Pedestal Planter DIY

succulent-pedestal-planterLast week I shared one of my favorite new trends, pedestal planters… and this week (as promised), I’m ready to show you how I put one of these objects to use. This was one of the most fun projects I’ve put together in awhile and I’m really happy with the way it turned out! Click through for the complete easy, pedestal planter DIY.

terrarium-and-succulent-planter-diyWhat you’ll need for this project:
– Pedestal Planter (click here for inspiration)
– Cactus or Succulent Soil
– Variety of Succulents (I shopped local, but this store and this store are great for online ordering)
– Spoon
– Decorative Pebbles

To keep things cohesive for this planter, I kept the plants monochromatic and selected ones of varying textures, heights, and shapes.

The overall project took about 30 minutes and it was a little messy. I’d recommend doing this outside, putting down newspaper, or setting up on a surface that can easily be cleaned.

cactus-and-succulent-soilStep 1 // Fill your planter with soil. It’s important to use actual cactus or succulent potting soil, because these plants require dirt that drains and dries easily. Fill the planter about 3/4 of the way to the top.

succulent-planter-diyStep 2 // Add the largest plant in the center. Dig an appropriate size hole in the exact center of the planter for your largest plant. It works best starting from the center and planting outwards.

pedestal-planter-instructionsStep 3 // Begin to fill in the edges. After your first, large plant is set… beginning filling the remaining edges with smaller plants, or succulents of varying heights. Remember to work gently because some of these can be fragile.

planter-diyStep 4 // Add cascading plants. The best design aspect of a pedestal planter is obviously the base. Cascading or draping plants help to show off the unique base. Add plants that taper over the edge of the planter last.

succulent-diyStep 5 // Add decorative pebbles. These tiny rocks bring the look together! Dust off any excess potting soil, and begin sprinkling the pebbles in between the plants. This last step adds a nice level of craftsmanship and keeps the entire piece looking clean and organized.


succulents-in-a-pedestal-planterStep 6 // Water your plants. This is the most crucial step: water and care for your plants as needed. For succulents, I usually give them a little water every week or two. Your plants should come with instructions… be sure to follow them and place the planter in the appropriate light. For the most part they’re super easy to keep alive. That’s all there is to it!

pedestal-planterI especially like keeping small indoor plants during the fall and winter. I style succulents into everything… bookshelves, built-ins, coffee tables, nightstands, etc. They go with anything and everything!

pedestal-planter-diyAre you guys going to give this one a try? Are you crushing on the pedestal shape as much as I am? For now, this little guy is living in my office… it really makes me smile! I can’t wait to watch it grow- the cascading plants become more beautiful as time goes on.

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  1. So beautiful1 So indoor succulents in a bookshelf will work in what kind of light? Meaning … if it’s a north facing room not the best but a brighter room is better? Thank you!