday.comOur all black veranda needed a tiny pop of color and I had been looking for the perfect place to insert lavender. I knew it would be lovely paired against the rich black and natural greenery in our covered outdoor dining space. Green, lilac, black, and white. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t get any more classic than that! It is named “Queen Anne”, after all.

Color of the Month : Planting Station DIY - roomfortuesday.comWe used our paint sprayer to make quick work of this project. We assembled the piece and propped it up on a flat surface so we could sufficiently spray the legs without grass getting in the way.

Color of the Month : Planting Station DIY - roomfortuesday.comYou can start by using Mulitpurpose Primer on the bare wood Then, we used Emerald Exterior paint, which provided a smooth durable finish.

Color of the Month : Planting Station DIY - roomfortuesday.comAfter filling up the canister and screwing the lid on tightly, Emmett used a linear motion to spray the paint. The key is to do multiple, thin layers! The quality of the paint also comes into play when using a sprayer. You want a good self-leveling paint. We pretty much always use products from the Emerald line for this exact reason.

Color of the Month : Planting Station DIY -

Color of the Month : Planting Station DIY - roomfortuesday.comAfter two coats, the piece was sufficiently coated. I allowed it to dry for at least 24 hours before styling it with my plants. There’s nothing worse than a planter stuck to a painted piece.

Color of the Month : Planting Station DIY - roomfortuesday.comPainting this piece has not only enhanced its aesthetic, but it’s also much easier to clean! From a functionality perspective, I’m able to wipe up dirt and spills easily.

Color of the Month : Planting Station DIY -

Color of the Month : Planting Station DIY - roomfortuesday.comAlthough the majority of the time, the planter stand looks exactly like it does above… when outdoor entertaining, this conveniently turns into the bar. I’ll place a beverage dispenser or pitcher filled with my favorite margaritas on the main shelf and allow friends to serve themselves. It’s honestly coming in more handy than I ever expected!

Color of the Month : Planting Station DIY - roomfortuesday.comWe hosted a 4th of July barbecue last month and “the bar” got so many compliments. For a project that costs under $100 and took around an hour to complete, it’s proving to be more functional than anticipated! It’s safe to say this little project is quickly turning into one of my all-time favorites.

Color of the Month : Planting Station DIY - roomfortuesday.comYou’ll also notice the pendant light hanging above the dining table (see more of that space in this post, BTW)… it’s painted the same color to match the planter station. If you’re using color in a neutral space and are worried it might stand out or feel like the anomaly, a good way to balance it is by adding it to another area in the same room- or in this case, outdoor living space.

Color of the Month : Planting Station DIY - roomfortuesday.comOverall, I’m pretty stoked that lilac FINALLY ended up somewhere in my home… well, technically “out” of my home? Regardless, it’s a timeless color that adds a little fun to our summertime dining space.

Color of the Month : Planting Station DIY - roomfortuesday.comDo you prefer the piece as it was intended? A planting station? Or are you loving it styled as a bar? I’m into both options, and the best part is… I don’t have to commit to one or the other. It works equally as well for both. How about the paint color? I’d love to hear your thoughts on the Color of the Month! Comment below.

*This post is sponsored by Sherwin-Williams®. All content, ideas, and words are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that allow us to create unique content while featuring products we actually use & enjoy! 

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  1. The color looks beautiful, and the plant bar is perfect! The pups make the shot, though. 😍

    1. I’m biased… but I also think the dogs make the shot. Haha! They’re way too cute. Happy Friday, Peggi! xo

  2. I love this color and this project! Looks amazing against the black wall as a bar and planting station. Incredibly useful and beautiful. You have inspired me as I need a piece like this in my back garden. Totally awesome!

    1. Thanks so much, Colleen! It was a really fun and affordable project that has been coming in super handy. Happy Friday! xo

  3. What a pretty color you chose and I love planting stands! I enjoyed and appreciate your post with helpful painting suggestions! Hugs to your cute doggies!